A Vision from Earth 81

April 17, 2017:

Strange receives Kida in the Sanctum to talk about the raids from her home Earth

Doctor Strange's Sanctum


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Fade In…

There has been some dire portents lately and finally Doctor Strange has decided to he needs to know firsthand, not just from vague divinations. Looks like Tattoo has been involved in most of it, so he sent a message to the young woman, with an invitation for tea at his place. As long as she has the letter, she can easily find the Sanctum, and Strange in person will open the door to welcome here in.

Kida had spent days in the lofty apartment in the Upper West Side, but never to long, as she had her 'people' and her home to attend to. As well as the garage she still lived in. Lived in being a key word as she did not ever have much to even settle a place enough to make it named such a thing. Not even at Warren's. His balcony door is left unlocked for a reason anymore.

Lately it has been time there alone, enough to come and go… and then just go, at least hoping he relayed the message to his people. Things are changing, more then what they have and the veil can only be mended so much before a new war filters into the streets…

Warmth. Spring is here, Kida's head lifts as her hand cluthes the letter Strange sent her within fist, that small stick, almost escrima until the Haida inscribings cast a light blue pulse and it expands….

A flash and she is before the Sanctum, where invite had been sent, the piecemeal leather coat now tied low upon her waist over the hem of jeans held aloft by a belt! Of all things! Borrowed, maybe stolen, from him, but the scarves frayed and fell apart and being inside… Terrified the woman still. Her heart raced in a birdlike flutter every time a door opened…

Staring at Strange now, Kida's eyes bear a fading backdrop of lightning, the rod tucked back along her spine and beneath the heavy backpack of her things. "You sent?" The crumpled paper held out as she approaches the door, looking within, to him, and to the street behind her. Sometimes inside is safer, though…

In she goes.

Strange nods, offering Kida a faint smile. “Yes. Please, come in,” he waits for the young woman to get into the living room, offering her a seat. Tea service is over the low table. “I have noticed tears in the walls between words, Ms. Kida. And I think some of them originate in your home reality. I am concerned someone or something hostile has followed you here, and I’d like to ask you if you know what has been going on, and if so if you would accept my help.”

You know the way that things go,
When what you fight for, starts to fall..

Kida drops her bag beside the couch, flopping uncerimoniously into it to rock back, and situate with booted feet thudding upon the nice carpet of orient, in that thud shedding dried crust of earth, oil, and debris from their layer upon the edges and within the wearing tread. Legs are spread, knees bent and forming props for the elbows that descend upon them while one hand remains holding the engraved pommel, clutching it in a manner that whitens dirtied knuckles.

Aside from the small stains, she is far cleaner than before but that does not stop her from simply being. Maybe she will adapt in time to things, she wanted to badly, to trust. A hand rises to her lips, her eyes close and her hand sweeps up and back through her hair parting it into a flurry that spreads and spans, but floats back to place - like feathers instead of strands.

But adapting was always a downfall, and people lost themselves, at least in her world. Where man becomes the monsters… “K’aal….Nameless..” A breath in and her eyes open, that pale hazel hue bearing a darkening edge at the rims but shocks of electric light through the iris’ hue.

And in that fuzzy picture,
The writing stands out on the wall -
So clearly on the wall.

“It is just not my world, even others who came that night felt it, others there saw it… The panic is not just mine to have, Supreme.”

A deep breath in and a low blow out as she drops it back down. “They already have come for me, they followed my escape, they were killed by others. But they are Psi,” A rapid tap to temple, a panic in the motion that makes her hand shake and still move rapidly in emphasis as if it would cause her a break down. “The net is like the stars. Eternal. Everywhere.” A splay of those fingers to get her to stop that motion but then her hand uses the splay as emphasis.

“No one is safe if they are like us. Not anymore. Their home. Mine.” He slow rock forward to lean closer to the tea, consider it as she stares at her reflection in the surface only dipping a finger within to stir the leaves back into their play along the swirling surface…

Send out the signals.. Deep and loud.

“They will burn you too.” A gesture and then the bottom of her tops hem is lifted to reveal her hip where from lower back to over that light exposure and even beneath where the belt keeps pants aloft… Outside of the marring tissue small remnants of a tattoo remain, but the base form? Burnt away. A power once had gone.

“Or take your ability to be with the Spirits.” Kida could eventually put it back, but it would hurt, it would flare things anew, and right now she feels it better this way. The spirits she left behind are likely dead and gone.
“I can show you, like I did Angel.” A pause, and those hands work again, an internal desire returning of fight or flight, but maybe now, here, fighting is possible - as well as winning.

“Please… Help.”

Strange takes a seat in front the young woman and listens patiently, nodding when appropriate. “My magic is my knowledge, Ms. Kida. Those artifacts I have,” he touches the golden amulet around his neck, “are borrowed, not truly mine, and not easily broken even by the powers of god-like beings. I am one of the guardians of this land, and I will fight these raids with all my considerable might. Should I find myself overwhelmed, I can call upon the aid of the Justice League and perhaps even greater powers. I am ready.” He pauses for a few instants, and then asks, “please, show me.”

Kida’s hands shake when Strange asks to be shown..

Send out the signals,
Deep and loud!
With a touch..
A smile..

While the cradle’s burning.. And they reach for him!

Kida does not like contact, human or otherwise, and when she did this to Angel so he could send… For help and alert..

When all things beautiful and bright…
Sink in the night..

It ended poorly….

So when Strange gestures to his artifacts, Kida ignores then and the pale blue glow rides along the shaft that rests at her spine, arches like static to her hands that make contact to the cloak, grip hard and then cradle the Supreme’s profile as foreheads meet and through the mate of brow he can see her memories!

«The world burns a Red. And in it Psi-Borgs that were once human now blaze a path along rubble-laden paths and find people, villages… And burn them! People scream, scramble, flee! Some even put up fights, magicks pitted against science…»

The glare is blinding as the two mate and war is had upon a reddened planet split in twixt. Like their own but lines are blurred and conquering… Is the pit of it all.

Receive and transmit!

« A village is approached and as the tiny shanties of squalor are lit into heat a child is ushered from one to the next… Sent running…»

“They hunt us…”

Words come from lips, but it is a voice detached from Kida, echoes…

“We are not assimilated, akin… We are not Psi… Not of the net…”

But the accent… Is hers.

«Kida is there, just a couple years younger, shoved into a cellar door as flames rape the surface of the shanty and the cellar door is flung open while she chants and her hand peels from her hip to extend forward and attempt to block the flame… Or take her away while a net of essence extends like a web between fingertips!»

It burns, it hurts!! Physically the sear can be felt where massive scar tissue resides over her hip…

«Three red eyes shaped like a pyramid stare down, then flicker out as fire burns beyond and suddenly….»

Present day, here and now….

Kida released Strange with a gasp and flings herself back to crab-walk along his floor until her shoulder slam against a wall… nails clawing at it as if seeking freedom… “Not safe inside!”

“Hide!” A gulp of air, of sanity…

“…Help…” But her eyes lie… Twice in a week and she is -home- again.

No thrice click of ruby heels here…

Strange is taken by surprise by Kida’s response. But he controls his reaction – he asked, after all. The memories slam into his mind, and he struggles to control the flow and understand what he sees, peering into Kida’s mind for responses when they are not obvious.

When she stops, he sighs. “You are safe here, this place is a Sanctum. Shielded against all enemies.” He rubs his temples, sorting through the images and memories.

“Your world fell to super-criminals, I see. And not magic-using ones,” which would have been simple for him. Toppling magical tyrants is something he knows how to do. “Now I know I can watch the pathways. And maybe offer refuge to those who wish to flee. Striking back, however… we will need the Justice League.”

Under the water…
It's cold and it's grey.
My torrid autumn,
another season decays…

Kida is still trying to realing herself. She showed Angel, tapped into lines, into that "net" and did it again and it drains her to do so, but also gives a beacon to the Overlords the longer she stays, so she can only give glimpses, hints, and the rest has to be done with a 'letting go'.

This time when she came back she almost climbed the walls and kicked out a window. Inside is not safe!

Even if Strange says it is, the Supreme here, and his word is like a promising sacrificial cut along skin. Rending a bond…

He manages to talk Kida down from ripping his drapery, really, ruining more of his expensive orient with her very presence and the 'Pigpen' like omissions that come from her due to her very core.

"There is only Red there. No mutants, not…metas… Just… -us-. (No Justice). Magi… The others never happened…But they will be seen as -us- to them. The Psi, the Overlords, ingguud ka'jaa…" Her hands shake as she flexes them, curls fingers into fists.

"We die or we lose it all and become… It is not safe anywhere. I do not run easily…" Kida's throat works over a knot as she watches Strange now from her almost animalistic crouch. She had met a Laura only weeks ago, and found a kinship in their fight to keep chairs aligned with an exit. Just as bestial - but lacking….

Open up the Hollow,
And my walls come down.

Strange nods quietly at her words, taking mental note. But the situation of Kida’s home Earth would be best explained to the League as a whole. He will be scanning with magic soon, though. Taking a seat in front of the woman, Strange prepares and offers her a cup of tea. “Ms. Kida, do you believe these overlords are responsible for the reality ripples and dimensional breaches that are plaguing the East Coast?”

Strange will then, be seated on the floor in front of a woman that looks like her fingers, underlain in grease beneath her polished nail-beds, will also add his walls to that collective.

//I tell you it's a problem,
just when no one's around.
I know what's wrong! //

"Flash tells me I need to as well. I met your Amazon, he brought her to me…" Kida's head chakes and when the tea is before her again she watches the rolling fall of the leaves and their remnants… Not touching the mug again.

"Water…. Please…" A whisper as she is slowly unknotting fingers from the drapes to ease back down.

"I do not want to be seen…" Not like the League. "They will find me." She tried to explain this to them all. Being an urchin is all she knows, and it kept her alive this long, but if her family had not pushed her through…. she'd have died years ago.
Here she sits… Alone until the Mists…

"No, the Mists, the changes…. The ingguud ka'jaa knew before, but now they are pushing harder… They will…" Kida does not want to say, but she is now holding out hope the Mutants, Metas, Amazons… Asgardian's… They will help.

"Everyone hurts now…" A hand to her chest, emphasising not just self, but those like them.

Water it is, fine. Strange conjures a glass jar from the kitchen and offer the woman a glass of cool water. “Ah, it is the nature of the heroes of the Justice League to fight to correct injustice anywhere, which is why I suggested it. It is a task I am happy to assist them when I can. So you believe the overlords of your world are merely exploiting the situation?” He sips from his tea and leans back. “What would you prefer us to do, then?”

"Only the Psi before…" Now…

There is a glisten of sweat on her brow, forming where creases of worry reside in the dip of brows over the bridge of her nose.

// Gone… Gone… goneee~!//
… I will draw my line..

"My home had no Justice, the rule was as Red as the power they took." Tyrrany….
"The Overlords can see… The ingguud ka'jaa…. When they come we will burn…"

This is where, I will //blur my line!//

"I will speak, but you have to be there and promise…." Once the water comes she is drinking it as if it is a brew that will bring a foggy resolve. "I remain hidden." But when the final words come her hand reaches to the pommel, the top where in a sudden //snkt/ the spear-tip rises and falls, opening skin of her pakm, and through the slit of flesh blood starts to well… Hand then extends to Strange.

"Blood for blood." Oathsworn.

Those hazel eyes bear a flashing light in the backdrop now as she watches him keeping her hand extended his way.

Burning my cathedrals…

Strange offers a humorless smile, “if they come, they will find us quite able to resist. More than one extra-dimensional tyrant or agency has attempted to conquer this world and we still stand free, Ms. Kida.” Leaving the cup on the table Strange stands up, offering is right hand. Already badly scarred, but he does not hesitate to cut the palm with a simple eldritch gesture with his left hand. “Do you want to see your world? We can watch them with the Orb of Agamotto, the All-Seeing. They won’t catch me unaware, and I will warn all the defenders of the world.”

Kida and Strange's hands meet, the small spread of blood between them causes a sensation as if limbs have fallen asleep in the tired ringle that comes from contact and rises to shoulders. Kida rises with Strange but does not look at him, just their hands as the feeling rides upward in a spiraled course, her exhale shudders as if in relief but also as if there is another feeling held back. She has bonded with the Surpeme here, and he has her, in more ways then just a connection of words. Blood has mingled…

When he asks if she wants to see, her hand slowly slides out of his, is clutched to chest where the tank top bears a smear of vitae hue… "Don't underestimate them, Supreme… They will take everything from you." A waver of her voice, it shakes then as blood drips down, lining around the cusp of clenched hand to dangle a droplet off the back, suspended over his floor until she wipes it across jeans.

..Cuz I don't pray anymore.
All these tragic little people..

"I suggest you warn them now. They're coming. Not just mine. All of them…"
They're smiling and they don't know what for!

"I can handle mine, they already left me with…" A pause, no… maybe not -nothing- anymore. She has…. eyes close and she grips her pack up.

"You know how to reach me." … But is she willing to risk any of it, any of them??

Our houses are haunted,
dark and deserted…
They're made of my secrets and shame.

“I do know, indeed,” Strange looks at his injured hand. She would know too how to find him, now. “Listen, you are not a fugitive in this world. You don’t need to hide so much, and you can find safety in many places. My Sanctum is a mystic fortress. The Hall of Justice is also safe, protected by some of the strongest beings in this planet. You can also tell the agents of SHIELD. They have the ability to protect you, if you need so.”

And indeed, after Kida makes her decision, Doctor Strange takes the second door to the left, climbs down a set of stairs, which lead to a dimly lit chamber of baroque green tones. A shifting malachite candelabra is the lever for a secret door, which leads to a steep staircase made of glass, and from there to a circular chamber with a large, glowing, white orb.
The Orb of Agamotto, one of the most powerful scrying devices ever devised by mortal or deity. Strange doesn’t speak right away, he just touches the orb with his injured hand, and lets his link to Kida show him her world. “Show me their armies, oh All-Seeing One” He murmurs, “show me their plans.”

Kida holds her pack like it is a weapon, like it is a protection, like it is everything.

To her it is. All she had left, all she has acquired fits in one small sack that has been with her since she pulled it out of the remnants of one of the old villages when she was 8. E-81 had it’s World War III, and it was the enhanced Psi, versus the only threats they knew. The differences, the magical. The threats. But then again even other humans suffered, the worthless to the Nameless if they harbored nothing of “value”. But they at least, were not hunted.

She was raised running, hiding, and was lucky to live past 16, 18 was pushing it considering she bore the mystical and the young ones always slipped. But she had her elder at least, hidden and secret through it all. Until the end…

Strange is followed, but only after heartbeats pass in her standing there and debating going back to hiding. “I try not to, but when I come out, so do bad things…” The cocoons, the Mists, the first attempt and tear the Psiborgs made in pursuit, the second that people she had lived with in the Slums getting assaulted during their hunt. Now…

A flash of light in hazel eyes and she steps after Strange, if something happened, she at least knew how to handle them… In part… How to bait them away, in whole. But when he laid his hand out over the orb and asked what he did, a sound came from Kida’s throat. That small hollow flexing and settling as she swallows it back - the protest, but now her attention is rapt as the Orb reacts.

What Strange sees also comes in flickers. A birds eye view over expansive landscapes. Above it, a net can be felt, almost constricting, but it harbors a buzz like an open and raw electric line and with every pulse of shock it flares like aligned netting from one…. Country to the next?

They hold the entire world and they communicate, and where each large city-state resides, a large harboring is there for the Overlord that rules said land with an iron fist and a merciless tyranny.

Armies have already been in force there and kept, more? Made by the minute, by the hour, by the day, and the ones already suited in their plated armor, bearing advanced masks easily mistaken for a cyberpunk gas mask… Harbors the red glowing eyes at the points of a triangle in shape. Others are completely dark, almost cloaked and crackle with the same static as the netting.

It is hard to pinpoint it all, or even gather a count, they are like a plague of rats in immensity and when they move, portals are opened in arcs of light that start at a center point and radiate out to open portals, tears, rifts… Where they leap through. Others where they leap out and return, but not empty handed.

Peoples scream, people yell, people fall without breath, and others just come to silence behind walls. Some even burn.

They are searching, prowling, and that force is greater, closer to an Epicentre….

“Please… Stop..” Now Kida speaks. Strange is lucky he has not been detected yet, and Kida can see it, and down dirt stained cheeks cleaner paths have been made by the roll of tears she could no longer blink back.

No wiping them away when one hand clutches her bag and the other holds that spear at full extent.

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