Meeting at the Peak

April 24, 2017:

Green Lantern Rayner visits the Peak and meets Iron Guard.

The Peak, Earth orbit

A huge space station with a prism shape


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Several hundred miles over the Atlantic the great space station called the Peak stands guarding Earth from extra-terrestrial menaces. Or that is the idea, as the SHIELD/SWORD agents onboard are still pretty lost at dealing with aliens and space trouble. The station has been operative only a few months, after all.

And much to their annoyance the main menace coming from space have been the earthling terrorists of AIM. They almost took over the Peak once, and they keep trying. A month ago it was a weird lab-created energy monster; last week it was a sentient computer virus. With Modok in jail several high-ranked AIM members have declared themselves “Scientist Supreme” and are trying to prove they deserve the title. Some are so crazy smart than they are stupid about it. A few, however, are smart and dangerous.

It has become a priority for the UN to find and neutralize AIM’s space assets. Which is pretty hard because they have yet to find them. The terrorists technology is years ahead SHIELD’s. Whatever cloaking they are using is working very well. Which is why Iron Guard is out there, about 10 miles from the Peak, trying to triangulate gravitational irregularities with the space station.

A few weeks ago, doubtless, the incoming green comet over the third planet in the solar system caused more than a few screens to light up. Unannounced, unexpected, a man in a black and green suit, much like the one belonging to the Justice League, arrived and took up residence upon Earth. A threat? No, not one that has presented itself as one, as the man otherwise known as 'Kyle', a Green Lantern, had helped collect falling satellites from crashing into cityspaces.

There was another Green Lantern on Earth's beat, and, all sources pointing to, he's here to help.

And…come and go.

For weeks now, as well, the Lantern has been spotted leaving Earth and returning at regular intervals. Like walking a beat, the Green Lantern had left Earth this morning, and with a burst of Green Energy out by Mars, he returns, flying at high speed towards Earth. Black and emerald green suit, he trails light of the same color on his approach, which slows as he nears the Peak, spotting the Iron Guard from a far distance.

"Good afternoon!" The decidedly human voice to match the caucasian skin, black hair, and glowing white eyes over the domino-faced mask calls out on multiple frequencies at once. "Stopping back in on the circuit. Everything quiet? Any…interdepartmental needs to share while I'm up here?"

With Hal around the Green Lanterns are somewhat known for SHIELD and other agencies, of course. Their coming and goings are often monitored when they are careless and going in ‘green comet’ mode, just like those of a few space-capable characters like Captain Marvel or Superman.

Which means they know Kyle is coming. Actually Nathaniel knows before the Peak detects him, his armor detection systems considerably better than those of the Peak despite the huge sensor arrays of the space station. And while the people at the station are considering what frequency to use and what to say. The young man replies in in directed omni-wave. “Good day, Green Lantern. Ah, you are not the one from the Justice League, are you? Well, I am Iron Guard, from the Avengers. I am assisting the Peak in searching for a rogue space station.”

A tiny hiss crackles over the communication through omni-wave, as the Lantern's ring dials in through it's scanning of EM spectrum frequencies for it. A half of a second goes by before Kyle's voice comes through, much more clearly, on the line.

"Nice to meet you, Iron Guard, and no, I'm not that one," Kyle replies, flight path altering course and slowing down in his approach to Iron Guard. His body rights itself, nearly six feet of black and green jumpsuit with a glowing symbol across his chest, ending in an outstreched hand in offer for a shake. "I'm new and old in town. Earth's my planet of origin, but I've been reassigned to the sector. So Earth's problems are still my problems on more than one level."

Kyle smiles quietly and dips his head, respectfully, to the man on the watch.

"Anything that I could help out with?" Kyle adds, all-white eyes flitting from Iron Guard, to the Peak, then back again. "I've been meaning to meet up with your Avengers, offer my services, but for now I'm content to help out and let the guys who are sworn to do the work get the credit."

Iron Guard is a tall, armored figure of similar design to the famous Iron Man, but the armor seems to be made of silver and red metal and pools of golden energy. With the armor Nathaniel is somewhat over six feet. He hesitates a second before taking Kyle’s hand. Handshakes in space are a strange thing.

“You have?… interesting, we are just starting, it is great your people has heard about us. You should meet Captain Marvel.” He sounds happy despite the somewhat atonal transmitted voice. “And yes, I think you can help with this. The Peak… well, all Earth technology, is about two centuries behind the galactic standard.”

"Well, I've made a couple of friends and contacts since I've been down here; they're in the know. Justice League doesn't need two of my kind, even if our leadership feels otherwise." Kyle shakes simply, one squeeze and then he's let go, careful to not jostle the zero-G element of Iron Guard's orbit. His arms fold across his chest and he looks up to the Peak in question, giving it a look over.

"I've met the Captain, and Starfire, and a tough girl with red hair who I'm not sure actually gave her name out, so you'll have to excuse me for not sharing it." Kyle lifts a finger to point to the Peak, shaking his head a little in his turn back to Iron Guard.

"I wasn't going to say it, but you're right. Earth is behind the curve, but they spend a lot of money on the tech. I wasn't going to broadcast all of the other ways to get the tech done and set the accountants' hair on fire." A laugh, and then a sigh. "Alright. Hit me. What's your search plan? Two can cover more space in less time."

“We know AIM has a space base somewhere, most likely in high orbit,” begins Iron Guard. “It is cloaked, and I couldn’t find it not even using the sensors of Starfire’s spaceship.” Better than the Peak’s, but he is improving the Peak systems using his knowledge on future technology. “I do not know the means of cloaking, but it is not a mere holographic disguise.”

"Wow, so it might be more complex than just being invisible to the eye? That's-" Kyle's brow twitches beneath the green mask he wears. He turns around to look over the nearby Earth, eyes scanning about. "-impressive, even if her scanners couldn't find it. We could try sweeping, but that might be really visible from orbit." Lips flattening, Kyle puffs out a breath. "If it's physically there, it should be able to be touched. If it's something else, something weirder, like some kind of flat-space thing, that's gonna be a lot trickier."

“Yes, exactly,” Nathaniel sounds a bit tired. If it was a simple problem between Tony Stark and himself they would have solved it already. But Modok is also a genius, and not designed only for killing, it seems. Unless… something in that hidden space station is going to kill a lot of people.

Probably that is what is going to happen. Now, that is a depressing thought.

“We are looking for gravitational anomalies now, thinking perhaps it is hidden behind a space fold. Next will be trying to track inertial fallout particles, since that seems to be the propulsion system of AIM’s spacecraft.” He point to the station, “lets get back there. Commander Brand is getting annoyed with me for not sharing with her this conversation. Besides, you could upload to your ring all the scanner info from the Peak probes.”

"I hope, if they're playing around with gravity, that they know what they're doing. Likely to be as dangerous to them as it is the rest of the planet." Nodding in agreement, Kyle turns to face the station once more. His ring pulsates a low, green burst that scans out over the immediate vicinity while he maneuvers to follow Iron Guard past the security clearance line. "Then again, you could get lucky and they've swallowed themselves up before any real damage could be done."

Though, not likely. Kyle lifts his hand in wave to the distant station, assuming they're being watched, then lets his ring do the rest.

"So the Avengers are already up to assigning Commander roles? Sounds like you guys are moving right along. I've been meaning to register my identity and contact information with your government, but haven't found the right source yet. You think yourself or Commander Brand could handle that function for me?"

Nathaniel just snorts at Kyle’s comment about AIM knowing what they are doing with gravity, or getting swallowed by a singularity. Answer would be translated as ‘hell no’ and ‘we can hope’.

“No, Commander Brand is SHIELD.” He points out as they approach the huge space station. “Or maybe SWORD, not sure if the division has taken place officially yet. There are no other Avengers at the Peak right now.”

"SHIELD and SWORD." A tick of the head, and Kyle seems to take a guess. In a way that any outsider would, he looks over the station, then back to the Earth. One man's means of saving others is another's means to destroying… "Sounds like it's all in their names. Defense. Offense. Either way, a planetary defense station is a good start." Twisting his head back to the front, Kyle searches for the entrance, scanning with his eyes where his ring doesn't.

"So." Kyle breathes, looking over to Iron Guard. "I report to my own management, but even then, I'm a part of a team. I understand things like security clearance and my allegiances are to the sector as a whole and not one -specific- government, but this is where I tell you that if the Avengers call, so long as a star isn't exploding over some poor planet far, far away, I'll be there."

“Yes, I know,” replies Nathaniel, leading Kyle to an airlock. “I doubt the Guardians of Oa will think AIM is a serious menace. And actually they are only at a local level. But it is Earth and… hmm, if you feel like that you should drop by the mansion and meet the others. I will give you visitor access.”

"Oh, so you're familiar with the Corps?" Kyle asks, floating the rest of the way into the airlock. The energy field around the Lantern remains in place, even after his feet set down gently onto the flooring on what will soon be the 'safe' side. "A lot of threats are at the local level, and local ones can become sector ones easily enough. Either way," Kyle lifts a sharp brow and nods. "I've seen the mansion while I've been overhead, so, yeah. I'll drop in. I'd love to meet the team."

Nathaniel takes off his helmet as soon as the chamber is pressurized. He looks young, barely in his twenties. “I am. I have a good deal of information from databanks from the 30th Century. Long story. Have you been here before?” He gestures Kyle to go ahead as the blast door opens. “There is a civilian ring for visitors, but not many aliens have visited yet besides Hawkgirl and Starfire’s crew.”

"The thirtieth?" Kyle, both surprised to see Nathaniel's age and the revelation about having access to information nearly a thousand years in the future, wets his lips and bites his tongue down on the question, gently. He lets the question hang and turns to walk through the blast door. "No. I haven't. I've been to a lot of places like it since I've traveled around, but I've stuck mostly to my neighborhood beat and then back down planetside when I need to get some rest." Swinging his arms around behind him, one hand clasps the other and his chin goes up, looking around. "I've seen it on the way in and out, though. I've been mindful of the airspace."

Nathaniel grins. “Well, it is not bad for a first attempt. They have simulated gravity at the rings and maybe later this year we will have real artificial gravity generators. Come, I will introduce you to the people. Agent Brand is… harsh. But competent. I deal better with the engineers, but she will want a report.”

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