Unleash The...!!

April 25, 2017:

With the Veil tearing, Rifts opening, and Reality warping and bending… Even ancient monsters are trying to surface!

// Brooklyn - New York City //

One of the most famous of boroughs, Brooklyn is a cluster of small towns
in a big town. When night falls in the good weather, in the more 'city'
area, apartment stoops are pulled up and mothers chat with other mothers
while the kids play in the streets under the block's watchful eye. Gossip
abounds, and there is a spirit that seems to transcend all- when one grows
up in Brooklyn, one is never truly far from home.

Traffic on the street is heavy at times, pedestrian traffic even more so.
There is a lot to see when one gets away from the residential areas. Stores
of all ethnic variety serve their populations be it Russian or Ukrainian,
African American, Hispanic, Italian, Polish, or Orthodox or Ultra Orthodox
Jew; whatever one wants, it's easily obtainable.

Northern Brooklyn is closest to the vital economic engine that is Manhattan
and has benefited a lot from the ongoing prosperity there. Bedford,
Brunswick, Cadman Plaza and the like are the site of a number of lovely
public works and important institutions such as the Navy Yard, or the
Botanic Gardens. Business thrives here and the lives of the people, while
busy, tend to be full of plenty.

South Brooklyn is composed primarily of resort style housing and the
attractions for which 'Brooklyn' and 'Coney Island are famous mixed in with
commerce catering to tourists and locals.

Eastern Brooklyn is a lower income, largely African American section of
Brooklyn given over to low income public housing and other cultural
monuments. Crime is a bit higher here and public works slightly less nice,
but all in all it's still a livable place outside of some truly destitute

Central Brooklyn is the melting pot for the many ethnicities and cultures
that call the borough home. For the most part tensions are low and people
get along, though the general process of gentrification taking place all
over the island is causing some resentment among the poorer families feeling
the pinch.


NPCs: Kraken Tentacles



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Fade In…

Things don't feel right. If you can sense them, feel them, are part of them… You will know something is very very wrong. The Veil is delicate, and it is tearing. The ley lines between space and time, from one sacred rest to another are burning, and reports are coming in that those once Hidden, are showing true faces and some even "losing it". Just last week a Sobeken lost his glamour, fled the Oblivion bar and plunged upward and into the streets, his very nature taking course and in a form that Killer Croc would even admire. But he is ancient…. His people nearly extinct, and now hunted again as reports filter to Agencies meant to deal with the Unusual beyond what is already occurring…

Off of Brooklyn, and between Coney Island and the shore lines though it is hard to miss a sudden pulse, a ripple that sends and ethereal shockwave from the lowly rippling ocean outward. You have to have a sense to feel it, but to see it? You simply have to have sight, a massive slipstream cracks with a sudden strike of lightning that comes from below, churning the waters into a cyclone and when impacting the sky a single black cloud of smoke forms and spreads out in a backdraft.

Does anything birth from it? No… Not yet, but slowly bits are rubble begin to get sucked in and as the storm picks up, so does the size of the objects this opening is collecting and from the waters the sand of the beach even begins to rise, and like thousands of tiny shards of glass they spin and dance in the tumult of the 'storm' causing people to scream, scatter, and seek cover, evacuating the beach.

Trapped miles from home, in the middle of a singular jaunt into the city, Mattias Larsson is a stranger in a strange country, but the events of the day are warping the very fabric of everything he's learned about America in his short stay. He's seen the warping from a distance, felt the crackle of the energy that's made the small hairs at the base of his neck stand on end. It all makes him step faster up the street, deeper into the belly of New York, with a grim determination on his brow and…not entirely sure what he can do to help.

"No signal…" Mattias mutters, tapping furiously with his thumb on a cell phone in his hands. Getting nothing, he lets out a hissed 'BAaah!' and shoves it into the inner liner of a worn leather jacket. The quasi-satanic logos on the back bounce as he runs, a vision in the back that matches the jagged, heavy-metal lettering of the shirt he wears. Throw in some old blue jeans and a chain wallet? He looks every bit the part of the subculture.

His boots slap against the pavement as he begins to jog, spinning about to walk backwards as the lightshow forming over the skyline becomes more apparent. He stops. His fingers curl into fists. His long hair catches in the oncoming breeze.

Something in him…wants to fight this.

Walls between dimensions weakening means a very busy Supreme Sorcerer. He knows how to reinforce them, so he is running around doing damage control, yet unable to predict the next incident much less track down the people responsible, as they are not using magic.

Strange has alerted the Justice League, but what know even heroic super-scientists about dimensional boundaries? Not enough. And to make things worse, the mysterious reality warper seems to be getting stronger.

This one hits near home, so Strange arrived early. However, he looks tired already. He is only human, after all. This time, however, he feels the nearby presence of a couple supernatural beings. One of them is familiar to him. So he looks for the Tattooed magician, Kida.

It is hard to miss… But those without the ability do not notice.

There is a ripple in the fabric of Earth and Ether, a door opens and from it a girl leaps! Her form lands in the middle of Brooklyn traffic that now carries on like natural, even after the supernatural disturbance a week ago. Nothing exists long in New York unless it is on a flashing billboard.

But when she is spewed from that door she hits the hood of a car and falls into a roll so (un)natural, her body taking the impact of metal and rolling up the windshield she cracks in the process, her backpack acting as a 'shell' of sorts while she leaps from one auto to the next, leaving dents along the hoods and roofs by boots looking long dead and held together by mismatched laces.

Baggy jeans are held aloft by an -obviously- stolen belt, the tank top stained in grease, but revealing flashes of the tattoos laden upon tanned skin. Leather coat piecemealed together is looped around her waist, knotted at apex of hips all the while there is a pressure of landing upon the sidewalk just before an alley and something else ripples, and from that alley 5 massive canines come into chase of the woman. Huskies? Malamutes? Shephard hybrids? People stare as it looks like a street urchin is being pursued by stray massive dogs, some call 911…

Or try to…

Signals are fucked.

Passing Mattias not even a glance is passed, but he can feel the urgency…

Strange on the other hand has had time to get to know Kida, now called Tattoo officially by Darkedge and Rune. This is -too close- to home. She's made it her business, even as skin reshapes, reforms and tattoo's disappear from her skin in a warp that leaves behind…. More emptiness.

From the Atlantic now the spiral of winds and the opening surmounts, people too close are finding it harder to escape proximity… PArk benches are rattling, groaning and being ripped apart…

From the epicentre? One single tentacle laden in aquarian 'cups' centered with barbs extends and slaps across the surface as if it was a mere fly… But it only grows the tumult stronger while something New seeks to escape!

Mattias Larsson's long, blonde hair whips about at the sounds of crunching hoods behind him. His blue eyes narrow, confused at first to see the woman bounding over hoods in the direction of the disturbance. To make matters worse, he flexes his fingers at the incoming dogs, unsure whether she's being chased or leading them. Given the last twenty-four hours, either one would make sense.

Mattias is passed, paid no mind, and when the rending of the world behind him comes with the dawning of a massive tentacle comes, he turns…and joins the dogs in the chase after the woman with the tattoos. Running from the sidewalk, he shoulders his way through a metal pole bearing a speed limit sign, rips it out of the concrete, and digs his heels in an attempt to catch up.

"Hey!" Mattias calls out, carrying the sign like a baseball bat. "Do you know what you're doing?!" Eyes forward, and though he looks determined, the Swedish import is still formulating a plan.

"By the myriad Moons of Munnopor," swears Strange. But quietly. Tired or not he is still a gentleman and a doctor. He almost smiles at seeing Tattoo, though. "Miss Kida, you seems to have a knack for finding these malignant events. We should talk after we convince this… oversized octopus to returns to whatever strange seas he came from." Strange floats a few yards up and raises his right hand, open palm to the tentacle. Not much subtlety this time, a burst of elemental flame is launched to the creature.

Run boy run,
this world is not made for you…

When Mattias yells out and lets her know he is heading the same way, can feel it in those words alone she finally looks back, uncannily hazel eyes of pale set back despite the pigment of skin and the raven's hue of hair laden in braids and tethered in paler feathers… "Gáa'anuu… No… Do you??" But when Mattias grips up a street sign the smile is something tense. Does he? Snapping her gaze back, from that backpck a small shaft is gathered from the small of her back, laden in Ancient Haida dialect script, but when her hand comes upon it the scribery casts a light blue glow.

Strange's words as she impacts the beach, leaving craters with boots in the slowly gathering and dissipating sands…. Metal groans, cars are even losing their grip on parking spaces as meters beside them bend and bow… "I watch. I have to. Nameless come too.." And in saying as much those massive 'lycanthropes' are gathering people slipping…losing… in their maws, dragging them back along the sand. To safety while that small pommel now expands to a spear tipped in a honed stone.

"There's another…" A gesture back as Mattias has joined them with his traffic sign, the blast from Strange to the tentacle making it spiral, a bubbled groan sounds from -beneath- them and another joins while the one assaulted lurches…

The beach is suddenly split in twixt as the massive appendage slams into the earth ad cracks it, just the cyclone within the water, aiming to strike back.

Running is a victory!

Kida is leaping to the side, but as she does so the spear she wields is hoisted and rotated, aiming to slam into the tentacle… Matti, use that sign!

"I'm figuring it out as I go. I don't exactly do this every week!" Mattias calls out, dipping his head as he hits the sands of the beach. The street sign swings around to be held in a two-handed grip while he looks back, jerking his chin up rapidly towards Dr. Strange. "Hail, friend!" Mattias grins like a proud little dog, about to do something stupid with strangers and a tentacle. Mother should have warned him.

"I'm Mattias!" The large, young man roars out as the tentacle begins to slap down. A spray of sand is kicked up as he leaps to the side, rolling with his '25' sign tucked in his grip. When he comes up, there's a look in his eye even he doesn't understand. Something about this…is fun? "…if this kills me, tell my mother I kicked this thing's ass longer than it kicked mine, okay?"

Leaping, Mattias flings himself towards the tentacle. The sharp edge of the street sign is raised over his head, coming down with a demi-god bit of strength like an axe-chop, targeted at the meat of the tentacle.

Doctor Strange slides back quickly when the second tentacle smashes the beach. He is not quick, but the Cloak of Levitation makes him pretty maneuverable in the air. He looks disappointed the giant octopus was not scared by fire. Couldn't it be easy just once?

"Good to meet you, Mattias," he replies a the young man with the… street-sign axe-thing. "I am Doctor Strange, and…" he sighs. Just a few days ago he saw another novice hero, one Giga Bat, dying from one of these incursions. "Lets avoid the dying today, shall we?"

Just with that goal in mind, he keeps back and readies some magical shields to protect Mattias and Kida from more tentacles.


Run boy run, the sun will be guiding you..
Run boy run, they're dying to stop you!

This race is a prophecy….

"I do… Now…" Accented vocals of the DeeBee named Kida, now Tattoo, comes with a low tenor but as her spear seeks to rotate and sweep into the meat of the matter the sign Mattias shovels down into the tentacle brings it pause, and like a worm partially segmented it lashes up and out to rend the enemies!

That storm that sparked from cyclonic opening suddenly tumults and multiple arrays of lightning streak across the sky laterally, drawing upward Kida's gaze as if magnetized all the while she seeks to land and imbed that spear into the partially severed appendage! Nailing it into the surface if correctly driven.

But the storm and the additional extremity is where Strange has focused his power, a third seeking to ascend as the tiny prelude waves forward and above the Atlantian cyclone. The beast is trying to rise fully, and Unleashing a Kraken should definitely not happen… The spell and fire alone causing the third tentacle to retreat while the second takes on a goring wound, leaving an edifice in the massive appendage that changes the color of the churning waters to near-pitch while the first limb is assaulted, sliced, pinned…

The ROAR from the nether of the oceanic depths is one that cracks edifices into the beach, splitting up our newly joined heroes and causing massive amounts of city work in the streets just beyond!

The massive lycans have managed to gather who they could, but as the heroes actively rise against, a few bodies slip by with the sounds of yells and then silence as they are pitched up!
…Slammed down into the depths like offerings…

"Ge'e…" A whisper, a language long dead here, but reborn from that woman clad in tatters. Alternate grunge? Seattle borne? No, but let's pretend….None of this is happening.

Mattias' face is a mess of inky blood. The street sign, or the pole it's attached to, make for a messy weapon. Blonde hair is quickly dripping with black blood, specks of it upon his face, and the jacket? Still black, no matter how much of the kraken's blood cakes onto it. The sign, ruined, wrenches out of the heavy, steel bar, leaving Mattias with a spear of his own.

"It bleeds." Mattias wrenches the weapon out of the tentacle with a splash. "If it bleeds it can die and if it can die, we can win." Spitting into the sand, Mattias turns, preparing to rush the edge of the tentacle, but the ground cracks, throwing him off balance. He tumbles to the side, losing his footing, and…

…a gust of fire and smoke engulfs his body.

The man who doesn't know the power in his own blood, reappears above the second tentacle, falling with the point of his weapon held down like a spear. Roaring some monosyllabic battle cry, he comes down with the entirety of his weight and the alien strength in his muscles, slamming the pipe down through the tentacle with a spray of blood and sand.

The barrier settled over Tattoo is one she can feel, it is as if every pore absorbs what Strange pitched her way, and for a moment she knew peace

But Mattias' battle cry as he is sucked below… The rises wipes it all away and the placement of spear bears into a ground that /writhes//! But as Strange's bolts of flame push the Kraken back, the battle cry of the 'Unknown' Mattias' and the yells of pedestrians with-held in the maws of beasts that could have been birthed from Hel Itself… (Her)self…

The spear retracts with a suctioning noise, a spray of blood that paints halfway up the figure of Tattoo just before the tentacle slaps her in the peel from the 25 sign as well with a wetted *squelch* of parting sinew..

"//K'aal / Oblivion! //" States as her body is impacted, stricken and thrown, the quint-pack of Lycanthropes releasing their quarry and rescues to about-face and bare fang just before a sudden upsweep of wind comes bidden on a whirlwind!

Matti is likely thrown as well as the massive appendages of the Kraken recoil in the burst of ethereal flame emitted by Strange, pushing it back and as quick as the tumult came, the cyclone turns inside-out, and even if Mattias' blow slides through the tentacle in its withdraw, it is remembered… Seeded… The rumble that richters the streets and bay a subtle hint of such…

Atlantis however…. The backlash?

As Tattoo falls through and a ripple, a rip in the fabric to open her into a fall between, the post and remnant of Mattias' sign is gripped and if he does not release his own spear??

Just like the Kraken and the sea-borne cyclone, they are gone in a (rip)ple of fabrics, landing upon a hardwood floor covered in visceral spray of red and ~clear~…

Kida sits upright… Calling for a Doctor?? No tardis as the visual of where they were is seen slowly fading to black and the waterbed calming to act as if nothing has happened…

Then nothing save the stilled clamor of a Bar long beyond Oblivion and back….

Kida sweeps slimy palms over her eyes as the essence of her Five slip through and her skin begins to bear a paint

A flash of hazel eyes now flicker to Mattias who has just been transplanted and is the focus of the staff and patrons.


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