Catching Up With An Old Friend

April 14, 2017:

Darcy catches up with Thor. Both their lives have changed lately.

Upper East Side, NYC

The penthouse that Agent Carter and Thor live in as best roomies everrrrr.


NPCs: Toothgnasher, a doorman

Mentions: Agent Carter, Loki


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'o i moved I live with agent carter now, u no were that is right'

A text message. That's what that was, sent very recently. It was followed by a purple eggplant, an ok hand, and a goat. It's sensible to assume that the God of Thunder had little idea what emojis he was slapping onto the end of the message, but there they were all the same, implying something terribly erotic was going on.

But that's easily disproven! There's even water cooler talk at SHIELD headquarters now about it, how a couple months back, the Alien Prince abandoned his rather thoroughly bugged, monitored, and SHIELD-sponsored apartment in favor of moving to parts unknown. Parts that would come to be known as being a penthouse on the Upper East Side.

It's a rather nice place. With a guy at the front door, keeping out the riff-raff. The guy even wears a hat! Now that's fancy.

And so time has gone on. Sporting a new location and a new roommate, Thor, Prince of Asgard, has found himself adjusting to the lay of the land. "I am not so sure I should ever wear my hair in such a fashion," he converses with that very doorman, sporting a beige top with rolled up sleeves, which hangs down over leather pants and boots.

"The hair bun, upon a male, seems more something for my good friend Fandral. Verily, you would like him, he is quite stylish in his own way, his hair always well coifed."

It's more than idle chit-chat for Thor. He's also walking one of his goats, the massive beast tethered and presently gnawing on a potted fern. A certain white, logoed coffee cup rests in his other hand.

An… eggplant? Really? What the hell, Thor? Well. Nothing for it. Darcy, chuckling, tapped out a reply before getting the address from her work computer and then heading out to meet up with her friend.

And on the way, she picked up an eggplant.

What was with the goat, though? She had been pondering that as she roamed Walmart. Sure, she only went in for the eggplant, but she recalled needing some more female reinforcements. This being a new Walmart for her, she got a little turned around and found herself among the plushies. She was just gonig to pass them by when one caught her eye. She couldn't resist and so it got added to her tally.

She arrives not terribly long after. Self-check out lines were the best. And… there's Thor.. with a..

"Is that a goat?!" She just blurts it out.

The goat lifts its head from munching at the plant, looks right at Darcy, and lets out an 'ahhhh!' sound, as only a goat can!

Turning the wrong way, Thor spends a moment lost in the leash, forced to spin the other way to free himself. "Darcy!" he greets, all broad smiles and blonde hair. "Yes, this is Toothgnasher. Toothgnasher, this is Darcy Lewis. Oh and this is Clive," he adds with a nod to the doorman.

Dropping the goat leash, he advances, extending the coffee cup. She might even get a side hug if she's lucky! "I had some time and thought you may require a fresh latte." That smile turns to a grin, and once that's done, he sweeps an arm out to gesture to the building. "Did you wish to visit the penthouse? I am told it is one of the largest on this 'Upper East Side,' though it still seems far too small for adequate living."

The goat also advances, away from everyone.

Darcy spots Thor drop the leash and advance. So, Darcy advances, right into Thor to embrace him and so she can hopefully get close enough to stomp her foot down on the leash. Works for dogs, right?

"I brought gifts too! Trade?" she offers into the hug, one hand holding out the bag the other reaching for the latte… and her eyes slide to Toothgnasher.

"Hello, goat." she says to it before grinning at Thor.

"Penthouse? Swanky. Sure. I'd love to."

"Oh, thou did not need to do that," Thor says with his lips, but he can't quite contain the way his grin twists with delight at receiving a gift! He takes the bag, relinquishing the cup. He's about to peer into the contents of the bag when the goat situation presents itself. "Oh!"

Fixing THAT, he hands the leash to the doorman, and heads inside. "Verily, I am not used to these 'leash laws,' and the goat is used to a harness, not a collar. So many laws…" he trails off there, voice dry, apparently not a big fan of having to leash his overgrown, stupidly strong pets!

The interior is nice, if not old. It's an elevator ride up to the penthouse, and he presses the button to call the lift. The doors open. "So, how have you been? How is work? Have they let you slay a troll yet?"

Darcy gifts Clive a worried look when Thor tosses him the leash to the goat. But, receiving a nod like Stan Lee's got this, Darcy follows Thor inside, sipping on the gifted latte.

"Verily, couldn't you put a leash on the harness?" Darcy asks on a quip as the elevator dings the door closed to take them up.

"I've been okay. Getting over the ex-boyfriend with some hot rebound sex and make out moments. Haven't been shot at in a month, so that's a thing. Work's great. Busy with paperwork though. This whole mist things got all sorts of government groups and watch groups with hackles raised. It's fucking stupid. Add the usual LGTBQ prejudices and really? It's just a clusterfuck of people needing to relax and not be so fucking uptight. And no." She sighs, melodramatically.

"No. That was last year. No trolls this year. Not even internet trolls. Sad Darcy is Sad, but also not bruised to high Heaven, so that's the silver lining.

"You? Rooming with Leggy Peggy's been good to you?" Darcy asks now, turning to look up at Thor, smiling warmly at her friend.

"Huh," Thor sounds as the very logical suggestion comes out of Darcy's mouth. He nods, mouth drawn into a 'yep, that's a good suggestion, why the Hela didn't I think of that?' line. Fishing his phone out, he adds it to a shopping app.

He looks up with a laugh as Darcy, in all her Darcy goodness, speaks of the rebound sex and make out moments. The rest though, is a touch more serious. His brows draw down, taking it all in. "That you put yourself in the path of harm for the good of this Realm… suits you, Darcy," he notes, adding the next with a definite wryness. "I am told that the worst part of the paperwork are the paper cuts, and I thank my ancestry that I am too thick skinned to suffer such a fate."

No doubt he's been told that by 'Leggy Peggy' herself! He laughs again. "It has been an interesting series of adjustments for both of us, but we are similar in some ways. We are both somewhat lost to where Midgard is, in this day and age." There's almost a sense of sad whimsy to his voice. Still, the Vikings he used to pal around with didn't have a coffee hut on every corner!

"I am lucky to have such good friends. And I would be remise if I did not offer my services to you, as always. If your dangerous work should need the hammer of Thor, you need but pray and I shall answer."

Ding! Top floor, penthouse, formerly owned by one Howard Stark before being bequeathed to a certain Agent Carter. There's a definite blend of the classiness of Carter and the crudeness of the Odinson. Like an umbrella stand with two sword hilts sticking out of it. The view's undeniable though. Mjolnir's resting on the coffee table.

"Oh. No denying that, Sparky. Papercuts are the worst. But, I keep a stock of bandaids, so I'm not slowed down much," she retorts, glossing right over her doing anything for hte good of the Realm. Really, that just sounds WAY too grandiose for her. She's just a former intern who now directs SHIELD supply agent as if they were her own personal ants. And with equal efficiency.

"Yeah. Honestly. I didn't even think you were going to answer. It was.. I don't know why I even. I just. Yeah. Anyway. Thanks for that. I guess… just having you come in to pat my back was all I needed cause… I didn't even think to text or anything when the fight actually started," Darcy says into the ding of the evelator. Green eyes sweep about as she walks in, chattering about that time, half a year ago, when Apocalypse had nabbed her boyfriend, and Darcy went on a one-woman hunt to learn everything about the so-called god, then lead the SHIELD portion of the strike team that took him and his flying pyramid down. She'd wrestled Pietro from Apocalypse's mind control and distracted En-Sabah-Nur enough that the rest got their good licks in and the fight was done. She had prayer, just once, to the only god that she really knew anything about: Thor. It had been a simple: I'm about to do something stupid, even for me. So… I wouldn't might a bit of… luck or something. Yeah.

"It is what we do," Thor explains, heading to the kitchen that's off to one side. He puts the bag down. "Care for something else to drink? Or eat? I have managed to fit a small barrel of Asgard's finest into this refrigerator, and I spend a good portion of my day watching the Food Network. Have you ever seen this Lady Giada?"

All day by himself, offering his help - is Thor bored? It's very possible!

"But yes, it is what we do. We… grow stronger, with every prayer that comes to us from the mortal realms. And we can answer. Besides, I wager that your technology has a tendency to fail in times of crisis. A prayer to me will always reach my ears."

Crossing his burly arms, Thor nods, as if that were the deciding factor. This apparent Godly telepathy is better than Bill Gates. "Another stroke in your favor for how capable a warrior you have become, I might add," he does add, with a grin, apparently keeping a ledger of Darcy's growth towards Warrior Princess.

"But - ah, you mentioned the ex- part, and the repeated sexual encounters with fresh partners." His hands spread - he's about to make a tasteless joke. "While that may also be a point in your favor, I take it to mean that not all has gone so well for you in the affairs of the heart? I am sorry to hear that. I also believe mead is in order."

In teh bag, once Thor looks.. is an eggplant and a goat stuffie (OOC:

"OMG! You have my hook up! Dude, yes to the mead, but only like… a thimble full. Last time I had some, I got drunk enough to hallucinate a raccoon and a tree taking me out for pancakes with Pepper. But… If you can score me a bottle, like a wine bottle? of the stuff… OMG I would love you more than yesterday. See? I got some friends that.. Let's just say, we'd put it to good use!" Darcy says, sliding herself onto a stool at the bar by the kitchen. Her eyes take in the very well apointed kitchen and her tummy gurgles with anticipation.

"Acutally, yes. Though, I like Rachel Ray a bit more. I was sad she didn't make Iron Chef, but the American version sucks so hard compared to the original." Darcy is rambling, lips on her straw as she regards Thor as his comment of prayers making him stronger.

"Hm.. Interesting to know. I'll keep it in mind and…. maybe I'll pray more." Not likely but, if it helps her friend get stronger?

She sets her latte aside, because yes, mead would be better for trobles of the heart.

"No one's fault but some upstart of a demigod whose ass I've already kicked. He was trying, so hard, to get past it but.. he needed time for himself. I wasn't going to force him to stay. And he didn't want to force me to wait for him, because he wasn't sure how long he would need to find himself again. So… We called it done. If he comes back and we still feel the same way then… we can talk about it. But… I'm not going to shut myself away like a fucking nun. I'm young and I like carnal pleasures. We talked about it. He understood. And… I think.. Having waited half a fucking year is pretty damn good."

There's a definite laugh from Thor, short though it is, as he pulls out the stuffie goat. "Ah, verily, this is cute," he murmurs, looking it over with a fond smile before putting it aside. With the call to mead in full swing, he does the sensible thing; he heads over to the right cabinet, and pulls out some stemware. "Yes, your mortals can only take so much, I understand that. I shall give ye a splash. Are you heading back to work?" If not, she'll get a little more, stooping slightly at the open kitchen door to fill the glasses.

But she's definitely not getting much. He slides the snifter across the kitchen table for her, and takes a hearty gulp of his own. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he listens, sympathetic to the plight of his young friend.

"At least it did not end with ill blood. That is a blessing unto itself." The giant glass goblet he's holding pauses somewhere near his lips, and he eyes her, almost skeptically. "Wait - you waited half a year with no time in the sheets? Darcy Lewis, you chaste wench," he says, with a hearty laugh to follow.

He means no harm, of course. He holds his glass up to her. "Well, here is to new love, frequent sex, and not growing old before our times, hmm?" A toast, of course!

"And you shall have to show me this original version. The Iron Chef gauntlet returns this weekend, if the ample commercials are true, and I am not familiar with this show. I simply enjoy Giada's… ample… demonstrations." Oh, Thor doesn't need to hold his hands out like a pair of breasts, but he sure did!

"Right? I thought so. You emoji gave me the idea though I hadn't a clue why you sent me a goat emoji. I do NOW, but at the time I was just confused," Darcy admits, putting her chin in a hand to watch Thor putter abuot hte kitchen.

"No. I clocked out for the day," is the confirmation for a larger splash in her glass which she takes with graceful aplomb and sips at very gingerly. She's encountered the stuff before. She's wiser about it now.

"Me too. And yes, I was chaste wasn't I, you little shit. I blame having been in love with him." Well, still in love with him, which is why she let him go. After all, if you love a thing, let it go. If it comes back to you, it's yours forever. If not, then it was never meant to be. She smiles to the hearty laugh, not taking offense to it. Ray (for the day) helped ease some of the funk, and Mattias a bit more. She lifts her glass to the toast.

"I don't know about new love, but huzzah the frequent sex and not fucking growning old. Growing old is over rated and I'll pass, thank you," she says before finishing the toast on another measured sip. Already the flush is visible on her cheeks.

"Oh, fuck yes. I am totally doing that. It's not on Netflix. I already checked for it. But I'm sure I can find it on Amazon Prime. Maybe Hulu has it." And like that, Darcy's slipping off the stool a bit unsteadily and starting for the TV room. Thor's demonstation stops her and she laughs brightly.

"Half of that's a push up bra, but she does set them out very nicely, dont she?"

Thor laughs, a very bright laugh at that. His hands fall back down, though he isn't long on again lifting that glass up to his lips. "Please, do not tell me the magic behind what she does - you shall ruin it for me, verily. She reminds me Amora." The laughter, the mirth of their conversation, takes a momentary backseat as that memory comes out.

"Yes, to be in love - I have known some great loves in my long, long life…" And that is most definitely some bittersweet memories he's calling back to there, an almost sad smile taking his lips as he indulges in those millennia of existence.

"Mm, forgive me - I have been with many women," he ultimately says with a laugh, though there's a certain shadow in his blues; he's saying the truth, but that's not why he trailed off there.

Attempting to discard the subject, he follows after Darcy. There's an arm chair that practically has his groove pressed into it now, and he'll take that unless he's beaten to it. "I believe we have the Netflix, but we do not have the others. Agent Peggy has not been home much of late - work. And yes, to be as young as you, what a true blessing you have. A whole life ahead of you. I wholeheartedly agree with enjoying it - I certainly did, when I was your age."

He leans back. "Perhaps it is on the Youtubes? I have witnessed many people failing at life, and many a video of your tiny Midgard cats."

Thor doesn't want to know how Giada does what she does, Darcy wn't tell him. She holds her hands up in a 'dropping it' motion as she plops onto the sofa. She's gonig to need the stretch out and pass out space soon. Wee mead. But then Thor waxes bittersweet, and Darcy's hand pauses on the remote. Green eyes flick over, noting the dark clouds in his sky blues. She says nothing, merely noting it, and then letting him change the subject.

"Yeah. I'm sure I can find it on YouTube," she says, voice softer than it was before. She went with his subject change but that doesn't mean she's not still thinking about. Another tiny sip of mead is taken as she loads up the YouTube app and searches for Iron Chef.

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