Angry Russian Satellites

April 12, 2017:

Heroes converge in the skies to stop falling satellites from making craters out of civilian homes.

Skies over America


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Fade In…

The warnings went off minutes ago through the corporate offices of a global telecommunications company. Through blunder and error, two low-orbit satellites collided and both were sent tumbling back towards the Earth. After a series of lightning quick calculations and one panicked phone call, it was revealed that the final landing point of the two satellites would be somewhere in Gotham City proper. Minutes later, the streets began to fill with flashing sirens and active firetrucks, doing their best to anticipate the landing zones and whichever disaster would follow.

Two satellites, streaming reddish-orange heat off of their communications array, begin to streak over Greenland on their crash course. They're tumbling hundreds of feet apart from each other like guided cruise missiles…

…and they're being chased by a glowing, green comet.


Hal Jordan arrives from Near Earth Orbit.


Something nasty falling out of the sky? To be honest, who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters just called "Not it!" at the top of their lungs.

The Justice League gets the call. And whom do they send? If that golden-glowing streak across the dimming heavens is any clue, it would be Captain Marvel, skipping across the atmosphere and picking up speed, aimed for a hot intercept course with the incoming debris.

"Yeah, yeah. I see them. Hell no, don't call off the evacuations. For all we know, these things are going to disintegrate, or sproud parademons or something." Carol Danvers responds to the League aide on comms with her right now. "Let's just see what we can do, alright?"

Can Carol see the green streak? Sure. But she has no idea who or what it is. She's hoping for Hal Jordan, much as the guy sometimes grates on her nerves; a glowing energy net to catch debris would be handy. She's going to have to be at the top of her game to get all of this stuff.

And then, in Captain Marvel comes, so hot she's creating plasma in front of herself, aiming at the incoming satellites. "Boom-de-yadah on three … two … one …" And out streak powerful bolts of photonic force, aimed at any pieces pulling away from the central units, as she aims to catch one, or even two if she can, with her very arms.

Help would be nice.


The rattling communications arrays and wing-like solar panels are rattling heavily, about to break off and turn into spinning air-katanas that will fly, hundreds of miles per hour, down towards the city. Just as a few of these dangerous pieces of air-shrapnel are about to break off, they're disintegrated, turned into ash and dust, by Captain Marvel's photonic beams.

The green comet jerks, suddenly, to one side and barrel rolls to avoid the extending energy from the beams, and if the emerald green color and black suit are any indication, it might be Hal Jordan.


With a whoosh, the green, man-shaped comet rushes past Carol Danvers as she catches the first satellite with a metallic crunch. Here one second and gone the next, they pass like two bullets, and as both the green streak and the second satellite boom past Carol, the Hal that doesn't quite sound like Hal at all, is turning and pointing his fist at the second satellite.

A burst of green forms into a giant baseball catcher's mitt, webbed glove-ends extended, ready to catch the second satellite.


Green Lanterns assemble? Something like that. Maybe a first this sector has ever had two of it's Oa appointed guardians in one place.

A secondary green-on-black clad man (older and more rogue-ishly handsome) arrives sweeping low underneath Captain Marvel's own flight path then streaks up past her, above the gravity drawn satellites, "That it? Just these three?" He includes Rayner in that as one of the objects. His ring had originally just pinged anamolous signatures then picked up what they were. No one told him Kyle Rayner was being reassigned to 2814.
"Justice League alert synchronized with the Power Ring, I think they're finally keyed up." Hal declares loudly to Carol as if this is some conversation they had before. He knows he rambles at her at times and she probably ignores a portion of it. Maybe a good portion. Comm abuse happens at times.


-flicks Comm abuse happens at times- redundant Hal is redundant


"Holy crap! Jordan, call out before I get on scene!" Given that Carol's photonic beams are a brilliant golden yellow, she knows what a bad mix it would be if her blasts hit Hal, and she tries to avoid that.

But that didn't sound like Jordan.

"Control, this is Marvel. Register Tango Three as a Lantern, not Jordan. Repeat, we have Tango One, Tango Two, Tango Three is not a Tango. I have one in the pocket. Hope the other one gets caught, I'm out of arms."

Carol Danvers calls in, and then as if that wasn't enough, suddenly Jordan himself shows up. It's like speaking of him brings him on-scene or something. "Hey, Jordan. Do a sweep, willya? Make sure no debris gets past us. I think I blasted it, but I sure as Hell don't want a civvie finding out I'm wrong."


+MEET: Starfire has arrived via +meet.


"Jordan?" The other Lantern calls out as his satellite makes a resounding WHUMPF into his catcher's mit made out of light. Mid-skid in the air, the black haired, younger, and less rogueishly handsome but vaguely latin Lantern cracks a broad grin. He hovers mid air and morphs the catcher's mit into a net, from which the satellite dangles.

"I think we got all of them!" Kyle calls out, pointing out across the darkening sky to the point of impact. He swings his head from Carol to Hal, then out to where he's pointing.

Something else explodes out there, something gaseous and angry, as if a number of satellites were just broken apart by a cue ball.

"I don't think we're done yet!" Kyle calls out, though his telepathic link to Hal's ring sounds him off loud and clear. "Hey lady! Toss it over, I'll catch and carry!"


"Already on it, Captain and you're all clear." Hal tosses back, a quick scan and nothing so far. She got it all and Kyle caught his in the oversized emerald mitt.

"So, quick catch me up here, Kyle, if you would indulge us… why are you here and what have you brought back with you? Just a visit right? They sent you here to give me another box of medals?"
A drifting backwards flip for no reason other to be showy the older Green Lantern lands hovering in a hover awaiting the ring's update or Kyle's whichever is quicker.




"Jordan, enough gab! Control, we have a second explosion out beyond the dark line. Run up the alerts and let the WatchTower know to expect problems." Captain Marvel barks out, taking charge as usual; she doens't do the back seat.

"Kid, have a second satellite. Get these things on the deck safely. Retrieval team is idling at the baseball stadium parking lot. They'll hae containment for the contents. Meet us as fast asy ou can." Carol calls out to Kyle, not even bothering with introductions as she drops her glowing satellite core into the catcher's mitt and then takes off like a golden glowing rocket, headed for the higher orbitals and that explosion. "Jordan, map it out! What's coming?!"


"Okay, so first things first, this is in no way because you drive the Guardians crazy, okay?" Kyle cringes and floats back, catching the second satellite quickly. The catcher's mit dumps it into the bag, which is starting to look like a gym teacher's sack of dodge balls…if dodge balls are hissing, glowing dish television satellites. "This is because…work first. I've got it! I'll be back as soon as I can!" Kyle changes the subject and floats upside down, pointing his head towards the Earth, and starts to rocket towards the stadium, trailing his captured satellites.

-=|o| Lantern Jordan. Due to the increase in activity in Sector 2814 the Guardians of the Universe have decreed that the sector requires additional security. In a decision based on Lantern Rayner's spotless conduct record he has been assigned effective immediately to perform his duties alongside Lantern Jordan in Sector 2814. |o|=-

"Okay, that definitely sounds worse than it is, man!" Kyle calls out over his link to Jordan. "There's just all kinds of stuff happening and the sector's getting busy!"

With enough vision, with enough care, in the distance, another three satellites can be seen knocking each other out of orbit. One of which is a military satellite with half of its side blown out, exposing some kind of missile magazine that shouldn't be there. They're approaching, screaming through the atmosphere, one of the three…destined to cause a -boom- upon impact.


"Lady, I'll consider listening to you bark orders if you take me up on that dinner date also probably a night cap. Until then lets try and work like Riggs and Murtaugh not Fred and Barney." Hal tosses out. It's the nicest he can respond to orders, he's got a disciplinary list a mile long after all. Not just from his USAF record but even in the Lantern Corp, spotless like the Golden Child Kyle he is not.
The update from the ring is only putting Hal in a sour mood and he ignores it along with anything Kyle has to say to listen in on it's scan updates, "Weaponized satellite. Looks like we're going to play catch some more and possibly get real aggressive. Everybody take your pick they're coming down fast."


Backup comes in a flare of solar light, trailed in a tail-light of blur in a burning hue flame. Starfire heard, loud and clear and within the atmosphere a flare of light comes just befor the comet that blurs from it in a tracer of cosmic light behind rapid motions.

"X'Hal! You two! MOVE!" A pause and a flsh of emerald eyes goes to Kyle in the blur past the figures as she redirects and aims for a satellite in a flare that brightens, leaving armor offset from the tawny hue of skin and the perse glow that omits from fists just before impact!

"I get lefties!" And in a sudden burst Starfire impacts one of the satellites without hesitation…..


"The missle platform is yours!" Captain Marvel shouts to Jordan. She doesn't say yes to his dinner date proposal, either. He can do what she says, or he can screw this up and people die; she's figuring even Jordan will put aside his cranky to do the job in spite of himself. And if she tries to catch the missile platform, she'll likely dentonate the damned thing. That would not be good.

Veering off to let Koriand'r zoom past, Carol Danvers aims for the third satellite and opens her arms wide; one might almost think she'd played football, the way she tackles this thing, slamming into it as her arms go around it, hauling in hard as she keeps accelerating upwards, back towards space.


Bobbing and spinning with his bag-o-satellites, Kyle flinches his head back to watch the alien streak past him. His ring rattles off a response to his query about her species while the green comet that he is shrinks, rushing towards the stadium.

There's a crackle on the communication line.

"It's me, the other Lantern. Sorry if I'm breaking security clearance." Kyle inserts himself into the line, voice apologetic as he floats above the field and gently lowers his pair of satellites onto the field. "Necessity; I'll wipe the frequency off after. How are you all doing up there?"

A beat passes, and then Kyle's voice sounds more strained as he is racing back up towards them.

"On my way back." Kyle mutters. "Who's the coach and where am I needed on the field?"


"You didn't say no." Hal teases Carol though without the earlier enthusiasm. It's not as though he is trying to appear grim right now, thats best on other League members but sometimes, no news is good news, "Those blue bastards really know how to tug my chain." He mutters.
"Rayner, you and me, pal. We're taking the one with the weapon systems. I'll distract it, you gut it." The green barrier around Hal enlarges then streamers out as he ascends rapidly along with the others, the rest of the world is getting a hell of a light show tonight. Two Lanterns, Captain Marvel and Starfire. Very glowy team.

A barrage of missiles appear around Hal as he comes to a halt in front of the sattelite, these are then launched in a full salvo towards the aggressor.


"Awe, you two know eachother?? No resemblance…" Starfire's voice goes placid and droll in emphasis as she streaks past in a blaze of light and heat. "Kwaii! But save it for later, por favor?"

And then silence as they all seem to impact as a unit and fall in line!

Starfires perse, in mate with the satellite azure comes to a flare and spark that zeroes out and blinks into black as if all energy had been consumed dow to the very pivotal moment!!!!

… But slowly a glow forms, outlining the female Tamaranean, seated upon the satellite with legs crossed, thigh high violet boots at meet in the cross of legs as one hand is placed behind her like a kick-stand of princessly posture.

From that hand the solar heat seems to threaten a dimpling upon the structure of the satellite, while containing it and keeping it in her own capacity. The touch of fingers is scrawling a name, parted by dots between over the old name… By Force.

It's what aliens do…
She's naming him: G.E.O.R.G….E.


"Holy crap, Jordan. Are you serious?" Danvers shouts, as Jordan intentionally makes himself a giant, tempting target for space-based missiles. The man is certifiably insane.

Of course, Captain Marvel has her arms wrapped around a satellite and she's accelerating upwards to slow it down and prevent the disastrous crash to Earth that physics as just demanding moments ago, so she's too busy to help him or do much more than wince as the multiple launches occur. Good thing she can't see what Kori is doing, or she'd start asking about hugging and squeezing the satellite.

"Anyone who catches one, get them to the containment at the baseball field parking lot. These things are rad-hot and unsafe." A beat. "And don't die, Jordan." That's Carol's last word on the subject.


"Got it, Jordan! Coming in from the side!" Kyle calls out, flying with one fist extended that seems to be the sole source of the green glow about his green and black uniform. The lantern symbol in his chest glows as his flight path curls out on an angle to cut past Starfire on his way into the Russian defense satellite.

In one, quick second, the mystery of why so many satellites got knocked out of orbit reveals itself.

Going into some kind of self-defense mode, the Russian satellite detects incoming missile fire and tries to slide a missle into a carraige for deployment on each side. One side is blown out, and a missle slips out…and falls towards Gotham. The other side racks up a missile, is sparked to life, and flies out towards the incoming salvo.

"Thing's got teeth!" Kyle gives Koriand'r a peace sign as he passes her, reaching out with a beam of light that turns into a claw of alien design.

Jordan's missiles impact with the satellite, rupturing its internal payload on impact and swallowing up the fired missile, but not the falling, wasted missile. Not a second later does Kyle's claw slap into the center of the satellite and pull out its guts.

"We've got a runaway!" Kyle calls out, green claw curling to hold onto the husk of the Ruskie satellite. "Who's got hands free?!?"

Starfire and Captain Marvel's satellites, smoking hot to the touch, have stopped their descent, and if the Swedish flag on the side of one, a Japanese flag on the other, and all kinds of radio dishes on each, they're not about to start shooting missiles.


"Deadly serious." Hal responds to Carol. The man was the guy who flew prototypes in to the ground and beyond just so they wouldn't hurt anyone else. This is what he does. Some say crazy, he likes to think fearless.

No time to say high to star too much explosions engulfing him from close proximity. Barriers are up though and most of his missiles are just supposed to trigger the Russian satellite's own. How long has it been up there anyways? Soviet era?

Concentration on remaining unharmed has him unable to be those extra hands. He can only multitask so well. He has faith in his comrades after all.


Hi to Star*


Starfire officially braned the satellite her B….!
Fingers lift, the glow omitting from them in a flare of tracers with a mimic'd sign back to Kyle-The-Stranger, and Green Lantern.

A shift of gaze to Captain Marvel and Starfire offers a salute to the woman as she rises off the cusp of her dead-in-the-air satellite and postures for a swan dive that seems to be anti-graviy in float… Lingring the form there as she speaks and relays to them,
"Hands free. Hands On!" And after the suspension the burst of heat rockets her forward, the propulson and kick-off sending her satellite-named-George, towards Hal and Carol, while she plummets towards the detachment in a race to beat it and redirect!


"Hal! You okay?" Kyle calls out over the explosions rattling around the man. Though he's come free with a bunch of chunks from the inside of the satellite, and the lights on the blasted husk have gone dim, there's still the contending fireworks display where Jordan once was that leaves Rayner's browline dotted with concern.

"Don't be dead, buddy, I don't know these people from Adam." Kyle mutters over the comm-line while he turns towards the incoming GEORGE the BESTIE satellite. With seconds to act, he parts his lips and swallows, swinging his husked Russian satellite around to warp his light into a butterfly net. The Russian satellite in the bottom, GEORGE scores one point for Gryffindor as it sails into the ring of the net.

The lone missile, drawn by its weight, dead-drops downwards and turns to point its tip towards Gotham City. It's not armed, there is no smoke sailing out of the back of it, but with too much jostling, it might just explode. It's like catching a football, one that falls much more slowly than Koriand'r flies.


"Oh, " A cough, "Yeah, a little smoke inhulation never hurt anyone." The Ring's auto-barriers only breached momentarily and this being Earth advanced measures don't always need to be taken with the shield. This was a moment of that. Singed eyebrows, some coughing. Hal will be just great.
"Well, introductions can come after we're finished smashing Cold War relics."

Green Lantern 2814.1 descends after the satellite just incase Koriand'r needs an assist.


Starfire dives in and descends, but does not move too close to the satellite in her speed to catch up and breach atmosphere for fear the heat will ignite and further a disturbance or explosion from the fragile technology of ye-olde-times.

An arch of that flame-huen trail and she moves away and then slows just before meet, enough to pace her speed and her own heat to that of the descent before she reaches to try and touch the plummeting satellite threatening Gotham's scape.

If successful she will grip the mechanism and slowly move in descent like in a tango, redirecting propulsion and trajectory, aiming to toss it back UP and AWAY towards Kyle and Hal.

"We got this! It's what we do in the League… Right?"

"Tag!" You're it.


Holding another bag-o-satellite chunks, Kyle lets out a sigh of relief and watches the other Lantern descend after Starfire. Nothing else is exploding, no one's screaming, and despite the cold welcome from a Lantern whose turf he's just been assigned to, his work is done. A puff of breath slips past Kyle's lips and he looks up, after where Carol went off to.

"Did you call her Captain, Jordan?" Kyle asks, then calls out to space on the frequency. "Captain, we've got everything under control down here. Taking the sats to the parking lot for decontamination." He all but salutes, the little teacher's pet.

And then Kyle descends, after Hal, towards the satellite she's thrown up towards the two of them.

"The League?" Kyle asks the two of them. His ring flashes a few times. "Ah, that League, so you two are both in that? I'm gonna have to get up to speed being the point-two here."


"You're absolutely right, Starfire!"A shout towards the Tamaranean.

"Yeah, Captain Marvel is her superhandle." Hal responds as a he forms a giant green buzzsaw, lances it through a part of the satellite's center then bubbles one side. Leaving the other side for Kyle. If it blows up it'll be secure if it doesn't, which is the idea with the saw it'll just up and be junk to pile with the rest or toss in to space where it can join some mass orbiting something larger.

Casually he handles his side of the orbital weapon while talking now, "The Justice League, it has been around for a while on and off, do a quick update on your ring and some heavy reading tonight. Fastest way to fill you in."
A thumb juts up and off towards Carol's departing person, "She is. We are. A bunch of us."


Bump. Set. Serve!

The volley is carefully made and handed off, though she does not approach the two 'Greens' in her hover from where she had redirected the plummeting satellite over Gotham. A curious cant of her head seems almost feline, even with the light narrow as the reflective gaze volleys back and forth.

"Starfire. Koriand'r." It is no secret who and what she is anymore, as it is hard to keep and she stopped keeping it months ago in ordr to stand up in Metropolis. But how thw two pass between as if known is what garners her true curiousity.

"The Justice League.. And who are you?" A slow approach now comes as she circles them both, but while she stares at Hal, Kyle is wh got the question.


"Yeaaaaah I'm going to be doing a lot of studying, probably enough to have to recharge three times just to get through it all." Kyle twists his butterfly net of satellites into place to catch the half-chunk before it falls. Two and a half satellites now, he has, nestled safely within his net. The net closes up into a bag-like structure, and Kyle sighs his relief. "But, on the plus side, no collateral damage explanations today. Counts as a win."

Kyle floats down to the same height as Hal, and looks over to the man with careful consideration. Reading the man's face, he turns his attention down to Koriand'r, whom he regards with his white, glowing eyes.

"My name's Kyle, it's nice to meet you, Starfire Koriand'r." Kyle twists the side of his mouth into a friendly smile and dips his head respectfully to the woman. "I'm a Green Lantern assigned to help out in this part of space. Though-" Kyle looks from Kori, to Hal, then back down again. "-I'm really just here to help. Which. That felt good, right? Catching satellites?" Hopeful? Kyle offers the laurel out to each of them.


"Sure, Rayner." Hal responds, "At least it was you and not Guy." A pause. "I suppose." That domino mask over Hal's face doesn't move, firm and straight faced as can be. "We'll play catch up, you'll probably want to go see your friends and family. I have about thirty minutes before I have to get in to work?" The Ring chimes reminding him he has less than thirty minutes.

"We'll be in touch." Drifting past Kyle on towards Kori he gives her a grin, "You know, Kori, you need to get yourself an agent or talk to one of the League lawyers. Royalties, possible misrepresentation… just Google yourself, you'll see what I'm talking about. Coworker of mine is a huge fan. Anyways, you two kids have fun I'm really trying to upgrade my couch to a bed."
A green flash of light, a snap of air as molecules are assaulted, accelerated and agitated and Green Lantern is gone off towards Metropolis.


Hal Jordan heads out to Metropolis Airspace.


Starfire is watching them both, carefully…

when Hal draws nearer, that perse glow starts to permiate around a hand, cusped like an arc, only to die with his words. A trai of gaze after him… "…K'tten…?'
"On it…"
…. "You need to…"
"I get it."

In the meantime, "Starfire, that's what… I am known as here with the League. Them." Her smile that curls upon the stained plum lips is true… Endearing. Despite the fact that revelations need attended.

A hand extends to Kyle, and is shaken firmly if accepted, a brilliant smile of ivories exposed in a flash. "It felt like home…" And upon the final word there is that stresss and strain, even as she floats back and away from this new Lantern.

"You… Have no idea. We need all the help we can get, anywhere." A pause and Kori is slowly engulfed in a light blue beam from the ether above.

"It was envigorating!" His laurel is met with a small device left hovering before him in wait as Starfire disappears in a digitallized fashion, offeing him a wink -
- Sucked into the atmospheric vaccuum.

The device is a communicator, so he can speak to them, insignia emblazoned upon the outer cuff.

Google THAT!


Left alone, Kyle looks down to his bag of satellite pieces and the communicator left floating out before him. His lips crease into a line beneath his mask and he reaches out, collecting the communicator in his non-ring hand.

"Yeah." Kyle blinks. "Family and friends, Hal." His smile turns mournful as he begins to lower towards the evacuation point, where the pieces of satellite can be collected.

And then he can visit his mother's grave, later.

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