Prison Visits

April 11, 2017:

Nate visits Rose in Belle Reve, and multiple pasts are coming to a head.

//Belle Reve Penitentiary - Louisiana //


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Belle Reve Penitentiary - Louisiana
Known for housing the "worst of the worst" from human to meta/mutant human, sometimes even aliens now-a-days.

Nate would find Rose's location if he so much as Googled her name.

Rose Wilson-Worth:
Incarcerated: 3/14/2017
Inmate ID: BR-24-74892847W
Mugshot: Rose is missing her bionic eye, a patch overlain, but when intaken it was right after a bit of recovery due to a self induced explosion. (Story in Logs)
Arrest Reason: Undisclosed.

When Nate arrives the closer he gets to the prison the harder it is for him to use anything, tearing away at shields and gifts to basically bring a human to the doorstep for 'visiting hours'.

The building is monolithic, heavily secured, monitored, and the tech (to the eye) looks 'polished'. But to come in you are under a 360 degree surveillance, the guards are armed and armored more like spec-ops tanks on legs, their weapons not holstered. They are held. Helmeted heads are visored and so their eyes are not seen of a direction, but postures so neutrality and indifference.

Once beyond initial check, lockers are left for belongings to be stored in, and beyond several security scanners a large room with benches is lined in a square, but one side open, the other side is seen behind thick glass, and phones are on either side for conversation to be had.

No touching allowed. No smoking allowed. No food/drink Allowed. Blind? Doesn't matter. No Pets Allowed.

So as prisoners get called forward, patted down, and ushered in, they are put in assigned seats. At booth 3 is Rose, sitting on her tiny metal stool with a guard behind her while cameras sweep and focus around both rooms of inmate and civilian.

Expecting a visit? Hell no. Pensive is the expression.

Since he crossed over to this world Nate has never quite lost Rose from his mind's eye. Well, not for long. He tries not to be a stalky boyfriend, but he lost her once and he is afraid to lose her again. He even admitted it. Once. He might have been a little drunk.

So he noticed Rose left Gotham, moving south, and sporadically going into a psi-dead area. He was still pretty surprised when he was researching about an X-Men villain and her name showed in up in Xavier's computers. Maybe this is the 'other Rose', the one native to this world. Maybe worth a look.

He few all the way to Belle Reve and yeah… this is a psi-dead area and about where he thought Rose had gone missing a couple times. Weeeird. But… he went to take a look. Closer to the prison and he put up some strong psi-shields to keep his powers contained. The dampeners are annoying too, but if they could really suppress his powers the technovirus would eat him alive in a minute. But he also knows they are there for keeping super-criminals contained, and if he went all out chances are he will likely overload them and provoke a mass jailbreak.

Let save that for the case Rose wants to leave.

Instead he asks around a little, probably setting off all mutant-detectors. But hey, he is being a good citizen, Nate can be nice when he wants, and since Rose is 'allowed' to receive visits he goes through the bureaucracy.

Yeah, if she is allowed to receive visits that means she doesn't want to leave. Otherwise there would be a large number of dead guards and she would be in insulated in some deep cell. He knows his girlfriend.

"Fancy to meet you here, Rosie," he greets, stepping into the visitor's room.

When Nate is the one to walk into the visitor room, filed in with others there to see loved ones or their clients there is a moment the single eyes tares at him as he takes his seat on the other side of the glass barrier and picks up the phone, that she almost seems lost, puzzled.

'Other Rose', memories all over are fading, rewritten, though same bodies reside, very possible at this point.

Last Nate had seen Rose she was mentally breaking, emotionally lost, and physically grasping at straws it seemed, but instead finding bottles or whatever else. Now? Here she sits in a pretty orange that does nothing for her complexion or platinum hair.

Nate knows Rose before the point she had come to when the 'Bombs' dropped and she was left in a green fogged hazy seeming darkness.

"Not too fancy. Maybe the Feast." Cat food. Meatloaf. Dinner tonight. Gag.

If Rose wanted out, she went back out like she came into this 'Universe', with a bomb activated inside her.

"Been a bit…"

"Yeah, missed you," Nate can't look into her mind right now, the dampers are pretty strong, or even feel her emotions. She was depressed in Gotham, he tried to cheer her up, he thought he had. "Why are you here?" He asks, taking the small stool with an annoyed gesture. Geez, they spend millions in that psi-damper system and then use tiny metal stools. Typical government.

"And… do you want out?" He glances at the guard briefly, giving him a smirk. "Because, y'know, there are no charges, there was no trial, and this all seems weird." No, he is was not talking about breaking her out right now, see? And anyway, she is too calm if she is caged against her will. He knows her well.

"You did?" The phone in her hand she spoke to him through shook a bit and there it was, that puzzled look, the one that nearly crests pale brow atop the dark patch over her eye, looking down at the carved steel counter in front of her.

Nate did not need to read her mind, her facial expression seemed to go over multiple emotions, all except for a smile.

"Because I have to be. I've made friends…" Her voice wavers and then in a rock back a leg props up on the counter and she peels back the orange pant leg to reveal up to inner thigh….

That does not last long as the guard behind her holsters the rifle in a flick of wrists and is lifting her like she is nothing, shaking her to lower the pant leg and seta her back 'proper'. "None of that Wilson."

Tattoo, SKWAD in a vined writing resided down her thigh in that brief glimpse. "Dad also says Orange is the new black." Stated as she rights, smooth's her onesie and picks the phone back up.

"No charges? Not yet. Pending trial." Rose is being vague, but when she looks through the glass and towards a camera homed in on them she then looks back at Nate, who had shared a lot with her while they were both "drunk". But some things are coming back to her, if they were even hers at all, but seems… so real. Lucid dreams she can touch.

"I want to keep my head." Final answer.

Nate facepalms. Her father. Now all makes sense. That is: nothing makes sense because Rose relationship with her dad is crazy stuff. But he knows that and he needs to get used to it. "Well… always good you have more friends. You also have a few out there, though, please remember. And I love you, Rosie." He sighs. Yeah, the camera means they can't say a lot. "Could get you a top lawyer, you know," he taps his temple. "I'll come to see you often."

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