Kryptonian Suckerpunch

April 10, 2017:

Three of the Fearsome Five ambush Hal Jordan and end up in over their heads.


NPCs: Shimmer, Mammoth, Gizmo



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A rather dry sunny day in New York, the beginnings of a late summer this side of the world. New York carries on in it's usual hustle and bustle of life, a good place for those who like constant unending activity. Hal Jordan the Green Lantern can appreciate that to an extent. Most days he rather likes New York, before he had left for space he could even say he likes it more than Metropolis but something about it anymore is just different to him, feels off, doesn't feel as welcoming as it's cousin the Big Apricot.

Especially unwelcome when a brute named after a prehistoric elephant has you in a headlock. A routine fly by for the Justice League has resulted in this scenario, the Guardian appointed Lantern tangling with members of the Fearsome Five. An ambush really and they snared themselves a live one.

"Get off of me you ape!" Green Lantern snarls and flies up wards spinning in a circle to try and dislodge his attacker. No luck.

Laughter comes out of a mocking sprite in the form of the small bald munchkin suited up in a jet pack. He's been instrumental in attacking Green Lantern's constructs each time they are formed alongside Mammoth's sister. The League has a dossier on these clowns. Hal Jordan may not have read that one.

On any given morning in New York, Power Girl is likely busy being Karen Starr, CEO of Starrware. But a Green Lantern duking it out in the city is the kind of thing that gets attention. When it shows up on the news, it's only a couple moments later that she's touching her comm. «Power Girl to Green Lantern. You need an assist, GL?»

«"Uhm, no?"» The response fired back quickly at Power Girl, «"I don't think we've met. The name is Green-urk-Green Lantern."» That 'no' sounded far too uncertain or strained. He won't admit he needs assistance.

Hal is annoyed, Gizmo and Shimmer keep distracting his focus and Mammoth is straight up bulldogging him with superhuman strength.

A green hand appears midair and grips down on the back of Mammoth begins to tug then starts to get assaulted by a flying drone mounted Mammoth, who somehow manages to dissolve the construct with her powers or more accurately turning it to sand? Hal isn't even going to try and figure that one out. That just shouldn't be possible.
*flying drone mounted Shimmer. Not Mammoth (apologies on some confusion in here, I woke up not long ago and have been meaning to snare you for RP so seen the opportunity and jumped. Still on first coffee ;)

Hrm. That didn't sound terribly confident. Or reassuring. PG takes a moment to do her "change into costume" moment, and then she's soaring off the roof of Starrware. «Power Girl.» Telescopic and X-Ray vision quickly confirm the direction she needs to be going, and the blonde powerhouse starts off that way at quick flight.

At Power Girl's speeds it won't take her long to reach the scene of the confrontation. It's already attacking some small measure of attention in the form of a news chopper and a gaggle of onlookers below.

Upon arrival Power Girl will see the Green Lantern on a roof top with his forearms up defending himself from a rather massive stomp, the huge redheaded+bearded caveman standing above him looks overly amused with himself. Around them like satellites drones whir and buzz, attacking with melee weapons and laser shots. The Green Lanterns autoshield is pressed.

Gizmo and Shimmer are likewise close to the fighting, the girl leaning against on to her shorter bald companion like he is a piece of furniture. "Smash him brother." Power Girl can hear her saying. They haven't yet noticed the Kryptonian.

"Hurry up before more show up. I'm getting bored. I thought he was going to be harder to take down than this." Gizmo adds.

"I haven't had my coffee yet! Damned rude kids… just give me a moment…" Green Lantern fires back. It's true. No coffee and a bad night of sleep make for groggy, unprepared Hal.

Power Girl takes a quick look. "Now, now. You know the thing about a Justice /League/. We have each other's back." The immediate problem seems to be the stomping. So she soars in, with that good ol' Kryptonian right cross to try and deal with that.
Mammoth isn't exactly prepared for or expecting a Kryptonian suckerpunch. The hit connects and sends him sailing off of the current rooftop to skid across another then plummet towards the streets below.
"Did I call for back up?" Green Lantern shoots quickly at Power Girl. Ego there. But is already flying upwards a green ray of light washing over Gizmo and Shimmer. A simple green beam. No construct. Nothing special they broke all of his fun constructs earlier.
Two of those mechanical drones turn around and assault Power Girl, one with a buzzsaw the other a laser. Harmless to someone of her invulnerability levels. At least without concentrated effort. The laser might sting a little.

"No. Can't blame a girl for getting in her morning workout!" The buzzsaw is a joke; she idly swats the drone with superstrength to destroy it. The laser's annoying, and she looks back at it. "Here, try mine." Heat vision beams lance out at the drone, bisecting it.

Green Lantern doesn't need super vision to know Mammoth is hauling tail the opposite direction. The other two are laid out on the ground if they were cartoon characters they would be trailing smoke sporting X's for eyes.
"Fair." Green Lantern responds then stops posturing to openly appraise Power Girl, "Athough, I doubt you'd be hurting if you skipped a work out or two." A smile added in. He is complimenting her in his way, obviously. "I seen you on the news, in the Hall of Justice info projections. Power Girl, right?"

"That's right. A pleasure." She'll land near Green Lantern and offer out a hand. "This bunch up to anything worse, or just basic trouble?"
"Metas. Not too much of a problem though kind of weird they attacked /me/. Its like they were just waiting around to spring." Drifting closer in his hover Green Lantern lands in front of Power Girl and accepts her hand shake, "I mean, maybe theyre just bored kids. Though the big one has a hell of a beard. But, yeah, a pleasure. Why haven't we met before?"

"Good question?" The blonde asks. "I'd bet just bad luck. I've been around a while. Usually operate in and around New York, unless I get a call in on something else."
"Ya don't say. " Hal muses, its very unlike him to miss someone like Power Girl. Yellow and blondes are a weakness. "I tend to steer around New York. Usually the locals have this sort of thing tackled." Locals being people like her he would suppose.
Placing his knuckles to his hips he glances at the two fallen and then Power Girl, "So you think this is just bad luck, huh?"

"I'm guessing? I haven't heard anything about a crew like this operating in the area. Of course, intel isn't exactly my specialty, either. More "direct frontal assault."" Power Girl quips. She says "You've been the Lantern for this area a while, right?"
"I honestly wouldn't know I suppose when these two wake up we can find something out." If there even is anything beyond the surface. "Direct frontal assault, I can sympathize. Uh, a while yeah, I am /the/ Green Lantern for this entire space sector actually but there is an odd interest lately in Earth so I am back home. Whats your deal?" Superhero meet and greet.

"Kryptonian." she offers, figuring that more or less spells it out. "Kara Zor-L." She nods, impressed. "That might be why we haven't met, if you've been busy in space."

"Until recently, yeah. Kryptonian? Like uhm, Superman?" Green Lantern adjusts his ring and aims it at Kara just about to scan her when he stops, "Oh sorry I almost just did that. Force of habit."
Clearing his throat he smiles again, "Hal Jordan since we're giving out names and you're apparently a member of the League. I imagine if you ever meet Flash he'll just blurt out all of our secret identities anyways." An inside joke that one.

"Yeah, like Superman. I'm his cousin." Power Girl laughs a little. "Uhh…did what? I'm assuming you're not planning to zap me." She nods. "Nice to meet you, Hal."
"No. Hell no. I have seen what Kryptonians can do and I am off my game this morning. Next time maybe I'll try for the zap." Hal's smile turns in to a lopsided grin. "Just a basic scan. A quick cheat for info."
"Likewise, Superman's cousin? The one we just got or the other one? Because its confusing but apparently we have two or had two or they became one or… I honestly have no idea. Batdork tried to explain it but it just sounded like a bunch of made up scifi garbage."

"…I'm…not sure? I mean, parallel universes get confusing. There's apparently two of me here too." She shrugs a little.

"Is there?" Hal inquires, "You know, that likely isn't a bad thing."A groan escapes Shimmer, likely she is coming to and needs another jolt but for now he is ignoring it. Also rethinking saying his real name outloud while they laid there. One of them could have been playing opossum though that is unlikely, he zapped them pretty good with the Power Ring generated stun ray. "Agreed, parallel anything gets confusing."

"Yeah. Like me, but younger." And, well, various cosmetic differences. She looks over at the groan. "We should likely get them restrained."

"See, not all bad crossing dimensions. Now you have a kid sister." Hal jokes, looks sidelong at the two again and conjures up a green bubble around them. It'll last as long as he doesn't lose concentration. "They'll manage for a bit. Unless you need to get moving? If so I can dump them on my way back to Metropolis."

"Not in a hurry. Just didn't need to fight them a second time. And…I suppose that's one way to look at it, though I never asked for a mini-me." She seems amused. "Picture yourself suddenly having a younger version horning in on your action."

"I… well, okay, you got me there. I really can see how that would be a bit of a problem. I can't stand me most days I could only imagine trying to put up with me when I was younger. A woman like you would need to carry around a spray bottle." A chuckle and Hal looks cautiously at the two grounded villains before glancing back the way Mammoth if he was going to retaliate would have come from. Nope. Nothing.

"Sometimes I have to do that anyway. But kudos to you. Guess it's true what they say about Lanterns and willpower." He hasn't ogled her once.

"Oh trust me. The struggle is real. I'm under my best behavior when in costume." On emphasis Hal flicks the domino mask he wears. "At least most of the time."

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