Witch from Transia

April 08, 2017:

Wanda drops by the mansion and talks about troublesome Transia

Avengers Mansion


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It is pretty early in the Saturday morning, the sun just rising on a cloudless by still chilly early spring day. But Nathaniel doesn’t need as much sleep as 21st century humans, so he is already up and working. Or rather, testing. When Wanda arrives, the virtual intelligence informs her that he is the only person currently in the mansion and where he is, which oddly is in the building high-tech gym and not in the workshops.

"Good morning" Wanda calls out from the door. Her tone a little wary and voice loud as if expecting Nathaniel to react to her presence by blasting at her - so best let him know she's coming. "Are you in here, Nathaniel?" She peers at all the fancy gym equipment - she's not one for working out.

Nathaniel is indeed inside, wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and matching shorts he looks as if he was to start exercising. But there is a red and silver gauntlet on his left hand and forearm, and he is looking at a holographic display. About a third of the gym has been cleared of training machines, and instead half a dozen fist-sized hover-drones buzz around. “Good morning, Wanda!” He greets when the young woman steps in. “How are you today? Just verifying some programs, do you want to use the place?”

"Me? Use a gym?" Wanda has to laugh at that before pointing at her thin arms. "With these sparrow limbs?" A shake of her head as she wanders on over. "No thank you. I was just wandering. Seeing who was around." A shrug. "Street life can be pretty lonely. Though at least I now know all those voices in my head are not me and I am not going mad." A pause. "I hope." The witch dressed in simple boots, black leggings and a scarlet t-shirt; her coat must be hung up next to the door.

Nathaniel pauses and glances at Wanda, frowning faintly. “You have a room here, if you need to. And really, yes, you should try to stay fit and learn self-defense. I know your powers are not physical, but exercise will help you stay healthy and build up your stamina and, and martial arts training will give you the reflexes to react faster in combat, awareness of threats and allow you to assess opponents.” He shuts down the drones and the machines land on the floor gently. “Do you have time? I thought you were a student.”

"Martial arts? Me?" This seems to both bemuse and amuse the witch. "Though you are probably right" she has to admit before finding an exercise bike to sit on. "I have a room at the Xavier Mansion too. I have a room with Witchdoctor…though I barely see her. But…rooms have never offered me much safety in the past. It is not the same as a gypsy caravan." A teasing smile at that before shaking her head. "I have never been a student. I am not even sure if I am a student or a teacher at the Xavier Institute. And time is not something I have to worry about."

“I see. Well, I suppose New York is varied enough to keep anyone used to a nomadic life happy,” at least Nathaniel hopes it is. When Wanda goes to try an exercise bike, he offers a faint smile. “I do not use this place much. I had hoped Captain America or Black Widow could teach me advanced martial arts, but they seem too busy with SHIELD. So I take lessons from private tutors and sims at Starfire’s spaceship.” The young man gestures to the drones. “And these,” they take off again, buzzing around the room, “is for tomorrow training session. Control units.”

Wanda is definitely not using the bike…she's merely sitting on the seat. "I do not think I know any of those people" she muses, trying to remember if she does or not. "But sometimes I think I know a person and they are not who I thought they were. That is that time thing again. Alternate realities. It means that when I make friends they often disappear." A little sigh but what can she do? She looks over at the drones and nods. "Who will be training tomorrow?"

That Wanda has yet to meet those three is part of the reason Nathaniel wants to try regular team training exercises. Team coordination is quite important. “Stark told me he had an important meeting at lunch, so he will be late. But Spoiler and Captain Marvel will be there, and I hope most of the others too.”

"Those three I know!" Wanda grins. "Is Spoiler okay? She always seems to get herself hurt. After that trip to the Savage Land she did not look very healthy. And she lives in Gotham? I went to Gotham once when some demons arrived…or were they aliens? And Stark thinks a lunch is more important than being with his team? I know that he…" She gestures to the room around them. "…pays for all this but sometimes I think this if just a hobby for him. Not something he /needs/ to do like some of us." A shrug. "I should not judge people."

“For all I know Stark is meeting the President,” comments Nathaniel. Probably not, but the man owns a company with thousands of employees, so he can believe he is busy. “Spoiler had a concussion; I hope she has been taking it easy the last couple weeks. But she probably did not. We should try to talk with her about how she… keeps pushing herself too hard.”

"The President? Ugh…hope he enjoys it. Either of them" Wanda replies with a smirk before nodding about Spoiler. "Do you think she will listen? She did not seem the type who listened. She seemed the type who was trying to prove something to someone. And that is never a smart path." She has to laugh at her own words. "Listen to me. The font of wisdom. I have been so good at being an example so far. Nathaniel…do you ever want to go back where you came from? Do you miss it? Ever feel you should be there instead?"

Nathaniel nods at Wanda. Pretty much the same assessment of the blonde girl he made. “If enough people tell her, maybe she will. She is smart enough.” Then Wanda switches subjects to ask about him? Unexpected. “No, I do not want to return. I miss my parents, but not my world. It was sterile and stagnant compared with this… very dynamic society.”

"I understand that. This world…New York…is very different to my home. There they wanted to kill me and my brother. Here…well…here there are still some people who want to kill me and my brother. Maybe it is not so different after all" Wanda laughs before getting serious again. "Though there is one difference. Transia is home and when I am powerful enough. When I am smart enough to do what I need to do. Then I will go home and make it a better place." A pause. "I think I am sounding like Doctor Doom now."

Nathaniel chuckles and shakes his head, “if you tell me what is wrong with Transia right now I will be happy to help you. There is nothing wrong in wanting to improve the world, as long as the means used are ethically sound. I want to improve the whole world, using technology and keeping criminals away from positions of power.”

"Never trust anyone who /wants/ to be in politics" Wanda smiles sweetly. "I think you can expect all of them to be criminals already." Such a cynical view of the world. "What is wrong? Hmm…where to start? A dictatorship that oppresses minorities. People living in fear. Vibranium arms factories. One day it will start to spread its evil throughout the world."

Nathaniel frowns, checking information about Transia in the nets. An autocracy, but a member of the UN. Tricky. “Vibranium? Where are they getting vibranium? I thought Wakanda had the only known source of vibranium in the world.” Definitely vibranium weaponry is a problem. As armor is almost indestructible, but it is also possible to build very powerful energy weapons even with mainstream technology using vibranium.
Hell. If he had access to vibranium he could build some amazing gear for the Avengers.

"I think it was vibranium…or uranium. Umm…they are different things, da?" Wanda is not the world's greatest metallurgist and she's also trying to translate into English. "Whatever it is it keeps them rich and can pay for them to crush opposition…or even people who are just trying to live. It is not a nice place." A frown as some memories come flooding back - even a look of pain. "I should go" she decides, slipping off the seat. "I do not think I can make the training tomorrow but I will come another time. I promise. I am not used to working in a team."

“Uranium, yes,” Nathaniel nods in agreement. “No, please do not go yet. Let me change and we can go out and have some breakfast. I can finish this later and I want to talk with you a little more.” The drones return to a corner and stay there, looking harmless. “I would like to know more about Transia. There must be something the Avengers can do to help.”

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