Doggy Dearest or Pecan Pie

April 09, 2017:

Meggan soothes the savage (poodle) beast and stops a bank heist

Flushing Meadows Park - New York City

Flushing Meadows is a public park in Queens, the fouth largest in New York. It's home to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, the New York Hall of Science and Citi Field. It also hosted the World Fair of '39/'40 and '64/'65.

The park itself features wide open expanses between the various facilities on it along with footpaths and, as is necessary in the summer, shaded areas.


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Fade In…

"Mother hugger!" echoes throughout Flushing Meadows park as a man shakes his right wrist, which has gone limp. The wrist is adorned in a black and red glove, but it seems to be more red than usual thanks to the blood that's gushing from the man's index finger. The dog barked at him, "down boy, down rover. I am not a tasty treat." Looking at his finger, he realises that the creature had bitten off part of his finger. He was missing his fingernail and the bone that was connected to it. "Do you have any idea how long it takes to regrow a finger? No, I didn't think so. Just for that, we're not solving any mysteries this week Scooby." He tried to reach into his holster to pull out a gun, but Deadpool is a rightie, and that didn't go so well. "Ouch! Oh, right, no trigger finger. Well, okay bucko, I'm gonna give you a pass, but just this once." The only reason the Merc with the Mouth was able to have this conversation with the wolf-like dog was that it was currently chained to a tree, and for the moment, Deadpool was far enough away from the creature that it couldn't bite him… again.

Meggan loves going to the parks in the city from time to time. It's nice to walk barefoot through the area, or even just float over the ground and pretend to walk. She's moving through the area when she hears someone loudly arguing with people. She makes her way over and finds a man in a red and black outfit as she makes her way around a tree. Seeing the barking dog as well she hurries over to him. "Shhhhh. Stop that now. No need to be rude," talking to the dog as she approaches the animal with no fear. "Sir, are you… okay?" Not sure what to make of all of these things.

"Hey there," Deadpool says when the woman makes her presence known, "I'm Deadpool. I'd offer to shake hands, but I'm currently trying to regrow a finger. I won't be able to hail a cab, pick my nose, or any other body parts for a good half hour or so, maybe longer. I did have a lot of junk food today. What's your name? Do you make a habit of saving poor, defenceless mercenaries from vicious poodles? He began peeling the glove off his finger, wincing in agony as it hurt to pull the glove off the afflicted digit. "Oh man, that smarts. Serves me right for trying to pet somebody else's dog."

Meggan looks over at the man in red and black as she softly pets along the canine to keep it calm and closer to the tree as the words fall over each other from Deadpool. She takes a second or two to try and remember them all. "I'm Meggan." She motions to his gloves, "Not normally, and it was your scent that set him off. You have something on your gloves or suit he didn't like." She flinches slightly at the flair of pain she get from the man. "Do you…. need help?" Not sure what to ask. He did say he was regrowing a finger. Right? Wolverine does that, but it isn't a typical human ability.

"Really? I wonder what it could have been? There's WD-40, battery acid, human blood, chimichangas, chocolate, horseradish cream, beef jerky, mutant blood, brake fluid, and broccoli. There's nothing wrong with any of that, is there?" Almost as if he could read her thoughts, he decided, through sheer coincidence, to at that point say, "to make a long story short, I was born your typical Canadian human kid. Got a job, killed some people, made some money, but then I got cancer, so I went to this place where they did fun things to turn me into a mutant." Despite his repeated claims, he is not in fact a mutant. "So now I have a super healing factor, mad Nintendo Switch skills, and a gift for gab. Give my finger a bit and it'll be right as rain. So, Meggan, age, sex, location?" Did he just ask her that as this were a chat room? He's a weird one. And besides, who uses that kind of questioning anymore. It's like he's from a pre-2000's chat room.

The blonde stiffens some at the mention of mutant blood. Those eyes searching that mask and reaching out attention a bit more aware of her empathic abilities. "Why… do you have mutant's blood on your clothes?" She is a bit bewildered by this man. He's like a certain charming thief she met once but less directed in his actions. Yet still random and hard to get a read on. "I don't know if you are joking, lying, crazy, serious or are asking." But at least she has the dog calmed down. "Are you lost?"

"Dog bite? Or, did you forget?" He held up the finger for comedic effect when she seemed to have no idea. He did just claim to have become a mutant, didn't he know. "Oh, wait, that's from after the dog bit me. Uh, why do I have mutant blood on my clothes… right… why… why wouldn't I? You know how the kids are today, smearing blood and guts on their superhero costumes for fun and profit." He wasn't fooling anyone, "Maybe the truth is that I'm all five. I'm Deadpool." And he stretched out his hand to shake her own. He already seemed to have recovered somewhat. There was a cute little baby finger where the old one had been.

Shaking her head, "I do know kids. And they don't do that." She lives in a school. Meggan looks at the offered hand and normally is okay with shaking and being friendly, but the man's hand isn't so clean right now. "Hello Deadpool. I'm Meggan," her accent clear as she does so. She moves to block the dog from the man and suggests, "Maybe we should walk away from the dog that has a bite as well as bark?"

"Oh, all right. But I figured that rover here would have liked to complete the set." Leaning down, while being far enough away to be safe, Deadpool said, "now if you be a good boy, and your owner thoughtlessly leaves you chained to a tree for a few more days, maybe we'll see about you completing the finger food set? Doesn't that sound good? Oh yes it does, oh yes it does." He's talking in the way most dog lovers talk, but his choice is definitely off the wall. "So, Meggan," he stands up, beginning to walk away from the dangerous and deranged poodle. "You definitely seem to have a way with dogs. Got any of them at home?"

"No pets. I am good with all animals. They tend to like me, that's why I don't have any missing pieces." The blonde is wary but figures better to be with this man then let him just wander off. Meggan is still trying to get a sense of this guy, he is not like anyone she's met. "I think it was the smell of your weapons that got to the dog. You seem a very violent sort of American."

"Oh, I'm not American. At least I don't think I am. I might be. But I'm probably Canadian. It's a long story. But, Meggan, as much as I enjoy your company, I can't spend all night chatting with you." He reached for his watch, pushing up his sleeve with the baby finger, which hurt. He revealed a 'Hello Kitty' watch. "Yeah, I've been hired to rob a bank. Some revenge deal involving a secretary and a complaint against human resources. But the money's good, and I don't like to ask a lot of questions. Wanna come?"

"Sorry you said, Canadian earlier. I shouldn't have been so carless in swapping the nations," says Meggan. Though at times she has trouble with the boarders of various nations. She frowns and says, "No. And I can't let you rob the bank either. I rather not fight but you shouldn't do those sort of things. Why don't you practice finger painting with your recovering finger instead?"

"No, you're all right. We're very similar to Americans, except we've got better health care, a weaker dollar, a better reputation, can skate before we can walk, have stronger beer, a weaker military, and from what I've been told, we can't pronounce the letter u. I've never heard anyone say aboot in Canada. Seems to be an American thing to me. Maybe it's an inside joke." He's walking with casually as they talk about his intention to commit a crime, "I'm glad we could come to such a cordial understanding. I'll do it, you can disapprove, and maybe we could meet up for a piece of pecan pie afterwards?" His finger was almost fully healed. He held it up and wiggled, "nah, by the time I get to the bank, the trigger finger will be good to go."

Meggan sarts to float a bit and says, "Please don't try to do this bad thing. You seem funny and like there could be better things to do then rob a bank." She will reach out to touch his shoulder. "Please? Wouldn't you rather… talk or get pie now then commit crime that may put you in a very dull place for a very long time? I hear prison really is not a good place."

"But, I already took the money. I was planning on giving it and the money I stole to a homeless orphan's shelter. Don't you want the little kids to have warm beds to sleep in and food on the table?" He may have been a bad guy, but he wasn't a bad guy. He didn't take contracts for the money. He took it because it was fun. Besides, what else was he going to do, binge watch something on Netflix? "Trust me, the pie'll still be there when I'm done my work. Don't sweat it, Meggan."

She can't tell if he is lying or not. It's hard with this guy. The blonde frowns as she tries to figure it out, she isn't the hardest girl to trick. "I know what it is like to be an orphan and on your own, Deadpool. But taking from others is wrong and there are better ways. "Why don't we go to these orphans and I'll use my money to buy us all pizza. That be better."

"If you buy an orphan pizza, it will be full for a few hours. But if you give an orphan a briefcase full of cash, it can feed itself for a lifetime." The trouble with reading Deadpool was that he was always honest. He just happened to say it in ways that would make one dispute that. "Come on, it'll be fun. Haven't you ever done anything that was wrong, but for the right reasons? Not all my contracts are like this, but tonight it's a happy coincidence. I looked into it. Most of the money in the bank I have to rob is from conflict diamonds. They got rich off people's suffering." He was making a good case, or at least as good as Deadpool was in the mood to make. That was the thing about him. He came across as an idiot, as a fool, as crazy, and he was, but he was also something of an idiot savant, able to formulate complex plans and guide them to fruition. Nobody saw it coming. But then, who could predict Deadpool?

The blonde gives a troubled look at Deadpool. "I don't know what conflict diamonds are and if they are bad people then tell the good guys, someone at S.H.I.E.L.D. or something." She generally doesn't like the idea of doing bad for good reasons. She moves over to stand in front of Deadpool and put a hand on his chest to stop him walking. "Please? There are better ways."

"Oh, Meggan, Meggan, Meggan… conflict diamonds are diamonds, which are precious rocks, that are sold in order to fund armed conflicts, usually African warlords or rebels. A lot of people don't like to deal with them because buying them directly funds murder, death, and mayhem. S.H.I.E.L.D., the N.Y.P.D., and who knows how many other institutions all know about the practice. But it's not worth their time to try and put a stop to it. If they really cared, they'd do something about it. So, some nut, and yeah, I'm calling him a nut, wanted to hire me to hurt a bank that dealt in them, all the better. This time, I'm on the side of good… after a fashion." Yeah, he was what some people liked to call an anti-villain. He might have done bad things, but he wasn't a bad guy himself.

She stays there, floating in the air a few centimetres off the ground and looking at Deadpool. Meggan says, "And if you go into this bank, and steal the money and spread more conflict. Won't these orphans be conflict orphaned or maybe make bad men mad at them to get their rocks back?" She puts her other hand on his shoulder and looks at him pleadingly. "Maybe the dog was the world's way of warning you about this very thing. And I'm the voice to help make that warning clear."

"Well, since you put it that way. I guess, I could take one for the team. Refund the guy his money back out of my own pocket. Rescind the contract. But they really frown on you for abandoning a contract. I'm a mercenary of my word." He didn't feel too good about this, but he wasn't about to fight Meggan over it. He didn't really care if the kids got their new beds. To him, it was all about the fun. Assuming of course there even was an orphanage. He might have hallucinated that whole thing. It was so hard to tell with him. "So, ready for some pecan pie?"

Him giving up makes Meggan smile. "Great!" The blonde much happier about this. "You can tell me about the orphans and bank. Or whatever a chicky-conga is." She lets her hands drop and fall to her side. She relaxes and looks around. "Where is there good pie nearby? I'm thinking a glass of milk is in order too."

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