Mental Health Night

April 07, 2017:

Takes place directly after AKA: A Great Record. Jessica slips up to the roof of her building to brood over Schism's words, and runs into one Elinor Ravensdale.

485 W 46th Street, New York, NY 10036


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Jessica Jones is not to be found inside of Alias tonight. She had, in fact, gone in, packed a bag, grabbed some duct tape, and walked out. But when she went to the elevator, intending to move on to her next destination, her fingers found the 'Up' button instead of the 'Down' button.

She wasn't ready to to her next destination. She'd sat on the train back from Gotham, working through some of the implications of the street battle she was just involved in. But those were case implications.

She finds she needs to work on something else entirely now.

She loves rooftops, really. Getting around New York City by rooftop isn't just about staying out of cars or traffic, which she hates. It's not even about avoiding the phenomenon of people touching her on trains. It's about the roof itself.

So if someone were to come looking late at night— or just wind up on the rooftop herself— they'd find the PI gingerly stripping a leather jacket with a big stab and melt hole off of a burned wound, hissing as she takes some of her skin with her. The electric blue t-shirt beneath is also stuck to her skin, also sliced, also burned. She peels it up and away from her wound and examines it. It's livid; black and red skin, oozing blood, but positioned in a way that avoided vital organs and not even all that deep. Despite the lack of body armor capability leather is still leather and it did a pretty good job of keeping the thing from becoming dangerous.

After a moment's thought, she picks up the duct tape, rips off a generous strip of it, shoves the two halves of the wound together, and slaps the tape right over it.


Elinor got herself all ready to go out for the evening to help the dead and aid the other deniziens of the night. However when she put her hand on the door she found herself unwilling to head out and deal with other peoples problems. So she dropped her bag of magical impliments and turned toward the window that leads to her fire escape. It's not quiet as she crawls her way up, so she won't be sneaking up on Jessica Jones MD.

Once she's up there, she adjusts her hoodie, and it's the sound of the duct tape ripping off of itself that turns her eyes toward Jessica. Furrowing her brow she slowly walks forward and tilts her head to the side. "I'm not sure that's wholly sanitary. I mean, I know you're solid but this is a bit extreme." There is a sly smirk on her lips, but she keeps her distance.
She'd heard the approach; she's grateful for the lack of stealth.

Upon speaking, Elinor gets a half-smirk from the private investigator, who rips another strip. "Infections almost never take, and it keeps me out of the hospital. Unless you can heal with a touch with Zatanna does; I know ghost-talking isn't the extent of what you can do." She'd seen that much at the park. "What brings you up here tonight? I thought you'd be out working at this hour." She forms an X, then pulls her shirt back over it, apparently unwilling to assume Elinor either can, or would be willing, to simply expend magical energy on her issues. "Going to hospitals with stab wounds is a good way to get more trouble with the police, so."

It appears the next 'patient' is her jacket though. She sticks her fingers through one big rip and wriggles them around, then a few smaller ones. She begins duct taping these as well, drawing them together with a bit more frowning care than she'd used even on her own body. She looks up, though, studying Elinor Ravensdale.


"I'm taking a mental health day." Elinor replies with a smirk as she finds something ot sit on. She doesn't interfere with the patch job and holds her hands out in front of her. "Nah, I didn't take the healing skill when I leveled up. But you are right, that's not all I do, I have other skills they're just… equally as creepy as what I already do." She shrugs as she settles in on a ledge and takes a casual gaze over the rooftops.

"Yeah I can understand that. Thankfully I don't get stabbed often." Gesturing to her new 'bandage' she tilts her head. "So what stabbed you? I mean if you' want to talk about what stabbed you. Should I start wearing stab proof coresets?"


"I recommend stab-proof corsets as a matter of policy," Jessica quips in return. "Today's stab wound was brought to you by psychotic flying woman in Gotham, and the letter F. Big F, little f, what begins with f, kids? Mental health day is a good idea though."

She drops the tape and dangles her legs over the edge of the roof, then looks over at Elinor. "You're not creepy," she adds. "Unique, maybe, but not creepy. I understand why I guess some people might decide that's the right adjective, but." Jessica hitches her shoulder. "When you surrounded me with that spell of yours I felt peaceful. Like you feel when you finally fall asleep after six or seven nights of insomnia."


"I'll google that, I'm sure someone, some where has made it, probably for LARPing." Though the rhyme does cause a twince of memory and she quickly responds. "Five fluffy feathers on a fiffer feffer feff?" Elinor says casually, having read that book ages about. "Though I'm assuiming you mean Fuck. I stay out of Gothem for that reason, I'm always hearing about the crazy shit that goes on out there." She says casually waving her hand in the air.

Hearing Jessica's description, Elinor shrugs. "Humans have two inborn fears; death and darkness. That's where my powers lie and it's not always easy to explain to people." Hearing how her sleep spell effected her, Elinor gives her a thoughtful look. "I always wondered what it felt like to someone else and I am glad it isn't unplesant. Sadly I can't use that spell on myself." She reaches up to fix her hair before she continues. "Darnkess isn't always bad, it's usually what lurks within is what kills you."


"There's such a thing as both," Jessica says, her lips twisting into an appreciative smirk as Elinor just rattles off the Dr. Suess and the swear word. A+ for her, as far as one Jessica Jones is concerned. "Gotham is a raging dumpster fire on the best of days," she agrees, but says no more on the subject. Instead, she listens to what Elinor says, and what she doesn't say.

"So who whispers to the ghost-whisperer when she's having trouble sleeping, anyway?" Jessica asks. "You're taking a mental health day; has something strained yours lately? Or is this just something you do routinely? Brain maintenance? Change the proverbial oil?" She has that overnight bag, she forms a comfortable backrest out of it, leaning back to give the shadow-mage her full attention— not that she'd been skimping on it before.


"The dead there are just so…" Elinor searches for the word and just can't seem to find it. "Well there are more than there should be. Dumpster fire actually fits that city very well." She nods smirking at the though of a minuture Gothem on fire in a dumpster. When asked, Elinor shrugs. "There are many ghosts who whisper to me, some of them help me sleep, others keep me awake. Usually I turn on a white noise machine, or the television and that usually helps me sleep. Ocassionally Bobby will sing me off key lullabies."

When asked about the mental health day, Elinor shrugs her shoulders. "I got ready to go and just couldn't bring myself to walk out the door. It does take a lot of effort to hear the cries and pleas of the dead, and of the living. Although." Elinor looks up toward the sky and frowns. "Something feels off. I can't put my finger on it, but something just isn't right. Granted I could be over tired, but something is making the hair stand up on the back of my neck."
"It's probably the thing John has been chasing," Jessica offers out. She knows the name for 'the thing', but she's loathe to dribble out information that John himself hasn't shared; when it comes to matters mystical she takes Constantine's lead as a matter of habit, of courtesy, of deference to the friendship they've built. "He says its everywhere, it's serious, nasty, Biblical." That much she feels she can share.


"It touches on darkness," she hazards at last. "but not your…warmer, fuzzier darkness. Something old and wrong. Hungry."


"He did mention something the one time we've met." Elinor says thoughtfully, almost lightly reaching out with her magic to touch what darkness they can get in this ever lit city. "Biblical Darkness? That never end well." When she mentions the warm fuzzy darkness Elinor frowns. "I'm not a stranger to that darkness, perhaps not that level of it, but it is there. There are those who would abuse my magic for their own whims, and should I use it wrongly, it could have an effect on me."


Jessica contemplates that and says, "Did you tell John that your magic is tied into the darkness? I think when he visited you before he thought you were just a ghostbuster, because that's all I thought you were. I mean the fact that he offered wards— and I did remind him— tells me that he didn't think you necessarily had a skill-set beyond that."

She lets her heel bang gently against the brick of the apartment building, heedless of the drop below, thinking it through. "I mean, given that connection you might be able to help in a way nobody else does. I can give you his actual number, if he didn't pass you one of those cards of his."


"I did not." Elinor says with a shrug. "I don't spread that information around, it's not really something I drop at a first meeting. It helped that he could see the ghosts in my apartment so I had nothing to prove there but dropping the.. 'Hey I'm filled with darkness for reasons, but I'm totes not evil', is definatly second maybe even thrid meeting information."

"I could help, should it be needed, he need only ask." Elinor says as she joins Jessica on the ledge and settles in. "He did leave his card, I just haven't had any Biblical level problems to deal with." She smirks.


Jessica laughs sympathetically at Elinor's comment about why she didn't drop the information. "I can see that," she says dryly. And she really can. She certainly has people in her life who still don't even know the extent of what she can do, though the reasons are pretty different all around. "In this case though it might be important."

She contemplates not having Biblical problems to deal with. "I suppose we might all have those soon enough. In the meantime the smaller problems still matter. I know you're off duty but if you have any murder cases to slip my way, now's the time to tell me about them. I'm still pretty wrapped up in the Stark case and going out of the country soon, so just give me your most pressing one if you've got it. I'll get it worked on. Cold cases like that take a lot of time and light bedtime reading to get through anyway."


"You have a point, I'll text him and let him know." When Jessica brings up the none biblical problems Elinor thinks quietly to herself. "I have only one that I think you would be able to assist in. Since some of these ghosts travel far to whisper in my ear. I will gather what I can and research what I know, since you seem to enjoy bedtime reading. It will take me a day or so, since I haven't seen him in a while. I believe a love square was involved, but it's hard to tell. Once I get his proper name I should be able to make sense of it."


"What the Hell is a love square?" Jessica asks, her expressive face twisting up in confusion. "It sounds like one of those things we all did in middle school, the paper pacmans where you found out if you were going to live in a mansion or a shack and whether you were going to marry the class hottie or the one who stuck peas up his nose."

Still, she's nodding, she does enjoy bedtime reading and having lots of work to do. It keeps her sane, and there are always lulls, always times when she can work on probono work, times when she's going crazy because the other leads have stalled or cannot be pursued.


"It's when you have a love triangle plus one, at least that's how he explained it. Poor guy did not realize that the woman he was cheating on his wife with had a husband who had a crush on him. So it's hard to tell if it was the wife, the mistress or the husband who did him in, they all have motive but… proving it is going to be the fun part. Well finding the body will be the fun part, unless you're squidgy about decomposing corpses are you?" She asks casually, as if she were asking if Jessica liked ice cream. "Still he probably would have had better luck with the classroom game."


Jessica Jones is asked if she's squidgy about decomposing corpses. She steels herself. And she lies her face off. "In my line of work? Please." As if she looks at dead bodies just all the time.

Maybe she'll only be squidgy about the ones she blames herself for. Please. Let her only be squidgy about the ones she blames herself for.

"And it wasn't even necessarily any of them," she adds. "They're the most likely suspects, but…well. I'll just start at the beginning and work it like any case and we'll see what shakes out. Hopefully I'll be able to wrap it up in a nice, neat bow for someone. I need to find a cop who will listen to me, give me the time of day, so I can actually pass this evidence to someone who can do something with it once I have it."


"Good to know. Just be sure to pack some Vicks when we go, it should help mask the smell of rotting flesh. It isn't pleasant no matter how often you smell it." Elinor says with a smirk, before she gets to her feet. "That's always been my problem. However if you work the case and come up with something solid it would be hard for a cop to deny it." Gesturing toward the fire escape she tilts her head. "Come on, let's get in side and properly clean that wound before you body fuses with the duct tape. Do you realize how bad that is going to hurt to rip off when it starts to scab?" Elinor shudders at the thought.

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