AKA: A Great Record

April 07, 2017:

Frustrated and worried after text and call warnings go unanswered, Jessica Jones travels to Gotham City to personally warn Peter Quill about the strange group calling itself the Agency that seems to be hunting him. Kitty Pryde arrives in time to avert disaster. Once again the encounter creates more questions than answers.

A street outside the Tin Roof bar.

Sometimes it's not that great when everybody knows your name.


NPCs: Schism, emitted by Obidiah Stane

Mentions: Bucky Barnes, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Six

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"Jesus fuck, he's already dead."

Jessica stares down at the number of text messages she's absently sent to one Peter Quill while trying to take care of business in New York. And the number of calls he didn't answer. The number of voicemails returned.

Guilt creeps up on her. There has been a lot to deal with, a lot to do in both New York and even Maryland. Originally she'd talked about just going to see him, but then it had occurred to her she had this phone. And then it didn't help.

She'd called Shadowcrest. Kasim had given her the name of the bar. She'd called the bar. Peter wasn't dead, he was working. Fantastic.

She got her ass on the train.


Now Jessica sits on a bench across the street from The Tin Roof, playing with two small doubloons, one white, one silver. Her AA chips. One for a clean 24 hours, one for a clean thirty days. In three days, just three, she can get a dark gold chip. It just means waiting out here for Quill to get off work, instead of walking in.

She would love to tell herself she could just walk in and have a Shirley Temple. But she knows. The smell of alcohol will hit her nostrils and she'll have booze in her hand before she can stop herself. She doesn't exactly think Peter would think to deny her anything she ordered. She's not even sure she wouldn't just pluck something off someone else's table and throw down money to cover it if he did.

She wants to go in. She breathes in and out, mentally pairing each breath with the name of one of the people who inspired her to stop in the first place.

Her eyes are fixed on the door. He needs to come out so she can walk away from here, so she can warn him, make sure her buddy who can fly a space ship but not, apparently, work a basic cell phone is going to be okay. Her leg jitters. Up and down, up and down, up and down. The jitters of a jonesing addict…no pun intended.


This is about when the unthinkable happens. The horrible. The terrible. The door starts to shudder as if someone is leaning against it. Then it rushes towards her as a forceful arm thrusts it open to reveal…

"Oh my god Tim I'm not stealing your damn tips!"

That would be Peter Quill, shouting back towards the inside of the bar. "I get more than you anyway!"

Yeah, looks like he's fine. Not dead. Not hurt. He just…doesn't pay attention to cellphones.

"Anyway I'll see ya later gonna go meet, Kitty."





And he shoves the door closed before he turns and sees…

"Jess?" He blinks in some various kinds of confusion as he sees her across the street. "What are you doing here?" He adds as he starts to jog across the way towards her.


Jessica shoves the tokens away. "Check your phone," she says dryly. "I've been calling, and texting. But since our backwater Terran technology is just too primitive for you, short of a few too beeps and boops and holographic screens, as if, lo, we were reliant mostly on smoke screens and drum signals spacemen can't possibly interpret…"

She stands up, "I came in person. To warn you. Come on. I can't stand in front of this bar." She starts striding down the street, adding, "You've got a bounty hunter team after you. A truly nasty one. Like…nasty enough to damn near roast me, nasty enough to apparently be capable of working some sort of time effect to resurrect someone, nasty enough to be capable of being in three places at once. Their ringleader calls himself Merc. You know anything about him? He travels with two women. Phina, and Schism."

She slips her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket as she walks, face set into grim, tight lines and bearing full of purpose. She glances at him, green-flecked brown eyes troubled, despite her just-the-facts-Quill delivery.

She'd mention what they think his middle name is, but…she really doesn't think that's much of an identifying factor, really.


"A what? With a who?" Peter doesn't really complain as she starts to stalk away. He follows, his phone quickly fished out of his pocket as he checks it and…squints…

"Wow," A pause. "Wow." A longer pause. "Uh. So. I missed a lot of messages. And phone calls. And…" He shoves it back in his pocket. "…stupid Terran technology not forwarding it to my com systems when I had a message!" Yes. Thats right Peter. Just blame the tech and not the fact that you never turned the ringer back on.

"A thats silly, there is no way that you could use smoke and drums to send messages. Thats just crazy talk."

A pause. "Anyway! Merc, Phina, and Schism?" A pause. "Were Pina and Schism hot?" THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION DAMMIT. "But…uh I havn't really heard of them, I mean the galaxy is a pretty big place! I can't keep track of everyone who wants me dead in it!"


"Hiya!" Chimes the voice, piercing the dark void from somewhere down the street. It's almost chipper, but laced in an accent from the south of London so heavy it's almost hard to understand it. "Turns out, bossman's leavings seep in. All tings he touches leave a mark, bruv."

The bodysuit she wears is black and red, and her skin shows the tell-tale signs of someone seeped in the same red energy as Merc and Phina were. In fact, the pixie-like girl that points a… is that a taco? Yes, she's pointing a taco. In fact, the taco-wielding death pixie that is Schism was there when Jessica had her run in.

When bullets of energy impacted her.

When that energy seeped into her skin.

"Least long enough that we might have 'nother chitty chat without all them fussin an.." She pauses, as if to take a bite of said taco, and her form blurs. Skews. When it reforms, the taco is gone, replaced by a bag of chips, but only for a moment. The distortion fades, and finally she has a lollipop, which she waves at them both like a wand.

"OY! Is that PETER FUCKING QUILL? Top leads you are, love!" This, she remarks to Jessica.

Who lead her right to him. "Dead food on this planet, yeah? Dead food fam, 'cept for suckers and the like. Now it's all waste, Em'll never forgive me." The lollipop cracks on the ground. Her hands reach to the small of her back, and two red blades the size of large daggers simmer with the burning entropic energy that Merc had almost killed Jessica with.

"Got somethin' don't belong to you, Petes! Might have a look at it! Sorry girly, don't much need you anymore, yeah?" Her apologetic look is genuine. Right until she shudders and appears oh so close to Jessica, one blade whirling in for a strike meant to cleave her head from her shoulders. One can only imagine what a cauterizing wound it might make…


Jessica scowls darkly as Peter Quill asks whether or not the women were hot. But before she can lecture him on priorities…

Yeah. It all goes to shit. Her eyes widen as she realizes she did the opposite of what she meant to do, but there's no time for that either. For a moment she just freezes, studying this phenomenon…ever-changing food, and her first, closer look at all that red energy. Her impulse is to gather information as long as Schism is talking, because information is what's going to make this make sense…

And then there's the moment where all the training Bucky Barnes has given her saves her life. Situational awareness at its finest, because she ducks in the nick of times, hands coming up in a messy cross-block that may or may not impact but which maintains strength; if she can break this woman's arms she certainly will. But it may not, because truly her focus is simply on ducking, being where the blade isn't. She doesn't stop there though. Bucky would have her hide if she did; she side-steps, trying to aim a backfist at the woman's kidneys. None of this is pretty; it's actually pretty wobbly, but it's better than the 'let's just tackle her and take a knife somewhere else' method she might have given weeks ago. "The rest are probably on the way!"


He sees that scowl.

"Look it could be important! It could jog my memory or something!" Peter shoots back. "Anyway, Kitty said she'd meet me around here and you might as well tell us both about…"

…and suddenly tacos.

Peter turns slightly towards the sound of the voice. A slightly tilt of his head as he regards the energetic woman there. Who apparently can….shift food? Thats actually kinda cool.

"Seven, eight if you include the accent." Is his final decision a second or two before she blurs into motion and does her level best to stick a pair of glowing knives into Jessica.

"Hey now! No killing my friends! Negative points!" Comes the shout from the Star-lord.

The pistols appear in his hands, one smooth quick draw as he dives out to one side. The weapons snapping up even as his armor slams down into place around him. The reassuring tingle against his skin and the red haze of the display settle around him as adreneline sings in his ears.

He grins behind that mask and he fires a pair of quick shots towards her. For all his bravado the man is a fine shot, the bursts of electrical energy ment to miss Jess to slam into her attackers side.

"What do you even want anyway?! I don't have anything!"


Kitty Pryde is, indeed, supposed to meet Peter Quill outside of the bar he has been working in. She is mostly on time as she walks down the street with hands in her pockets and minding her own business. However, as she approaches the agreed upon meeting point, it becomes clear that not all is as it should be.

The trod of a woman used to large cities and traffic quickly becomes a trot and then a run. At a dead run, she enters just about as the woman attacks Jessica. "Jess!" she shouts. Her worried tone is immediate and without thinking, she tosses herself into the fray. Immediately, she grabs at Jessica Jones, attempting to put a hand on any part of the other woman's body. As she does so, she is already phasing, passing that life saving quality on to her friend. As she does so, the gem in her pocket moves through her and then toward the ground.

Knowing this to be a side effect of her phasing and not being able to leave the gem behind without being drawn back to it, she has a sort of plan. With Jessica on the same plane of phase, she will yank the woman back and away from the attack of the otherworldly woman's blade, hoping that the momentum will carry her backward and out of harm. When Jess is out of danger, she lets go and snags the gem before it hits the ground, becoming solid once again.

To Peter Quill, she gives him a look and worry. "This is not what I had in mind when you said you had a surprise!!" she tells him very definitively.


"Would you believe my surprise was movie tickets and not attempted murder?" Peter shoots back.


"Bloody Hell no wonder Merc got merced! BwaHahHAHhAhhaHAHAHa stupid git he i-" The blocking blow by Jessica would have snapped her arms if not for Kitty's interference, and as bolts sizzle in for a stunning blast, the woman shimmers again and dive-slashes past both Kitty and Jessica in a furious flurry that should have cut them to ribbons.

But it cannot. Disconcertingly, both of them will /feel/ it. It is not like passing through anything else, like some part of the entropic energy on her blades snags a molecule or two of their beings and takes it with them. Not enough to damage, or hurt, but it feels /weird/.


A device skids by the Gem, just as Kitty snags it. It stops a couple dozen feet away, opens at the top, and then a red portal appears, bending reality around the edges. "OY! THATS THE BUGGER!" One blade points at the gem, and then she vanishes again, disentangling from reality to re-entangle behind Peter with a sharp kick. It's such a fleeting thing, because she appears again atop a nearby car. Once again she has a taco. "Whu.." The confused look on her face fades into oblivion as she flickers away and back into the fray with Kitty, leaping at her with a swishity-slash of her blades, all intent on cutting her arms of and claiming this item that everyone thought Peter had for herself.


Jessica is both grateful and highly disconcerted by her first experience with phasing. Her butt hits pavement as she's carried backwards and comes back to reality. "Thanks," she tells Kitty, as the mutant saves her life for the second time in as many months, shuddering as she feels those molecules just…yeah. Don't think about that.

Then everything's happening at once: Peter's shooting, Schism is after blades and…there's a device opening a portal.

Jessica decides that's Schism's back up on the way, or worse, this portal thing. It's also important to the case. She leaps for it; then gathers powerful legs into the air and leaps up with it. If someone comes out of that portal they might have a nasty fall. In the meantime, she's looking for a way to shut it off that doesn't require her to break it. She'll break it if she has to, but there are people who could look at this thing and maybe learn more. She jumps high enough to vault off a building, all to the goal of gaining more height, more time. She's not leaping quite as high as she jumped in Limbo, but, eyes narrowed, she gains height all the same.

If one thing can be said for her it's that she knows where she can apply the most help at any given moment. Peter and Kitty are the superior fighters, which makes it clear she needs to be the one to deal with this bullshit.


He really had movie tickets!

But then the girl is moving again and he's getting kicked in the back. The shield takes most of the blow as he rolls forwards with it and comes up with one knee.

Then Schism is pointing at the gem and he frowns. "Wait that's what you want? My god why do people want that thing its a terrible thing!" He shouts as he snaps off a pair of shots towards where the woman is slashing. More to keep her away from Kitty than to actually hit.

Then one gun goes up and his hand dips into his pocket. It reappears a second later. With a grenade. That he seems to be tampering with even as he's rushing towards the teleporter.

He turns to shout towards Jess but…she's…jumping?

"Woah, I didn't know she could do that." He admits before turning his attention back to the fight on the ground.


"I hope they're refundable!" Kitty tells Peter, as it seems clear they are not making their movie. "Or that they're not for right now. Or that you can kick this lady's ass before previews. The trailers are so the best par to the movie."

As Jessica is pulled backward and Schism phases through them with an intent to attack, Kitty shivers. It's a feeling unlike anything else other than the other creatures that sought the gem. Usually, people phasing through her feel like nothing. This? This is something different. It causes a ripple down her spine. However, now is not the time to acknowledge it.

Instead, Kitty leans into another aspect of her superheroing: snark. As Schism calls her mutation a cheat, she smirks. "Sounds like the words of a sore loser," she says triumphantly. With her hand firmly gripped over the gem and Jessica safely out of harm, she backpedals. She has no idea what or why this is happening, so she expects that the targets of this attack are Jessica and Peter. When Schism clearly turns her attention to her and the gem, the brunette's eyes widen. "Wait, you're after…Peter!!" He told her no one else knew about it!

While she generally does not like to make a show of what she brings with her, a sword is produced from her bag. It comes up to try and block the ferocious attack of Schism's blades. It's not magical or anything of the sort, just an instinct of a woman used to blades. What may save her, though, is a shriek from above. Lockheed swoops in, breathing fire at Schism - attempting to not catch Jessica in the process. Kitty has yet to even acknowledge the portal, she is so intent on Schism.


"Cheers love, the Agency's here-NO!" But then Jessica has it, and as she leaps the portal moves with her. Unfortunately for Jessica, the first person through is not afraid of heights. Her spear leads the way, and Seraphina dips it in a side-swipe past Jessica as she literally flies from the portal, her energy wings blazing, and the blade of her spear-staff leaving a blazing cut in her wake.

Hopefully Jessica is wearing more Stark-clothes, or that one might sting. Schism's blade sears in towards Kitty again, and she's going to find that her sword, if it's just a normal sword, will not last long against those dash-slashing cuts. It isn't until Peter layers distracting fire again that she disappears. "Lots of birds after Peter FUCKING Quill, fam. Heard they lined up in a thirsty stack 30 deep on Orion, couldn't tip-toe past without parsin' a puddle. Bwehahafffff-BLOODY HELL NOT ANOTHER DRAGON."

A blink away. Another closer. Each time, to the attentive, she is a little different. Each time, a little more focused on another part of the battle. She even stops almost near Peter, sidling up to him. "Oy, you seein' anyone?" Zip! She reappears back where she started, gawking up at Jessica with the stolen portal, and looking on in awe Seraphina flies out of it. As Seraphina drops another device, not all that far from Peter. This one springs another Portal.

Seraphina's voice rings out, calling through the portal. "Door number two, dahlinks!"


Jessica is, though it's ballistic weave, not body armor. Bullet-proof anything is pretty notoriously bad at taking blades. Stark had made some comments about getting her body armor clothes…but that is not now. The spear draws a deep cut through her body, causing Jessica to cry out in pain, even as the spear cauterizes its own handiwork.

She tumble drops, then aims herself at another building to bounce off of it, this time to the ground. She also gives up finding an off button. She just crushes the device like she routinely crushes her morning alarm clocks. There's a reason why she never uses her phone for that purpose. She shoves the remains of the object inside of her damaged back-up jacket.

Door number two?

"Oh fuck me running," Jessica snaps. "You bitches are really…"

The cauterized wound is good enough to ignore. She suits snarled swear words to action.

"I've got the portals!" she calls to her team-mates of the moment. And then she pushes to her full running speed, the under-four-minute-mile that has served her well in the past. She's been trying to improve that speed of late, so maybe she's even a little faster than she used to be…but either way she's going to try to grab the portal and just smash it in her fingers too before it can spawn another little problem for them.

And that might keep Peter from tossing grenades at shit on city streets? Unless he's just trying to grenade their attackers. She doesn't even know. She just knows she can keep them all from getting surrounded and either killed or frog-marched to other dimensions if she can keep them from say, summoning some sort of red, glowy army.


"I thought they meant the other world shattering gem thing!" Peter shouts back. "I had a fifty-fifty shot!" He comes up to his feet, already running. Though the woman sliding up to him causes him to pause a second. "Er." Pause. "Wait you're trying to kill my friends. NO DICE. Right now."

Trying to kill him? That's fine. He's used to it. But don't try to kill his friends.

At least until he forgets about it.

"Anyway of course they have a return policy but I am totally not explaining why we were late!" He calls back towards Kitty. "And when did there start being like a half hour of previews! Why can't they just start the damn movie!"

He primes the grenade as he runs, the jetboots triggering to send him higher into the sky as he flings the weapon at Seraphina.

Now its just a magnet yes, but its a magnet that's now tuned to non-Terran metals.

Which means? Schism and Seraphina should hug.

At least that's the theory.

While he rocket-hops away.

"We'll keep em busy, Jess!" A pause. "Oh hey I should call Rocket and Groot they are missing the fun!"


ANOTHER dragon. That's something, at least. Lockheed swoops down with his burst of fire and then swings upward. Unfortunately for Kitty, her own sword is of the regular steel variety. It withstands one swing, the second cuts deep into the blade and then the third cuts right through it. With a noise of surprise and fear, Kitty wheels backward against the rest of the onslaught.

While she is attempting to keep her movement in counterpoint, it's hard. It's nearly impossible to tell where Schism will appear next. Though her sword is now sliced in half, she does not toss aside the hilt with jagged edges. It has sentimental value to her and it is still a sharp object to be used if necessary.

"Jess!" Kitty repeats, this time in pain as she thinks her friend may be mortally wounded from the blows that she's taken. Seeing Jessica remain standing with her prize steadies her. "Go!" she tells the woman in agreement. She has no other plan that may be at all helpful at the moment. Instead, she decides to tease Peter. It's what she does in times of trouble, really. "It's because the previews are awesome!" Kitty tells Peter in an exasperated and scared tone of voice. "And you may just have to tell them why we couldn't make our showing." Because it's becoming clear as to why they aren't going to be arriving now.

As Jessica takes the portal and runs full speed, Kitty glances about and realizes she holds the object they may be after. "I'm rabbiting!" she calls to Peter and Jessica. It's harder to do when unable to completely phase, but she is still an athletic woman. As Peter tosses grenades and Jessica ghosts with the portal, she runs the opposite direction.



Peter's grenade activates, and a shocked Schism gasps as she's jerked upwards, the grenade fastened to a metal buckle on her top. She spindles through the air, apparently unable to blink about in this state, and Seraphina's eyes go wide. But only for a moment. There is a gleeful connotation to her voice, powering through the air and towards Schism, who holds her hands up, as if to plea.

To late. The spear slams into the grenade, and through poor Schism, skewering her middle. Blood showers Seraphina's face, and she looks positively astonished before the spear deactivates and the poor Schism falls.

Meanwhile, Jessica will get the final portal, crushing it up easily enough, and this time without any surprise visitors. Success. Victory. Even with the pain at her side, it'll feel good. Then the form of Schism lands in front of her with a sudden, blood-freezing stop.

The sound to her middle is a burned, smoking mess, and her body a twitching, broken thing. Her head tilts, just so, to look up at Jessica, the red light in her eyes and her veins flickering, faltering, and finally disappearing. She has brown eyes. Eyes that look up with a terrible fear, a horrible panic, and a plea. One that's in an accent that's a little less harsh than before. "A..Agent Jones? Please. P-please. Help me. H..h..help me. D-d-d-don't let them take me again. I was a hero. I was.. an Agent of.. Sh-" Her head turns and her eyes go lifeless, just before her skin begins to sink in, her body jerking and convulsing, turning skeletal and black until it's a mess of of something that resembles wet ash.

From just beside Jessica, a CRUNCH, as Schism - another version of her - chomps on her chips and stares down at the wet mess. "Watcha lookin' at?"

Kitty's decision to retreat seems to be paying a dividend, at least until Seraphina makes a dive for her, the motion interrupted by the protective instinct of Lockheed and the path of a rocket jumping Quill, who she must duck and weave before she even gets close to Kitty. Still, the Dark Angel speaks. "You will give us what we have come for, gurl, or else this world will suffer! Relinquish the Gem and the bounty on your Star-Lord will be voided!"


There are two sides to Jessica Jones. One is rage, passion, and the resolve to kill monsters. The other is soft, full of empathy, gentle.

The woman's terrible fear causes her to gather Schism up as she pleads with her, eyes widening, lips parting. She opens her mouth to say she's not Agent anybody, but finds that she can't. She stumbles back as she realizes her arms are coated in greasy ash. She didn't even get a chance to close the woman's eyes.

She addresses the live Schism. "I'll find a way," she promises, though she has no idea how she's going to keep that promise. Still. It's made now.

Once she makes her promises, she keeps them. It seems she has a new probono client.

Who is still trying to kill her. Or…not? She's chomping chips and asking what she's looking at?

It should be noted that Jessica is very precise with her next action. She can control her strength enough to do bag work on a 300 lb punching bag in her apartment without punching through it; she can choose whether to offer lethal damage or not. Whatever her combat skill level, her control over her strength is impeccable, the same way any very strong person can choose to gently lift a butterfly off a flower, or a child into one's arms.

So when she snaps out at Schism with her right hook, left cross combo (the boxing moves are pretty clean, having been practiced obsessively for an hour or more at a time every day, simple as they are), there is but one aim. To knock her out. NOT to hurt her permanently. She can't help her if she doesn't know what the fuck is going on. And maybe someone can find a way to isolate her from this red energy shit so she can offer any kind of answers.

Her brain works in overtime. They're recruiting pretty heavily from Other-Shield, this…Agency. She really needs to go see Kinsey.



That escalated quickly.

As Schism falls and Seraphina looks less than bothered by the whole thing Peter just quirks an eyebrow. "…I don't think they like each other very much…" He makes the comment as Schism melts away and…

…then is back?

What even is happening.

Alright. First things first then.

"I am not her Star-lord!!" He shouts at Seraphina, but its her actions that get his blood up. She goes after Kitty, and Peter goes after her. The boots flare and both pistols come up, the electric bursts from the lower barrels targeting the woman's wings to try to bring her to earth.

"Also the movie should be the best reason to go to a movie!" He yells back at Kitty. "Rocket and Groot should be here soon. Maybe. They need to find a car."

…not their car. Find a car.

…its fine. He's sure its fine.


Oh Lord, nothing about any of this is fine. The best or worst of it may be Rocket and Groot stealing a car to get to them.

Kitty - though aware of the sudden and violent end of Schism - is not close enough to hear her final plea. Instead, she is greeted with the visage of another Schism. It's something to think about if she had time to think about it.

Instead, she is running full bore away from the battle and from the people with strange powers and portals. Jessica and Peter have both made her quite the opening to run away and she is keen to take it. It's not so much the thought of bodily harm that scares her as the fact that they are after the gem: one that seems to attract a fair amount of people with ill intentions.

"He's not my Star Lord!" Kitty tells Seraphina without even turning her head over her shoulder. She just shouts it to the sky. "And I think we're all good about where the gem is now!" While she care about the fate of the world, she is not trading this gem or Peter over with only the word of a random woman.


The blow from the foul-mouthed detective sends Schism reeling. It catches her mid-blink, and when she materializes again it's in Kitty's path, mid-throw, with a whirling, burning blade tumbling in her direction. Then, Kitty's entire field of view will be filled by something else.


The digitized tones will be familiar to some as the collection of silver metal plates and shards, bound together by the SAME energy that seems to power this lot, lands in front of her, back to her, his blade whipped to the front to form a multi-dimensional rift that appears only as a distorted movement of it's short sword, drawing on alternate versions of itself just forward or backwards from this moment to intercept the blade with his own searing weapon and send it back from whence it came.

Schism's eyes go wide. "EXTRA YOU TOFFING TRAITOR!" And then she disappears before her own weapon can destroy her.

Peter's bolts land, pecking away at wing energy and forcing a near crash landing, which stops in a roll. Her gaze sweeps the battlefield. Four on two now, with the robot involved. Her staff slams to the ground, and before they can press the attack, a blinding light will surge through her and she'll seem to fall backwards, engaging her own emergency escape.

Schism for her part seems ready to throw a tantrum, and though the knock-out blow Jessica seemed to give her leaves no body to claim, the Detective will notice another portal device, undamaged, laying where that version of her dropped it.

Frustration overwhelming in all of her various versions, Schism seems to disappear, reaching out to versions of herself ahead of the curve, and making her own, less well-crafted escape, but not without a Jessica Jones shaped bruise to show for it.


He's not my Star-Lord! I'm not her Star-Lord!

"Jesus, you two." Jessica Jones mutters with a scowl. Well. It's nice to know she's not the only one who can be reverted to a middle-school mentality by the twists and turns of the traitorous heart. Those two are doing a fine job of it, themselves. She is surging forward to try to hit Schism again aaaaand…she's not there.

Extra, though, she recognizes. And now he has a name. A traitor to the Agency. Someone with answers…and no language to express them. But he has them, and he's defending them.

She notices the undamaged portal. She picks it up and tucks it in the inner pocket of her jacket, exhaling.

She leaps up to land beside Extra and says, "Good to see you again." He, too, saved her life once before, after all. "I really wish I knew how to communicate with you, pal, cause I have a feeling you and I have a lot to talk about."

Her brow furrows in concern as she takes in her friends. "Are you two okay?" she asks. Chagrined, "If I'd known coming here to warn you was going to bring them straight here I would have found a different method." Well. Now that she knows Peter and Kitty are basically an item-in-denial she'll just call the more responsible of the pair's phone next time.


Peter comes skidding stop as his boots kick off and he lands next to Kitty and Extra. A smirk as he looks up towards the red-ringed form of the familiar robot with a smirk. "Extra," He slowly slips his guns away. "You have the best timing."

A glance around to make sure nothing is still trying to kill him before Peter blows out a long sigh. "Well…" A pause. "…at least we know what they are looking for now?" A longer pause. "…I have no idea why but we know what! That's like…five percent of a possible plan."

Yup. Totally how his mind works. "I'm fine, Kitty? You alright?" A pause. "And wait Jess why are you asking? You god damn well got stabbed!"


Extra looks to all gathered, it's status as a watchman for their Glorious Leader: Star-Emperor Quilliam, a most honorable one that it does not mind at all. Of course it's timing is good. Though given the company the robot keeps, it is likely a car that does not belong to the aliens driving it will not be far behind.


This is all Extra has to say before kneeling down, one again scrawling the same six lines in the pavement as it contemplates how to explain the situation to them.


The best thing Kitty can do, it seems, is to keep running. However, even as she does so, Schism manages a trick on;y she or Kurt can do: appear in the middle of nowhere and attack. The phasing mutant skids to a stop - too late! - only to be saved by something else. That something else that seems to be named Extra. Her broken blade is flicked upward to defend herself, but it doesn't seem as if it is necessary. The 'traitor' saves her. Blinking, she straightens from he purely defensive stance an bobs her head to Extra. "Thank you," she says.

Jessica's expression of frustration is met with a raised eyebrow. "What?" she asks, unclear as to what it is she could be upset about.

Peter's question is met with a nod. "I'm…I'm alright. Why is it there are always people trying to kill you?" A hand, instinctively reaches out to just rest on his arm for a moment. Though, now it seems people are trying to get the gem attached to her, too. Not an ideal situation by any means.

The marks on the sidewalk are noted, but they mean absolutely nothing to her. "Is that how many times he's saved people from those guys? If so, that's a great record. Otherwise, I have a feeling there's a lot of other stuff to discuss."

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