Blind Dating with Darkedge

April 05, 2017:



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Night time. Near the Triskelion it's peaceful enough. There are enough trained personnel here that most common thugs don't bother with it. Not that this is a concern for a certain elf as he materializes out of a shadow within sight of the WAND office windows and the front door. The main entrance is still far too dark, the elf notes, and so, he's waiting like a raven patiently waiting for a familiar face to step out into the night.

Darkedge is a stalker, apparently.

Lara Croft doesn't arrive via the front door of the building, she arrives via a black sedan that is quite shiney and fancy. The backdoor opens and she steps out onto heeled shoes and not wearing the usual 'casual Friday' attire that she almost always has on, no this time Lara is dressed to the nines in a black backless dress and her tied up into an intricate arrangement atop the crown of her head, she has a dark scarf around her shoulders as well.

Stepping out of the car with her is a man in a tux, a fellow Agent who'd accompanied her tonight. They look as though they're either on, or finishing a rather big date-night? Either way, the two of them move toward the Trisk's front entrance, Lara several inches taller than usual in those heels.

There was a mystery in WAND. A certain dagger had gone missing from the Triskelion and there was no notes on what happened to it. And Barry didn't want to go around accusing people. And while he's no Batling, or has any of their training, his exposure to their number shows as in the shadows of the Triskelion, the scarlet speedster is suited up, looking down on the parking lot as he watches the front of the WAND area, and the sedan that arrives.

Lara looks lovely as usual, but what is she doing showing up dressed like that at this time of night. There's a frown that plays on Flash's face as he continues to watch, not moving yet.

Darkedge has learned how to vaert his gaze for incoming traffic without losing sight of the details. He spots Lara. Clear as day, he spots her. Not that Darkedge is at all familiar with that turn of phrase. Nor of human social graces, for the moment the elf spots his quarry he moves. Two steps from the shadow he's in to a shadow nearby and then out of the shadow of the sedan and next to Lara's not-escourted side. His eyes slide to her date and a silver brow quirks at the man.

The man was walking with Lara back to the Trisk and he pauses and turns toward his companion for the night. He speaks to her. His voice thick with a British accent and a deep tone. "I must say, this was far more enjoyable of an evening than I had anticipated." He tells her. "When I had been told you were with a science department in.." He glanced toward the build. "SHIELD. I had expected someone more… bland. You, however, turned out to be anything but."

Lara looked at the man and she smiled. Her head shook and she seemed a bit taken aback by his words. "Well… I will consider that a compliment of the highest variety, Alec." She said to him. "I hope that your mission continues without any further hitches."

"I am sure that it wi—" The man in the tux was in the process of reply when Darkedge appeared like that, he did a small doubletake and then glared at the dark elf. "Is there something we can do for you, sir?" He asked, sounding irritated.

Lara would shift her gaze over to Darkedge as well and upon hearing her counterpart's question she exhaled. "Oh, Alec… this is.. uh… Mister Darkedge. He, is.. well, a regular here at this facility. A friend, you can even say."

They all remained unaware of the fancy suited Flash being present and observing from afar.

There's a tightening to his frown as Lara not only brings her date here, but there's that tricksy elf with her. Barry's hands grip the edge of the building, and he curses himself mentally for not bringing a listening device. Of course, this could also just be Lara's weird idea of a nightcap… the speedster shakes that thought off, his expression turning back to observation and trying to puzzle it out.
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That's the second person to call him such: friend. Darkedge's silver eyes flick to Lara for a heartbeat before returning to Alec. There is the unmistakable tension of the untrusting elf sizing up a potential victim.

'Am I interrupting?' Darkedge asks of Lara alone, keeping the feel of his thoughts to her mind alone. Well, mostly alone. Another telepath could likely pluck those thoughts out of the air about him since he doesn't have a sense of Croft's mind to help him further hide his missive.

Is it rude of him to 'speak' to Lara and not the man that asked a question of him? MDefinitely. Does Darkedge seem to care? Not really. He just keeps his gaze and ready-to-maim-the-silly-human attention on Alec.

There's a Flash? Where!? Darkedge has heard and seen nothing! He's too busy silently seeming threating.

Lara glanced at Darkedge when he did that mental communication thing to her that she was NOT going to reply to and look like a crazy person in a one-way conversation. "Its fine." Is all she said to Darkedge, since he was coming off as an over-protective older brother, or something.

The young archaeologist would then look back to her 'date' and she'd reach out to grasp his tux-covered right forearm. "It was a love event, thank you for having me along. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, to be entirely upfront with you as well." She said back to her fellow England-native.

Alec took his eyes off of the strange Darkedge and returned them to Lara's. "Well, once I found out about your lineage then I knew there was no other choice. Its not every day that I get to be in the company of someone quite so regal as you."

These lines didn't really work on Lara, one would hope, but she'd just smile politely and nod her head. "Perhaps we can do it again sometime."

"Indeed. I will count the days until then." Alec would give a glare at Darkedge for 'blocking him' on this fareweel, but he'd move to kiss the back of Lara's hand and then turn to leave, back toward the car.

Note to self: Bring popcorn. Why didn't Spoiler tell him to bring snacks on these things? Flash feels a stomach rumble, before he turns his attention back to the others, watching as Alec is blocked by the elf, and remains quiet. Though for a moment, he can feel the roles reversed on that.

Over protective elder brother… who is clearly not human… with metallic silver hair and eyes.

In silence, the elf watches the human bidding farewell to each other with a faint cant to his head at just how awkward it seemed to him… right up until Alec glared at him.


Darkedge's eyes narrowed and in the same heartbeat one hand falls behind him, fingers curling to collect the hilt of the blade that slides out of his right sleeve.

Hey look! The missing blade.

Once Alec had gotten back into the sedan and was leaving, Lara would turn around to look at Darkedge and she seemed to decompress a little, like some stress had faded off of her spirit.

"It was a work assignment, if you can believe." Lara told the dark elf outloud, adjusting the scarf on her shoulders now to go over them to conceal them from the chilly night air. "He's an agent from another agency… from my homeland. He needed a companion for the evening and since he was here, they assigned me to the task."

She shook her head gently then and exhaled. "I'm not sure why I feel compelled to even tell you this. You probably don't even understand me." She noticed his knife though. "May returned it?" She asked of the dark elf then. "I am glad. I know its important to you."

See, normally, this would be the time that Barry would rush in, disarm Darkedge, and make a quip!

'You know, Miss Croft, I don't think you're supposed to get so personal in your studies!'

Okay, that was lame. He'll have time to … think on it?

Wait. Is this brooding? Am I brooding? Oh god, I'm brooding! What would Spoiler say?

But then Lara fills in a piece of the puzzle and his mind quiets down.

Alec and the black car leave, Darkedge watching the human leave the whole time.

Precious seconds tick by.

Darkedge turns his gaze to Lara after the car has rumbled away and she's talking and still talking and she asked a question of him. The elf blinks once, then follows her gaze to his hand.

Oh. The knife.

'Yes.' is all he says in reply, before he replays her words and nods to acknowledge what she said.

'A political function? I understand the necessity,' he comments, mind opening now that Alec is gone. Perhaps it could be heard by more than just Lara, especially if attention was focused on the elf and the human at his side.

'I shall offer that I hope your task in accompanying him was completed successfully?' Because that's important! Darkedge knows. He was once a Prince, after all. Political functions with people you don't like and would rather stab than try to seduce for information and leverage are things he knows way more about than he'd like to.

If only Lara knew that there was a brooding scientist glooming at them somewhere, like a gargoyle atop an ancient cathedrea… except in red tights.

"Precisely. Political." Croft would reply to the Darkfellow with the Edge about him. "And yes, it went… well. Though I fear him actually following-up with the threat of asking me out for more." She said while giving a glance in the direcdtion that the sedan had cone. "I'm not IN London because I'm trying avoid scenarios such as that. Men such as him."

She huffed out a sigh and put her eyes back upon Darkedge's visage. "I have not heard back from May about the events that you told me of last week. I know, however, that she has received the message. I would imagine she's just very, swamped, with work."

Red union suit of polymers, thank you very much. Flash gets his answer, and has no business in the affairs of Lara's dating life, or lack of, or whatever this is. He pulls back, and there have may been a slight breeze as Lara's silent and speedy guardian vanishes, a blur of red and yellow.

"u fine, u fine."

'If that you could send to me…' Darkedge lets the though hang int eh air between them, unfinished. It is an unspoken offer, promise?, of blood spilling. Because he detested what he was in that life, that where they in HIS world, and she a member of the Court as it sounds, the man would have been himself. Killing it is viable option for the Now Assassin.

'Understandable. I am merely checking. You have my thanks for your words of introduction and your efforts,' replies the dark elf smoothly. His right hand comes to his heart. The knife is gone. Had Lara's guardian spotted the way is slithered back up Darkedge's sleeve in a snake-like fashion before he zipped away?

The world may never know.

Nor will it know how many licks it takes…. There are some mysteries, after all…

Lara felt that breeze go past her because it pushed the scarf off of her left shoulder and she had to readjust it, though she had no idea that it was Bowtie Man who ran past her like that… She still wasn't entirely sure about what his powerset all involved and the only time she'd really seen him in action was in that mission with the terrigan mist containers.

Lara gently nodded her head at Darkedge's words. "Its you I have to thank." She said to him, her left hand going up to the hair that was atop her head all dolled-up. She placed her fingertips upon the star-pin that he had made her and given her for her birthday almost two months ago. "It got quite a few compliment tonights." She said to him with a soft smile.

"I'm sorry that May hasn't had time to meet with you. If I had any real power in this organization, I'd be more than happy to assist you with the problem that you last spoke of. But, I'm basically still a Pawn on this gameboard, amongst this agency at least."

Having sketched a very light bow over the hand to his heart, Darkedge straightens and lets his hand fall back to his side.

'It is a triffle thing,' he comments, down playing his shaping ability nicely. Though, when she mentions pawn, his head tilts and a brow quirks. He's heard that word. Pawn…pawn… pawn…


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