Let Me Show You...

March 31, 2017:

Tattoo shows Angel exactly what is going on in her "world", but now their world.

Upper East Side - New York City ((Warren's Loft))

As the name implies Upper East side is the north eastern part of Manhattan
Island. Once known as the Silk Stocking District, this is one of the most
affluent areas in New York City. Collectively the neighborhood has about two
hundred thousand inhabitants, and is home to some of the finest residences
in New York, including the last of the River Villas.


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Fade In…

Kida sought answers, because she would need to provide them for Warren after last night. So she left, as she is wont to do. Leaving shadows, soot, and nothing behind. She is a free spirit and needs reigned in or taught. But at least she left him with Runes proffered 'healing potent', after it left her buds numb, tingling, and sputtering. She still feels the residual effect….

But it did not kill her, not try and dominate the human side of her so it was "safe" for the Angel.

Ascending his balcony her shoulders buck in a fashion that aids in reforming those wings into the inkwork along her skin, a splayed palm upon the concrete as they recoil into the calling of skin and cause feather-light hair to upheave…

Darkedge gave her nothing but something. This was not just hers it was everyone's in the end game. Rifts are tearing, and no one is safe, not even her. And if she had to leave or be pushed out again…

He's saved her before but he has to know, now. What caused those scars… where she is from.

The sliding door to the balcony is tested and when she steps in she brings the shifting seasonal airs with her. "Warren?" A whisper… But an awareness…
Warren's apartment is larger that her garage, easily. There has to be plenty of room for him and the wings. There are several nice pieces set up, carryovers from his parents lives as the young man was sleeping in the large banister bed. Hearing the voice, the winged mutant stirs. "Kida." he says as he moves.

He should be angry at her abandonment. About the fact that she offered no answers and only fled from him. But seeing her here and now? It's lost as he presses to her as he tries to move his rapidly moving wing, but his lips meet her in full and unfettered affection for the woman before breaking away.

Kida expected less then what she was met with from him. And the affectionate greeting makes her go rigid at first when Warren kisses her and envelops her in his 'span', but when his wing is felt and no longer fully broken she smiles, stroking oil-stained fingertips over it affectionately as she takes on a different posture bearing less tension and more… Comfort.

"Better?" Stated lowly as she looks from the limb to him and smiles lightly. "I will answer you, now… All I know." Stated as she looks up to him and apology lies within her hazel eyes, unable to keep upon him too long, as somewhere she knows she should have when he helped her the second time.
"Tell me what you want to, Kida. I know you have your secrets." Warren says as he holds her close, keeping her to him as he draws in her scent, her closeness. He was worried, utterly, and it shows in his eyes as she meets his and he reaches up to caress her cheek, as he invites her closer to him, and touches those feathers that make up her hair. "But I want to help. And I need to know how I can."

Warren's worry is endearing, and the fact he could show it expressly has Kida draw in a breath and look down while his hand sweeps through that 'hair' and draws her in tighter, offering her warmth where she has shied away from any for all her years save once, and that is long ago and…. Not far away ((not now it seems)), but **buried*. Six feet deep in another world. But that was also designed for her…

"I am not from here…" Obviously! "I need to tell, so you can tell." There is warning in her voice, but she is fumbling for words, for the correct vocabulary.

"Trust me?" Kida asks Warren then, looking up at him again, finally, her hands splayed over his chest tentatively..

"Close…eyes…" Kida states as he enfolds her into his fold, accepts her touch and in a flourish of fingers cross his bare skin suddenly they part but feel in tact in the heat… But between the contact is a chill and an electricity between the heat of skins contact.

If he looks, the small forms of lightning form between them, in her eyes that focus and suddenly bleed paler blue then ever-present. A storm resides…

The balcony doors rattle and in a press back Warren will find himself upon his ass either upon a table, couch, chair, or floor behind him with Kida overhead, her eyes closed now and that hilt rested along her lower back casting the same electric glow.

But what he sees, is no longer her before him….

His apartment is devastated, and when those balcony doors blast and rattle open what kays beyond is a citadel of sorts, but it all blinks like a richter, powers fed from the skies to the ground and out to feed… But around that high-rise he resides in… Below?

Squalor, people flee and Psiborgs, Nameless… They clear paths and the screams as well as the battle is a herald carried upon heated winds borne in flame while it is retaliated against with powers that draw from the shocked-earth beneath them… The face of a Mother dying. Homo-Magi…

Along a coast people akin rise from waters depths and wage the same war…. But bodies litter the ground of a post apocalyptic wasteland…

Not assimilated… Not living… Left for dead…

In that though she shares her parting file… Those Psi-Borgs sweeping across her village with flame while she is shoved below ground and battle rages above and the cinders that fall, backed by a masked Psi-Borgs face of glowing red eyes in a pyramid set of three bursts a flame over her skin, searing across her 'Touch', her ability to speak "beyond"…

The scars on her side…And the abyss she was left in until here and now…

A deep breath and Kida backs away as much as allowed. "They're coming. But not just mine…"

With Kida asking him to close his eyes, Warren looks confused for a moment, but follows her words. What happens next causes him to shiver, the changes in the perception furl along his pinions, causing them to puff and straighten as he finds himself on a world where he's born witness to destruction. He wants to pull Kida closer to protect her, but he can't sense her presence.

His eyes fall upon the psi-borgs on their march, merciless, mechanical, and his heart sinks. "Kida…" he starts to say, just before the destruction is wrought upon them and he finds himself hearing her words.. it's coming for them. "No!" he says, fear in his throat. His own fear, that he won't be strong enough. That he won't be.. able to protect her. That he can't help her as she needs to be helped.

Angel does not have to protect her from the vision she has impressed upon him, but he had/ to see. She is Homo-Magi from a world where that was eliminated if not "assimilated". Flame throwers sweep across grounds, those from the waters dry up, and those upon ground burn, and it is a known weakness. But it is what it is. Fire or drowning is not a discovery - they are still human at their core.

But as Warren watches and does his own prayer the flames lick across the shanties as 2 years ago a girl is shoved beneath floorboards and faces too young to be old by their standards show years as they slam the cubby-door down and she starts to low-crawl as if in trenches of modern day.

… But this is every day for them…

Voices scream and burning hues flicker above, the floor ripped open to reveal Kida as a geyser of flame heralds down upon her and her body bucks, the small translucent body hairs spewing forth feathers in a coating that seeks to protects but shies away due to the fire….

And above, in the skies lightning streaks from cloud to cloud, illuminating the village and striking to arch across the ground, from one metal figure to another clad in that armor of Psiborgs, paralyzing….

And Kida wakes in a puddle of the Slums in a torrent of rain as behind her a gate blinks, pulses and they come after her….

Mists: Worlds, more Gates…
Disrupted, interrupted but hanging open now as a city lays leveled and derelict and a man is knelt in the ashes screaming to the heavens that spark crescents of light behind low hanging cumulus.

….But from that there is an ichor, tendrils of essence that sink into the very ether and then spread rapidly, like a virus, coursing down lines…
Over networks….
And into eyes that reflect horror as peace is a word of legend…
The Sobeken snaps fangs over the burning sun.
The fae withdraw…

The Gods turn backs…

And a weaver known as Rune bears callouses of failure…
…while Demons reign and the trio of burning red mechanical eyes seek to hold a leash made of the stellar electricity.

Even Angels fall…. And mutant/meta kind sees a new evil.

//Given time you'll understand,
What possesses me to right what you have suffered.

…. Total War.//

When Angel calls out Kida reaches forward and before she can truly see, she can feel, gripping his face in a cusp of fingers and palms, at first a drum - a tap… And if he needs truly snapped out of it she will strike!

I'd only come here,
seeking peace…

It seems I came to live.

"Dláaya, k'a taayda..!" Calling him to calm, despite inflection she is soothing in words, knowing vision and veil from what lies before her as she impressed this upon him so he could see…. And know.

It's too much. It should all be too much for the young Angel. The older, jaded, the altered him? Would have just snorted, a pawn in Apocalypse's scheme. This Angel? His hands close onto Kida's own. The tears boil forth at the scenes of horror and destruction, the utter helplessness of it all as his tears wet her fingers as he stares forth with those Avian blue eyes.

Finally he snaps from it, collapsing to his knees before her. He's bowed low, his head against her taunt stomach, his wings sunken as he sobs in several breaths, unable quite to shake the images from his mind, the nightmare that she had to live. And how spoiled she must see him as.

Kida saw him as no such thing that he assumed as he collapsed in. Angel gave her a cell phone and the people in the Slums helped her view videos, and nosey-ness had all viewing what he had inherited.

When he fell to his knees she sunk with him, still holding his façade as he sucked in breaths and fell against her and she enfolded him in her arms, her cheek pressed against that blonde crown while he appears fallen and she is the savior….

But that is not the case. Not when it comes to bottom line.

"It all comes. Veil. Mist. Gate. Noone is safe. The Terri…. People forgot…" Words are broken, meaning is parsed badly.

Warren's face is cupped, even as his plea leaves fingers wet while she tips his head upward to her.

Knees bent in kneel before him they both are akin to broken things upon the floor. Torn and stained jeans the cushion beneath the man she lifts in aid, but does not hold alone. He is strong. Kida saw as much.

"Keep fighting, My Angel." Kida states as she smiles and holds him before her in an endearing fashion, fingers smearing tears from their paths.

"You're going to have to… I showed…"

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