Sort of Inside Information

March 15, 2017:

Peter and Kitty try to get the inside scoop on Gotham from one Tim Drake.

Shadowcrest Manor


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Mentions: Batman, Zatanna, Groot, Rocket, Joker, Catwoman


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Fade In…

There's been a lot of things going on in the lives of everyone lately. There is a lot to catch up on and a lot to discover. There is the gem, the strange clown around Gotham, the Zatanna and Constantine situation, and basically everything else going on with that. While she doesn't know what exactly Tim might have to add to the conversation, Quill seems to think Zatanna's physics friend might have more information. Maybe just due to the fact that he's lived in Gotham longer than either of them.

As such, Kitty has used the number she got from Tim Drake in order to call him up to ask him a few questions.

Kitty: Hi Tim, This is Kitty Pryde, the girl with the dragon you met a few times at Shadowcrest. Once involved names for orgy foods.

Kitty: Hoping we could talk real quick about a few things with Peter Quill?

Kitty: Also, donut holes..

Kitty: Monday? 9PM?


"God I hope he got donut holes. I am starving!" Peter Quill laments his lack of snacks in the lobby of the great mansion that is Shadowcrest. The man has been lying low lately since the little 'fun' that was had at his place of employment.

Asgardians man. Can't take them anywhere.

"Also I /told/ you that I had a job!" This is not the first time he's said this towards Kitty. It might be the last, if she murders him for it this time. Or smothers him in his sleep.

Next to him on a little side table is a thick black bound notebook with a pen lying across the top of it.

It totally looks recently used.



Eventually, everyone has to sleep.

Tim had avoided it as long as he could, spent two whole weeks wide awake, castigating himself for every moment of rest or meditation, every microsleep he took, as wasteful. Anything that didn't move him forward seemed like a betrayal of the people in danger, especially once he learned where they were. But there was only so much he could do. There was only so long he could go without proper rest.

Proper rest had meant returning to his townhouse near Gotham University - there was no sleep to be had elsewhere, where nightmares haunted him whenever he closed his eyes. But the dreamcatcher Zatanna had obtained for him staved them off, at least well enough to rest.

To go to classes, to go through the motions of a normal life until the captive Mouthpiece of Midnight or the books he'd obtained for Jane Foster yielded up a new lead. The information he'd bartered away part of his life for was now exhausted. Now… Now…

Now, a car pulls up in front of Shadowcrest: A Ferrari F12B, in hot rod red, gleaming like it just came off the showroom floor. The driver is, of course, Tim himself, who emerges and heads into the manor with a bundle of plastic folders under one arm, and a white cardboard box tied with string dangling from his hand. The folders, he hands to Kasim with a few whispered words; the house and its attendants know who he is, but fortunately it's quite good at keeping secrets. More school things for Zatanna, perhaps: She might have a mound of work ahead of her once she gets back.

And then Tim Drake, Perfectly Normal Multi-Millionaire, turns towards the other mortal guests.

"I had to stop by a bakery," he says, holding up the box. It was a very nice bakery, too. "Most of them are glazed, but some of them have a cream filling."


Peter's enthusiasm is met with a smirk. "Yes, he just might. Particular kinds of food are a bit of an inside joke between us." Kitty's phone remains perched on her knee as her legs sprawl over Quill's lap as they wait on the couch. It's an annoying comfortable sort of position. One that Kitty doesn't want to speak too closely about at the moment. The gem is palmed in her hand as she studies it. She knows she can't see the strange magic that others seem to see without trying, but she wants to. That should be enough for something, right?

"Right right, you're a waiter, right?" Kitty looks over the gem in her hand at Peter with a smirk. It's clear that she likes teasing him about his employment - supposed or otherwise.

Neither Peter nor Kitty have to get up to escort Tim to them: that is the magic (literally) of Shadowcrest. Instead, she perks up, clasping the gem in one hand and snagging her phone off her knee with the other as Tim enters with the pastry box. There's a proud smirk at the mention of donut holes being filled with both cream and being glazed. "Too clever by half, Tim Drake," she tells him with a grin. "Thank you for coming, though." Is that a pun, too? She's playing it straight.


"Oh my god!" Peter exclaims in mock suprise. "You can make jokes!"

Likewise he doesn't comment on the relitive comfort or otherwise of his current position. If he does he has a feeling he'll loose this position and he kinda like it.

Not that he would ever tell her.

"Bartender! My god did someone drop you on your head at that school of yours?" He shoots back as Tim is shown in. Though he looks back and forth between the two and raises an eyebrow at the odd gift.

"I think I missed something." A beatpause. "But I never say no to donuts!"


'Too clever by half, Tim Drake.'

Kitty has no idea, of course… And if things work out the way Tim intends them to, she never will.

"Hey, it sounded like you needed some of my vast expertise at… Actually, I'm not sure what," he admits, with a wry, boyish grin. He sets the box down on the coffee table before settling into a seat across from where Kitty and Peter are lounging in an /extremely/ familiar fashion, but considering the position they were in the last time he saw the pair of them together, he isn't exactly surprised.

Quill, he recognises otherwise, as well: From the Hydra base, from Lernaea. Uses some kind of advanced technology that Red Robin would quite like to get a closer look at… But Tim Drake, of course, knows nothing about any of that sort of thing.

"It wasn't financial advice, was it, because I have people who handle most of that for me…"


Kitty rolls her eyes at Peter and uses a quick gesture of her hand to shove at his face in a teasing manner. "Very funny, Quill."

However, she does immediately enjoy the rise she gets out of Peter by calling him a waiter instead of a bartender. "I'm not sure what's so wrong with waiting," she replies innocently. Instead, she - without retracting her legs from being sprawled over Peter, moves to grab a donut hole from the box. On silent purple wings, however, Lockheed sweeps in and snatches it right out of her hand. Gleefully, he perches on a high bookshelf with his prize. A broad grin crosses his face before starts to devour it.

"No no, nothing financial. Though, really, I'm sure if Peter ever wants to stay here he should really get some advice in that manner. But, he seems to think you might have some good information about what's going on in Gotham. We're not really native Gothamites."

Now that Lockheed has his own donut hole, she reaches forward again and grabs another, unmolested.


"I /am/ very funny," Quill agrees. "But naw, not financial advice." A smirk at that before he streightens up just a bit. He was really comfortable on the couch. Moving is sad, but moving gets him donuts. Desire for pastries finally wins out as he shifts forwards and plucks up piece…

…only to have Lockheed snatch it just as his fingers close.

"Freeking parrot!" He calls without much heat as he grabs another one.

It gets popped in his mouth as he nods towards Kitty. "What she said."

He reaches out for the notebook. "I mean there are so many powered people here, and people with masks and monikers, and whatever. I just was trying to get a list to keep em all right in our heads. Since you live here…figured you might know more."


Kitty reminds Tim that they're not really /from/ Gotham originally, which… Well, even if he didn't know the things he already knew, he would've guessed that easily enough as it is. The City of Yesterday is the largest city in America, and it's quite cosmopolitan in its way, but there's… A certain /something/ about people who've lived in Gotham all their lives. The city just becomes a part of them, settled into their bones and their DNA in all of its madness and its grime.

Maybe that's why it's so hard to leave, when you were born and raised here.

"Uh, sure, if I can give you much help. Dunno how much of it is just urban legend, though… I knew a guy who /swore/ that the Batman actually turned /into/ a bat. Or that he was a blood-drinking vampire, or something. That's why you never saw the Bat during the day, he insisted. Sunlight would just make him go poof. Crazy, right?"


"He's a dragon," Kitty reminds Peter as if that is a conversation they've had multiple times. It most likely has been. Lockheed gives Peter a proud look at that.

"What's the notebook?" she asks Peter after she eats the donut she already plucked from the box. She's curious. Peter's never seemed the type to take notes.

Instead, she turns back to Tim. "Unless Batman is a mutant, I don't think that is a plausible theory. Plus, turning into a bat really isn't all that helpful. Sonar is pretty great and all, but bats are pretty vulnerable. I've gotta say, I saw him work, once. Strong jawline. I bet he's some tortured handsome guy under there. 10/10, would unmask."

With a shrug of her shoulders at that, she barrels onward. "Anything you may know can help."


"Huh, but if he /is/ a vampire would that make all of the other batpeople his vampire spawn?" Peter muses as he makes a face right back at Lockheed. "Maybe he has some horrific scar, or maybe his face actually looks like a bat under the mask. Thats why he wears the mask…"

Look when you just let your imagination go things just happen.

"Anyway! I mean we can speculate all night but really who knows. What I know is that he speaks like he's been smoking eighteen packs of cigerattes when he's angry, and he looks like he's always angry." A pause. "…and he doesn't like metahumans in Gotham." A longer pause. "I guess I can't really blame him, I mean they do tear up the place…"

He pulls out the book now, flipping it open to one of the first pages. On it is written:
'Bat-guy' = Not a Vampire. Maybe. Also mad at everything.
'Red-Bat-Guy' - 'Red-Bird Something' = More mellow than above.
'Catwoman' = Boss at club.

"Right so…first off I keep hearing about someone who dresses up like a clown or something? What is even up with that?" Peter asks as he looks up towards Tim curiously.

"And I totally can take notes! There are a lot of these people. And Groot gets easily distracted."


An important skill cultivated in living a double life is not laughing at things that are only funny in the context of that secret identity. Things like, say, Kitty Pryde talking about how the Batman is probably a tortured handsome guy under his cowl, unaware that said tortured handsome guy is Gotham's most famous and richest citizen.

Or the foster father of the young man sitting across from her right now.

Even with everything that's been going on lately, Tim has the room to find that privately amusing; if he /weren't/ on the edge of a complete breakdown because Zatanna is in Hell and he's currently done everything he can do about that, he'd probably send Bruce a text (CCed to Alfred and maybe Dick) about it.

"The Joker?" Tim asks semi-rhetorically, in case Quill has just neglected to use the Clown Prince of Crime's chosen moniker. "He's… An incredibly dangerous lunatic. He thinks it's funny, which is apparently his whole motivation. Showing people that everything… Life, sanity, control… Is all just a joke. Somehow, no matter how often he gets put away, he always comes back."


"Why would he be a vampire?" Kitty gives Peter a very skeptical look. "I doubt the guy is Phantom of the Opera. I have yet to hear his singing voice, but I would hope we would have heard if he tried to abduct some random up and coming soprano." She rolls her eyes at Peter, looking to Tim to confirm this information. He's the Gotham expert as far as they know.

From her position, Kitty pulls her legs off of Peter's lap and then moves so that she can clearly look over his shoulder and at the notes he's made. "Bat-Guy. Red-Bat-Guy? Catwoman. Okay, so I can guest the first and the last. Who is Red-Bat-Guy?" First she looks to Peter to qualify and then to Tim, as he may know.

"The Joker. I've heard of him. But, I haven't been in Gotham much before these…" she was about to say jokers, but that doesn't seem right at the moment. "…jerks?" Same sort of feeling right? Tim's explanation is met with a nod. "So, not someone to mess with. Got it."


"I dunno!" Peter replies. "It was some guy, in red, who hung out with the But Guy and seemed I don't know. More chill. He didn't yell at me at least." A pause. "Maybe thats how Batman delegates or something. Does he have a PR department? I don't know."

A shrug again.

"Anyway, you know anything about Catwoman though Tim? I mean she wasn't that bad when I met her, but I'd like to know how much crazy I'm getting into working at her club."

…thats information that might be of use.

"Huh though, alright. Clown guy is actually dangerous." A longer pause. "If he keeps getting away why havn't they shot him into the sun or something though?" Peter's moral companss is a bit out of wack.


"Because… We have laws," Tim explains, on the subject of nobody having hurled the Joker into the Sun. "And they say that's the one rule that the Batman and the other people like him won't break. They don't kill people. It's not like the police are happy about having some weirdos in costumes running around stopping crimes," though they do still have a spotlight on the roof of GCPD headquarters, that projects a bat into the sky, "but they tolerate it because they don't leave corpses. Apparently, vigilantes who /do/ tend to get run out of town, or end up in jail themselves."

'They say.' 'Apparently.' It's important to create a certain shroud between himself and what he knows about these things. To provide the perspective of a normal Gotham citizen who certainly doesn't know who the 'Red-Bat-Guy' is.

"As for, uh, Catwoman… She's a thief and burglar." That Quill is /working/ for Catwoman gets filed away, added to the library of things that Tim Drake knows, in another of the many rooms in the vast recreation of his childhood home inside of his mind. "I dunno how /dangerous/ she is, I've never heard about her going on a murder spree, but in Gotham you never know who she might end up working with."


"A guy in red who hangs out with Bat Guy." Kitty raises an eyebrow, but this is Gotham. Who knows what is actually a thing or not. Peter brought up Catwoman before, but she has no idea about what or who that person is. All she know sis that she supposedly employs Quill.
oth Tim and Kitty give Quill a look about shooting Joker into the sun. "Yes, the laws. That's a thing here. And, I guess they differ per planet and system. But, Thor's your parole officer here, right? You should get the deal with laws here."

As Tim describes and talks about people, she points out, "You didn't say anything specific about the Red-Bat-Guy. Don't you know anything about him?" He seems to know a lot about all the others.

There's a pause. "Being friends with Zatanna, you don't happen to know anything about magical objects, do you?"


"Huh…" Quill reaches up to scratch at the back of his neck. "You know, when you are raised by a bunch of space pirates kinda puts a crimp in your moral compass. I guess havning a crew made up of an assassin, a couple mercenaries, and a Drax sort of cants it further. But yeah. Sure. Laws. I know of them. Yes."

He pauses.

"So basicly you're saying I should shoot people with the stun setting then. Got it. I mean thats what I was doing anyway, but I'm glad to have outside confirmation."

I mean just shooting him into the sun would fix so many problems here but I guess thats not what these people are into. Morals man. They make everything so complicated.

"I guess the batpeople are the non-lethal sort, gotta make it kinda hard on em when people are leveling truckloads of ordinance their way." He adds with a shake of his head. "But hey, that is their thing."

A pause.

"Its a popular thing, I mean thats gotta be a big family."

The question of magical artifacts does make him curious as he waits for an answer, and the information on Catwoman is stored somewhere in the back of his mind. Under 'Kinda dangerous but thief so not that bad.'


Space pirates, sure.

Tim, who is of course a perfectly normal person who doesn't have much interaction with strange things like space pirates or whatever (despite being close friends with the extremely magical mistress of Shadowcrest) just nods in response to Quill in the sort of way you would to a crazy person who is talking some deranged nonsense. Stun setting, yes. Draxes, whatever they are.

"Well… I think there's a couple of them that wear red? Robin does… Unless you mean Red Robin? He's got like… A cowl, like the Batman?" Tim's brow furrows in curiousity, and he looks between Kitty and Quill, as though for confirmation. "I thought he used to be some kind of a bad guy, like the Red Hood. But that was a few years ago, and then he disappeared…"

Honestly, he's glad he has so much practice spinning this sort of bullshit to disassociate himself from his secret identity; having been doing it since he was fourteen, it's one of those things he can do in his sleep, like swing between skyscrapers, or hack a heavily encrypted mainframe.

As for magical objects…

"I… Know they exist? I'm not, like, a wizard or anything, I know Zee because we have the same Physics class. Why? Are you having trouble with a, uh, magical artifact?"


"…Yes, you shouldn't be killing people, Quill." Kitty gives him something of a studying look. "Is that…is that news to you here?" There's a bit of a frown on her face. "Have you been killing people since you've been on Earth?" Thoughts whirl. "Are the police going to be after us?" She imagines the magic of Shadowcrest will protect them, but that's not something she wants to have happen. An entirely different nightmare would be if some police officers tried to question Quill and were turned into some unsavory creature due to the defenses of the mansion.

"Family?" Kitty tilts her head slightly. "I didn't think they were all actually related. Do you? Huh. That's a new twist. I thought they were kind of like the X-Men. You know, not actually all with X names or men, or related, but a team? Do you think they're related?" It's entirely possible, but the thought didn't actually cross her mind.

As for the different kinds of Red Bats, she shrugs her shoulders. "I haven't met or run into any of the Bat people. Have you Lockheed?" Still scarfing his donut, he looks up, shakes his head and goes back to his stolen plunder. "So, your guess is as good as mine. I know way more about the NYC heroes. Gotham is a bit of a here and there sort of thing for me. Mostly because of Batman and his notorious control complex with this city." The note was Quill's, so she looks to him for some sort of help in unraveling what his notes may mean.

As for the magical item, she frowns. "Well. Zatanna hasn't really been around, so I haven't gotten much of a chance to ask her about it. But, Quill was tasked with holding a gem that seems pretty magical in nature. You're closer with Zatanna, I didn't know if she confided in you about," she waves her hand about her at the general magical mis-en-scene, "this."


"What? No! I havn't killed anyone since I've been here!" Peter replies as he shifts on the couch. "I mean I'm pretty sure I havn't. I havn't /ment/ too kill anyone…" He frowns for a moment then leans his head back.

"Hey Groot! Have we killed anyone since we've been here?"

Out of the living room there is movement then a very large, very green, very wooden looking head peers round the corner.

"I am Groot?"

"No the alien guys don't count!"

Groot shrugs slightly. "I am Groot!"

"Yeah didn't think so, thanks buddy."

Groot gives a thumbs up as the head retracts behind the doorframe again and the sounds of some musical can be heard from the living room.

"Yeah. Definally havn't killed anyone while I'm here. So don't worry about it! No police, I havn't gotten into trouble with them. And SHIELD just wants to talk to me so I'm sure thats fine."

"They want to talk because I have a space ship, not because I killed anyone." Just so he would make that clear with everyone. No killing.

"Anyway, I have no idea about the family thing, but I gotta call em all something. All I know is that the big guy doesn't like people in his city doing things. And he gets all growly." A pause. "Wait there is more than one red bat guy? And he's not a bat he's a bird? Man this is getting complicated."

A slow sigh. "Making this list is getting just as complicated as dealing with that gem. At least the list doesn't bind itself to people's souls or whatever the gemthing is doing."


Fortunately, Tim Drake was forewarned about the tree.

When Zatanna told him about Groot, and also about the talking, anthropomorphic raccoon, he'd initially assumed that she was secretly some kind of Disney princess or something. It fit in with the rest of the strangeness in Shadowcrest, after all, with its supernatural castellan and the enchanted librarians in Giovanni Zatara's currently-sealed sanctum. Still, it's another thing to see a talking tree with a face lean out of the living room briefly.

Hopefully he never runs into Poison Ivy, Tim finds himself thinking of the arboreal alien.

They'd probably get along.

"That's the thing about Gotham… It was so bad for so long, I guess once the Batman showed people there was another way there were plenty who were willing to follow it. But you know, it's not like New York, with the Avengers, or Spider-Man or whatever. Or Metropolis, with Superman. They stick to the shadows, so you never know how many of them there really are, or what they can do. It's probably for the best, you know? Some of the bad guys around Gotham… If they even got a hint of how they might get after the Bat, who knows what they'd do?"

Gotham's always had a 'better class of criminal,' for certain definitions of better. Darker, more cruel, more ruthless. Frankly, he's found most of New York's underworld to be a disappointment, during his operations there. They'd never last a week in Gotham.

"I… Well, I mean she let me see some books from her dad's library, and stuff," Tim admits. "Uh, that day when you guys were in the bathroom together," either going to bang or Kitty was going to murder Quill, he'd figured, and here's Quill not murdered, soooooo…. "That's where I ended up, in the library. Mostly just out of curiousity, you know? But it… Binds itself to people's souls? So, what, it's a part of you, now?" he wonders of Peter.


Kitty gives Peter quite a skeptical look as he fumbles through Earth moralities. When Groot appears in the doorway, she perks. Unlike Tim, it seems she is very used to the presence of the large Tree. "Groot!" She greets with a grin. Lockheed also sits up straighter to see the treed fellow there. While she allows the exchange to continue for a little while, she rolls her eyes. Lockheed, on the other hand, looks at the boring conversation he's surrounded with and takes wing, snagging two more donuts as she goes. One is most likely for Groot - his Netflix buddy. Then, he's around the doorway and out of sight.

"I'm just impressed you made a list at all, to be honest," Kitty tells him with a raised eyebrow. That's something, but it's not everything. "Well, the list is a little bit less complicated in the fact that it seems quantifiable. There was a Robin. There's not. Red Robin. Maybe there's a Blue and Yellow Robin somewhere, but for now we're seemingly working the Black, Grey and Red color family." She leans over Quill a little more, trying to look at other pages of his notepad. "Do you have any more notes or anything?"

To Tim, she gives a grin and a shrug of her shoulders. "The Avengers, at least? I know something about them. Iron Man is Tony Stark. Captain America is Steve Rogers. They're pretty forward about that. The very fact that some of these people might have been evil at some point? That can be pretty worrying." She frowns. "I don't know. I'm a mutant. I understand protecting identities and fearing what people might think of you should it come to light. But, I stopped thinking that way because of people who don't get the luxury." She shrugs.

There's a raised eyebrow at the being in the bathroom together. She doesn't touch on that. Instead, she studies him. "You can just say you don't know anything about it if you don't know," she tells Tim. "There's nothing wrong with that." And she doesn't want to go into details with someone who will just say, 'Oh that sucks, don't know.'


"Huh, so they work in the shadows to avoid all the heat. I guess that makes sense. No sence in giving a target to people would actually would love to go after you. I noticed that about Gotham, it can be as bad as Knowhere, and it can't even use the fact that its on the edge of darkspace as an excuse." Peter gives his opinion as he shifts slightly to relax back once again, finding just that perfect place on the sofa.

Lockheed flies off and Peter is silently thankful. The remaining snacks are safe from dragon claws.

"I know how to make lists! I just usually don't, but I did this time. See previous comment about it being confusing…"

There are more notes, but most of them are scribbled though. With little sidebars of 'Read this in a news thing. But this can't be an actual criminal. The name is dumb. Like really dumb.'

In other words he got bored and stopped taking notes.

"I met Captain Pajama Pants, he's…" How can Quill put this nicely. "…he's…he would really like those law things I bet."

Which means they didn't exactly get along.

"Anyway yeah, that was a night wasn't it? We were just experimenting on it, its sort of stuck to us. Well. Mostly to her…" So saying he pokes Kitty in the side, right in the nice sensitive part of the ribs. "…be nice."

He can't really add much on the front of secret identies. Since…you know…he /introduces/ himself as Star-lord.


"I dunno if they come in that many colours," Tim agrees, though of course as he knows full well the Robin costume /is/ red, yellow and green. With some black. Even in his later days as the Boy Wonder, when he'd switched to a more red and black outfit, he hadn't been able to completely shake the yellow. And now, these days…

"But no, magical artifacts isn't really something I know a lot about," he confirms. "It's hard not to be curious though, I mean… Zee's my friend, and it seems like she gets herself into a lot of dangerous situations that are… Way outside of my ability to do much about." Like getting her soul ripped apart by an evil secret organisation, or hunted by a Demon Prince and a cult, or coming to the attention of a primordial evil that predates existence as they understand it, or getting trapped in Hell… "And honestly I don't want to see anything awful happen to you two either, you both seem…"

Nice is probably not the word, Quill is clearly a reprobate and there's something… Brusque about Kitty. She has the air of someone who's been through a lot, and that it's made her harder, sharper.

Not that he's one to cast aspersions there.

"…Like good people, and I wouldn't want bad stuff to happen to anybody's soul. So, hopefully Zee comes back soon and can help you out."

He'll make sure of it. No matter what happens to him in exchange.


Kitty just looks at Peter for a moment. As she reads through his other notes, she realizes it goes from helpful to very much not very shortly. She sighs. "This started really good," she tells him. Maybe if he can be encouraged, he'll will continue in the right direction of note taking. It's impossible to tell with Peter Quill.

As she's focusing on the notes, she doesn't notice Quill's immediate and sudden poke in her side. She gives a squeak. It's high-pitched - between cute and shrill depending on the observer. She attempts to settle herself quickly. "I am being nice," she tells him in a low voice, swatting at the hand. "Unless you're talking about Tim, which I would agree. He should keep being nice."

As she settles down next to Quill - though perhaps wary of his next attack - and turns her attention back to Tim Drake. As he speaks, she nods a few times as he talks. It's clear she can't understand his thought process, but there's a bit of a shift of her legs on the couch. "We are good people. Or, at least, Groot, Lockheed and I are." She glances to Peter. "I"m not quite sure about Quill or Rocket just yet. They're pretty excited to blow things up."

Then, her eyes shift from Quill to Tim. Her tone does not change, nor does her position any more, but she tells him, "She'll be back soon. I'm sure of it." It's not just her saying that for 'the sake of her own soul.' This time, she's telling Tim this, attempting to be reassuring. Then, she adds, flippantly, "Then she can help us."


"That was kinda adoreable," Peter mutters after Kitty's little squeak, as if contemplating doing it again. He resists though, for now. Mostly because she would be expecting it now. She would just phase out of the way, and thats no fun. So he just tries to make her settling comfortable as he shifts over enough for her, smirking slightly at Tim.

"I have no idea about any of this stuff either, man. I'm just a pilot, who occasionally gets a group of assholes together in order to save a galaxy. Mostly because no one else could really be bothered to do it."

A quirked eyebrow. "Hey now! There is nothing wrong with blowing things up, it works as a solution most of the time. And Rocket is good at building that sort of things, he still has all his fingers. I'm not that bad a guy though, I mean we are called the guardians of the galaxy, not the… 'people that blow up things in the galaxy'. Its right in the name. Guardians. So I have to be a little bit good."

A flash of a grin. "Just a little though."

The grin fades a bit and he nods. "Yeah, I'm sure she will be. I know Jess is on the case, and she's pretty dogged about that sort of thing." A smirk though at Kitty's last. "…well…we might let her wait a day first. Maybe."


"I'm always nice," Tim says.

Though the trail of broken bones and general mayhem he's left in his wake over the years might suggest that's not strictly true. Also Stephanie Brown might have a few choice things to say about his niceness and its relative frequency.

The young man is plainly not sure what to make of all this talk about 'guardians of the galaxy' or whatever, since he is of course a perfectly normal college student whose knowledge of galactic affairs is pretty limited. Sure, there's like, the Green Lantern and stuff, but… Space pirates and the like are clearly beyond him. Dark blue eyes shift curiously between Quill and Kitty as their interplay unfolds, and the mutant accuses the spaceman of liking to blow things up.

Quill, of course, insists he's only 'a little bit' good.

Desperately wants to be Han Solo, Tim adds to his mental notes about Peter Quill.

When Kitty turns the faintest bit reassuring, he blinks slowly, and reaches up to brush his dark hair back out of his face; even Quill turns a bit more serious as he agrees with her. He's not used to other people trying to assure him of anything, these days, but he manages a faint smile, a bit sheepish.

"Yeah, she will," Tim agrees. "And I'm sure she won't waste any time before helping you guys, either."


Peter better not try again, Kitty is prepared and willing to snag and possibly break fingers should he attempt it. Luckily, he only shifts and allows her to settle again without provoking an attack of opportunity.

"There is certainly something wrong with blowing things up if random other places or people are caught up in the collateral!" While she sounds exasperated, it's unsure how many times they've had this argument. It could once, it could be quite a few. It's hard to tell with these two. "Yeah, but true or false, a lot of your solutions to guardian the galaxy involve explosions?" She raises an eyebrow at that. "I'm just saying, diplomacy could start to weave their way into your guardian capabilities."

With a roll of her eyes, she adds, "Yes, of course, once we find Zatanna we're not going to immediately put her on research duty." That, she thought, when without saying. But, she should possibly know by now that nothing involving Peter Quill goes without saying.

As Tim says that he's always nice, Kitty smirks. "Unless you're naughty?" There's a raised eyebrow there. Some might consider it flirting, but it sounds far more like teasing or, even, something akin to seriousness. While she may have gotten some insight onto Tim Drake, she has far less on Zatanna.

"I"m sure she won't," she agrees with Tim. "But, she should probably have some rest."


"Yeah, she's like that isn't she." A shake of his head as he just chuckles. "Did you know she told me I could stay here when the first thing she knew about me was that I tried to break into her house to get Rocket?" A smirk at that. "She just…jumps. Doesn't she?"

A smirk at that. Its actually pretty admirable, at least from his point of view. I mean really all he needs is 12% of a plan and he's off.

"Anyway!" He finally says as he looks back over his shoulder. "Before I get another lecture on the cost benifit analysis of blowing up things, why don't we go see what Groot and Lockheed found to watch and rest up ourselves."

A smirk crosses his face.

"Because I have a feeling, once the owner of this house is back? We're gonna need that energy."


"Are you kidding? If I'm naughty, it ends up on all the gossip pages," Tim replies, his brows lifting. "Ever since Bruce started adopting orphans he really toned down the playboy part of the 'billionaire playboy' thing, now all the muckrakers in Gotham watch me and Dick like hawks. Dick's the one who ends up on a party bus full of lingerie models, I'm the one who keeps his nose clean."

Damian is definitely the one most likely to end up in the news for a murder, though. Being raised by the League of Shadows really didn't do wonders for his social skills, except for the ones involving sharp implements and other people's vital organs.

As for the subject of Zatanna getting some proper rest once she gets back from wherever she is, Tim gives a rueful little shrug. He hopes she will get some rest, it's just that he's not entirely certain of it. But he'd be an enormous hypocrite if he pointed that out: Most nights he gets maybe four hours of sleep, and the first two weeks after he'd discovered the Princess of Prestidigitation was missing, he didn't sleep at all. There was no time to waste on it, when there were leads to chase… And besides, the only thing waiting for him when he closed his eyes was more nightmares.

"Yeah, resting is probably a good idea. Much better than blowing things up," he agrees.

At least, except when there's something that really needs exploding.


Kitty rolls her eyes a bit fondly at Quill. She doesn't answer him, though. What can she say? She's been staying at Shadowcrest for months without personally knowing Zatanna very well and all has seemed to work out fine. "Yes, energy is good."

Tim, instead, is given a bit of a roll of her eyes. For a detective like him, he may know that she suspects something else there as he talks about his hopes for Zatanna and her rest. However, she says nothing to the like. Why would she? That's not her business. She's slowly starting to learn about the idea of not shoving things together to make them fit. Her disastrous attempting with Jessica and that blind lawyer may be forefront of her mind while coming to that conclusion, in fact.

"See," she shoves Peter. "He agrees with me. Blowing things up is not the best resolution." Even the guy from Gotham thinks that! And that means something. Looking over to Tim, she gives a grateful and also apologetic look. "Thank you for talking to us about all our weird theories," she tells him. "We both appreciate it. He's learning about, you know, Earth stuff, and I don't know a lot about Gotham. We both really appreciate it." Without askig Quill if it's alright or not, she forges ahead. "If you need any questions answered, let us know. You know, quid pro quo and all."


"Well, I mean you two are allowed to be wrong about the explosives. I'm not gonna hold it against you." Peter drawls as he gets shoved. Smirking towards the both of them.

He is very keen on his explosives.

That and you'll never get Rocket to agree to not sure them. So…just go with it…

Then Kitty volenteers him for something. "Hey now I never…urgh…you can't just go volenteering people like that! …I mean I don't really know anything about Terra anyway. But I totally could find some ways to spice up those part" A pause as his brain processes something. "-bus full of lingerie models? Maybe I should meet this Dick guy."

…and this is usually where he gets slapped.


At Kitty's thanks, Tim just shrugs a little.

"I'm a helpful guy," he says. "But if it makes you feel any better, I'll take that as question credit down the line. Just in case I ever really need to know about some weird junk going down." It might be useful, after all. There are questions that Tim Drake can ask which Red Robin cannot, from people and at times that his masked identity can't, either. Never hurts to have a little something extra in your back pocket for a rainy day.

"It's not the sort of thing that happens every day," Tim tells Quill. At least, he hopes not. It sounds exhausting. "Though, with Dick you never know…"


Kitty just looks at Peter at his mention of the lingerie models. It's not that she is ignoring that so much as, what she can she say about that right now. Instead of slapping or punching him, she rolls her eyes and shoves herself upward from the couch. That seems to be the cue that the serious conversation is over.

"Yeah, I'm sure the both of us could use that credit, but sure it's yours," Kitty tells Tim with a smile. "I"m going to go see what Groot and Lockheed have pulled up on Netlix now. Tim? Care to join us? Your donuts are more than welcome. I'm sure Lockheed would appreciate them!"

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