Do You Even Lift?

April 01, 2017:

Mattias and Rogue get to know one another in the gym at Xavier's School.

Gym - Xavier's School


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It's nearing darkness hours at the Xavier Mansion. With March coming to an end and warmer April weather coming in, more and more of the tenants are making their way out in the evenings, leaving a din of quiet over the house as a whole. Mattias has come and gone plenty on his own schedule in between fits of finishing up an education that lagged past his twenties. Now, with the younger students piling into the entertainment room with the large television, the Swedish import disappears down towards the gym.

Mattias slips into the gym and sniffs the faint chlorine scent from the pool water. With a towel over one shoulder and a black tank top and shorts, he pads over to a hanging punching bag. A bottle of water is set down on a bench next to the towel he drapes over it. His hair is gathered behind his head in a ponytail and he turns towards the bag, staring at it intently before he reaches out to give it a little shove, testing its weight.

A tap with his fingers turns into a shoves with his knuckles, and then he's rolling his shoulders and neck muscles, preparing for some alone-time working out.

Rogue wasn't one for weight lifting, since her power-enhanced muscles were already capable of lifting a city bus. She didn't ever see much use in it. But she did like to sweat and she did like to exercise to achieve a sweat, so she was in the gym this Saturday evening, not feeling like going out and socializing with the same ol' people as usual.

The young mutant French Teacher is on the running track that encircles the gym equipment and she's dressed in a jogger's attire with slim fit pants and top with her hair tied back and brightly colored track shoes on her feet. She's got a bit more exposed skin than she typically had, but those who were around would likely see it and make sure to keep their distance from her.

So with ponytail swaying behind her and earbuds stuffed into her ears, she continues to run her imaginary race, though she's been at it for awhile now…

The bag Mattias shoves sways far, far too easily. The tall, blonde man's yet to make the mistake, but there's two punching bags: one for tenants of normal human strength, and another that's been wrapped, reinforced, and stuffed to the gills with extra weight for the strong, which he is as well. He catches the bag in its swing, steadies it, and then steps over to the other bag.

All it takes is a gentle shove and he knows he's found the right one. He hops twice and shakes his limbs out, loosening up, and then spares a few punches to the bag that echo hollow, meat-packing sounds into the gym proper. The bag wobbles and sways on the heavy chains holding it in place.

It's then that he spies Rogue coming around her next rotation. A blonde eyebrow cracks high over a blue eye in his fighting stance, waiting until she's nearby. Once she's close, he fans his fingers out in a wave off of his brow to her.

Rogue takes note of the blonde haired man from the snowball fight stnading off to her left as she jogged at a casual pace. She'd reach her left hand up and offer a wave and a big smile back at him as she passed on by, but as she reached the end of the stretch on that side of the room she began to slow herself, bared arms swaying at her side as she moved around in a circle and caught her breath, hands now on her hips.

Rogue waltzed about like this for a moment, her endurance catching up with her and she recovered a bit faster than the average person. She headed fotward a table near the weightlifting equipment and grabbed at her bag of items that was laying there.

One earbud pulled out of the left ear and the right out of the other. She set them (and her phone) back into her bag and then pulled out a bottle of water to take a nice big chug from it!

Mattias only gets half of a flashed set of teeth, a smile of some kind, before the French Teacher goes zooming off past his muscular shoulders and further down the track. A drive-by smirk, if anything. Greetings in passing are always two-ships.


Arms flexing into a boxing stance, Mattias throws a few more combination punches at the bag, gritting his teeth a little into the punches. On a long enough timeline, punching bags are one part training to two parts therapy, and this session doesn't seem to be any different.

"Did I steal the room from you?" Mattias calls out over his shoulder as he plants a hand to the bag, steadying it once more. The chains rattle and he swings his ponytail over his shoulder, looking her way. "Some of the tweens are watching Twilight up there. I fled for my life, you know?"

Rogue looked over and up at him when she heard his voice calling out to her and after registering what he'd said she flashed a grin at him, turned toward him and started to walk at him with her right hand holding the bottle of water and her left resting up against her hip.

"Lotsa great abs in those movies." She said at him once she was closer and didn't have to speak too loudly. "So you're missin' out on that." She smiled some more but then bit down on her lowerlip to cease it and glanced at the bag he was punching on. "You're hittin' on the big bag?" She asked him then. "So you're supah strong, I guess?" She'd ask then, now showing a sly grin, giving the plastic water bottle a cuople of squeezes causing it to do that plasticky popping noise each time she squeezed on it.

"My mom made me carry all of the groceries when I was a kid. Back then I could carry her and the groceries up the stairs." Mattias sticks his tongue out a little past his teeth, this grin more pronounced than the last as he turns. He places his body so that Rogue, in her approach, is on the other side of the bag. He can be violent and see her at the same time. Everybody wins.

The bag wobbles with another punch, a swing-in from the side that sends the heavy thing jittering to the right.

"Oh, I've got all the abs I need, and can give myself surly Englishman looks in the mirror all I want on my own, thank you," Mattias laughs, narrowing an eye Rogue's way. He pats his abdomen, concealed abs as they are beneath a layer of tank top material. His head shakes, quickly, then he's back to his punching.

"Never did get that cigarette from you before we got attacked with snow." THUMP. "I'm Mattias." THUNK. "Pleased to meet you."

Rogue would listen to his words about abs and strength and it just made her grin as she wobbled a bit where she stood, swayed even, she'd been running for awhile so its possible she was a bit spent or still amped up from the exercise.

The southern belle walked over to a bench not but a few steps away and then turned to perch herself down on the edge of it. She sat her water bottle down between her shoed feet and then fussed with her hair a bit as the ponytail was cinched oddly after running, her white bangs were framing her face on either side.

"I generally try t'keep the smokes outta the gym. Runnin' and smokin' at the same time seems t'get me more heat from the nerds around here than I care t'deal with." She was teasing, of course, her southern accented words were followed up with a big grin.

"Nice t'officially meet ya though, Mistah Mattias. Most around here call me Rogue, though on the books I'm Marie. So… whichevah's best for you, I won't twist you're arm if ya don't like using goofy nicknames." She flashed another grin then lenaed foward to get her water bottle off the floor again for another sip.

"Smoking and running at the same time? God, that's," Mattias hisses a laugh. His teeth grit through his grin as he hits the bag again, arms flexing into corded muscle with the effort. "Hardcore in a way I can't even fathom, Miss Rogue." Mattias parts his lips, flashing his teeth past the bag to Rogue, unsure as to whether he believes her, or not.

His blue eyes dip when she leans over, watching her grab her bottle. By the time she's back up again, his eyes are back on the bag, steadying it for another round of Jerry Springer therapy. He's not half as sweaty as she is. His ponytail flops where hers sloshes, but flop it does, while he punches.

"Rogue works." Mattias replies, testing the word on his tongue. "I got called Siege once or twice but I haven't really committed yet to powers and the tights and the flying around, so maybe just Mattias works for now, yeah?" He huffs, rolling his eyes at himself. His knee stops the bag and he hops in place twice again, getting his arms back up.

"Tell me three interesting things about yourself." Mattias icebreaks, winking to her before another punch sails in.

Eyes were something that Rogue was used to having on her, hands? no, but eyes? You bet. So even if she had noticed him watching her, she certainly didn't mind it. She took that swig from her water bottle and then leaned back on the bench and crossed her legs at the knee with ther right leg up ontop, hands going to the topso fher thighs.

She would grin at him and what he said to her. "Oh, uh… Three whole things?" She repeated. "That are interestin'?" She teased back with a grin and a look off toward her left. "Gosh, put a lady on the spot t'impress, why don'tcha?" A look was given back to him then, big smile and a knowing stare.

Her mostly bare shoulders would be shrugged then and there. "I'm a mutant, obviously." She started. "But my mutation is kinda strange. I mean, as far as mutants go." A small smirk then. "I absorb othahs… souls, an' any abilities they have… kinda suck their minds up, along with their genetic mutations… if they have any." She exhaled that quickly. "So thats one, Ah guess."

"A second one… hmm…" Her lifted foot would wobble some in a circular motion as she sat there and pondered about herself.

"Oh, come on, you don't sound like the rest of the Americans I know, and you're living at a school for mutants. Something tells me you won't have to dig so deep, Rogue." Mattias bends an elbow, flexing the muscle tissue up to his shoulder. His fingers free up from their closed-fisted stance, drumming in the air to loosen up. "Besides, from what I saw, you're quick on your feet."

Smirking to himself, Mattias stops punching for a few seconds to lift the front of his tank top to dab at his neck. The black fabric lifts, revealing a washboard line of abs worthy of any animatronic pizza place robot's jughouse band. For only a second, of course, before the fabric flops back into place.

"Sounds like you're not one of the ones to piss off." Mattias wraps an arm around the bag and leans into it, hanging against its weight in a half-hug. His cheek taps the duct-taped bag as he looks from wobbling foot to Rogue's face. "I have all kinds of questions after two and three come out, Rogue. That is, if you don't hit me with curiosity of your own."

Mattias grins broadly to the woman, fingers curling in a come-hither for her to continue.

"More. Please." Mattias beckons.

Rogue watched him as he spoke and showed off those pretty muscles of his, she was certainly an admirerer of a finely toned male body, probably more-so than most of the other women at the school even. Sure he was younger than her, she could tell that much… she wasn't even sure why he was at the school in-fact, but still she liked that he took care of himself.

A grin was shown at his words though and she glanced away again, pulled the thick mass of dark brown hair that was behind her, up and over her right shoulder so it would drape down her front. "Fast yeah, only cause I… used t'be a bad girl." She said with a small grin. "Ya see, Ah used my powers t'capture someone for a friend'a mine at the time. Only, Ah sorta hung on a little too long?" She shook her head. "Sucked all the poor woman's abilities right outta here, and damn near all'a her life too. Left'er to die afterward too… Make no mistake about it… I ain't proud of it. But whats done is done."

She would then place that water bottle of hers back up to her lips and take another drink of it. "So, positive or a negative.. thats something 'interestin' about me… Ah'd say."

Younger, yes. Mattias has a few years of youth, but in between punches there's a bite to his jaw and a sharpness to his eyes that even the Swede doesn't quite understand yet. With every tap of his knuckles to the bag, there's a film of confliction written in his skin, a puzzle that the man has been working on for years. A mallrat, he is not.

"You know, I heard some stories from people, some good, some bad, it's kind of who we are, isn't it?" Mattias flattens his lips to Rogue in a sliver of sympathy, though the hard lines about his brow don't detail any disgust for her revelation. "I went to Mutant Town earlier today and there were people talking, handing out fliers, telling stories. Stop me if I'm getting too deep here, lady." Mattias smirks and shoves at the bag, resigning to punching again. "Normal people make mistakes getting through their teens. Our mistakes are just…weirder."


"I'm from Sweden. That's boring." Mattias starts to offer details, smiling down to Rogue, trading his attention between her and the bag. "I've been strong since I was born, which I hear is weird for mutants, but I can teleport, which happened when I was about fifteen, maybe sixteen?" His fingers wave around his ear, unsure. "So I'm here to get some cover over my head while waiting to see if anyone can figure out what the hells I'm about. I'm a mutant, like you, just…not sure if there's something else going on."

Rogue watched him pummel the bag with his well timed strikes and she nodded approvingly at it. Since that was one of the things she instructed the X-Men on, she was happy to see Mattias had some training of his own.

"Guess I'll start callin' you whats his face… Pewdiepie?" She asked him with a big grin. "Our Swedish Mutant, the Pewds." Rogue was a child of the modern era and somehow she managed to know at least a little about what was popular these days, probably because she taught at a school full of kids.

She gently shook her head then. "And don't you worry, Mistah." She told him. "There is -definitely- more goin' on than you think. I've often been told that we may neve'ah fully understand our own mutations an' how they all work, what their limits truly are… Some of us anyway. Not that poor kid who was here last year who's mutation seemed t'only be the power t'grow his fingernails out." She grinned, remembering that kid… "He was a lotta fun though, had a great personality. Joked about it with the resta us all the time."

Mattias' lower jaw wobbles as being called Pewds. The mockup of looking like he's about to throw up as him patting his chest and reaching out with a meaty hand to stop the bag in its place. A soft laugh escapes him, and as he bends over to shoulder the bag, he waggles a finger towards Rogue, a warning of some kind.

"Oh, come on, we're getting along fine, Miss. Don't make me throw this bag at you." Mattias bares his teeth to her, huffing out a bit of a growl. Then, like throwing gasoline on a fire, he brings his palm against the bag in a loud, distracting SLAP.

"You want a few punches? I'll hold it for you." Mattias extends a bare hand to her, offering to help her up from the bench.

"For what it's worth I've been stuck indoors, kept on the quiet for the last few years. I'm just now getting out to meeting people, making friends that I keep for longer than a few weeks at the time. So everything you're doing right now is a god-send. The only other person I really spend time with seems to think I'm related to Thor." Eeeeeyroll. Pat. "Come hit the bag."

Rogue gave him a big grin after his warning from her Pewdiepie reference and she shrugged her shoulders and sipped from her water again. She sat the bottle back on the bench beside her and she exhaled softly. Her head would shake then side to side at his invitation to come and hit the bag.

"I'm not allowed t'use the stuff in here." She told him then, hands back ontop of her thighs now inside those black exercise pants she was wearing. She figured that he was now going to ask why, sos he exhaled and stood up.

Rogue would then walk toward him, eyeing him with her big green pupils and approached the punching bag and the reinforced housing it was connected too. She walked around it, her right hand reaching out to place fingertips upon the frame of the aparatus and then it was joined by her left. She stopped walking, both hands on the housing now.

Without a whole lot of effort, she lifted the whole bag up with everything connected to it. It was like several hundred pounds but she lifted it up like it was a baby out of its crib after a mid morning's nap. She exhaled and moments later sat it all back down erhe it had been.

A heavy exhale. "They don't let me punch the stuff in here, cause I'm liable t'break it all… again." Rogue's training all took place in the Danger Room's simulated enviroment now.

Mattias steps back, giving Rogue the bag. It's more than enough time than the man needs to dab his face with the front of his shirt again and lean over to take up his own water bottle. In the sly way most men think they're clever, he waits until he's leaning over to glance the way of Rogue's legs, sneaking a look in from a safer distance. Leering may be creepy, but most men study the hard art of noticing without staring.

Blonde brows lift as she hefts the bag easily. The cap of the bottle snaps and is screwed off, and with a bobbing head and a flat pair of lips, Mattias makes a throaty sound of approval. He tips the bottle back and swigs, then leaves it beside his towel.

"You're the first girl I've met who's got the super strength, too." Mattias smiles broadly to the white-banged mutant. He holds up a finger and steps over to her, keeping the bag between them. Dipping, he reaches under it with one hand and lifts the bag like it's a bag of paper towels. Without any strain on his face, his eyes boggle from side to side. Simple, really.

"I'll share something with you that's a bit of my fucked up, yeah?" Mattias asks, dropping the bag back in place. He plants a hand against the back of his hip and taps his stomach with the other. "I pull my punches in here. A while ago I was being trained by someone who wanted to teach me to hide my strength; to fit in. He was strong, too, and he'd make me swing and swing at these bags and if I hit it too hard, he'd hit me with a stick." Mattias, averts his eyes and lifts a blithe shoulder. "Weird, I know, but it keeps me from breaking everything."

Rogue would take a back seat to him as he put his strength on display in the same way that she had. When he had finsiehd he'd see her leaning back against an assisted weightlifting machine with her forearms crossed behind her on the small of her back. She was grinning at him and nodding slowly.

"So we share that in common." She said to him with a grin. "Course, you probably didn't steal yours from someone like I did. So I guess you win." She grinned a little softer then and there.

She heard what he said about being trained to not damage things and it made her exhale. "I just… get kinda worked up when I punch things or get, ya know… physical. I get kinda, angry, like there's a monste'ah inside'a me, tryin' t'break free." She gently shook her head side to side. "Hank says its just angah issues, cause of a bad childhood. But, I don't know… I think its all the souls inside'a me that I've been collectin', tryin' t'rip their way outta my body t'go back where they belong."

Rogue would wobble a bit where she was leaning and she flashed him a smile on her red lips. "Guess that counts as 'Interestin' Thing Numbah Three'?" She'd ask, head tilted to the left a bit while eyeing him.

"It's a pretty interesting number three," Dipping his chin, Mattias steps back and lowers his chin. His hands reach up behind his head to undo the ponytail he's set for his hair, then works to retie it. The damned hair tie is in the halfway range where it's too stretched out or not enough. A few dollars for grocery store hair ties never really does the trick. "I mean, it's a lot better than what your favorite color is or that the most interesting thing about you is that you have every Aerosmith album." Flop. Mattias drops the ponytail back into place. All better.

"I get angry, too. I don't take in souls, so I'm going to take your word on it." Mattias motions to Rogue's belly with his fingers, carefully. His lips curl into a genuine smile, though his blue eyes aren't so sharp. Somewhere in there he's trying to do the mental math on whether or not mutant powers can swallow souls. Are there souls? The equation fizzles. "But I'm not Hank and I'm not that man who's going to overthink things or psychoanalyze. That's Jean's department."

Mattias takes a step closer, planting a hip against a weight lifting bench. He drops his eyes from her face to her shoulder, then back again, considering her.

"Look, I should probably take a shower beforehand, but do you want to go do something?" Mattias laughs through his smile. "Go get some food or find a better movie than werewolf ab-fest? I'm having a good time talking to you, but I doubt you want to sit here and watch me punch at a bag. I just came down here because it was getting so quiet I was ready to headbutt a wall."

Rogue gently nodded her head as he replied and she showed amusement about the Aerosmith thing. She was a big fan of classic rock, but she didn't own a single hardcopy of any music… all her stuff was digital, because again… she's a modern aged kinda girl.

At his invitation to get out of here and go do stuff off-campus she smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "I suppose I could oblige in that invitation." She said back at him, pushing off of the machine she was leaned against and sauntering over toward her stuff. "Seemns like the summe'ah movie season starts before Spring even starts nowadays. So I'm told there's lotsa good stuff out."

She'd glance back at him then and smile. "So you'll have t'reciprocate an' tell me three things about you that you think I should know about!" She said whilst back stepping toward the table with her duffle bag on it.

"Out for a movie or in? There's gotta be another TV around here we could Netflix at that isn't surrounded by the teenagers." Mattias turns as she saunters off, sparing a final glance over his shoulder to her while she walks away. He turns, stretching his arms high over his head, then flops them back down into place, grabbing his towel. "Warning, I don't have a car yet. I can drive, but I'm here on a visa."

The towel flaps up through the air and lands atop Mattias' shoulder. When he turns, he's glancing towards the stairs, then takes a step that way.

"Three things." Mattias sucks the corner of his lip between two teeth, then flubs it back into place. "The doctor who helped my mother get pregnant with me turned out to be crazy. It's a long, long story, but I actually have two mothers back in Sweden that I both call mom. No clue about my father, but…like I said, it's a long story." Mattias cringes a little, then moves to lean in the doorway to the stairs, watching Rogue and waiting on her.

"Second? Fuckhrmmm." The tall, muscular northman taps his skull a few times against the frame. "I dated a girl once a long time ago who turned out to be really into herself, so it didn't end up well at all. I had to cut things off, but my friend Joakim back home tells me that she's some kind of weird cocaine bikini model married to some really old heavy metal guy in England now, so…" Mattias snaps a finger. "…six degrees of separation with fame, that."

Rogue grinned at the Netflix thing and she nodded her head. "There's a television in the teacher's lounge on the third floor. Its not as widely used as the ones in the recreation room are." Her bag was lifted up and hung over her right shoulder by the strap atop it.

She walked toward him, listening to him speak about himself and the mother thing was certainly intriguing, strange… but not the strangest thing she'd heard at this school by any means. At the bit about the ex she flashed a grin at him upon arriving at the doorway. "Sounds like she got everything she could evah want. All the coke she can snort up her perfect little nose?" She said in a questioning style. "Twenty years from now she'll look like a damn horror movie monste'ah, so I wouldn't worry too much about her."

"Thats two though, so you're still shy one." She noted with a grin, taking another sip of her water as she'd follow him out of the room.

"Well, if a girl named Lemma that comes up to about here," Mattias grins cheesily to Rogue, holding his hand up to the height of his chest. "And looks like a mummy, but has blonde hair and a tramp stamp of a cartoon bat jumps out at you, no worries for stealing her soul." Mattias, swings a leg around and heads up the stairs ahead of Rogue. "Because she's got none." Another laugh. "I was sixteen. No worries; she's not the one who got away."

Taking the stairs quickly, Mattias does his best to keep slightly ahead of, if not beside Rogue, on his way up the back staircase. The loud-as-hell sound of vampires fighting werewolves can be heard, and there are even a few dreamy-esque sighs from the younger female students to match the awkward groans from the teenaged young men from ab-festival Twilight on the TV.

"Three." Mattias turns down the hall and comes to a stop at a door. He nudges it open with his heel, steps in, and taps the door to his bathroom open. The towel is thrown in. The inside of the room is threadbare, but a few silk-screened wall hangings of Europpean metal bands are on the walls, a few framed pictures, but little else. Mattias has truly yet to make the room his home.

He stops in his doorway and turns to look to Rogue, hands behind his back.

"When I was a kid I had to stop playing hockey because I was hurting other kids. It's," Mattias' lips warble. "Completely unfair and I was crushed. Devastated. I shoulder-checked this kid through the glass and into a guy carrying a tray of soda and popcorn. Fokk, Rogue, he just flew." Mattias laughs and shakes his head. "So…if you do the sports thing or want to against a guy who you won't break. You'll be my new best friend."

Once they reached the top of the stairs, Rogue had her long black gloves out of her bag and was sliding them up her arms to her elbows to conceal her hands and forearms, just incase she had to do anything for the students up here. She smirked at the souless woman comment, but didn't add on to that.

She would follow him through the hallways to the room he was assigned and she stood inside the doorway, leaning against it with one bare shoulder while the other had her duffle held on it by the strap, the bag pressing up against her hip. She smiled at the story about the sporting event.

"The ironic part is is that I just played a game'a hockey about'a month'a go when the lake was still frozen. I'd neve'ah done it before, but some'a the kids play on a team in town, they wanted someone t'play goalie, so I jumped it." She flashed a grin. "All those bulky pads… were just kinda fun t'wear, and they didn't get a single shot past me… Course, they claimed I was usin' my flight power t'cheat, but I really wasn't… I mean, only t'stand back up again when I fell down. But thats nothing." She grinned then.

"I hope the kid you put through the glass wasn't… dead, or, ya know… hurt too bad."

Walking backwards, Mattias keeps his eyes on Rogue while she tells her story. He slides open one of his dresser drawers and pulls out a pair of black lounge pants, which he throws into his bathroom with a whoosh. After it goes a tank top, all fodder for the inevitable pre-movie shower. By the time she's done, he's watching her from a tilted angle, clawing out his hair tie with a snarl.

"I must have just gotten here a month or two too late; that would have been fun." Mattias grins, bobbing his eye to those long gloves she wears, not quite understanding it all yet, but no questions are lobbed her way. He looks from her shoulder, to her face, then the bag she's carrying. "Not that I'm suggesting we shove each other around in hockey equipment or anything, but us stronger people have to stick together. We're the only people who understand, and the only people that can really shove each other around without putting somebody in the hospital."

With an inward sniff, Mattias motions to the waiting shower, then to his room, the hallway. He reaches behind his head and scratches, fingers gun-handing towards his private bathroom.

"I don't want to smell like a beast while we're watching a movie, so I'm gonna jump in. If you wanna yet through the door or whatever, hang out, feel free. Or we could meet in the lounge? Oh-" Mattias turns to slip through the door, looking back to her, over his shoulder. He tugs at his tank top and smirks over the tip of his shoulder.

"The kid was fine, just shaken up and his dad was livid." Mattias snorts and kicks off his shoes. "My mom was mortified. She shooed me out and I never went back to that rink. She was worried I was going to get branded a mutant and get stoned or something."

Rogue grinned at the man and she watched him getting ready for his shower, like the adult version of those kids in the other room fawning over the boys in that movie. She gently nodded her head about them playing contact sports, boy she had a lot more to explain to him about why that was a bad idea didn't she? Another time though.

"Right, right." She said with a small grin. "I'mma hop on ove'ah t'my room an' do the same. I'll meet ya in the lounge then, Mistah." She said to him, lifting up her righ thand and wiggling her gloved fingers in a wave toward him, offering a smile as she would then gently close his door and head off toward her own room to get cleaned up and changed into different clothing.

Stalling in throwing the shirt aside, Mattias, shoulders his bathroom door half-closed and waves a hand to her twittering fingers. His chin jerks upwards as the line of the door starts to make the rest of him disappear. "I'll be five minutes, Rogue, if that. I'll grab something to snack on then come back up." Mattias adds before both doors click and he's left alone.

It's a quick shower, really. Too quick of a shower, but the tall, blonde northman dunks his head under the spraying water and for the slightest moment, the imagery of some ancient waterfall and an alien planet crosses his mind. Again. Like always, he shakes the thought off, blissfully unaware that one or two theories that he might not actually be entirely mutant are closer to the truth. An odd sense of Asgard comes and goes, and within minutes, he's a clothed viking, raiding down to the kitchens.

Minutes later, Mattias is strolling into the private lounge. With a bowl of popcorn and a iced mix of water, soda, and beer (Because, truly, he stared blankly into the fridge not sure), he claims the room and sets the food down on a coffee table. He rakes a finger through his hair, making sure it's long and straight again, and gives himself a once-over. Black lounge pants and a plain, black tee shirt. It's the closest thing to later-night wear he owns, but it'll have to do.

The viking needs to go shopping, eventually.

There, he flops onto the couch and takes up a remote control, loading up the TV's Netflix account, and begins to flip while waiting for Rogue.


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