Radio Days

March 31, 2017:

After a bit of sisterly blackmail, Tony sits down with Trish for an interview.

The Studio of Trish Walker, host of Trish Talks


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Trish stands in front of the window of her studio, staring at the chair she hadn't sat in since her run in with the Joker. If not for the fact that today she was interviewing Tony Stark, she would have extended her trauma induced vacation. Jessica had gone out of her way to set it up for Trish, and cancelling would be poor repayment.

Trish has a wicked case of butterflies in her stomach, partly from anxiety of a repeat of her last show, and partly from nerves over having The Tony Stark on her show. Granted she had met him at Jessica's movie night, but they hadn't really talked. Mostly because Trish was trying really hard not to be the obvious Captain America fan girl, and a little because she knew she would want to 'talk shop', which Jess had strictly forbidden with her white board.

Trish pulls out her phone, checking the time, and for a text from Jessica. She had finally gotten the word to go and find her missing friend. Despite Jess's instructions to try and not worry, Trish was in full blown worry mode, which was actually helping distract her from her own issues at that particular moment.

Trish turns to her assistant, who had been unobtrusively hovering at her side. "Zach, please make sure the coffee is fresh, the soda is cold, and could you add a couple bottles of water. I'd like Mr. Stark to be as comfortable as possible. Thank you."

She knows she's micromanaging, that Zach has things well in hand, and that he's probably already seen to all of that. Trish starts to pace in front of the window, talking herself into being a cool, calm, professional radio host instead of the hot mess she felt like on the inside.


"Mr. Stark is pretty easy to make comfortable," Comes a familiar and amused voice from the door of the room. Its the voice of one Tony Stark, who is in t-shirt and denim and leaning on the doorframe with a smirk on his face. Behind him is an out of breath doorman with a shocked and apologetic look on his face.

"So, let myself up." He adds cheerfully towards Trish as she glances around the sound studio. "And I'm early."


"Also I'm not Mr. Stark, I'm Tony." He adds with a wave of his hand. "Makes me more personalable in focus groups, which I need since most of those focus groups think I'm an ass." A beatpause. "Which I am. You have any snacks? I left mine in the car."


Trish gives a start, complete with a small yelp, at the unexpected voice. She glances between him and the doorman, biting her lip, trying not to break out in hysterical giggles. Trish pats her chest, over her heart, and waves at the man behind Tony. "It's okay we're expecting Mister, oh I mean Tony, today. Thank you."

Trish turns to Tony with a grin while still rubbing her chest in an attempt to get her heart out of her throat. She sticks her other hand out to shake Tony's in greeting.

"Thanks for coming in, Tony. I know you're very busy and really appreciate you making time for me. Ah, snacks, yes. We've got a stocked kitchen. What can I get for you? Please make yourself comfortable."

Trish gestures to the brand new chairs she had demanded before her return in the studio. Yes, it was a capital 'D' Diva move. She knew that, but had done it anyways.


"I'm always busy but that doesn't mean I dont' have time to do things." He quips as he crosess the floor in two quick steps to take her hand. Its a firm grip, and the light from the ARC reactor can easily be seen at this range. Its light leaks though the fabric of his t-shirt like a odd halo. He steps back though before it gets awkward and glances towards the kitchen. "Oh nice! Some of those little dried papaya pieces, or mango, or blueberries. All of them are great." With that he turns to thump himself in one of the chairs and wriggle around for a moment. "Man, these havn't been broken in yet. Nice. New. You didn't buy em just for me did you? I mean I'm worth it but I'd feel kinda bad." He pauses for a breath before he adds. "So how is this going to work? Since mostly people try to keep me off these things. See previous 'I'm a ass' comment."


Trish's eyes drop to the reactor glow for a moment, before focusing back on her guest's face. She's remembering the massive crush she had on him, when she was in her teens. As Tony retreats to the chair Trish pulls on the bottom of her black blazer over rich purple blouse and black slacks to regain her train of thought.

"They are brand new. You are the very first guest to sit in one. I'll be honest and tell you it wasn't just to try and impress you, which I might have had I thought of it. I had them replaced after my last guest. Who happened to be none other than the Joker," Trish waves her hand in a dismissive motion, playing it cool, like it's no big thing to have a psychotic, murdering, mad man on her talk show. "So no offense, you'll have to work pretty hard to beat that in the 'being an ass' department. I'll be right back with those snacks. Drinks will be here shortly."

Trish hustles out and comes back with the mangoes, blueberries, and dried cherries since they didn't have the papaya. Zach shows up with the beverages at the same time so she snags a bottle of water for herself.

"Pick your poison." She jokes with a grin. "Coffee, water, or pop?"


"Ooo cherries," Tony seems the most easily distracted figure that she's seen in recent times. He plucks a pair of the fruits up, pops them in his mouth, and sits back in the new chair. Almost like he hadn't been listening to anything that wasn't about him…

…but then…

"Water, and I'm going to guess that wasn't a planned interview. Because if it was you need to fire your agent. Possibily out of a cannon of some sort." He quips as he sprawls over the chair, and stats to slowly spin it with his foot.

…because it spins and therefor must be spun…


Trish passes Tony a bottle of water, and takes her seat after mentally bracing herself to do so. She watches Stark spin in the chair, momentarily mesmerized by his spinning. So far, meeting Tony had been nothing like what she had been expecting.

"You could say that. The planned interview cancelled and he took advantage of the open spot to send a message to Batman." Trish forces a grin that manages to look natural. "I'm told the ratings were my highest yet. It's hard to follow something like that, but I'm game to give it a go if you are."

Trish picks up her pen and pulls her notepad closer so she can write on it. "Before we get started, are there any topics that are off limits?"


"Uhhh…lets see…try to keep ex-girlfriends out of it cause they get mad when I can't remember their names. Nothing too technical because then people I don't like frowning at me come and frown at me and beyond that…I'm an open book. Fire away." A pause as he throws a third cherry into his maw and stops with the spinning.

"Oh yeah nothing about national security or anything like that. I have to sign things about that and Pepper gets really mad when I ignore them. My back hurts and I don't want to sleep on the couch again." He grins brightly at that. "But yeah! I'm all ears!"

He settles himself, leaning backwards into the chair almost to the tipping point but not quiiiiiiiite.

A grin flashes to his face. "Annd lets see if I can break those ratings. Without actually crashing your party." A pause. "Though I do love crashing parties."


Trish chuckles as she jots down a few notes, including 'don't piss Pepper off', which covered a couple of the items on Tony's list. She glances over at her producer and gets a two minute warning signal. Trish helps herself to a couple blueberries and washes them down with some water. Now that it was getting very close to show time, she's pleasantly surprised to find the nerves were pretty much down to the usual pre-show flutters.

"I remember! I would have chatted with you more, but Jess had a strict 'no shop talk' rule and I'll admit to having a small case of being shy around that many superheroes. Alright, no exes, no technical sciencey questions, and stay away from the top secret, classified, juicy stuff. Kind of a bummer since I've now got to rethink my whole show on the fly."

Trish winks at Tony to show she's joking, before putting on her headphones, and motions for Tony to do the same. She can hear her producer's voice counting down to live in her ear, and finally gets the go ahead.

"Hello New York! 'Trish Talks' is back live on WNEX, after a short, unexpected hiatus. I'm your host, Trish Walker, and today I have the pleasure of speaking with one of New York's biggest names, Tony Stark. Welcome to the show Tony, we're honored to have you. I have to say, this is kind of exciting for me, since I'm a pretty big Iron Man fan. I've always wondered, and have to ask since I've got the opportunity. How do you unwind after you're done being Iron Man? I feel like I'd be keyed up for a couple days, possibly weeks, after flying around and eliminating threats like you do."


"Hello New York!" Tony greets the world. There is a beat-pause. "I've always wanted to do that. Anyway how do I unwind? I find booze and yoga help." Again a beat pause before he smirks slightly. "No but seriously, what do I do to when I'm done being Iron Man? To unwind?" This time he pauses a moment to think, one finger tap-tap-taps on the edge of the chair.

"I build things, helps me calm down. I mean since everyone knows I'm Iron Man its not like I stop being Iron Man, but building helps me think and unwind. Its what I do, its what I love. Its what drives most people that know me crazy."


All it takes is getting out the initial greeting, and Trish is right back at home behind the mic. She grins at the picture of Tony doing yoga while drinking cocktails, which she had absolutely to trouble coming up with thanks to her overactive imagination. She made herself focus on the interview before got carried away with inappropriate images.

"That makes sense, keeps your hands busy, but allows the mind to wander a little depending on what you're doing. What drives them crazy, Tony? Is it the amount of time you do it, or is it more what you build? And I've gotta ask. What's the craziest thing you've ever built, besides the Iron Man suit."


"I would say offhand the answer to that is…yes." Tony replies with but a moments thought. Just with this interview its obvious the man never sits still, he's always moving. His eyes never seem to settle one place for long, his finger never stills. He spins the chair on occasion.

Its not a nervous energy though, its simply energy to excess. It has no where else to go when he's sitting and talking. This is what he channels into his building, which might explain why he is able to do what he does.

"As for the craziest thing…uh…there are so many. I mean people tell me I can't build that or I can't do that then I have to do it just to prove them wrong. Its a horrible compulsion I know. But recently? I just finished an ARC reactor powered ice tea maker. Uses the reactor to filter and steep everything. Its delicious."


Trish watches Tony, head slightly tilted, fingers tapping on her lips, as she listens and plans her next question. So far, Tony was doing a great job with moving the interview along.

"The same thing that powers the suit, your building, and keeps you alive also makes iced tea." Both of Trish's eyebrows have risen in surprise. It's getting close to 'technical sciency' questions, but she's sure she can keep it from being too much.

"Some might say that's a touch overkill, including myself at first glance. Stark Industries is currently leading the way in clean energy development, are they not? What caused you to make the shift from weapons into the energy sector?"


"What can I say. I like a thing that can multitask." Tony replies with a grin. "And technicly magnets keep me alive, the reactor just powers them." He likes technicalities. They are what makes most of inventions work really.

The question though causes him to pause. There is a thoughtful look for a moment as his mind races ahead of the question. "…well we are trying. Its a new technology and new technologies are always slow to catch on. It'll work itself out eventually. The other though…"

It takes him another moment to work out a responce. "Well they say that nearly dying can bring perspective. It did. So after that, after seeing first hand what the things I designed did to people, I decided to swich the focus of my work. I'm sure that sounds like I'm trying to pay off the debt, undo the damage I did with all those designs. I know I can't, but I can at least stop doing more and maybe add back to the world."

A pause.

"Was that too deep? That was too deep wasn't it? Maybe too dark? Do we need to show some pictures of puppies now?"


Trish lets out a quick laugh, for the puppies comment. Again, Trish finds herself nodding along in understanding. Being confronted with the uglier side of one's actions, especially in a near-death fashion, would make most people change what they were doing.

"Deep, yes. Dark, not at all or even remotely close to the worst we've seen on the show. And very honest as well, Tony. I think it what Ghandi who said "be the change you want to see in the World", which I'd say is exactly what you're doing. But you make a good point, time to lighten it up a bit. Even Thomas Edison had to find all the ways how not to make a lightbulb before he figured out how to make them work. Have you ever been in a similar situation? If so, what were you trying to build, and what was the most spectacular fail?"


There is a smirk from Tony at that. "I see how it is, its now time to laugh at Tony. Well I guess I should give them what they want. Lets see…well I was trying to build the Mark II suit. And…like Edison said…I figured a lot of ways to /not/ build it. The Mark I was…I guess driven by the desire not to die in a cave, and it only had to work once. The Mark II? I wanted something a little more there. Wanted to give it legs."

A smirk from Stark.

"I have no idea how many times I fell though the ceiling or slammed myself into a wall, or landed on something expensive and breakable while I was trying to get it to work. It was a lot. But….eventually I got it figured out."


Trish is grinning as she listens to Tony's story. She can picture everything he's describing, letting out a small laugh as she gets to the part where he's talking about being slammed through ceilings and walls. It reminds her a little of the time Jessica broke her marble sink, trying to get a handle on her strength.

"I'll be honest, I was hoping it would be something rather hilarious, and you haven't disappointed Tony. I bet you had a contractor on speed dial during those times and I'm sure whoever it was did a happy dance every time they saw your number on the call display. Consider this the blooper reel portion of the interview."

Trish takes a sip of water as she plans the next question. So far, Tony is not living up to his reputation as an ass. She almost comments on it but decided to not jinx herself.

"I think you definitely have the whole flying metal suit thing figured out, and then some. Everyone wants to get their hands on Stark technology, but that's nothing new. Do you ever get tired of being in the public eye all the time? Most celebrities I interview say they miss the freedom that goes along with anonymity."


"Well I guess they just can't take the heat then," Tony replies with a wave of his hand. "I mean I could have had anonymity. Most people I know tell me I should have had anonymity. Likly been saver, and quieter, but its just not me. I'm Tony Stark, and I guess I was just born to it. It doesn't bother me that much…"

A flash of a grin. "I mean…I'm a showman. I admit it. I likely have a problem. But its something I at least know and live with. Well…mostly I make other people suffer though."


Trish laughs again, appreciating the candidness of her guest. She couldn't have planned a better return show if she had actually tried. Trish makes a mental note to give Jess a big hug to say thank you.

"You certainly don't beat around the bush, do you? I can't speak for everyone, but I certainly appreciate your straightforwardness. You certainly are a showman, no doubt about it. Safe and quiet are all well and good, but there's a case to be made for living in the spotlight too. Fancy parties, fancier outfits, and the best toys to play with. Have you ever considered acting? I can totally picture you staring in something full of action, intermixed with comedic breaks."

Trish almost laughs again, as she imagines what a circus the premier of his very first movie would be. Something big, splashy, and full of media coverage that would put all previous red carpet events to shame.


"Me an actor?" There is a laugh from Tony at that, leaning back in his chair as he snatches the water that he had and takes a long pull on it. "You can't be serious. I mean can you imagine someone telling me what to do? Where to stand? When to talk? I'd do just the opposite just to be an ass. Someone would kill me or I'd kill them by the end of the first day of shooting."

A shake of his head. "Besides! I wouldn't be able to build anything. I'd go even more crazy than I already am if I couldn't build anything."


Trish grins and shakes her head. Candidly honest didn't even begin to cover it. He makes some very good points, no one would be having fun on the set Tony described.

"Fair enough, bad idea. Not alien invasion of New York bad, but not too far off. You're absolutely right, I don't think trying to tell you what to do would go over very well at all. You strike me as someone who's used to getting their way, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Since I've been told I'm one of those as well."

Trish tucks her leg underneath her on the chair, fully comfortable in the interview. She even finds herself twisting her chair back and forth slightly with the foot on the floor.

"Have you ever been told 'no' and have it stick?"


"Have you?" Tony turns it around on the interviewer with a grin. "But really…yeah. I have. I don't like it and I'll sulk for days, but there are one or two people in the world that can manage." He pauses, smirks. "Less than five." He adds with a nod. "And no I'm not telling their names, I gotta keep some kind of air of mystery around me don't I?"

He flashes a grin. "And truth be told, I usually manage to get around it. Eventually. Because I'm a horrible person."


Trish laughs hard enough to need to wipe tears from her eyes. Turning the question back on her hadn't been expected, but then, Tony is certainly proving that he's far from predictable.

"I would never ask, especially on the air, because you're right. An air of mystery is never a bad thing. I have been told no, far more often than I'd like, no matter what my sister says. She's slightly biased and far from an impartial judge on the subject. I've got a button with the perfect saying in response to your getting around that pesky no. It's 'I'm not devious, just a strategic planner'."

Trish winks at Tony before continuing. "And being strategic doesn't make you a horrible person. Honest, but not horrible. And if those five people are listening, I'm sure you know who you are, don't give up. It's the 'no's that keep our minds sharp with figuring out the work around."

Keeping with the lighthearted theme of their current topic, Trish asks an indepth, hard hitting question. "What's your sulking cure of choice? I'm a sucker for a tub of the Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel Gelato and double stuff Oreos."


"Well Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels are always friends in that time, but I try to steer further away from that lately." Tony pauses. "See whenever I do, I wake up the next morning and I've built something. I just don't remember building it. And I don't know what it does. But somethings it explodes and thats just hard on the furniture."

Is he serious. Is he joking. Its hard to tell as he takes a long drink of water.

"So now instead of drinking and building, I just build. Slightly less explosions this way."


Trish giggles as she imagines what life would be like in the Stark household, with unknown inventions blowing things up. She can see how those close to the mad scientist would be driven insane as well.

"That sounds way worse than needing to spend an extra thirty minutes on the elliptical due to snack binging. I mean, worst case for me, I have to go shopping for more clothes that fit. Worst case for you, you're homeless or blown up with the mystery project. Neither of which sound appealing, really. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut, a fireman, a doctor, maybe a superhero perhaps? Or have you always wanted to build things?"


"Always," Tony confirms with a slight shrug. "It's what I do. What I've always wanted to do, what I've always been good at doing. Building. Expanding. Deciding that when faced with something someone told me was impossible to ignore them and do it anyway." A smirk. "Backfires a lot. But hey you don't learn much from always doing what someone else has done."

A pause. "Wait no. Check that. When I was really small I did want to be something else." A pause. "A crocodile."


Trish blinks at Tony for a moment, not sure if it was a joke or serious answer. It doesn't take long for her to decide it doesn't really matter. As far as answers go, it's definitely original, and completely one of a kind. Just like Tony.

"I can see how that would appeal. You'd be tough, pretty high on the food chain, and the closest living relative to the dinosaur. I wanted to be a ballerina. I lacked the feet though, and gave up that dream for acting instead." Trish gives Tony a playful grin. "Perhaps you could build something for me that would turn me into the prima ballerina I dreamed of being as a little girl?"

It wasn't exactly the superhero ride Azalea had mentioned, but that wasn't exactly something she could ask him on air. Her producer's voice is in her ear, giving her the wrap up warning.

"I have to say, Tony, I was promised as ass and I got an intelligent, articulate guest with a great sense of humor instead. And I only say that now, since we're coming up on the end of the show. I hope you've enjoyed this interview as much as I have."


"I have a great ass too, so you got the whole package." Tony replies right off the cuff as he smirks towards you. "And I have! Glad your sister blackmailed me into it." A grin at that before he sits back. "And I'll see what I can do about the ballerina thing. I mean its not really my thing, but doing what isn't really your thing is how you use new things. So…"

A shrug.

"But yeah, Its been great, and I'm sure my marketing team won't hate me too much after this." A smirk. "Since I didn't tell them about it."

He's totally a horrible person.


Trish almost groans as Tony mentions not talking to his marketing team. But she's too busy laughing at Tony's ass comment. Once again, she can't argue when the man speaks truth. It is a great ass, after all.

"Blackmail is her Talent." The capital 'T' is evident in Trish's voice. "It's something she's excelled at for many years. I'm not expecting a miracle with the ballerina machine, but I appreciate the offer to try. To Tony's marketing team, I'm really sorry; I thought you knew he was coming here."

Trish breaks off with a laugh. "I feel like I'm in high school again and got busted going to a party instead of a study date at my best friend's place. Thank you very much for taking time out of your schedule to stop by and allowing us all to get to know you a little better. You were way more fun than the Joker was and I'm sure the ratings will confirm that for me. New York, you've been listening to 'Trish Talks', featuring Tony Stark on WNEX."

Once they're off the air, Trish takes off her headphones, and offers her hand for a final shake. "Really, Tony, thank you. I had a great time today and I hope I didn't ask anything that will get you in trouble later."


He waves a hand at that, entirely dismissing it. "I'm sure you did but it doesn't bother me. I won't hold it against you unless you want me too." He adds with a grin as he reaches across the table to shake. "If you havn't guessed yet, I'm kinda immune to people being mad at me." A smirk at that as he starts to stand.

"But…I think I'm going to have to get going, I left a few things cooking in the lab and I'm pretty sure my new assistant might blow something up if I don't get back soon. So…" A grin. "…it really was a good time."


Trish bites her lip as she decides what to say to that. Take the high road, or not. "I dunno, it's hard to resist someone who can make me laugh and has a great ass. I'll take the free pass, though, since those are hard to come by."

Trish stands with Tony, to walk him to the elevator. "You'd better get going then. I don't want to use that pass on delaying you and causing your home to blow up unsupervised. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, Tony. Stay safe, or as safe as possible for Iron Man."

One part of Trish's mind is on walking out her guest, the other is busy composing her imaginary diary entry.

/Dear Diary: Today I met my high school crush, who just happens to be Iron Man…./

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