He Got the Wrong Idea...

March 26, 2017:

Juno delivers her second apology.

New York City - An Alley


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The Magic of New York: a sea of people moving through the streets and sidewalks in a barely contained order. When the close of business occurs, the flood of lawyers, retail workers, teachers, and secretaries cross paths yet without any desire or intent for interaction. Most of them are people of little importance in the grand scheme of things, but there are often those that are unnoticed agents of change: prolific writers, talented actors, and gifted YouTube performers. One of them is unique in his own right: Captain America, who is currently making his way with groceries.

The Man Out of Time is currently dressed in his usual civilian attire, walking toward his apartment with the bland mundane nature that belays his past and abilities. His blue eyes scan the area, using all his awareness to ensure that his items are not toppled over. Usually SHIELD would offer to restock his items, but it's clear that Rogers is doing all that he can to encourage normality.

One apology down. One apology left to go. Juno is feeling pretty optimistic, because she feels that the first one went really well! Peggy Carter asked Juno her name, and they talked about the Winter Soldier a bit, though Juno still doesn't really have any idea just what he had been 'waiting on for a long time for those two'.

Agent Carter said that she didn't know what the Winter Soldier had been waiting for, and that Juno ought to talk to him about it.

She'll ask him the next time she sees him.

But for now, she's got something more important to do!

In the sea of people that Steve Rogers navigates, one more fishy slips along with the current. Someone short, with dark hair and a brightly colored hoodie, comes up from behind on his right side. Juno matches pace with the blond icon and peers up at him curiously as they walk. "…?"

The Super Soldier tries his best to be ever vigilant, which means when he's aware, he's a bit harder to sneak up on. So when Juno makes her way toward Rogers, it isn't long before a pair of clear blue eyes take in the shorter woman. A brow is arched as he continues to walk, only slightly shifting his grocery bag in response. When it is clear that the gaze is not breaking, Steve finally breaks the silence.

"Can I help you?"

It was kinda dark in the swing club. It's a little strange that Agent Carter recognized her immediately, but Captain America didn't. It just corroborates Juno's initial impression, which is that Steve Rogers is a little bit helpless. It's a good thing she's not some crazed killer or something!

Can he help her? Juno thinks about it for a moment. "No, I don't think so," she decides, still walking beside him as if she expects to accompany him all the way home. "Not with your hands full, anyway."

Though if Steve doesn't remember Juno's face, he might remember the voice that alternately chattered and chirped in Russian and English and which was summarily scruffed and carted away by one James Buchanan Barnes. "I have to give you something."


The recognition does come, but part of the issue comes from the fact that Peggy and Steve take situations like Juno different. Peggy is one to catagorize, be wary, and move on. Steve? Well, if he's told that all was good, then all was good. But now, Juno is back in his midst and looking to have something to give. "Um, okay?" he inquires with a clear look of confusion. He moves to a nearby alley, more to not have to deal with the crowds than to get privacy. It's clear from his causally positioning of himself that he doesn't view Juno as a threat, but it's likely due to how Barnes dealt with her. After all, he does tend to take threats to himself and his friends with a bit more gravity if Juno was an actual security risk.
So far things are going really well - even better than they did with Peggy Carter, and Juno already considers that a rousing success. She smiles up at Steve and dutifully follows him off of the street, glancing around the alley out of habit before taking off her backpack.

She's wearing a hoodie and jeans, just like the last time he saw here, though the colors are different; clearly she owns more than one set of clothing, at least!

Placing the backpack down on a less-dirty patch of asphalt, she digs through the bag until finding a plain yellow envelope. She checks it for dirt or bendy corners before smiling in satisfaction and holding it out towards him in one hand. "Here! For the other day."

Should Steve open it, the card inside features a kitten sitting in a basket, its big Q_Q eyes staring right through to Steve's American soul. Inside is printed 'I'm sorry.' Juno didn't write anything inside herself, because she doesn't know that you're supposed to sign cards.

There is a short bit of awkward shuffling that occurs as Steve uses all of his Super Soldier strength and agility to manage the filled grocery bags until he can take the card. There is a confused look at he sees the card, trying to figure out what is going on with the card.

Slowly, Rogers processes the event of the swing club and Juno's hand in ruining the date. There is a moment of loss, remembering what was supposed to be as opposed to what actually occur. A soft sigh escapes his lips. "It's fine," he finally admits before he puts the card back into the bag. "You didn't mean it."

Watching him try to balance the grocery bags doesn't even make Juno raise an eyebrow. She had thought that he would put them down, but maybe he has a reason not to? (Juno does not know about the sheer amount of residual pee soaked into New York's alleyways.)

She didn't mean to, he says, and Juno's neutral smile becomes a little larger. "Mmhmm! I really didn't."

She tilts her head at him, considering her words. Well, Peggy had suggested asking the Winter Soldier, but since Captain America is right here… "Why were you having dinner with Peggy Carter?" Juno asks. "Because you're friends with her? But then, what was it that Winter Soldier was waiting for, for you and her?"

As the card is placed in one of the bags, soon the weight is proper distributed once more and the taco ingredients are kept safe. "Because I wanted to spend time with her," Steve answers. While Rogers is not one to lie, he has learned somewhat how to keep things close to the chest. After all, he did do some covert work during WWII, even if most of it was "pretend to be German and don't say anything".

As the mention of Bucky follows after, Steve gives a simple shrug. "I guess he just wanted to see what happened. Likely should ask him." Buck passed to Buck, seems fitting. As his memory of the night continues, a brow is quirked. "So, what exactly happened where you ended up tearing through a floor?"

Just because he wanted to? Juno seems to accept the 'explanation', as shallow as it is. She's learned not to ask too many questions when someone is being vague. They often have reasons they don't want to speak about. But she should ask the Winter Soldier? That's two people now who think she ought to…

"I was looking for a cat," she explains. "A few days ago I was sitting on a roof watching people, and a cat appeared and climbed into my lap. I'd never seen one so close before! It was soft, too! But then it turned into a man and it was still in my lap, and I was so surprised that I ran away. But now that cat is still out there, so I'm trying to hunt it down and stop it."

The girl seems absolutely, positively convinced that this is the truth - she's not lying at all, despite how outlandish the story may seem. "So I was in that building with the music and the dancing, and I had found that cat, but it wasn't the right one. But someone was coming back into the apartment it was in so I ghosted down through the floor and landed on your table!" She's still not sure why the ceiling broke though.

There is a prolonged pause that seems to carry. A piece of urban drafts carry a discarded piece of newspaper across the alley in the void of words that follows. Finally, Cap looks from side to side, not sure exactly what to say about that. "Huh," he finally settles upon. Another short pause comes as words don't follow. "Well, hope you find your cat," he offers with an awkward grin.

He's quiet for a while. Juno thinks that maybe he's considering the life of a liar cat, or the process that might allow for such a creature to exist on the mortal plane. What dark thoughts could possibly be crossing the mind of America's greatest hero?!

He hopes she finds her cat.

Juno breaks into a smile, looking up at him. "Thank-you!"

Let's see. Card delivered, apology tendered, next step determined (ask the Winter Soldier what he was waiting for). Great! That's everything she came here to do! Juno is absolutely pleased with herself. What a great track record of apologies! There's only one thing left to do, then.

The diminutive assassin nods to Cap. "Okay! I hope you get to have dinner again. See-you-later!" And, still beaming, Juno Hart turns her back on Captain America to walk away, head held high.

Juno is still learning 'how to make a graceful exit'.

A brow is quirked as he gives a simple "Later!"

Slowly, Steve processes all the information that was given here, which is run through the dubious filter of Rogers' rather dense social awareness. "I thought Bucky was dating Dr. Foster," he states in confusion. Seemingly all too used to the many women in Bucky's life, the Star Spangled Man merely takes his own exit as well.

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