Tearing the Veil

March 26, 2017:

Something has ripped the Veil between Realms. An angel, an elf, a fairy, and a tattoo'd woman gather to try to fix it.


One of the most famous of boroughs, Brooklyn is a cluster of small towns
in a big town. When night falls in the good weather, in the more 'city'
area, apartment stoops are pulled up and mothers chat with other mothers
while the kids play in the streets under the block's watchful eye. Gossip
abounds, and there is a spirit that seems to transcend all- when one grows
up in Brooklyn, one is never truly far from home.

Traffic on the street is heavy at times, pedestrian traffic even more so.
There is a lot to see when one gets away from the residential areas. Stores
of all ethnic variety serve their populations be it Russian or Ukrainian,
African American, Hispanic, Italian, Polish, or Orthodox or Ultra Orthodox
Jew; whatever one wants, it's easily obtainable.

Northern Brooklyn is closest to the vital economic engine that is Manhattan
and has benefited a lot from the ongoing prosperity there. Bedford,
Brunswick, Cadman Plaza and the like are the site of a number of lovely
public works and important institutions such as the Navy Yard, or the
Botanic Gardens. Business thrives here and the lives of the people, while
busy, tend to be full of plenty.

South Brooklyn is composed primarily of resort style housing and the
attractions for which 'Brooklyn' and 'Coney Island are famous mixed in with
commerce catering to tourists and locals.

Eastern Brooklyn is a lower income, largely African American section of
Brooklyn given over to low income public housing and other cultural
monuments. Crime is a bit higher here and public works slightly less nice,
but all in all it's still a livable place outside of some truly destitute

Central Brooklyn is the melting pot for the many ethnicities and cultures
that call the borough home. For the most part tensions are low and people
get along, though the general process of gentrification taking place all
over the island is causing some resentment among the poorer families feeling
the pinch.


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Fade In…

+-[ Brooklyn - New York City ]---------—-+
**This is how the World Ends.. **

Who knows how time flies in Oblivion Bar, Kida had been there, trying a "martini", meeting new (awkward) friends… A cat who talked back, and a witch who rose in on a broomstick. Kida only heard of those as fairytales…

How cliche is that, right?!

Well, Mists roll over points of the Eart, and as they did so… Something connected… Or disconnected… Or went Even More Wrong and sideways then shit already has. Doors to the Bar only to those of ethereal base flung open wide and something pounded to get in, but not real enough, but real enough to see inside and stare hovering eyes of blood red glowing three, bearing enough of a threat to Kida, but even others in the Bar reacted and as doors flew open all of the compiled entities of various ether fled into streets, appearing from nowhere but none the less spilling into the open where citizens of New York, Metropolis, and Gotham stare as varying beings without the ability to instanty snap a glamour, creep/crawl/fly/slither in a helter skelter retreat.

Something is plaguing everyone and beating at their Veil.

The door Kida takes for an exit literally blasts her up through a manhole in the middle of Brookly, the metal lid shot up by the extension of overgrowth that extends outward and throws the ink laden girl above traffic that comes to a crashing halt, well at least a domino effect to the Cab that just got a manhole cover in its windshield, sideways.

But behind her the ground erupts, concrete splitting and the manhole erupts like a volcano, throwing pieces of concrete like shrapnel as a massive crocodile…

Not from here, at all…

The body peels free of the under-streets and slams clawed forelegs upon the street, the ass end swinging up to flip another car as the road unearths beneath the tail that cleans off the west side of the street, meters bent to a 90 degree angle beneath the massive weight.

This was not something flushed. It has no eyes, the maw more carnivorous and the head more narrow, but it was snapping rabidly as people now ran and screamed….

Anyone in oblivion was effected, saw something and it set them off!

Sensitive? You'd feel that quake if nearby or see the beings mid-change or noth bothering at all as they react with a personal animosity.

Darkedge had been out, on the prowl. There were magics a foot, he knew it. He was just settling in on a faint hint of magic when another source suddenly slammed into his senses. It was a shock enough to send the silver haired elf staggering into a nearby wall. There was no audible grunt from him, though his face showed the wince. A heartbeat and his silver eyes turned into the direction of the sensation and without caring who or what might see, the dark elf shadow stepped into himself to the scene.

'High Ones…' he thinks to himself as his gaze settles on the very big lizard thing. It was not of Avalon and not of the caverns of his youth. It was.. a wholey novel creature.

Novel but deadly.

Darkedge watched as the humans about him panicked and ran. Normally, he would not get involved, but he had been warned: something dark was coming into thie realm and when it was done here it might think to target Avalon next. That was not something the Queen's Blade was willing to consider.

The street lights were too bright to look at, too bright to operate effeciently beneath, but they did grant plenty of shadows in the area. Shadows enough for the dark elf to use to gain line of sight for gemstone throwing knives to be flung at the creature's open maw.

Rune is in Queens when all hell breaks loose through the Oblivion Bar, into the mundane world. She's at her mother's, in fact, the pair engaging in a not-so-rare late night tété-a-tété. They're witches. And creative ones, at that. It happens.

When the eruption through the Veil happens, however, the Realmwalker is hit by a definite and distinct VoID (a.k.a. Vision of Impending Doom). It rips through her skull like a metaphysical claw, bringing with a migraine of epic proportion. Shannon, her mother, stands over her when she pitches forward out of her chair with the force of the vision, kneeling down quickly to cradle her. "Dana? Dana!"

"Sonuva—*" Rune swears in several languages, pressing the heels of her hands into her watering eyes. "Something's happening," she tells her mother, tearing herself away from her and struggling to rise. "The Veil's been torn." And, as reluctant as she usually is to get involved in Other People's Problems, she can't ignore threats that involve the Veil. She doesn't want any more portals in this plane her enemies can slip through than already exist.

She staggers a couple of steps, clenching her left hand, her right bracing herself on furniture as she moves towards the nearest doorway — the entry into the kitchen, in fact. Mystical armour ripples over her body, encasing her as surely as an Iron Man suit might expand to encapsulate Tony Stark.

"Dana!" Her mother calls. Rune pauses, looking back over her should from beneath her rune-inscribed hood. "Be careful."

Rune barks a short laugh. "Always," she promises. Then, she pulls a rod of focus from her satchel and crosses the threshold between livingroom and kitchen.

The kitchen remains empty, but Rune steps through into the twilight marge that exists within the Veil. She steps out from it into a street outside her mother's house. Then, she looks up through still watering eyes to see the criscrossing leylines that grid throughout the city. One deep breath later and a mystical force shield surrounds her as she leaps up into the nearest leyline, its river-like flow carrying her swiftly towards Brooklyn.

What if you weren't on the ground or in Oblivion at all. At least Warren had finally taught Kida how to use the messenger app on her phone. However - that isn't really needed when a manhole cover soars by you …

And you're already at several hundred feet up. "…oooohkay. Something is definetly trying to get my attention.." he starts to say before he notices someone already on the attack.

The winged X-Man is dressed in the red and white costume tonight of his namesake, a single halo on his chest as he swoops in towards the action, helping to clear the streets of a few stragglers. "Mind keeping … whatever that is at bay while I make sure we don't have anyone else that may have stuck behind?" Angel calls out to Darkedge as those pure white wings pull in tight to swoop down and carry someone else to safety.

This is how the World Ends..

The crocodile lashes about, a bringer of the end, of suffering, and usherance to the afterlife where the Other waited. His Vice. Mortal enemy. While he chokes on hearts the other gets the glory, and the blinding light of Osirian glory mutes the eyes of the crocodile as any that smell of near-death become pressed against the end of scaled maw, the saliva that descends pools like unfallen rain as they are there… then gone! The maw tilted back, mouth open and body… Gone. Devoured as a heart would, but on a much larger scale.

Kida had shot several feet back and landed on the hood of a car as it screeched on its brakes only to rear-end the vehicle in front. But what kept her in place is the clawed grip upon the roof, upon that tiny seal of rubber that keeps rain from leaking within. Get that checked after, too?

The paw print that one laid upon lower abdomen has bled like veins through her skin to her hand that has morphed, warped, the other slowly dislocating to assimilate into a beastial weapon, while the hilt at lower back remains untouched.

Impact of nose to ass in car world and Tattoo launches forward, back towards the massive reptile and into that ripple despite the plague upon the back of her mind, racing over the tops of compiled traffic, coming to a screeching halt as a blade archs her path!… And Darkedge flickers through the shadows in his dance to bait the beast…

The Sobeken that pauses as an infant wails in the car seat, hot and heavy breath ruffling the pale hair on its head…. Turning away the beast only picks those to suit, but well enough as its jaws open towards a charging padestrian, Angel's arrival gives them escape, though they still scream as they find themselves above the street and not in it, clinging to whatever grip they could have upon the X-Man.

Rune… What she can see is static. A path far away, but where the main lines travel to in the thread pulse and fray, as if whatever once held things in order is slowly coming undone, thread by thread the gauze is about to reveal a wound, and through it a different Mist spills forth….

Gates, realms, divisions….

And if you are of any of them… You can see!

Children… so rare in teh world of elves… Children are a precious thing. When teh sobeken turns away from the child, leaving the youth trapped in teh car, the elf moves. A step into shadow, Darkedge slips into the car. Diamond knife in hand, he slices the child free, collects it and steps out. He has to make the step as brief as possible for the Shadows are cold and while Darkedge's clothing is enchanted to keep him from freezing in the dark, it will not protect this child. The child who the elf puts into the arms of whatever human is near to the shadow he appears out of.

WIthout a second glance, or a pause to acknowledge the humans, Darkedge turns back to peer at the beast.

It must die. Then Darkedge will try to figure out what ripped the Mists open like this, and perhaps how to shut it and protect his home. For now, he stays put for a moment, eyes on the creature, as he puts both diamnd blades together. Gemstones are pulled from his pouches, all manner of them, and added to the blades, now looking less like blades and more like a dragonlance.

"Please, try not to cling too much…" Angel manages, struggling beneath the squalling, struggling pedestrian that he carries to the next block to set down. "My child!" the woman screams at Warren. "She was still in the car!"

The X-Man frowns at that. and sets his jaw. "Stay right here." he says, swooping skywards immediately as he flies and dives back to the scene. Grabbing the handle of the door, he yanks it off the hinge just as the large.. lizard thing that he had stolen one meal from is eyeing the winged mutant for a possible replacement.

With the creature lurching at him, Angel turns, slamming the car door against the head of the creature.. buying Darkedge the time needed to rescue the child. That was rather fortuitous. Especially when Warren notices a very familiar figure in the heat of battle. "Tattoo!" he calls out to the world-displaced woman, using the door as a makeshift shield as he starts to try to defend himself further. He didn't come with fancy swords that he can pull from rock candy or his belly button.

Rune is a TrueSeer. A Realmwalker. One of the gifted few who can see the realms behind realms, beyond and through the Veil… whether she wants to or not. To her sight, a regular day in the city is like seeing an overlap of layers of different scenes in a Photoshopped photo. All the colliding of realms, now, simply brings what she normally considers to be Shadows into sharp relief. "Oh, Goddess," she whispers, her hand clenching around her focus rod.

She appears briefly on the Brooklyn street — recognizable to those that have met her in her armour before now. Mystical energy swirls around her, however, and she steps forward, flickering in and out of existence on the Earth plane.

Her brief appearance in the street is enough to tell her there are others combating the giant horned crocodile. She, then, can focus on the tearing, disintegrating Veil. Her natural magic flows, feeding off the leylines whenever she can break through the static, trying to push back the mists and pull the fabric of the twilight marge back into place. Beads of sweat appear on her brow and the rod in her hand becomes absolutely incandescent with the amount of power she channels and amplifies through it. Golden threads like sparkling webs cast from the quartz at its tip as she starts to run along bleedling lines of reality (hence her flickering in and out of existence), using the threads to suture where she can and seeking to corral or disperse the strange mists whenever she directly encounters them.

** ..Not with a Bang…** Darkedge's blades had impacted, and at first meant nothing, but as the landing gains time and the Devourer seeks to consume another and is met with wings that growl falls into the fathoms a pit beyond the Land of Reeds. Lips recoil just in time for a rough cough, a hack that shudders the whole massive body and one of those blades cast by Darkedge scrapes out across the street, pinwheeling as it careens to face the Elf with that eyeless gaze as it blinks in and out of reality, making teardrop slits of nostrils expand and contract to follow scent before the sound of the flickering silenced infant…

But… Osirian? The beast lashes out, even as something alese flickers and security is slowly blanketing, albeit temporarty in Rune's ministrations, two threats stand on either side bearing lance and History. Even if his shield is a decrepit Pinto door!

The reptilian body seems to recoil then snap, tal flinging Darkedges way while teeth clip upon that door-shield and spark in the scraping attempt to grip and throw the enemies, then recoil and drag them below…

Tattoo is approaching, the only hesitance as 'Dana' appears and then seems to flicker in and out of reality between them and Ether, that clawed hand reaching up to touch nothing, and yet that air is thick with it. "Dana?"

A whispered question and that wail of an infant, yell of a mother, those trio of eyes… Her name.

Tattoo snapped from it when that chill careened down exposed spine and when the sudden surreality and fear lifted with Rune's mending ~between~, her eyes blinked rapidly and her path seemed to vault at a faster pace when truth could be seen.

Booted feet heavily thud over metal and then silence until she hits ground, rolls into the fray and the spear begins to cast with inscribed glyphs, but as it skates along the Sobeken's left eye to draw him from Angel in ire and sight of Darkedge, his form begins to shrink with the sealing spells cast, the Veils slowly losing their illusory grips…

Or the truth and attempts held at bay with band-aids. For now.

"A weapon would be nice if you got another one of those swords!" Warren manages as he uses the door, but the maw and teeth of the creature's mouth rips through the door's flimsy metal material as he tries to continue to use it as a makeshift shield, taking flight to try to use the advantage of that element of being able to get above the enemies. The monster snaps and snarls at him, and the winged mutant can really only frown in thought as he tries to defend himself.

Tossed away by tail, Darkedge fallsinto a shadow, vanishes, only to appear out of Warren's.

'Take the lance.' the dark elf sends tot he angel, tossing his gemsteon crafted spear up at teh angelic looking mutant. 'Strike true and will this ended, human. The beast weakens.' he adds before shadow stepping out of the Sobeket's reach. Silver eyes scan the area, senses on high alert. The Veil is sealing? Darkedge is a warrior, not a sorcerer. He had no idea how to manipulate the Mists Between Realms. But he can see the tear repairing slightly. With all the magic running amuck, he can't pinpoint anything just yet.

Rune knows, in fact, that her solution is likely temporary, despite the heavy expenditure of magic. There is, she has decided, a sort of 'acidic' nature to the mists that warp and blend reality, tattering the Veil as they do. These mists are a concern, and may require someone with greater knowledge than she. She may need to speak with Wassea about this… and hope the cagey fae woman is actually willing to answer, this time. (She doesn't always.)

But, she can see at least some stability returning — some of the realms recede far enough into the background to hardly be shadows behind Shadows. The nearest overlapping realms to Earth remain vibrant to her, outlined in the golden glow of her woven sutures. She has never just 'sensed' the nearby realms. She has always actively seen them. Everyday. All the time. It's just worse, now, than usual. (Yep. There's a reason she doesn't drive.) They do recede a little into Shadow, but not quite as far as she would consider 'normal'. AT the moment, figuring out what's Earth and what's Beyond is possible for her only because of the golden glow of her own mending, though it improves as the mendings solidify.

By the time the realms are stabilizing enough that she can see only slightly worse than normal, she has materialized back on the Earth plane, panting like a marathoner. Nevertheless, she turns around to face the direction she knows the monster to be. The rod in her hand has been replaced by a magically constructed longbow. She looks like she is about to take aim, except her eyes narrow as the monster appears to be… shrinking? To her eyes, anyway. "It's an illusion," she concludes, raising her bow, regardless. She calls out to the others. "It's an illusion! It will fade as the Veil stabilizes!" Rune is, at the end of the day, an expert illusionist. She can recognize the same. She just wishes the Veil's stabilization wasn't as temporary as she fears. She'll have to go see Wassea at the Silveroak as soon as the immediate threat is passed.

But a whimper!

Tatoo's blow with her spear comes as the pommel extends into the tip that tips through flesh, and tears through …. Something else, there's that mechanical laughter, a flash of red and a feel of terror that rips through the Veil, the Lines, The Realms.

The eye is pierced and shredded in profile, the beast that is shrinking back to "human" thrashes enough to grip the door Angel holds and toss it aside into other vehicles, causing more alarms to sound, a Pruis rocking off two weels to land upon that door soundly with a dented hinge.

The Sobeken's glamour and control had been stolen, while nerves and realities had been warped, and sight became true to those who were within the outpourings.

Rune had fixed it tempor/arily, Darkedge felt it, and tattoo's spear coated in a visceral flesh of a beast-no-more retracts like the claws upon her hands, slowly following the pulse of heartbeat and veins throgh her skin to return to that ink upon abdomen. pale blue eyes watch as Darkedge appears and disappears, leaving Angel with that lance that could turn on the now-man who recoils in upon himself and heads for the manhole, one of the doorways back to Oblivion…

As alarms sound around them and people stare, groceries scattered on the ground where the elder who had once held them was no more…

What in all of the Worlds??

The change caught the Angel off guard. And as the door, moved by super human strength goes, so does the winged one, Warren slammed between Prius and door, leaving a human and winged shaped dent in the side of the vehicle as he slumps towards the ground, one of his wings bent at an awkward angle as he winces. Alright, that hurt. That hurt.. quite a bit as he tries to sit back up and get to his feet but ends up slumping back down again.

With the Veil 'repaired' and the threat gone, Darkdge reappears out to forcibly take back his gemstoen spear. It is literally a six foot pole arm made entirely of precious gemstones. The darkelf says nothing to the angel, eyes finally spotting Rune. He knows the other fae-born, and he settles his silver-eyed gaze upon her.

A thought is shared with her, his telepathy locking the thoughts to jus the two of them: 'The Veil has been breeched. Our homes are in danger. I will seek you out, and we must speak candidly.'

Darkedge glances down at Warren as the winged human slumps back to the ground. The angel is far too large a thing for Darkedge to heft, not with the bruised ribs he has from the tial-swipe. Refusing to acknowledge his injury however, the darkelg steps from Warren without offering aid, meind still locked to Rune's.

'Say where and say when, Cousin, or Send for me, for the feel of my mind. I will not bar you from it, that you may Summon me to your side when you need until this threat it past.' The elf continues to walk toward Rune, while shaping the spear back into it's various components - two diamond blades and a dozen or more small ovaloid gemsteone crystals.

Rune lowers the bow as it becomes apparent she spoke the truth. She lets it fade out into nothingness and scans the area. Her attention turns to Darkedge as she hears his 'voice'. She gives him a simple nod. "Meet me at the Silveroak Inn & Tavern," she tells him. "You'll know it by the sign of the silver tree etched with a tankard upon the trunk. It sits on the fringes of this realm and the Otherworld, so you'll feel it." And he'll doubtlessly recognize that his has passed back into the lands of the fae when he enters its door.

She glances to Tattoo. "You may wish to join us," she suggests. "This crisis isn't yet over, and you've travelled the realms, too."

Upon seeing Angel, slumped against the car, however, she crosses to the mutant. No, she doesn't know him from Gabriel, but he fought the beast on behalf of others. She crouches by him and cants her head. "Hey. Hey, you okay?" she tries to get his attention. "Looks like you took a nasty hit. I may have something that can fix it — at least a bit." She opens the satchel at her side. The focus rod she held before can be seen shoved diagonally within, inert. But, what she pulls from the satchel is a leather wrapped box. When she opens the box, there are small vials within. She takes out one, a small one with shimmering pink liquid within. "It's a healing potion," she says. Yes. Like in video games, though hers can only be taken in a single dose per day without causing worse harm than what it's supposed to cure. "It should help."

Given directions, Darkedge bows once to Rune then steps into a shadow and vanishes.

"K'wa'aydaang", the single word is whispered from Tattoo, but it does not seem so sure about this Lie. Not as words pass, and two others do as well, the hilt tucked back within belt at the small of her belt while she looks from Darkedges back in passing to that of Angel, while Rune approaches his prone form.

That's when Tattoo lifts in a scramble across the littered street of debris with the backdrop of sirens and emergent reports she ignores. The small car door is ground across the pavement to peel him free of the pin and attempt to catch him in his slump, a hand gripping his chin to try and keep his head upright with small frantic slap/taps. Hey! It works where she's from…. Not really…

When Rune approaches though, Tattoo looks at her with a light plea, her offered potion regarded with wariness.

"…Dana?" Her name again, she got it right, right? She should know, Tattoo does not go anywhere but Home typically. Even Angel knows this. The Slums her solace, but now….

Like a child unsure she snatches that potion from Rune in a snap for Angel, tucking it in her pocket and stepping back as if reprocussion would come. More animal then human almost, but she understood.

"Silver Oak, like before? I will come once the Lie is not hurting him." tattoo is plagued with questions now, and memories so very real to her, her plea is there for Rune as well, Darkedge ignored alike as she hefts the mans body and drags him back in an awkward fashion to disappear into a darkened alley, but from there the wind pushes outward and Tattoo takes flight, a staggering thing with no grace at first under the weight borne in her arms. But he needed that potion and to go to safety…

Not here where alarms call and sirens ring, and a manhole cover is long gone.
As Warren is handed the box and the little vial within, the Angel looking from Rune to Tattoo, as if trying to gauge if this is safe. "You two know each other?" he asks as he moves to uncork the vial to prepare to partake of the liquid. "So, what.. exactly what is this that caused this mess?" he asks as he moves to sit up more fully to drink it down. "I'm sorry.. have we met?" he starts to say.

That is before Kida snags the potion for him, denying him the assistance of it as he looks towards her in confusion and reaches up to grab the edge of the wheelbase to pull himself up. "Won't be flying for a couple of days, but I heal pretty fast. Are you two okay?" Because there's something going on here that's unspoken at the moment.

"It's a healing potion," Rune repeats as Tattoo snatches it from her and lifts the mutant up into the air. "If the wing is simply broken, it should make it right as rain in just a few minutes." She gives a wry smile and puts the box away. "Only take one a day. Ever. More than that, and you'll wish only your wing was broken." She glances between him and Tattoo and says, "You can call me Rune. When I'm wearing armour, most people who know me do." Or when she's in Darkedge's presence. Though, she's slowly learning to tentatively trust him. In small doses.

She rises from Angel's side. "I'm fine. Just a little winded. Nothing a good night's sleep won't cure." At the Silveroak. "Best go with our tattooed friend, here." Not that he's being given much of a choice. "I've got a few loose ends to tie up."

She steps back now and raises a hand in farewell, adding to Kida: "I'll see you at the 'Oak." With that, she steps back onto a leyline and disappears from normal sight as the magical river sweeps her away.

"You.. have a lot to explain to me, love." Warren says as he leans against Kida. This.. was not the introduction to this part of her life he was expecting."

Kida looks at 'Rune' as she calls her that… the tattooed friend… It stops her incessant tugs to try and remove Angel from the situation, and while he exchanges formalities with Rune, distracted she is pulling the potion back from her pocket to slip the cork and sniff it, eye it, touch her tongue to the mouth of the vial and sputter as her tongue goes numb.

Kida does not trust for a reason, and right now she is edgier then normal, more for survival, for memories, for life, and she did not feel safe. Not here, not right now with everything…

Not here where alarms call and sirens ring, and a manhole cover is long gone. The open hole eyed as she shudders and offers that vial from Rune back to Angel as his weight is accepted and she slowly steps back and away, the mother holding her baby (returned by the man Darkedge had given it to) makes a small sign over them watching as Angel and Tattoo… disappear.

"Heal first." A demand and a request as she glances back once more and they leave.

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