A+ for Awkward

March 26, 2017:

Mattias, Mike, Melinda, and Bobby meet on the streets of New York. There's a new Bobby in town. In a conversation that is awkward on multiple fronts, Mattias makes a comment that might get Darcy in trouble with her boss, Melinda May.

Upper Manhattan - New York City

Not known for its tourist trade, Upper Manhattan is generally
considered to start at the base of Central Park, along 59th Street, though
you're just as likely to hear New Yorkers tell you to look north of 96th
Street. It's one of the most affluent areas in the U.S., a center of
business and commerce and upscale residences ranging from the mansions of
the Upper East Side to the high-end condos and luxury high rises of the
Upper West Side. While its most northerly neighborhoods may not quite rival
the two sweeping swathes of ritz and power that flank the great park, even
traditionally poor Harlem has seen considerable gentrification over the past
two or three decades.
A neighborhood of about one hundred fifty thousand people at the
northern end of Manhattan, Washington Heights is chiefly famous for having
suffered a devastating crime wave in the 1980's related to the crack cocaine
epidemic, though during the 90's the crime rate was driven down by
aggressive policing and urban renewal. Presently it has one of the lowest
crime rates in the nation.
Harlem used to be a mostly African-American through the decades,
though this is no longer true (African-Americans are presently about 40 of
the population.) The neighborhood has been the site of a number of amazing
artistic booms, usually followed by equally devastating busts. Presently the
area is slowly gentrifying, as is much of Manhattan. Other places of note
include the Harlem Dance Theater whose troupe has toured internationally,
the Harlem School of Arts, two well regarded hospitals and the City College
of New York.
Morningside Heights hosts Colombia University and several other
educational institutions and seminaries. Because of the proliferation of
schools it's often known as the 'Academic Acropolis.' It's also the location
of Grant's Tomb and several famous restaurants. What housing exists is
mostly split between students and teachers/residents.
As the name implies Upper East side is the north eastern part of
Manhattan Island. Once known as the Silk Stocking District, this is one of
the most affluent areas in New York City. Collectively the neighborhood has
about two hundred thousand inhabitants, and is home to some of the finest
residences in New York, including the last of the River Villas.
Guggenheim Museum is a famous art museum located at 5th Avenue and
89th street. It's cylindrical profile is quite distinct. Originally
established as a place to display non objective art, the collection later
transformed into the one renowned today under a series of distinguished
Carnegie is the iconic music hall of New York. Other venues are
newer, sleeker or lager (though Carnegie can hold a bit over 3600 in three
auditoriums.) The Hall puts on about 200 shows a year, and is further often
rented out so that there tends to be always something going on any given
Located, as might be expected, in the northwest end of Manhattan
Island, Upper West Side mostly serves to house the people who work in the
Midtown commercial districts. It has a reputation for being the intellectual
and cultural center of New York. Of other particular note is the
Bloomingdale District along Bloomingdale Road which houses several
The American Museum of Natural History (abbreviated as AMNH),
located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City, is one of the
largest and most celebrated museums in the world. Located in park-like
grounds across the street from Central Park, the museum complex comprises 27
interconnected buildings housing 45 permanent exhibition halls, in addition
to a planetarium and a library.


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Fade In…

Mattias Larsson is a living brochure as to how to get onto SHIELD's radar. The last few weeks of his life have read like a menu, flipping little SHIELD flags one after another.

- Briefly caught on YouTube being chased by -something- in Sweden.
- Passport flags in New York six days later.
- Residence in Westchester.
- Visitor's Badge checkin at the Triskelion?
- Same day as a SHIELD agent shot a guy not far from the UN.

And what would any self-respecting meta do with a new life in New York? Sightsee. After a brief swing by the Triskelion to see if Darcy is working, to no avail, Mattias is blocks away in Manhattan, walking with a cup of coffee in one hand and his cell phone in the other, tapping away. Earbuds in his ears blaring what is likely the same, loud, angry music of the scribbled name of the rock band on his tee shirt, he's weaving his way around street musicians and Japanese tourists on a long road to nowhere.


It's that last flag — dropping by the Triskelion and then leaving again after asking about an agent — that has put one Mr. Larsson on Agent May's personal radar. She's not sure yet if his intentions are innocent or not, but she's not survived this long by presuming.

Thus, as the young man obliviously meanders along the Manhattan street, he's being much more subtly followed. Nothing about May would scream 'I'm stalking that man', she appears to simply be walking in the same direction that he is, albeit about half a block back.


Mike Drakos is doing what he usually does when the world around him has become strange, and it HAS become strange. Mike is tinkering with an automobile. In this case, he's got the hood of the car open as the owner of the car looks on and wonders how his very expensive car can possibly be fixed after someone punched through it during a supervillain fight overnight. Normal insurance just doesn't cover that.

For Mike, this is trivial. He's a technomancer, and he built the very expensive car, or much of it, and his father's company built the rest. He can fix it by something that looks like magic. Mostly, it's 'Car Whispering' — telling the pieces to flow back together. Meanwhile, 45% of his attention is now on scanning the area to see who and what is around, because he doesn't want to fix Mr. Jones' car just for someone else to kill it. The "scanning" is being done by a small metallic bird that almost precisely resembles a robin to someone who doesn't look closely.


This New York actually has better bagels than the New York he knew and Bobby is kind of addicted. Since the weather isn't too bad, he's made his way into the city and to the Upper West Side in order to get one. Or half a dozen to last him through the week. Despite the cooler weather, he's wearing a light scarf and a light leather jacket, seemingly unbothered by the chill in the air. Chewing on one of the delicious, delicious, fresh bagels, he does a little double-take when he catches a familiar face on the sidewalk. A hand is waved in greeting to Mattias…he may not know him but he's seen him around and Bobby's a friendly sort.


Mattias isn't so hard to miss, tall and broad as he is in his leather jacket, twisting out of the way of one of Manhattan's crazy people. This one's walking down the street having a conversation with himself about how he 'should have bought the red one'. Classic, yet not. He'll be Melinda May's problem to walk around in less than a minute.

Catching Bobby's wave, the blonde-haired Mattias waves back and plucks the white, Apple-brand earbuds from his ears and stuffs them into the inner pocket of his jacket. He stops at the corner, waits for the walk signal, and then steps with the flow of traffic. "Hey," Mattias upward-jerks his chin and slips out of the stream of people to stop near Bobby Drake. He sticks out a hand to shake with the man. "It's good to see you? Looks like they both let us out of the house for a bit, yeah?"


May joins the mass of people on the crosswalk, then steps aside to a newsstand a few feet past where the man she's been tailing has stopped to talk with a friend. To the casual observer, it would look like she's deliberating on which publication to purchase while she's actually listening carefully to the pair.


PING! Two persons identified: Melinda May (who is still carrying secret metal) and … Bobby Drake? But he vanished along with … could he be … ? Wait, that'll require a better scanner, because the bird doesn't have a diffracting gluon reticle. The two persona-forks that are running scans send a low-priority interrupt to the primary persona that's doing all the heavy lifting for the repairs. One instance then sends off a query to a certain computer somewhere north of here, checking to see what's going on recently … and a bit surprisingly, he finds that he's got access, with the usual ridiculously dense encryptions. His head begins to warm up a bit as the secondary and tertiary quantum processors engage. Not a lot of information, but that IS apparently Bobby enough that they let him in, and the other guy is apparently also a mutant, even though he looks like Thor's training partner.

"OK, Mr. Jones. She's all fixed. Would you like to try the ignition?" Mike says, closing the hood. Jones gets in, and the car starts, a low, powerful purr that feels like a faint tingling in the bones of anyone close. One of the two scanner instances watches Bobby via the bird, to see whether he reacts to Mike's voice; the other one closes the communication with the computer to the north.


Bobby Drake grins and takes the offered hand for a shake, the bagel moving back into the bag to join the others. Oh, he deinitely recognized the other who's been about the Mansion. He's watched him more than a few times. "Between you and me, I think they prefer it when I'm out. I think I give half of the people there the creeps," from looking like this world's older incarnation. "So, you, uh…running errands? Need directions anywhere or anything?"

Is he blushing? It's suddenly rather warm. Ah. Must be the bagels.

He doesn't seem to notice the robotic bird; he doesn't tend to think about aviary spies.


Clap. Mattias squeezes Bobby's hand with a toothy, over-confidant hockey player of a smile. "Nah, friend, I don't think you give anyone the creeps. Place is a hard place to creep peoples out in, right?" Ah, there's the clipped, Swedish accent from the large man. He sets Bobby's hand free and takes a quick look up and down the street, casing the sidewalk and seeing no one he knows, stranger in a strange land he is.

"It's New York, that's my excuse." Mattias extends his arms wide and turns to face Bobby again. "Stop me if I look like a tourist, but I flew from half around the world to be within an hour of this city, and I'm going to bleed it dry." He smirks, slipping the straw to his iced coffee between his lips for a sip. "Friend of mine wasn't at work so I'm getting myself lost. Oh-" Derp. Mattias taps his forehead. "I'm Mattias. I know I heard your name in passing once but…" Mattias finishes, leeeeaaaaning into the request for a name.


Knowing she can't dawdle forever and having heard Mattias confirm his name and reason for having visited the Triskelion to someone that would likely have no reason to be given false information, she finally selects a paperback book and pays for it before turning and starting back the way she'd come. She's going to detour to speak with Drakos — she's not had a chance to catch up with technomancer in a while.


Mr. Jones is delighted, amazed, and a bit terrified at how Mike just did that thing to his car, but then, the guy IS openly a mutant, and being able to fix a car like that is clearly not a terrifying mutant power (no really) so he starts to get his wallet.

"No charge, Drakos Motors has a 'three free' policy," Mike says. "But please don't park on the streets in this neighborhood overnight."

Jones is delighted to drive away, and Mike brings the other two personas back into his main thread, calling the bird to his shoulder. He ambles towards the giant fellow and the younger Bobby, curious. However, Melinda is clearly heading his way, so he stops and turns on his least-uncanny-valley grin.

"Miss May! It's been too long."


"Bobby," is offered at the prompt, and he can't help but give a grin. "Well, if you want, I sort of know the city…although mine was a little different. It's enough so that I'm still surprised by certain things that aren't where I thought they were, but I'm happy to play Tour Guide if you want one. I mean, I get it if you want to explore on your own," since that's also a thing.

As for not giving people 'the creeps', he gives a chuckle, "Oh, I beg to differ. Some people think they know me, but they knew the other one…not me. It's been weird."

Cue someone else he doesn't know seemingly approaching them.


"Bobby, yes, that's what it was." The large man nods slowly, then cracks a sharp brow to Iceman. "Not that anyone was talking about you, it was very 'Bobby's back' or 'Don't touch the stuff in the fridge with Bobby's name on it'." Mattias adds, waving a hand in the air dismissively. Even people who look like they spot for Thor in the gym can try to pantomime not being a gossip.

"Truth though?" Mattias gives Bobby a stern eye. "Haven't made a lot of friends yet in the house, so I'd love to do this with someone else. Make friends. Be a person, and I know what you mean, it's hard when people know you, but don't but you're new and…" No. Mattias doesn't get it. "…people are hard to get to know."

The big man's polite in his lack of understanding, or he tries, at least.

'May', Mattias whispers to himself, then turns to look down the street beside Bobby. "Hey, Bobby, do you know Darcy Lewis, by any chance?"


May nods a hello to Mike. "It has been. How's your business going?" Not the fancy car business, the scrap recycling one. "Seems like you've been keeping things quiet lately." Or, she's just been that busy. Likely the latter.

Eyes flicking toward Mattias and the young man he's talking to, May looks at the little bird mechanism. That right there is cheating to any traditionalist in the spy business. Almost as bad as creating insects for syping.


The bird on Mike's shoulder — now rather obviously mechanical — is watching Bobby and Mattias with un-bird-like intensity. Of course it's cheating, using the bird. Mike isn't a traditionalist, he's the soul of a new machine or something like that.

"It's been quieting down, yeah, with the reduction in giant monster attacks, invasions from the deeps, and so on. Also, half of what I was doing suddenly wasn't there any more and some people I worked with disappeared, and it seems like they never were, but the universe decided that there needed to be replacements for some. I'm not sure if this is natural or what."


"Really? That's all?" Bobby looks rather skeptical that's all that's being said about him. The stern look has him looking a little hesitant, but there a nervous relaxation when the invitation is accepted. "Sure! So, uh…anything you're wanting to see or…looking for?" Oh, he should be polite, "Have you had bagels yet?"

He's about to reach into his bag to offer another bagel when the question is asked. "Well, not well. I met her once. She's supposed to be looking into stuff for me, but…why?"


"I haven't done Times Square, yet." Mattias replies quickly, extending a hand, ever-ready for food. "I'm not looking for anything really, and I'm on a limited wallet because I don't have a job. My room is bare, I just unpacked, so maybe some music and something to decorate the room with. I don't think so far ahead as to how I'm getting it all back to the house, but it's something I'll figure out when the time comes." His low, deep voice manages a chuckle, turning his shoulder blindly to Melinda.

There's got to be a million Mays in New York, right?

"Is Darcy trouble?" Mattias asks with a coy laugh. "I think she's my first official friend since I've been here. We almost got shot at together and then she told me that I have to ask her friend May if I could touch her boo-" Mattias waves a hand with a scoff. "Someone said May back there, just reminded me of it. I think Darcy's trying to get me killed."


May can't really hear Mattias or Bobby from over here, so his comment is missed. Sadly. That could have been … something. Though maybe Drakos heard it.

"The recent events have most definitely kept WAND exceedingly busy, though that is finally starting to settle down." She debates for a moment telling Mike why she's really out here, but… well, it's not her way. "I noticed that the car business still seems to be going well." She means the just repaired vehicle that drove off.


"Yeah, better than the recycling business, lately. I'll have to ask later about what WAND has been dealing with — it seems like things have been changing in ways I can't process cleanly. Anyway, we should join these two," Mike says. "I haven't met this Bobby, and one of your co-workers was just mentioned."

Mike did indeed hear them - though the bird was no longer being an audio-visual spy; it was now trying to scan certain obscure energy-types, with mixed results.

"'Scuse me, gentlemen. I'm Mike Drakos, and you're Bobby Drake and Mattias Larsson, if I'm not mistaken."

He doesn't introduce Miss May yet, because he isn't sure if she's ready to follow him into the fray yet.


"Well, music you can buy online…but room decor can be found," Bobby offers, "But probably not in Times Square. That's mostly for tourists. At least it was before." The bagel is handed over…a fresh one, not the one he was eating, and he shrugs at the question about Darcy. "I only met her once, actually. She said she's the liaison between us and SHIELD and was going to help me with some ID stuff." He then blinks and has to ask, "Touch her what?" Hm. Well, that might answer that question.

"Trying to get you killed? Friends don't tend to do that, you know."

As another steps up to address them and seems to know him by name, he glances at Mattias as if to say 'See?' He looks back to Mike, "Have we met?"


"Let's get away from the touristy stuff then. If you're kind of new here, too, let's do this. I keep saying I'm a blank slate and I mean it, I want to fall in love with this city. Tack," Mattias says as some kind of thank you when the bagel is offered over. The bread is lifted to his nose and Mattias breathes it in, eyes rolling back a little. "Boobs, but not hers, this May girls, it's a long story. I don't think she's trying to actually kill me. She's actually a lot of fun."

Conversation interrupted by a man's voice behind him, Mattias pats Bobby's shoulder and moves to stand beside the man with a coffee in one hand and a bagel in the other. They'll make a New Yorker of him in no times, it seems. The next step is yelling at people in traffic.

"Right," Mattias looks to Bobby, then to Mike and the asian woman near him he's yet to figure out from Adam. The Swede's head tilts a measure. "Do I know you from somewhere? Please don't be a time share person. I'm not allowed to buy real estate in America."


May just barely manages to NOT sigh at Mike. That was NOT what she planned on!

Of course, she steps into hearing range just in time for to hear Mattias' comment about boobs. Not someone else's (presumably Darcy's, because, well, Darcy), but hers or someone else whose name is May. Yeah, that does NOT go over well, though the only outward indication of her sudden ire is that her eyebrows draw together in a very mild version of a frown.


"Not a time share person," Mike says, drily. "I knew the previous Bobby Drake quite well, and I was going to offer our new Bobby a bit of history on the guy so he won't be so completely lost."

He looks at the new Bobby, smiles and offers a handshake. His smile is on the edge of too perfect, and a bit too symmetrical. Closer up, it's clear that his skin has very faint metallic glints, like it was made of metal felt, and his hair is cobalt blue. Unlike the standardized New Yorker, Mike's carrying neither bagel nor coffee, just that small mechanical bird.

He can apologize to May later — it was imperative she hear the conversation while it was still good. (Yes, Mike has a mischievous streak.)


Yup. Oh well. Bobby shakes that off and looks to the new folks who have joined them. May gets watched especially before he offers back, "Yeah, you can't touch anyone's boobs without their express permission. I take it you're from pretty far out of town…" he's sure that rule applies even in Sweden.

He then looks back to the one who seemed to know the other one, "How did you know I wasn't him?" Most people seem to mistake the two. "I know that he was engaged and was a science geek and was older than me." That seems to be as much as any non-Institute person needs to know. "I'm not completely lost, actually."


"Oh, no, no I know that," Mattias blinks and looks over to Bobby with the world's most awkward smile. The northman's cheeks flush red and his lips warble into a ghastly look of trying to brain-translate Swedish to English in his head. "I wouldn't," And then he glances to Mike and May, the look on May's face. "Out of contents."

C- for Mattias Larsson.

"Did you hear that?" Mattias motions to May, then Mike, then himself. "I'm sorry, we're not talking about creepy things and I'm not a creepy person, it was all out of contents and I'm going to stand over here with my bagel and my coffees." Mattias turns his head and clears his throat into the inside of his elbow.

He tries to start over.

"You were engaged?" Mattias looks from Mike to Bobby, then frowns. "Oh, friend…"


"How much do you know about universal dislocations?" Mike asks, then just goes on to explain. "Other Bobby was my friend, and yeah, older than you, and a definite geek, and also my upstairs neighbor in Mutant Town. When he vanished there was suddenly a family of three living in his place. Also, the business we were both working on disappeared, which was kind of a surprise. I also know his fiancee. I'm … sorry you're stuck here rather than where you were, unless it would be horrible to go back there. And welcome to our local snarled-up universe."

He pauses and tilts his head at Mattias. "I think you mean 'context'."

Inside, Mike's forked off a second thought stream so he can plan how to deal with May's inevitable revenge.


May watches Mattias as he gets flustered when Bobby calls him out for the whole boob thing. It's too late to hide behind bagels and coffee. Maybe she should put them all out of their misery here and now. "Welcome, Mr. Drake, to our version of Manhattan. I'm SHIELD agent Melinda May."

Now let's see how many shades of red BOTH bagel-wielding men turn. They're white boys, they have LOTS of room to turn very very red.


"Context," Bobby corrects and adds, "No, I wasn't engaged. The other guy who looks like me…and has my name and…all…" who was -this- world's native version of him. His eyebrows lift as Mike explains his relationship to the previous Bobby, "Uhm. Oh. Sorry that I'm not your friend." That he hasn't seen the blue-haired guy before.

Oof, everyone seems to know him! How much did this other guy get around?

When May introduces herself he doesn't really turn red…he's at least heard of SHIELD. "So you know Darcy then?" Did she send the other SHIELD agent after him today?


Mattias' mouth opens, and the sound that comes out is akin to one heard often in Japanese horror movies. Like he undead, cursed souls in 'The Grudge', the very back of his throat scratches in a death-rattle of a sound. Mattias stares at Melinda for a long second, cheeks and ears turning a shade of red.


"Context." Mattias swallows, his jaw pulling into a hard line when he finds his words. His brow lowers to cro-magnon levels and his lips flatten. "Thank you." Sigh. Mattias looks to Bobby for a split second of help, then, without any lifeline, he extends the bagel towards Melinda May.

"It's very nice to meet you, Melinda May." Mattias frowns to her. "Please accept this bagel in the spirit in which it is given."


"I do," May tells Bobby. "I'm her superior officer."

She then watches Mattias have a minor apopleptic fit as he realises he's probably just won the foot in mouth competition for 2017. "Thank you both for the reminder that I need to have a conversation with Ms. Lewis as soon as possible." And Mike, too, but that she's not going to say out loud.

Accepting the bagel with a small nod, she tears the bread in half and offers the slightly larger portion back to the Swede. It's kind of a peace offering. After all, her beef isn't with him having listened to Darcy.


And, disaster achieved! Mike smirks to himself, but not on the outside because robot face is programmable and he's pretending to only pay attention to the conversation with Bobby. It's rude to overtly notice someone else choking on their words.

"Nah, it's not your fault, and I could quote Will Rogers about strangers and friends, but none of us wants to hear that. So, you're doing OK? No unusual problems? Nobody giving you a hard time for being the new Bobby on the block? Because that's not cool at all if they are."

OK, Mike is probably having too much fun with this. He plays back the conversation earlier in fast-time. Yep. Introduced himself. Should really back off and let them recover.


Bobby Drake may need to get more bagels before he returns back to the Mansion at this point. "I hope we didn't get her in trouble," Bobby offers in reference to Darcy. "I only met with her the one time…" it's probably a bit tricky trying to get him an ID and all. It's sort of why he's still at the Mansion; he can't really go anywhere else since opening a bank account or getting a job is difficult if one sort of doesn't exist. Or previously existed, but it's all wrong.

He looks at Mattias and gives a little frown, "You ok?" before he looks over to Mike, "A hard time, no. Hard to be given a hard time if you're kind of ignored. I guess I don't really blame them though." They don't know him and he doesn't know them as they're not the people -he- knew back where he was from.


"Well, I've made an ass out of myself, that's for sure." Mattias nods quietly and takes the bagel back from Melinda, tearing off a small chunk for himself as well. The Swede looks to Bobby and nods sharply, recollecting himself rather quickly in the aftershock. One eye winces closed and he looks down to Melinda. "Miss? Everything I just said was me talking like a stupid guy and it was out of context and…exaggerated. Was trying to look like a cool guy in front of Bobby." Mattias motions to Bobby, then dips his head. "Darcy loves what she does and thinks very well of you."

It's like a basketball thrown from half court. Mattias' brow twitches hopeful, and then he stuffs the bagel into his mouth, offering his coffee over to Melinda May, as well.

"If it means anything, Bobby, you're the only Bobby I know, and I'm going to try to not talk about it," Mattias offers to the man, then looks to Mike and Melinda. "Hey, we were just about to go buy some things for my room. Do either of you have a good recommendation as to where to get heavy metal merchandise or stuff like wall hangings to cover up plain walls?"


May shakes her head no to the offer of the coffee. Anyone who actually knows her knows she hates coffee. "I have no reason to be angry with you personally, Mr. Larsson." The fact that she knows the man's name when it's not been mentioned in this group yet… "But I will still need to have a discussion with Ms. Lewis."

At Mattias' question about where to find decorations, she offers, "I think I know a place that might suffice."


Mike nods to Bobby. It's a bit disheartening to realize that the guy didn't know him — then again, Mike's mutation was technically fatal, and nearly killed him here as well, so there's that.

"Heavy metal merchandise? You mean posters and shirts and such? Yeah, there's currently four stores in walking distance … Bleecker Street Records, Deep Cuts Record Store, Generation Records… ok, walking distance for me anyway. And the place she knows is probably good too."

Yes, Mike did just do an online web search for storefronts in Manhattan that sell heavy metal posters and albums. Though, tee-shirts don't seem to be part of the deal in most. Cheaper online, can't compete.


"Oh, believe me…you're cool, Mattias. No need to try and be something you're not with me…" although he's both flattered and a little confused that the other would think such a thing was necessary. He reaches out to give him a friendly jab to the shoulder before he looks between May and Mike. At Mattias' request for decor he looks sharply at him, "Heavy Metal?" Really? "Thrift stores?" Because that was like…thirty years ago or more!

As May and Mike talk about places to go, he takes a step away, "So, uh, I should just let you guys do that shopping. I'll see you shortly, yes?" is said to Mattias, assuming the other will be back at the Mansion.


"Well, please, take it easy on her. She doesn't deserve to hurt because I did something stupid." Mattias digs down deep into his genes, his tone, his browline, everything so Thor-like for a moment in the way he speaks. He sucks in his belly and sticks out his chest, then…it goes away. He sticks the straw of his coffee into his mouth, slurps, and throws it away into the garbage can next to him.

"Actually, Bobby, wait." Mattias jabs the man gently in the ribs to try to stop him. "Hey, friends?" Mattias looks to Mike and Melinda, holding out his hands, well, hand and third of bagel. "I'm going to spend time with Bobby and try to explain to him why I still love metal. Or shop. Or New York; whatever. Thank you," His hands come together, prayer-like in that chopping manner. "I'll check those places out, but we're heading back home in a bit. Mizz May, I'm sure you have my number already if you need to talk and it was good meeting you, too, Sir." Mattias offers to Mike, then looks to Bobby.

"You ready to go?" Mattias asks the man, eyes sharp and resolute.

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