Sky Breaker

March 25, 2017:

The Avengers fly to the Antarctic to try prevent Roxxon's flying factory from reaching the Savage Land and destroying it. But the Serpent Society has been hired to protect the factory.

The sky over the Antarctic

Dark grey clouds and a blizzard


NPCs: Sidewinder, Black Racer, Anaconda, Death Adder



Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

About two hour ago Iron Guard called the available Avengers to the mansion. A possible emergency situation was developing and he wanted a team ready. Peggy was in the mansion for unrelated reasons, but when the problem is also of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s concern, as it involves UN territory. The Antarctic.

Some private agencies keep temporal or even permanent research installations in the Antarctic ad that is perfectly legal if the permits are granted, which is often. Roxxon Energy is one of these private agencies, but what they have been doing in the Antarctic may have little to do with what they said they would be doing. In fact Nathaniel had a few blurry pictures of a weird-looking building, and spectrographic readings that do not make much sense.

Theratyon radiation, caused by unstable anti-gravitational engines, he said. Deleterious to organic and electronic life and also could damage physical reality. The technobabble following that is definitely flying high over most of the Avenger’s heads. Sounded bad. And now that factory-looking building was flying, the 10 thousand tons of it.

But what made him run for the Avengers One was the trajectory of the flying factory. It is heading towards the Eternity Mountain Range. “There is a 200 million years old natural preserve beyond the Eternity Mountains,” he said. “Hidden by the technology of an elder alien race. Somehow… Roxxon must have discovered it.”

It took the Avenger One 90 minutes to cover the nine thousand miles to the flying factory. Right now it is somewhere over the mountains. The airplane is about 25,000 feet up and it is dark grey outside, with a blizzard howling. “Sensors are failing,” comments Nathaniel. “As expected, since the preserve is out of phase with the rest of Earth. The Avenger One can handle the crossing, but we are going half-blind.”

Spoiler was in her full kit, having come in at the call. Her leg was still recovering from her last run in with Ravager, but she had some pain killers with her if she needed to get into the action. For now, the 90minutes flight was spent reviewing as much information about everything Nathaniel had on the mission, the location, and all the items of interest that she really hadn't spoken to anyone. Wanda and Nathaniel were the only ones she really knew, and that was passing at best. Tony she knew from the news but hadn't ever had the pleasure of his company. Sitting away from the rest, the purple and black batling kept her focus on the computer screens she was getting her information from after having linked in with her HUD so she could access from her phone's memory later. Just in case. Hearing that the sensors were out made the batling frown lightly and look up at the blizzard howling through the windows of the quinjet.

"You always make everything more complicated than it is, Nate." Tony Stark doesn't seem to be that worried. Of course lets be honest, only in the more dire or circimstances does Tony Stark actually look worried. "This is just your standard case of an extra-dimensional power source reacting badly with how our dimension works. They have /really/ bad shielding on their anti-gravity engines. Should have used Starktech." A flash of a grin at that, visible via the open faceplate of his suit.

The grin is aimed towards the little knot of supers as a whole as Tony's bright eyes sweep the group, curiously picking out the ones there. "Don't remember seeing you before," He adds towards Spoiler, curiousity in his voice as he shifts slightly.

Servos in the suit wine softly, the gold and red paint scheme is standard. But the suit itself is once again evolved. Sleeker, more steamlined. The triangle view of the arc reactor instead of the circle. He's obviously been busy.

…but he's always busy.

"So whats the angle here? Warn it off? Bring it down? Turn it off? Fling it into the sun?"

Though not a member of the Avengers, Peggy Carter does tend to be in the right spot at the right time - or wrong time depending on the viewpoint. Knowing things are in a dangerous position in Antarctica, she certainly intends to be on that jet when it makes it's way to Antarctica.

While she may not exactly be ready for a mission, she there should be armor that can protect her and she's used to going into battle without kits or suits. She has sensible shoes, she has her gun, she has her brain. That can be enough.

Back in her own time, she had dealt with Roxxon before. While she certainly didn't trust their CEO, she didn't expect them to be in charge of something like this. An eyebrow is raised at Tony at his words. Staying where she is, a glance of eyes is given toward the windows and then back toward the front. There's a tilt of her head at the questions, they're ones she wondered herself.

Wanda is in her 'gear' - tight black leggings, scarlet corset, scarlet coat - and sits quietly while the world flies past. Scarlet energy glowing around her fingers that absently bounces from one digit to the next. That sensors are failing doesn't seem to bother her much; she's never been one for technology. But reality distortions are very much her thing. "What happens to this 'natural preserve' in the future?" she asks Nathaniel. "If the aliens hid it then is this when it is found?" Time travel twists her melon.

“But Mr. Stark, that was what I was saying,” or was it? Nathaniel might have gone overboard with the nerd talk. He does that often. “That and… the spillage should not be this strong. This is more than just an experimental flight test, as Roxxon is claiming. I do not want that machine anywhere near the Nuwali preserve. In fact the technology could fail horrendously if the cross the border, we have to stop them.”

He glances back. “Ah, the blonde lady is Spoiler, from Gotham. Our latest recruit.” As for Wanda, “yes, the aliens hid it 200 million years ago. The purpose is unknown. It was abandoned before humans evolved, and found by Atlanteans before the continent sunk, so there are some humans there, along with animals extinct anywhere else on Earth. As for what happens… well, in my historical records it became known to the general public early in the Twenty First century. It was destroyed in the Twenty Fourth, during the Second Eugenic War. But that is not important now. There it is!”

Through the clouds, and with the sharp, snow-covered peaks dangerously close, there is a dark building moving. It looks like an old-style coal factory on a concrete platform, surrounded by three high-tech towers. And it is flying just past the mountains. The Avengers One slows down quickly, as Nathaniel slides right and down, trying to intercept the flying building. “We are too close to the boundary. Stark, your armor might suffer some system failures, we will shift phase if we cross over.”

But the factory does it first. For an instant, it becomes transparent. Then…

The sky breaks.

A flash of lightning runs set the whole southern horizon on white fire for a second. Like an impossibly huge mirage, the white and dark of the Antarctic mountains becomes blue and green. Vanishes into black, returns painfully bright. Fades again.

One of the towers of the factory is hit by lightning, and the building shudders. A black cloud rises, surrounding the Avenger’s airplane and blinding everyone for a few seconds. It is bone-chilling cold! Then the airplane breaks through and they are almost on the factory, but going too fast!

Spoiler sidelined her studies for a moment, leaning forward as she peers out the window. She knows Tony's talking to her, and she doesn't know him well enough not to take that warm grin at anything but face value.

"Well, I'm a ninja," Spoiler quips in reply to Tony's comment about not having seen her before. She turns back to the jet's sensor packets, tapping through the various packages and trying to calibrate them to work. But she's not the computer genius the other bats are and so she leaves off, turning back to the questions at hand.

About to say that it might not be a good thing to know what the future knows about this place any more than in necessary to save it, Spoiler's comment is bitten off as Nathaniel answers anyway. Well, his future he's messing with? Maybe? She's not really sure. The light show outside is distraction enough.

"What do you mean by shift phase?" is the only thing Spoiler has sense to ask as the factory reappears and they are going too hard and too fast toward it. What's a batling to do? Make sure she's buckled in and brace for impact.

Tony just laughs at the quip. "I've decided that I like you." And just like that, Tony Stark has declared himself friends with a ninja. "Mostly because I like telling people I have a friend thats a ninja." He has friends that are all sorts of things, but he doesn't think he's collected a ninja yet.

He would indeed say more but suddenly there is quite a bit of information coming at him. That his suit might fail. That There is a /second/ Eugenic War. That the coal factory they are chasing just caused some kind of dimentional anomoly.

"You could have warned me before, Nate!" He adds just as they slam into the storms and the border. The faceplate slams shut as he…well…braces for impact. There isn't much else he can do.

While Peggy's no stranger to nerd and science talk that goes over her head, this seems important and she's not understanding a lot of it. A confused look is given to Tony and she's about to open her mouth to ask a few questions to quantify what it is that they're both talking about when there's a flash of lightning.

Peggy's attention is immediately through the window as there's black cloud, a few seconds of chill and then they are nearby the factory. Already seated and buckled in, she keeps a firm hand on her seat, as if that would help. "I'm guessing that was a shift phase," she tells Spoiler as her attention is still out the window.

In his defense, Nathaniel wasn’t planning to take the Avengers into the Savage Land. Regular human technology often malfunctions there because natural laws are altered by the Nuwali super-technology. He designed the Avenger One to be able to compensate, however.

And he also made it able to pull a lot of gees of deceleration without turning those inside into hamburgers. Which he is doing right now. It is still quite the jarring experience, and the aircraft hits the concrete pretty hard. But it has a force-field and a reinforced structure, so it leaves an impressive dent on the stone and skids forward twenty yards, hitting through the wall of the factory with a wing.

Said factory is gyrating slowly, while losing attitude quickly. The good news is they are not crashing yet, because instead of a mountain what they have down there looks like a large swamp! The bad news is they are going to crash in a couple minutes anyway. The damaged ‘tower’ is still leaking black clouds of… something that is not smoke. The other towers are sparling sickly green lightning over their surfaces. Also, someone is firing on the airplane with a machine gun.

“That… was a shift phase. And the theratyon generator has shredded the Nuwali cloaking. That is bad, very bad.” He is not prone to swearing, but the ‘oh crapcrapcrap’ seems like what an American should say right now. “Everyone out. We need to…” land? No. Fly this thing out of the Savage Land? Too late. “We need to shut down those generators before they explode.” That.

Wanda blinks at the shifting process, her mind a little addled by it all even though reality shifts are her forte. She stumbles to her feet, her magic growing around her hands, hoping to help slow down the aircraft but she's too late. When it slams into the factory she falls to the floor rather than being hurtled into a wall or through a window - thank goodness for advanced technology. But it still hurt and she's managed to cut her forehead, touching the warm blood on her skin as she gets to her feet once more.

"Is that gunfire?" Wanda asks, still in a bit of a daze as Nathaniel's torrent of instructions come at her. "Generators? What will shutting them down do?" It's been her experience that turning off something can be just as bad as letting it run. The witch stumbles for an exit that is not getting shot at.

"And maybe not get hit with whatever sounds like machine guns," Spoiler retorts, unbuckling after that impact and pressing a single use injection into herself. Looks like an epipen. The cartridge is replaced into her utility belt and she pushes up from the chair, no hint of pain or gingerness. There's no time for any of that. There's also the worry that Stark's armor is now little more than a paperweight. Even her HUD's gone dark. Batdad and Batsis are likely going to worry… in a few hours.

"Stark, how's your tech doing?" she asks when she's on her feet. Originally she had been thinking about getting Stark to Iron Man the guns but right now, there's a Wanda. Spoiler moves toward the witch. She's got a bit of gauze for Wanda to press the cut with, to stop the bleeding.

"Definitely. Think you can stop them?" asks the batling of the witch as she slips the AR lens of her cowl open so she can see more easily. Her blue-green eyes slip toward Nathaniel.

"Exploding is bad, but so would going splat. Could we shut them down and still have enough power to sort of steer this thing into a not free-fall landing?"

"Hopefully it'll do the opposite of explosion…" Stark pauses. "…no wait thats implosion. So hopefully the'll just sit there and do nothing." Inside the suit the inventor takes stock of whats going on. Mmmm. Lets see. Movement ok. Flight limited. Weapons? Most of the fun stuff is gone. Still enough to be effective.

"And yes, not getting hit by machine guns. The suit is going to be fine though, I'm getting JARVIS on a workaround."

Workaround for a dimensional phase shift. That might take a bit.

Still if someone is shooting, thats something he can deal with. So he moves to the exit hatch before pulling it open, stepping out into the line of fire to make himself a target and give the others more than a bit of cover.

Repulsor blasts tend to at least distract shooters in his experiance.

"Do we need to turn them all off at once, Nate or can we do this piecemeal and do what Spoiler is suggesting there. Nice gentle landing instead of all of us dying in a fiery crash."

As the jet crashes into the wall of the flying fortress, Peggy grips onto the seat, bounced this way and that in the jet, but strapped in. Once everything comes to something of a stop, she unbuckles. "I don't know what a Nuwali generator is, so I'll just have to take your word for it." Spoiler is taking care of Wanda, she moves toward the doors and Stark. As they open, she presses herself back against the wall to not get caught in any crossfire.

"Yes, I am not a fan of free fall crashing." Especially as she certainly cannot fly. "A coordinated attack around the different generators for something more controlled is a good idea." Raising an eyebrow at Tony's explosions vs. implosions suggestion is met with a, "Neither of those sound good, Tony." Then, though, he's out the exit hatch. Glancing back at the others, she follows suit. With their attention on the big shiny distraction of Iron Man, she can hopefully slip through and further into the base.

“I can protect you with my forcefield from any crash,” comments Nathaniel. Hurrying out. Definitely Iron Man and him should be the ones going out first. Bullet proof, you know?
There are a couple guards with Roxxon-branded winter goats and assault rifles outside. But Tony’s repulsor blast takes care of them. The Avengers can see some other people scurrying about, unarmed. Technicians, perhaps. So…
Too many for his forcefield to protect. They would all splatter against the ground. “I suppose we should go for a gentle landing followed by a controlled shutdown. It should be only slightly impossible if I can access the local network, if the network is still operative, if all the generators are still linked and if I can hack the security in less than a minute. Cover me?” He runs towards the closest of the still operative towers.

And from the main building the real opposition appears. Led by a large woman in gold and green armor, “stop them! Kill the intruders!” At least the factory loudspeakers still work. Besides the large woman stands slender man in purple and green, with huge claws. The third component of the enemy team is a black blur of a woman that slams against Iron Man at nearly the speed of sound, and pulls back just as fast.

Some might recognize them as members of the Serpent Society. Mercenaries that have worked for Roxxon before.

Death Adder:
Black Racer:

Wanda offers a smile of thanks to Spoiler at the compress on her wound before realising that things are going pear-shaped out there. "I can stop generators" she nods. She managed to stop Apocalypse's flying pyramid…which then crashed into the ground unpowered.

Wanda makes her way to the hatch and winces at the sound of bullets hitting 'iron' though the arrival of villains with more than guns in their arsenal causes her both to frown and find her resolve. Her magic growing once more around her hands before she hurls up a sparkling scarlet wall between her associates and the opposition. Not a force field per se - she leaves that kind of thing to the tech folk - but rather a wall of shifting realities. Whatever comes through that will…change. A bullet may become a feather. An energy beam into a spray of water. A supervillain…well hopefully they won't try. But it does take a lot out of Wanda and all her concentration so hopefully someone has her back.

And then Tony goes from zero to very fast as Black Racer transfers way too much in the way of kenetic energy into his frame. Repulsors burst into life to keep him from entirely cannoning into a wall.

"So! For the record. I hate fighting speedsters." He says almost conversationally. "JARVIS, I need targetinng solutions. Find me some."

Thudding back to the deck he flexes his fingers as he looks at three of the four Serpents.

"Do all do realise we are /crashing/ right? I mean if you want to do this we can do this, but if its all the same to you. Gravity is no ones real friend. So. You let us all do what we do best, and we all don't die. How does that sound?"

They are merceneries, they might go for it.


Its worth a shot.

But his real goal there? Focus attention on him. He is pretty sure he can take it at least.

Stark's tech is working enough to handle the gunmen? She, like Peggy, flattens against the jet and slips out. She stays near Wanda, because the woman repaired her shoulder and while it took a lot from the witch, there's one thing that Spoiler's learned from the years of hanging out with Nerdboy Drake: Always protect the party healer. Let the Tanks soak up on the damage and keep your Main Heal from getting splat. Sure, Spoiler's suit can stop small caliber rounds a few times, and her cape too. But really, those are last resort. It's best just to not get hit.

"That's a lot of if's, Richards," Spoiler quips. "But, if it's only slightly impossible, I'm sure we can make it work." A cheerleader's optism. Go FIGHT WIN! With the gunmen no longer firing, and Richard's moving to a tower, Spoiler is set to follow when LOUDSPEAKER, and then a black blur, without lightning.

Still. A speedster. And Spoiler knows quite a few things about those now. Like the pop-up caltrops she had the Bat Cave whip up not long after she saw what hobbled Flash. Having been told by him that there was an evil speedster about, Spoiler went with the Girl Scout creed of being prepared.

"Hey! Slow poke. Spoiler Alert: Bet you I'm faster," Spoiler taunts the speedster that attacked Tony, looking to pull her attention and get her to charge, all so Spoiler can toss what look like tiny, uninteresting chips on the ground right in front of her. The moment they impact, however, be it ground or person, they'll pop up into the tetrahedron of barbed spikey evil caltrops of speedster slowing. This because the speedster got behind them before Wanda could put up her shield. Best to hobble the speedster then bash her into unconsciousness before Wanda draws aggro. (Steph needs to spot playing video games. She's the cheerleader, not the nerd. She just likes nerds and… focus, Steffy!)

"Stark, cover Richards," Spoiler calls out, because he's outside the nifty shield of does something protective which Wanda conjured.

Peggy hasn't seen anything like the shield that Wanda puts up between them and the bullets. There's a blink of confusion and then a glance to ensure that it is Wanda who is making that happen and not their newfound mercenary friends. "We've got a welcome party," she sighs as she raises her gun.

Nathaniel's plan is met with a look of surprise and then a shake of her head. She's with Spoiler on that comment. "That's a lot of things needing to happen at a precise moment. And those moments are remarkably close together."

When Tony is attacked, she is quick to focus on him, firing only twice. She knows she won't hit the speedster, but it will give her a few things to dodge while Spoiler tosses out her specialty caltrops and Tony is doing what he does best: thinking on his feet.

Covering people is something she's good at and while Stark may be dealing with a speedster and Spoiler remains with Wanda to ensure she's protected, she moves with Nathaniel. Her gun is brought forward as she runs and she's reminded of storming fortresses back during the War. Accuracy is unnecessary, so she instead shoots at the mercenaries in an attempt to get them to scatter and keep moving.

Wanda's glowing wall gives the snakes pause. Except to Anaconda, who is either very bold or somewhat stupid. Or both. She rushes through thinking it was some kind of barrier and promptly loses control of her powers, his arms becoming elongate and wrapping around her body, making her stumble and fall cursing.

Black Racer goes around the shield, of course. She is not as quick as Flash, but she is quick enough to be hard to track for normal humans. She also hurt herself when slamming against Iron Man, so she looks for a softer target. Spoiler will do, since she had to taunt her. And she runs into the caltrops. "Eeeek! Ow!" She sure slows down, and backpedals hopping and limping. Perfect target for Peggy now. The speedster takes a bullet to her shoulder and another to her side, the outfit takes the worst of it, but she still falls down in obvious pain.

Death Adder is neither bold nor stupid. So he quietly (because he is mute) climbs up the wall of the factory and then backflips over the magical wall, landing among the heroes and slashing at Spoiler with huge, poisonous claws. He leaves Wanda alone, though.

Because Sidewinder suddenly teleports behind Wanda, tries to grab her from behind and points a large handgun to her head. "Surrender now or the witch gets it. You don't move a finger, Stark."

Meanwhile, some distance away, Nathaniel sends a dozen metal tendrils directly into the tower, looking for control systems. He doesn't dare to look behind him. Either the Avengers win and then he better has done his job, or they lose and they all splatter against the ground. 45 seconds for impact.

At least Sidewinder called her a 'witch' rather than something similar. Wanda is not happy about having a gun pressed to her temple. Her wall faulters and slowly dissolves, her hands dropping to her side as she mutters softly to herself. She is not the most physical of fighters - and, as an aside, where is her damn brother when she gets in spots like this - so there will be no sudden elbow to Sidewinder's face or dynamic forward roll out of danger. Instead there is a seeping of her scarlet energy into the weapon itself. The internal workings coroding as if the decades were speeding past. Hopefully it won't be firing anytime soon.

Bo staff at the ready, Spoiler watches Peggy drop Racer. Plum colored lips press together, unhappy about the use of fire arms. Batling shares her mentor's dislike for guns, and like Batman she's not going to talk about it in the middle of a fight. Especially not when there's a Death Adder flipping over the wall and slashing at her. The batling parries with her staff, noting the sudden appearance of Sidewinder. Maybe a smoke bomb will… blind both Sidewinder AND Wanda. Scratch that idea.

Maybe Spoiler can ..yes! that's an idea! Flashbang Adder, slip past him, and bo staff the gun away from Wanda's face. Yes. Let's do THAT!

After all, Sidewinder told TONY not to move. Spoiler LOVES Spoiling bad guy days.

The batling executes her plan, tossing a flashbang up into Adder's face as her lens snap back in to cover her eyes while she slides herself between his legs so she can leap up into Sidewinder's face while aiming her bo staff at the weapon.

Please don't move, Wanda. Please dont' move Wanda.

Great Tony can't move. Because he doesn't want to get Wanda shot. People might be upset about that. So he does freeze, but inside the helment…

"JARVIS, see if you can hack into some of the machines around here. If you can drop something on these idiots it might make them listen a bit. He really is totally doing the right thing…

…he's creating a distraction.

For the ninja to do her thing.

When most of his suits systems are on the fritz, he still is a good distraction.

As Peggy's bullets hit Black Racer, Peggy doesn't flinch as she continues to try and give Nathaniel cover while he does his thing that will hopefully save them all. No pressure.

While his attention is on the metal tendrils, hers are turned back to the others as they fight the mercenaries. As a few flip over the protective wall, she attempts to track them, but does not shoot, she's not about to risk a stray bullet hitting Wanda or Spoiler. While she didn't worry about Tony in his Iron Man armor, she doesn't know how Spoiler's outfit holds up to bullets and she's not about to just shoot and find out.

As she's farther enough away that she believes herself to not be seen as a threat, she doesn't lower her gun, instead remaining where she is in a guard position. The last thing she wants is for someone to sneak up on Nathaniel while he's doing his thing and cause them all to crash at the last second.

Death Adder has enhanced agility and strength and almost cuts right through Spoiler’s guard. Definitely not a guy she would want to tackle in a fair fight. The flashbang surprises him, though, blinding him for a few instants. He turns back, slashing at the young woman with the cybernetic tail.

Sidewinder doesn’t really shot Wanda when the spoiler fails to surrender, but he does try to pistol whip her into unconscious. He hits hard, but his gun comes apart in his hands dampening the strike quite a bit. A second later Spoiler’s staff hits his wrist, leaving his hand numb. Before anyone else can react he has vanished in with small flash of light. Too look for a bigger gun, probably.

Anaconda is disentangling herself, she looks pretty angry.

Twenty seconds to crash-land. “I am through the firewall,” offers Nathaniel.

Wanda slumps forward with relief as Sidewinder disappears. "Thanks" she manages to get out to Spoiler before she is binding Anaconda in a scarlet cage of unreality. Anything those aliens can do, she can do - just on a much smaller and more personal scale. Anaconda and her cage seem to shimmer in and out of visibility before suddenly disappearing, deposited in a temporal shift out of phase with their reality. But this kind of stuff is really taking it out of the witch. Sweat dripping from her as looks around for what else needs doing.

Forgot about the tail. Spoiler totally forgot about the tail.

She didn't LOOK for a tail, but still! Batdad would be disappointed.

The bent bo staff falls from Spoiler's grip as the spiked tail catches her in the side and flings her into the side of the jet. It's not a clear gong-like sound. She's a squishy normal person in a cloth-armor suit. But she does make a body-goes-thump sound before falling to the ground, slightly dazed.

But taking the time to be slightly dazed is time closer to getting dead, so Spoiler flips back to her feet, stubborning past the daze, hands reaching for her, honest to goodness, sling shot. Only, she loads another flash bang into it, not so she can tag Adder with another one from a greater distance than she can throw. No. There's that teleporter who could be back any moment. She heads for the 'cover' of the underside of the jet, eyes on Adder in case she has to use her flashbang on him instead of on Sidewinder.

"Tag Out!"

This comes from Tony Stark as he sees Spoiler get flung. Its said while canoning into the side of the man with the tail. Death Adder might not expect a Iron Man to the side. With Wanda safe, he's free to act.

Much to the possible suprise and shock of Death Adder.

Who is going to take a Iron Man suit going just under the speed of sound shoulder tackling him into a wall.

The repulsor hand snaps up to aim his palm at him, the weapon spinning up dangerously as he raises the other hand to aim towards Anaconda…or where she was a second ago at least…

Maybe she'll be back. Its hard to tell with Wanda's powers.

"So. You thinking of listening to reason now or do I have to taser you until you drool all over yourself?"

"That's good!" Peggy tells Nathaniel. "Can you stop this thing before we all crash to the ground in a fiery death?"

She doesn't look behind her at him, though, instead her attention is completely focused on the fight as it is going on between the others. As Spoiler is attacked and flung, she glances at Nathaniel and then at the others. In fact, she takes a step forward to go and help them, but then stops herself. No, she can't leave Nathaniel unprotected. Gritting her teeth, the gun remains up and she continues to survey the area. Trust the others to be able to handle themselves.

It doesn't make it any easier to keep herself out of the fight as it is happening, but it's important to keep Nathaniel's back covered and who knows where that teleporter is.

Death Adder was still half-blind and half-deaf from the flashbang, but heading in the general direction of Spoiler, when Iron Man tackles him by surprise. He almost goes through the wall, his cybernetic armor saves his life, but he will need a few weeks to heal broken bones.

5 seconds. The flying factory shudders violently, the towers glow dark. 3 seconds. The factory is slowing down, but the concrete is cracking to the uneven pressure. 1 second. Centennial trees are crushed and snap like twigs.

Impact. The factory was almost horizontal, but not quite. People go rolling. Glass windows shatter. The whole thing tilts fifteen, twenty grades, a wall of dirty water splashes as one of the towers breaks, sending a cloud of unnatural smoke a hundred yards up. The two others shut down, but the cloud whirls like a living thing, a huge black snake that turns against the heroes down there… but no, it dissolves into nothingness, leaving behind an icy wind that is felt in the soul, not the body.

“And that was with .34 seconds spare,” announces Nathaniel happily.

Wanda was certainly one of the people who went flying through the air when the factory hit the ground. She lands with a thud onto the hard floor, opening up her wound again, before pushing herself up onto her hands and shaking her head clear. Have the attacks stopped? What are the other supervillains doing? Especially that Sidewinder. "Everyone stay away from me" she warns the other Avengers before she seems to be encased in a transparent scarlet egg. If Sidewinder wants to instantly appear beside her now, he will find himself instantly sent to another dimension. Probably one with tentacled monsters who like to eat teleporters.

The jarring landing lifts Spoiler from the ground and bashes her against the underside of the jet, then drops her back down to the ground. The readied flashbang never activates, thankfully, but does roll from her as the factory tilts. Limp, Spoiler slides out from under the jet as it too starts to succumb to gravity and the incline it's on.

Stay away from Wanda, check. As Nathaniel continues to do what he can to stop everything from crashing to the ground, Peggy keeps an eye out for any of the mercenaries that might attempt to attack them. Then, things tilt. There's no belt to strap her into a seat this time. She bounces upward and then crashes back down onto the ground. Luckily, her finger is not on the trigger of her gun, so she does not fire a round as she rolls and crashes on the factory floor. Dirty water drenches her and as she lies on the ground, safe from a fiery death but now wet, freezing and bruised from the collapse, she glances over to Nathaniel with a raised eyebrow at his happy declaration. "Good job," she tells him. It's hard to tell if she's being sarcastic or not. Most likely not as she's glad to be alive. Her teeth start to chatter.

Sidewinder is not stupid. He knows when his side has lost. Anaconda doesn’t, but a sharp command from her boss and the large snake-woman ducks for cover when Wanda changes the focus of her magic. The Avengers only see Sidewinder very briefly when he appears, grabs the unconscious Death Adder, and jumps away.

The snakes flee, but the Roxxon employees surrender, claiming not understand what is going on or why they are in a swamp and not in the Antarctic. The foreman threatens with legal action and blames the Avengers for the crash, of course.

Moving back to help the other Avengers, Nathaniel sounds pleased. “Disaster averted, but the cloak is not resetting, I suspect those systems have been fried beyond the ability of auto-repairing. This is going to make it to the front pages of all newspapers.” He looks up at the impossibly brilliant sky. The sun is very, very low in the horizon; it shouldn’t be this bright or warm. “Environmental control seems to work, though,” then he studies briefly the massive anti-gravity generators. Large enough and defective enough to cause enough damage to destroy the Savage Land. Coincidence? Unlikely. “Someone in Roxxon knows too much,” he concludes, losing his good mood.

Time to call S.H.I.E.L.D. to get these people out. But that is more Peggy’s job.

"I hate those guys too," Tony mentions as the repulsor weapons cut off, the power winding down as he lowers his arms. A sigh and a shake of his head before he turns towards poor batkid and raises a hand for a medscan. "Lets get her to the plane, and get ready for some cleanup. This was a mess…"

A pause.

"…an entertaining mess, but a mess." He adds with a smirk behind his armor. "And Nate? Next time? I'm modding my armor for this place. Walking sucks."

With no attacks incoming, Wanda's magic fades away and the battered, bruised and exhausted witch finds a place to sit that won't have her topple over. "Everyone okay?" she asks both her team and the angry workers before looking to Nathaniel. "Anything I can do to help fix things? Spoiler, do you need some healing again?" She looks at the devastation around her. "Umm…how do we get out of here?"

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