Stairway to Heaven

March 25, 2017:

Rogue is at Harry's Hideway on a Saturday night and bumps into Morien for the first time.

Harry's Hideaway


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Rogue's regular watering hole was a bar not far from the Xavier School. It was a bar that was run by one of Logan's oldest friend (how old is anyone's guess). Rogue herself, tended to come by here a couple times a moment on the weekends to relax and socialize away from the school.

Currently, the bar is pretty busy since its a Saturday night and the Soutehrn Belle is standing over by the jukebox with a quarter in one gloved hand and a tall glass of beer in the other. She's sipping on the drink and rolling the silvery quarter through her fingers while she tries to decide on a song, her left booted foot is tapping on the ground to the beat of the song currently playing, she's got on a brown leather bomber jacket and some blue jeans with a green tanktop on beneath the jacket.

An auburn haired woman who is wearing an expensive leather jacket that doesn't seem to have been worn that much enters the bar. Her eyes take notice of the different people in the crowd, and she walks over to the farthest stool on the bar that allows her to see the entire bar. After she orders a drink for herself, she makes a subtle move to her ear and seems to speak to herself.

After this woman's completes her orchestrated movement, three other new patrons that have never entered this bar before take positions around the bar. Two of them even pretending to be a couple as they take a seat together. One all of Morien's security detail is in his place, he is escorted into Harry's Hideway by another gentleman in a business suit. Morien takes a look around himself, and whispers to his escort to return to the outside. Morien makes his way to a table near the jukebox. As he passes by Rogue, he calls over his shoulder. "So is rock and roll the only type of music they play in the place?"

It took Rogue a few moments to realize that some new, and unusual, people had entered the bar. But when she did she looked up and over at them and then lifted her glass of amber ale up to sip from the rim. Must be a politician, or something… she'd thought to herself, there were a lot of rich people living in Westchester, celebrities even. She'd met David Letterman once when she'd bumped into him outside walking his dog!

When the question settled upon the Southern Belle's ears she realized it was directed at her and she turned around to look at Morien, beer up near her dark red painted lips. "There's other kindsa music?" She quipped back at him with a little grin, her voice was laced with a southern accent and a husky tone.

"Yes, I have heard rumors of other type of musics." A sly smirk appears on his face, "Perhaps, they were just rumors." Morien walks over to the Juke Box, "Do you mind if I play a "Stairway to Heaven"? Morien starts flipping through the music. "If it only plays rock and roll, it should have it." Morien tilts his head towards his left shoulder as he looks Rogue up and down, "I love your accent by the way."

Morien taps his left foot as he tries to place the dialect. "I don't think you are from Alabaman, or Louisiana. Well, you are certainly not from Canjun territory."

One of his security detail take notices on Morien's movement and tries to move closer to him without being notice, but gets stopped by a server who wants to dance around him.

Rogue would turn when Morien stood up and came over to the jukebox. She'd stand on the left side of the machine and placed that quarter in her hand onto the glass of the display like one does with a arcade machien to reserve thier spot for 'next game'. She flashed a grin at him and slowly nodded her head two small times at him.

"I'm from Miss." She replied. "Meridian, Miss, t'be specific. Though I kinda drifted around the whole state growin' up… well at least until I was fourteen, then I skipped the hell outta that place." Her head slowly shook side to side then, her brown and white hair gently swaying about her face and head. "Mississippi just took the crown has havin' the 'fattest city in the United States' in it." She grinned mischievously then. "That is definitely not the kinda place I wanna call home anymore."

Rogue's pale green eyes then glanced toward the jukebox and she placed her right pointer-finger on the glass cover over the songs. "Stairway t'Heaven, s'right there." She'd say and glanced back at him with a big smile. "One'a my favorites, MIstah."

"Oh, yes. Mississippi, I should have recognized it. I think I have been to Meridan, Mississippi once upon a time." Morien raises his right eyebrow a bit when she calls him Mistah, "Mistah? I have always enjoyed Southern charm It always makes you feel more important than you actually are." That sly smirk appears on his face again as he recalls his past that he did not receive Southern charm of hospitality. Morien eyes look up away from the juke box selection and goes back to the Southern woman, "I think this song rocking out on the guitar is only matched by Freebird. If you can't feel something after listening to this, you are probably dead.

Morien tilts his head towards his left shoulder again as he looks her over, "I don't mean to stare, but you seem very well adjusted for someone who ran away at the age of 14. At the very least, I would be thinking that you would be listening to blues instead of rock and roll. I think a lot of blues songs started when someone left Mississippi at the age of 14, but that was a different age.

Morien chuckles softly, "Sorry, I praddle on, and I haven't even had a drink yet."

Rogue had noticed the member of Morien's security detail that had gotten acosted by the drunk patron of the bar for a dance and then she'd looked back to Morien himself, a grin still present on her red lips. "Judgein' by your goonsquad ya got, I'd throw some bucks down that you're pretty important. Or ya at least believe ya are." She teased him softly.

The southern gal's shoulders shrugged inside of that aged leather bomber jacket that rested over her upper body. "I got my gothgirl phase outta me in my teenage years. Once I ended up totally alone on the streets, I kinda didn't have time t'worry about dressin' up in black clothes and applyin' all kindsa dark makeup. I was more worried about eatin' and not havin' t'sleep in strange places." She shook her head just a little then. "Now that I'm back on my feet though, livin' my life how I wanna live it… I just like different stuff at this age." She grinned. "Ya know, my adult years?"

The girl with the two-toned hair glanced back at the jukebox then and she nodded at the music assessment. "I love both'a those song, but then I'm kinda all about the classic rock ballads. Music just isn't as… good, today. Feels processed, like a fastfood dinne'ah." She looked back at him again then and sipped from her beer glass. "Call me old fashioned, don't bothe'ah me none."

Morien shakes his head a few times, "You must come to this bar a lot, or my security detail is getting sloppier. I don't think I am an important, but my board thinks I am, so I have to travel with my goonsquad." "They are really nice people, not all goonish." smiles Morien as he extends his hand, "I am Morien Washington, a pleasure to meet you.

"Most people have I like all music, but I rarely have time to listen to the modern music." Morien peers back at the jukebox, "I guess I listen to a lot of World Music now. Morien closes his eyes as the song reaches the end, but instead of "air guitaring", he is beginning to play an imaginary harp in the air. Morien sings. "And she's buying a stairway to heaven." Morien lets a deep laugh and raises his left hand behind his neck and rubs his necks nervously, "Sorry, that was incredibly geeky."
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Rogue showed a playful grin after he sang and did his Harp Miming, she spent a lot of time in the Music Center in Salem Center not too far away, which had a couple of harps and she'd strummed them a few times. Rogue leaned against the jukebox and sipped her beer at him her head shaking right to left once.

"Geeky don't bothe'ah me none. I work in a school. I'm surrounded by geeks all the time." She showed another grin then and sipped her drink once more. "And yeah… I can kinda spot Security or Cops pretty easily, call it one'a my 'gifts'." Her head gently nodded then once. "NIce t'meet ya, Mistah Washington. I'm Anna-Marie Elizabeth D'Ancto Carlyle… But, most just call me Rogue." She extended her right (gloved) hand then and accepted his for a soft squeeze.

She would exhale then and glance around the bar. "I've been comin' here for a few years now, eve'ah since I peaked ove'ah the leagl drinkin' age." She grinned once more back at him, suggesting that maybe she'd been coming here a little longer than that.

"I like the people here, so they get me comin' back."

"Morien looks at Anna-Marie's gloves and wonders if she if is some sort germaphobe. Morien raises his shoulders in a shrug as he responds to something she said. "You work in a school?" He takes an overly dramatic step back and looks her over again. "You cannot be a teacher. You are just given me so many crazy images of my past teachers letting their hair down and jamming out to rock and roll at bars. Morien does an overly dramatic shudder, "You can play the next song. think I need a drink to wash all of these thoughts out of my head." Morien walks back to his table and calls over his shoulder again "You can join me if you wish after you picked the next song. I would love to hear why they call you, Rogue, Anna-Marie."
"Morien looks at Anna-Marie's gloves and wonders if she if is some sort germaphobe. Morien raises his shoulders in a shrug as he responds to something she said. "You work in a school?"

He takes an overly dramatic step back and looks her over again. "You cannot be a teacher. You are just given me so many crazy images of my past teachers letting their hair down and jamming out to rock and roll at bars. Morien does an overly dramatic shudder, "You can play the next song. think I need a drink to wash all of these thoughts out of my head."

Morien walks back to his table and calls over his shoulder again "You can join me if you wish after you picked the next song. I would love to hear why they call you, Rogue, Anna-Marie."

Rogue would smile at what he said and she'd gently nod her head to his question about her employement. "I am indeed." She said to him. "Je suis le professeur que tous les tudiants seront souviendront pour toujours." She spoke the foreign language with a flawlessness that would hint she may truely be from Europe, rather than Mississippi.

After a small grin she spoke in English again. "I am the French teache'ah." She said as he went back to his table. She'd turn then and pick a song. She'd turn back toward him then and walk over to his table after grabbing her replacement drink which had been waiting for her at the bar for a little bit now.

Rogue set her glass down at his table and she lowered down to sit upon the edge of the wooden chair aside it. She smiled at him. "I try not t'break too many students hearts though, as that just wouldn't be very ethical'a me." She teased with a grin.

"You are truly a remarkable woman to have been able to achieve so much success after running away from home." Morien sips on some Jameson whiskey. He cups the glass in both hands. "How did you learn how to speak French so well?" Morien corrects himself as a sheepish grin appears on his face, "Well, you sound better than my Rosetta Stone. I have some business on Haiti, and I studied French to ease negotiations, but I have always wanted to go to France."

Morien peers down at his glass as his brow furrows again and his face tightens not being able to hide the stress of a memory, but he still speaks another falsehood. "I have always wanted to go to France. I have heard it is beautiful. I never seem to be able to get there."

Morien's minds wonders to the last time he was in France as a member of the Senegalese Tirailleurs. He remembers having to crawl over the dead bodies of his fall brethren after they were executed by the Nazis. He closes his eyes and down the whiskey in one gulp.

He shakes his head and tries to smiles. "Sorry, I really like this song. I must have drifted away, but I warned you I was a music geek. So how did you get the name Rogue. Is it your biker name or something?"

Rogue put her elbows on the table's edge and folded her arms over one another while then going to drum her fingers on the table top with little ssft sounds aided by the fabric of her dark green gloves that were rolled down to her wrists showing bare forearms up into the rolled-up leather sleeves of her bomber jacket.

"My aunt started callin' me Rogue first." She said. "She's the one who taught me how to s'peak French… and yeah… I ain't eve'ah been to Europe… Paris is my dream city, but… its just always been outta reach for me, money wise." She exhaled then, went to take her beer glass up for another sip from the brim where the foam was gathered then would set the glass back down.

"I used t'run away a lot, from my Aunt's place. Thats why I got the nickname. Once my friends found out about it, they perpetuated it and it kinda stuck. Afte'ah my parents died an' I got sent t'live with my Aunt… I just got pretty angry, an' had trouble adaptin' t'her house rules, when my parents had kinda raised me… ya know, freebird style." She grinned at him. "They were livin' on a commune, ya know… hippies'n the like. Kinda people that hated the modern world. Lotsa fun for a kid to grow up in a place like that." She exhaled then.

"But, my Aunt was structured… she was a Piano teache'ah at the highschool in Meridian. Very strict. So… I rebelled." A small frown was shown then, she had regrets about those days for sure.

"Well, if you don't mind, I prefer to call you, Anna-Marie. It is such a beautiful name." The servers must be hungry for tips tonight, because one of them brings Morien another whiskey. Morien obliges the server with a hefty tip, before turning to Rogue. "Depending on who's translation, you want to go by. It means grace or bitter. I think Grace fits you." Morien sips on whiskey, rattling the ice in the glass, as he brings it to his lips.%R After his sip, he speaks again. "You have this ease and charm about you. As well as it seems you have hardships, but have come through the overside of them."

Morien takes another sip and says in a playful tone "But, what do I know. I am probably some guy who this he is pretty important that has great taste in music."

Rogue flashed a grin at him and she shook her head. "I don't mind, none." She said about what he wished to refer to her by. "I used t'hate my name when I was in that goth-phase I mentioned, but… I've come around to it now. Guess I'm gettin' old'ah." She'd roll her eyes then and there before smirking and then lifting her glass up for another smirk.

"You do seem t'got great taste in music though. I was worried afte'ah what ya said when ya first spoke up. I was afraid you were gonna ask for some kinda Justin Biebes shit or somethin'." A big smile was shown then, her perfect pearly whites contrasting against the crimson red lips. She'd loft her dark eyebrows up then at him. "An' I appreciate the charm comments, not many folks I know would call me graceful, I don't think… Couple'a them pretty much just refer to me as the Muscle around the school."

Another sip of her beer was had then and she glanced around. "So why do ya got an Entourage?" She'd ask before looking back at him. "You some kinda politician, I guess?"

Morien nearly spits out his drink at the the Justin Bieber comment and laughs a bit too loudly, "Come on, I can't possibly give off that image!" "One normally doesn't equate a French teacher with being the muscle. I wonder what they call the physical education teacher?" Morien shakes his head and says, "No, I am just a multi-billionaire CEO of my own International Company. Besides the security detail, I try to keep a lower profile them most of my contemporaries. I think the world is little bit too dangerous to be appearing in public too often with a big billionaire bullseye mark on your chest.

Morien sips on his whiskey, "Maybe we get the time to go to Paris, I will take you a long. Just as long as you promise to help with my French. Morien laughs. "Boy, did that sound cheesy.

Morien mocks himself in way over the top manner, "Excuse me, Anna-Marie. I am CEO of Umoja International, and I know you just met me, but I can you joined me on a private trip to Paris on my private jet. That is such a reasonable offer a complete stranger makes to another."

Rogeu reached her left hand up after he did this and she fanned at herself with it playfully. "I done met myself a charmin' rich man who wants t'shuffle me off t'my dream land an' all I gotta do is help him learn the language that I teach professionally?" She said. "My word… I think I've gone'n struck oil, won the lottery or somethin'."

She would wobble a little in her chair and then take another drink of her beer. "You're pretty sweet though, so I'm tempted t'take ya up on any offe'ahs like that. But… I don't know ya all that well yet, ya could be like a Mob Boss or somethin'." Her head would slowly shake right to left. "Ah certainly don't wanna get mixed up with no Mob Gangs. Not again!" She'd grin at him then.

Morien chuckles as her antics "You can google me when you get home." Morien adds, "Believe me, I think if I was going to lie about being rich I would have stated that I was a gangsta instead of a CEO. I think that might be a bit more interesting." Morien smiles. "Seriously, I meant that after you got to know me we could go to France as friends. I am not a creep."

Morien laughs, "Which is the actual motto of people who are creeps. How about if you are ever in the city, you give me a call, and we can do IHOP. Sorry, I just love IHOP. I try to eat there once a week, regardless of the time of day."

Rogue would listen to this from him and it'd amuse her throughout it, the smile on her face would prove it as she'd sip at her drink here and there. Once he finished though she took a moment to clear her throat and then would slide her glass to the side.

Both of Rogue's gloved hands would slide out toward the center of the table, palms down, and she'd go to pull the glove off of her left hand. "I often get invites t'places from men in this bar. At least, I used to anyway… when I first started showin' up here…."

Her right hand (still gloved) reached out and went palm-up toward him. "Take my hand?" She'd ask. And if he did so, she'd gently move his hand until it was just merely an inch above her left, the heat from her bare left hand could even be felt.

Rogue's green eyes were on his face. "I wear these mittens cause if ya touch my skin, you'll drop like a fly." She said to him, a sultry serious stare on her face aimed right at him. "This is why none'a the guys are lookin' t'take me places anymore.. cause they can't touch a mutant who has the power t'suck the life right outta them through their flesh." A soft head shake, a softer exhale. "Its a thing I got no control ove'ah… As much as I wish sometimes that I did."

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Morien's eye widen slightly when she takes her glove hand and guides it to her left hand. His eyes widens even more, when mentions that she is mutant and her predicament. Morien peers down at her hand feeling the heat from her hand and just looking at her left hand for a moment at his contemplates her words. "Anna-Marie, I am sorry. It seems that you carry the burden of King Midas. You can collect the golden treasures of other people's lives with but a touch, but it comes with great sacrifice."

Morien peers around the room and moves his hand a bit closer to Rogue and whispers, "Are you sure that everyone you touch will drop like a fly? Perhaps this is a small moment of grace for you."

Rogue gently nodded her head at his question then. "I dropped Carol Danvers like a fly inside'a bug zappah." She told him with a small, forelorn, smirk. She'd release his hand with her gloved own and then draw them both back to her side of the table to take hold of her glass of beer with the bare hand.

"I've touched many othahs since then with the same effect. An' when I first got to Charles Xavier's school, his science types told me that thats just how my mutation works." Her shoulders shrugged inside of her jacket.

"Its just the burden I've learned t'have t'bare. It used t'get me down, add t'why I was so inta that goth-culture when I was a kid. Now though? Now I try not t'let it get me down. I try t'keep a smile on my face an' focus on havin' fun."

"Seriously, I was only asking you as a friend to join me in France." Morien chuckles softly, "I am not one of these rich playboys that are in the tabloids. I leave a very simple life, and besides do you know how much money I would have to spend on adding a security detail to follow a love interest around." Morien chuckles, "I got to be rich, because I am cheap. Morien raies his eyebrow slightly at the thought of Carol being dropped liked a buzz zapper, "Carol Danvers, I am not exactly sure who that is." Morien taps his left foot at he ponders what would happened if he touches her hand. "By your tone, I guess she is more powerful than a simple human like me.


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