Designer Vogue, a la Bat!

March 25, 2017:

When limping becomes excessive, you need more GQ, Gucci, or reinforcements! (As well as -less- yellow)

Watchtower Station - The Final Frontier

It's larger than a space station has any right to be, with
corridors stretching beyond to labs, to living quarters, to mission critical
systems, to the command center. Wandering through the corridors at all hours
of night and day, techs and scientists.
The most technically advanced space station orbiting Earth,
Watchtower Station is an advanced operational station funded and maintained
by anonymous donors and the UN, and used by the Justice League. This is a
-high- security location.

Current Day: The status of the Watchtower Station is being brought
back to life after a year of being emptied and unused.


NPCs: None.



Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

3AM EST - Watchtower.

Spoiler left Barry to sleep. She had two hours before she needed to be back. Her bike repairs were mostly done, so it was time to take it out for a test drive… to the Hall of Justice. Because that sounded like a great idea. She still had her credentials to get in. She hadn't ever seen more of the Watchtower than the medical suite, so… parking her Avengers issue Bat-modified Skycycle (Where's Barry's friend that names everything when you need him?) Spoiler lets herself in to the 'okay for friends of League Members' area to look around while walking as if she totally belongs here… There is a faint limp in her step as Spoiler favors her left leg.

What does an Immortal who shifts has ended do at 3:00 am in the morning do with the rest of his night before heading back to New York City? He pulls of a 3-D program and starts to designed how he wants his future costume to be like. Ozymandias hums to himself an ancient melody that floats through the WatchTower.

Ozymandias looks away from his program to noticing the limping Spoiler, "Should you be up and about? It seems that your leg has seen better days?

Ozymandias turns back to his 3-D program and changes the color of the uniform. "Hhmm, perhaps I should not add any yellow to the uniform."

Busted! Sort of? Spoiler looks over and smiles… like a teenager, hand caught in cookie jar.

"I really should be," Spoiler replies, voice just as youthful as it seemed to be over the comms when they 'met' via Oracle.

"You're designing a new uniform?" she asks, a little curious how others do it.

After taking a load on, Starfire is taking comparisons of vitals from the 'clones' of Mists from one to the next, as is her duty due to an accord with Wonder Woman. But once everything she relays back to ship is balanced, Starfire is reclined in a wheeled spinnychair by Ozy, looking at the uniform designs shaking her head and scooting away from the screens to plant booted toe against the ground and change the rotation of chair to come back and stare at the design before Spoiler limps in and draws a furrow'd speculation her way.

"You need better armor." Stated in a matter-of-fact manner before she rotates back to the designs Ozy is simulating.


"Well, I am not leaving the Justice League yet, but I still would like to take on a different identity, even if it is just cosmetic. Ozymandias peers away from the image. "I am thinking of not having a full mask. People are missing my beautiful smile, and it seems that my associates of my distant youth have been able to track me regardless of this costume, so I think I should be good without a full mask.

Ozymandias turns to Starfire. "Better armor? Really, what sort of armor should I be using?

"My full face mask didn't fit under my motorcycle helmet," Spoiler comments to Ozy with a note of fellow-feeling at making the change from full face to domino and now to cowl. Her eyes track then to Starfire, head tilting.

"Probably, but any heavier and my mobility would be ruined," Spoiler adds before Ozy asks about armor for himself and the blonde bites her lip to prevent herself from giggling. Did he not realize Starfire wasn't talking TO him? Wait… maybe she was! Spoiler clears her throat lightly.

"Not you," Star states as Ozy pivots her way, a flip of wrist and the gesture goes towards the one limping in. "Her." The index is extended in that loose wave of wrist to point out Spoiler with a slow raise of ruby manicured brow.

"You're always limping Harlequin." A tap to high cheekbones in regards to Spoiler's mask with a small smile. She knows the play on words enough, but it does not stop Kori from saying it.

The spin slows and stops as an elbow props on console and she points. "Everything you all wear is hindering to movement but not covering of your species vitals."

Spoken, now to them both. Who has what to worry about, afterall?

Ozymandias lets out a small chuckle, when he realizes he wasn't been talking to by Starfire. Ozymandias turns around to look at Spoiler, "She is right. You just need to practice wearing the heavier armor. You seem to be athletic enough to get used to wearing a piece of armor in a short time.

Ozymandias nods his head slowly, "I have the luxury of wearing many types of armor or gear, so it was a bit easier for me." Let me know if you wished to trained with someone, when you are better.

Ozymandias spins around in his wheelchair, "I still wished to see your spaceship, when you get a chance."

Being called Harlequin does not sit well with the blonde batling and she presses her lips together. Noting the time in her HUD, Spoiler just inclines her chin at the offer from Ozymandias as she turns to make her way back to the Hall and there the parking lot and from there… home. Barry's place. It's getting so much like home. As she goes, she works to walk withOUT the limp. because Batling!

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