Post Fight Club

March 24, 2017:

Venom gets some of the action he was looking for.

Random Warehouse Place, Brooklyn


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Fade In…

As the fight below got under full swing, Juggernaut did, in fact, take some full swings. The building suffered. The crowd shuffled about as much frightened as excited. A few blows in, the shudder was enough to dislodge the elf from his perch as a body was slammed into the support column Darkedge was clinging to.

Falling wasn't really a problem. Darkedge had fallen from tall buildings without going splat. The trick was to fall into shadows and use those to slide himself into a safer landing. Unfortunately for the dark elf, he had been perched just abve the bright flood lights and so he did not fall into darkness, but into the light… And right into Venom.

So corrupted that they feel no pain as he crushes their hands. So sporadic that the tendrils to push the presence away missed in the fits of their maniacal laughter. Perhaps he is even more missing the training and technique he needs than he first thought. However. There is more than one way to ensnare some sweet silence from these drugged up dregs. Balling two fists, one aimed at each man, Venom fires a point blank headshot of webbing at each.

If it covers enough, thick enough, it may silence them permanently as the webbing will never be removed, much less degrade, in time. At worst it can only be hoped that they are sufficiently silenced by some webbing to the face. Even if that, sadly, is not fatal. After all, he's not the main event, not even in the ring yet, but he's not going to miss another opportunity. Let the other bout play out first. He'll pick his moment, and his battle, when opportunity arises.

Or, in this case, falls upon him. "Must we do this?!" he says, all sense and semblance of self control lost. A clawed hand reaches to grab and throw the newest source of his frustrations.

Drugged Morons take web to face and drop, silenced, just as Venom reaches up to grab Darkedge.. There's too much noise to pinpoint exactly where things are or that he is being reached for and there is enough light from the fight ring whose cage has been ripped open, that Darkedge can feel his eye burning. His best bet is to try to use the body he fall onto, slide around it and into its shadow so he can get away.

What the elf hadn't counted on was Venom's… Venomness. The clawed hand was certainly not expected, nor was the strength with which he was fling away from the Beast… into the ring, and further into the light.

The elf tumbled into the middle of hte ring, dazed and blinded. Silver hair a mess, Darkedge pushed to his feet while pulling the full face mask from his belt to cover his face so that at least the light would stop piercing a migraine into his brain through his eyelids.

If he ever talked about it Eddie would explain the suit amplifies. Everything. His frustrations. His rage. Possibly those even moreso than anything. He tried to keep cool, stay calm, fly under the radar, let events take their course and hope, this time, the world would cut Eddie Brock a break. It didn't… and Venom is the reaction to this. It will happen… "… no more!" Venom roars as he pounces towards the ring and the, to be fair, blameless opponent who presented themself.

Landing and advancing he adds in a bitter growl "No more will this be tolerated." He shoots a web from each hand… upwards? Yes. Upwards. If he knew the irony of his actions he may realise that by trying to bring down a section of roof strut above the prone figure before him was, in fact perpetuating the same cycle that caused his problems in the first place.

Hearing Venom snarl and land in front of him over the din of the crowd, Darkedge backs up two steps now that he's on his feet, body at the ready. Diamond blades slide into his hands from the sleeves of his black leather jacket. The blades, however, are far too long to have been up his sleeves without being visible. Which they weren't.

' My fight is not with you, human. ' Darkedge sends now, trying because without any dark shadows, he has no real way to get himself out without fighting his way out. By the naked gemstone blades in his hands, the elf is clearly prepared to do just that. His head twitches upward briefly. He thought he heard something, but he wasn't sure what, so the elf is at current unaware that Venom is planning to bring down the roof.

The onlookers, however, are starting to realize this might happen, and after seeing Beauty and the Juggernaut tear through the side of the building, they are now more inclined to bug out. Not without trying to loot the bookie office though.

It's Chaos.

Through the fires of frenzy, The message may have been heard, even understood, but the message was lost in the inferno blazing through his mind. Releasing his grip on the webbed ropes and turning his attentions to something else Venom fires a stream of webbing at Darkedge and, with the other hand one at the would be raiders advancing upon the offices.

Hauling them backwards, and possibly into more opportunists besides, Venom ramps up the amplitude in his own voice and states, every word carving its way through the uproar, "Leave if you will but betray your better intentions and I WILL ensure that death is a sweet release that shall never come for you!" Admitedly, as he can see from the entire surface of his suit he didn't have to turn. But this, at least, means that the web fired at Darkedge was done so with little care.

No reply. Not even a hint his mind's voice was heard. Darkedge assumes it is because the human, who sounds very much not human now, couldn't hear him. Another half step back and Darkedge has that sense you get when something not nice is aimed at you. The elf seeks to parry the incoming attack while stepping to one side as he does so. The sticky wuality was not expected and the diamond blade is ripped from his hand.

Dammit! Darkedge had just gotten that back too!

Blind, Darkedge pulls gemstone throwing stars from the small pouches on his belt and in the same smooth motion he flings them at Venom. Because two can play the throw-shit game.

Stereotypes are a killer. Yes, he can shoot webs, stick to walls and has a spider design on his chest but all that flip flop stuff Spiderman does? Venom does not do. So, he sees the many stars coming but can't do much about it apart from stop the pain from them knifing into him from losing his grip on the struggling masses in his web.

"Graah!" Venom exclaims, and faces Darkedge, keeping a grip with his better arm and pointing accusingly with the other. "Whatever point you wish to prove, whichever baser instinct you wish to indulge… will have to wait. I… must…" His speech falters and he drops to one knee forcing the flesh of the symbiotic suit to reach out and pluck one of the innocents escaping from the crowd to stop them being trampled. It's strain enough one one arm fighting a random mass of looters. Moreso keeping a person held above the stampede.

Forcing the symbiote to reform, and to patch his own wounds will, also, have to wait.

Wait. There's the sound of someone screaming in panic.. it's above the crowd, and calming a bit. Calming? Even as this inhuman thing is faltering. With the DJ having cut he music and fewer people in the area, Darkedge can hear Venom's knee hit the ground. And there's no more attacks on him.

It's too bright to see! But he can take a moment to sense out… The magic source is gone. But there are a few gemstones, the diamonds and things in people's jewelry, and they are running… being stopped, ferried to safety by…

Darkedge's head tilts at the creature. Straightening, the elf goes to recover his knife, shaping the diamond out of the webbing and back around his wrist before moving toward Venom.

"Did not see. See now. Will assist," the elf states. His voice is soft, barely reaching across the distance between them. The sound is rough, the horse of one who rarely if ever speaks aloud. Another few steps, and Darkedge finds Venom's shadow, just behind him, and it gets used so Darkedge can slip into a darker locale, remove his mask, and… finally spot the innocent Venom is holding aloft. Another quick shadow step, and Darkedge collects the human from the symbiote arm to deposit the now very cold human outside before Darkedge slips back inside.

That… was unexpected. It couldn't have come at a better time though. As soon as the innocent was freed from his grip Venom retracts the tendril and throws his remaining focus into reinforcing the web holding his captives. even with his bad arm he's able to do so and haul the payload up on the highest point he could. They are hardly his concern. If no one rescues them by the time his webbing degrades and they fall… then it would be better than they deserve.

For someone who lacks superhuman agility he still has a scary amount of speed. The wrapping of the parcel and his own departure might have taken less time than the multiple jumps that made up Darkedges round trip. The extra time it took to stop and leave the stars, wiped clean, in a small lightly webbed pack by the roof access would certainly have delayed him but, perhaps, he was out of immediate view by then.

The two words, carefully contrasting the white webbing being made up of symbiotic matter, will certainly have faded fast by the time they were found regardless. Nethertheless they read "Thank you." By the time all of that would have been discovered, seen or otherwise, Eddie Brock and Venom both would be long gone.

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