Coney Island Goes BOOM

March 24, 2017:

Time on Coney Island turns into chaos.

Coney Island

Famous as a seaside resort and amusement area, most of the major
attractions in Coney Island suffered major damage from Hurricane Sandy in
2012. Luna Park only recently reopened and the damage to the acquarium and
the other, less well known amusement parks has been slow to repair as well.
The other notable feature, aside from a lot of very nice resort housing, is
MCU Park, a minor league baseball park home to Brooklyn Cyclones.


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Fade In…

It was a Friday, and Logan had gone to Coney Island. He wasn't there for the fun. He wasn't too fond of amusement parks in general, certainly not when he was on his own. He'd much rather be there with someone special, who would enjoy it, and he'd act as grumpy as ever, because that was his style, but she'd know he was enjoying part of it, or something along those lines.

No, instead, he was here to meet a contact of his. The contact wanted to meet somewhere public, so as not to arouse suspicion. He had done that, exchanged information, as well as en envelop with cash, thanks to the S.H.I.E.L.D. budget he now had, and was on his way out. Except, it was a Friday. And that meant trouble would find him. It always happened on a day ending in Y.

Something had just erupted from beneath one of the piers, sending splinters of wood up and over, probably injuring a number of revellers, and Logan began rushing towards the danger, while everyone in their right mind ran away from whatever had caused the wood to break apart, leaving a rather large hole. When he got there. The waters had seemed to calm once more. He looked down, sniffing, trying to uses his senses to figure out what had gone on. "A bomb." He said, his voice a mere whisper, and then he looked around. Was this a message? Was it for him specifically? And were there more?

Flying back from yet another city disturbance high above the clouds fly's that streak of red, and blue known as SUPERMAN, the man of steel. His thoughts wander as he crests over one cloud and then the next speeding along his way. (If I were a firebug, where would I hide my secret base to make sure no one could possibly find it.)

Yet just as SUPERMAN passes over the lovingly crafted Cony island he hears a sound that pings against his SUPER-SENSES. The sound of danger! Of people running in fear!

Scanning the horizon, SUPERMAN spies the source of the commotion. Hearing that whisper on the wind, the man of steel suddenly goes into a nose dive, fist first! Crashing through the clouds with a hypersonic boom he quickly descends to ground level tearing a hole right through the clouds he'd been using as cover.

Slowing down just in time to avoid making an impact crater in the historic boardwalk SUPERMAN floats down to ground level boots clacking off the boards as he runs his way over towards what had become a massive hole in the pier. "What seems to be the problem here gentlemen?" Asked with a serious tone of voice.

Just another oridnary day or at least it was until Bruce was nearby where the bomb went off. Being trapped beneath aa pile of wod he can hear crying not too far away from him. Looking he notices a woman holding onto her bby so they don't slip and go down into the water. Stuck beneath the pile on him, Bruce growls closing his eyes, "Oh no…."

He could feel the difference surging through him and his body begins to shift beyond his control. Suddenly the Hulk leaps out from beneath the rubble and is quick to move grabbing the lady and leaping back setting her somewhere safe. Looking back towards where the explosion was he growls.

Logan's standing there in blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a brown leather jacket with some mustard yellow accents around the arms and elsewhere. He looks up at Superman, but only because the man continues to float above the ground. He doesn't seem to react as most people do. No, instead, Logan's treating the appearance of man flying as normal as he would somebody riding a bicycle.

"Somebody set off a bomb. Pretty small." He sniffs again, "Charcoal and sodium nitrate by the smell o' it." In essence, homemade gunpowder. And before he can say more, he sees the Hulk shift. "Looks like you got bigger problems, bub." And he gestures towards the Hulk. Sometimes a hero, sometimes not, the Hulk was more of a force of nature, like Godzilla. This was going to be a long day. Turning from the hovering man, Logan began walking calmly towards the growling Hulk. "Easy there Hulk, you ain't got no beef with me." It was a strange day when the Wolverine was supposed to be the calming influence, but it happened more often than he'd like.

Spinning on the spot, SUPERMAN takes a long look at the Gamma Green Giants gargantuan form standing on the planks. Putting on his best smile following a quick scan for anyone left trapped beneath the boards or debris he calls over.

"That was an excellent save!" A bright, and perky smile of perfectly pristine white teeth given towards the hulk. He's never had to deal with a Hulk before so this should be an interesting learning experience.

"Bigger problems?" He asks in a pause of logan, that lone collection of curled hair bouncing slightly as he turns his head. "He just saved that woman"

This isn't exactly the jolly green giant, no this is Hulk and Logan has the right idea to be cautious. Somewhere deep inside Bruce knows this man but at the moment Hulk has come out to play.

Looking to Logan he gives a grin at him before leaping towards the rubble. He begins moving some stuff hoisting up a large wooden beam to allow some school kids that were trapped t run free and to t he safety of the rest of their group.

Logan would like to explain. But he doesn't know that Superman can hear a whisper. He doesn't know that Hulk can't. And he doesn't want to piss off someone who's title is 'incredible'. It could be worse, it could be the unstoppable Hulk, or the rampaging Hulk, or even the devastating Hulk, but incredible is plenty dangerous enough.

So far, the Hulk has been acting heroic, and doing things that Logan wouldn't be able to do. He's good, but he has his limits, and the two titans near him are way out of his league in the strength department. "Yeah, this time," he finally replies to Superman, trying to subtly suggest that the Hulk could turn at a moment's notice. "That's good, Hulk," he calls out in a louder voice, and he tries to ferry the kids away, waving his hand, making sure they're good, as he continues to get closer to the Hulk, almost like a hunter stalking his prey.

Jumping into the frey, SUPERMAN gets to speedy work, seeking to rescue as many people trapped on the pier as he can. With help of his SUPERVISION he's able to detect and mark out people trapped with a quick use of his heat vision.

"With the three of us working together, we'll make quick work of this situation!" Spoken with cheery optimism, and confidence in their abilities. "I'm marking out where there are people trapped, if you can, start digging through to them, and I'll make sure there aren't any more hidden surprises waiting for us."

The Hulk leaps off into the water below. It is a little bit before he comes back out climbing with a couple of people clinging to him. Securing them he leaps up with a hard thump setting the pair down the woman a bit worse for wear but breathing at least. Glancing around his green eyes focus on Superman a moment rather confused by this person and then his eyes go towards Logan just watching him now.

Logan's quite capable of saving people, at least none in the water. Thankfully there aren't any down there right now. He… has trouble swimming. The weight of his muscles makes it so much harder, though, he doesn't sink to the bottom as some have joked. He basically has an obese man's weight with a thin man's buoyancy and a very strong musculature. It means he can swim, but he avoids it when he can.

As he helps people, checking on wounds, doing what he can, he never takes his eyes completely off the Hulk. It's almost as if he doesn't trust the green goliath. Still, he probably has more in common with Hulk than Superman, and even jokes, "cheerful, ain't he?" And he gestures towards Superman for Hulk's benefit.

"I'll take to the sky's and make a few passes just to be absolutely certain there's no more danger." A pause for an unintended heroic pose. "You two can handle matters down here?" A pause for response, before he kicks further into the air. "I'll be right back."

A keen eye and quick action see's SUPERMAN flying round the docks searching for any further signs of explosives ready for detonation. Lives may count on it, and he's not about to let anyone down!

Once, twice, three times he makes his superspeed pass around cony island. He takes time out to wave and smile to several people, but every moment of it he's still focused on the task at hand.

The boom of his super-speed follows him along as he gives something of a show to the people down bellow. That trail of Red and blue is left behind a blur in the sky for some time as he makes certain there are no more explosives.

Hulk gives a sneer and a deep chuckle to the words of Logan before he watches Superman or at least tries too. He can hear that there are more in the water so he goes running and leaps back down splashing and swimming below. Swimming wouldn't be his favorite activity, who could picture him in the bathtub or something perhaps with a rubber ducky. But he manages to grabs a couple of people that were clinging to debris and starts to climb out on a pole that has remained standing in the water. He deposits the people safely on the dock before allowing himself to go back down into the water with a large splash.

Logan would look just as amusing sitting in a bath tub with a rubber ducky. Fortunately, nobody has to see that either. He doesn't pay much attention to the boy in blue as he does the super thing, scanning for bombs. It seems that this one was the only one here, unless of course the others are shielded by lead, but that's unlikely. Most of the people have been saved or evacuated, and the police have started to arrive, as have the emergency medical services. It seems, according to those with super hearing, that a few other bombs went off in neighbouring areas, and has really put the emergency services in a bind. Too many issues at the same time in nearby, but disparate places. Was this a test for something far worse?

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