The Red Dress Is Done

March 22, 2017:

Cap stops by Ribbon's workshop to pick up a special order for Peggy.

NYC - Mutant Town - Ribbon's Studio


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Fade In…

She'd sent Captain Rogers an email as soon as she was absitively, posolutely sure that she had it right. Meeting Peggy Carter had been an immense help, even if she never could quite get the woman to talk about that red dress, but Hikari got her measurements to be used in other pieces of clothing… which of course led to being able to (hopefully) perfect the design and pattern of the red dress.

Alone in her studio, Hikari is floating on the ecstatic feeling of 'a masterpiece completed'. She's very, very proud of this - though she knows full well that a single detail may have been gotten wrong, or the 'feel' of the piece may be different than what was intended. But it looks exactly like the design Steve Rogers had shown her, and she'd painstakingly recreated every detail to the best of her ability.

And now that she's done, and the invitation to come pick it up had been sent, Hikari has turned her CD player up and begun to dance to it. It'll take a while for Captain Rogers to get here, so she's going to enjoy herself in the meantime!

The streets of Hong Kong were not really that kind to Steve Rogers. A simple rescue of an American diplomat held hostage by a criminal organization trying to depose other criminal organizations. One gang war later with Steve and his charge in the middle has resulted in bandaged hand from where Steve was shot (which is surprisingly enough healing nicely), as well as a few cracked ribs from having a small car hit him while he was without his shield. But currently dressed in his usual white tee shirt and blue jeans combo, it seems that Rogers isn't willing to let such things slow him down. Not when it comes to things he really wants.

At the moment, his leather jacket is slung over his shoulder, the weather warm enough (for Cap), to be without it when not his motorcycle. A couple of knocks hit the door of the studio and hearing the music without a response, Steve tries the door. If it's unlocked he'll let himself in. Regardless if he's on one side of the door or the other, his verbal call is still the same. "Hello…. Hikari?"

Hikari has never been to Hong Kong! At this rate, maybe she'd better never even try to show up…!

The song is a bit muffled through the door, but it seems like a pleasant, soothing melody. The door is unlocked because technically she is expecting company… even if she didn't think it would get here quite so soon! Beyond it, in the workshop itself, a haphazard 'web' of bright white lines has been strung from one side of the room to the other, from a foot off of the floor to almost a yard, and there are a few vertical and diagonal lines spread throughout as well.

She's dancing slowly on them, eyes closed, though there's nothing about Hikari that particularly says 'accomplished' or 'trained' or 'not liable to fall off and hit her head'. But she's having fun and that's what counts! "Suishou no mori ni naru~" she sings along, turning a slow pirouette at the junction of two ribbons, eyes barely open—

And then she spots Steve Rogers, Big Damn Hero, in her doorway. "Wa~tashi itsuuuukaiieeeEEEEK!"

The lines and ribbons all burst into fading stardust, and Hikari falls on her butt. "Ow!!"

A blink is given Rogers takes in the ribbon display and the Ribbon display, the mutant power of Hikari seen a little in their first encounter, but not really reveled in. There is the natural wariness of the unknown in Cap's eyes as he tries to parse his thoughts on it, but soon it becomes a moot point as the woman takes a tumble and the aftermath of her gift frames the fallen female.

With a simple stride, Steve moves to the woman, offering his free hand. It's little effort to get her righted again considering his strength. "Sorry, didn't mean to ruin your good time," he offers with a slightly chagrinned grin.

Even as the fading glitter settles on her shoulders, he's coming to help her up. She takes his hand a bit sheepishly. "Uh— sorry…" she apologizes, before clearly thinking better of it. "I mean, thank you!" Hikari corrects herself, settling on her feet as the last of the dust vanishes into nothing.

"N-no, no, it's fine! I just couldn't wait, you know?" She kinda can't help but laugh at herself, and dusts her clothing off. Just plain old leggings and big baggy sweatshirt combo today, perfect for the remnants of chilly weather that manage to squeeze in between the window and sill. "Sorry about that, though… I guess you caught me celebrating."

Tugging her hair back over her shoulder, Hikari beckons him over to a dressform by the window. It's the red dress he'd shown her in a drawing, recreated down to the last seam. The fabric is scarlet red, fine silk for the outer layer and a little sateen detailing at the neckline.

For all that it's a fairly simple design, Hikari had slaved over it. This was an important commission… She believes in love! Love and fine fabrics, and even second chances! "Tada," Hikari beams at him, tugging the hem outwards a bit to show him how it flutters. "Is this what you had in mind?"

"It's fine," Rogers replies in return, taking a step back so the seamstress has room to dust herself off. "Nothing wrong with enjoying life when sometimes goes right," he concludes with a smile.

Then Steve is motioned toward the dress. He takes it in, almost like a painting. There is a silence as he studies it. His eyes flicker about critically. Despite the fact that over fifty years have gone by, he seems to notice various things that are different. Things that Hikari would think that only a fellow worker of cloth would notice, but it seems the attire and the memory linked to it, made quite the impression. Finally, he moves a hand to touch the dress and run his hand down it, his hand hesitant as if it was just as forbidden to touch the garment as it would be if were breasts, a stomach, hips, and legs behind it. Whatever the reason for the motion is unclear, but he does look toward Hikari afterwards, his voice soft as he offers a simple statement, as if speaking in something above respect, but below reverence.

"Great job."

He looks at the dress, and Hikari looks at him. Not at his musculature or his handsome features… at the expression that travels across his face, at the way his eyes crinkle just a little tiny bit at the outer corners. People will say all kinds of things - from 'this is perfect' to 'nooooot quiiiiite…' to 'do it over again'. But Hikari has always found that the truest reaction can be seen before a client's mouth even opens.

She can see that something isn't absolutely perfect. She'd expected that, honestly - without seeing the original, there's not really any way for her to faithfully recreate it down to the last stitch. But she'd done everything she could to make it as close to the one in the picture as possible, short of showing it to Peggy herself and asking for help. That would kind of defeat the purpose of a surprise, wouldn't it!!

And he says it. Great job. Hikari's eyes slide shut, a long, slow breath leaving her body as her posture relaxes just a hair. "Thank you, Captain Rogers~!"

She did her best work. Hopefully it will be close enough to make Agent Carter happy…! "If you don't mind waiting a minute, I can package it up. Ummm… would you like a dress bag or a box? I don't have wrapping paper, but…"

A small smile is flashed toward Hikari as Rogers hears the thanks. "Quite welcome," he replies simply as conversation has broken him out of his pensive state. As she talks of packaging, the Star Spangled Man with the Plan nods and folds his arms. "A bag would be fine. I have to package it up myself, so just as long as it can be transported on a motorcycle without getting damaged, that's the important thing."

"Gotcha!" She can't help but grin. Even if it seems to be making him feel a bit nostalgic - and Hikari can't tell if it's in a good way or a bad one - he'd surely tell her if it needed adjustments, right? She told him she guaranteed her work and she stands by that promise, no matter who her client is.

Even Billy Joe Bile.

"A garment bag then," she nods, and starts unfastening the hook-and-eye closures at the nape of the neck. The dress is pulled from her dressform with the ease of long familiarity and laid out on her cutting table while she fetches a hanger and long plastic bag from one of the many, many drawers scattered around the room.

Dress goes on hanger, dress is lowered (with his help) into the garment bag and zipped up securely. "Oh! And you can include this with it if you like," she adds suddenly, and picks up a slip of paper from her workbench. It has 'dry-clean only, please!' written in Hikari's careful script above a little smiley face (with a ponytail) and a note that says 'Hope you like it! <3 -HH'.

A brief nod is given as Captain America takes the garment bag. "Thanks again, I really appreciate it. I just hope she'll like it," he admits, stretching his neck lightly to attempt to alleviate a little soreness bound within. There is definitely a bit of hesitation, but it's unclear whether or not its because he's unsure if she'll like it or the certainty that she will.

While Rogers was conversational and seemingly causal previously; there is a slightly rushed air to him for this meeting, perhaps another mission to run or merely hiding the fatigue from his previous battle. "Well, while I'd love to talk more and see how you're doing, I really need to get going, but I am really glad that we got the chance to do this. Rare that you can get a gift this personal. Well, see ya!" he offers before he turns to make his way toward the door. Which he can't open because both of his hands are occupied. There is a brief awkwardness before the door is opened, the items needing to be shuffled from one hand to another before going back again.

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