Everywoman Interview

March 20, 2017:

Kara (in her day job) goes to Everywoman technologies to interview Kazumi St. Germain about her product Butterfly Wings

Everywoman Technologies


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Everywoman Technologies isn't exactly Stark Tower. Or LexCorp Tower. Or the Apple whatever the hell they're calling their campus. Its a warehouse in a not amazing part of New York City which has been divided into a manufacturing facility, research laboratories, and offices. X-Ray vision and super senses, should they be utilized, will not pick up signs of nefarious activity or undercover HYDRA agents. It honestly is a business.
Kazumi St. Germain, whose skin is currently chalk white, walks forward dressed in a lovely charcoal business suit with a short skirt, high heels, and just a hint of clevage showing. Its a bit daring but she walks with confidence in it.
"Ms. Danvers, welcome to Everywoman Technology." she says with a bright, cheerful smile. "I'm, like, Kasumi St. Germain and we're totally stoked to have you here!"

Not every forary into interviews at a large company was a trip to detect nefarious goings on, evil plans or even dangerous devices. At least, not unless it was Lexcorp. Today however, it was far simpler than that. Kara had been sent here for work, a by-product of maintaining a day job ment she had to put hours in now and then!
"Ms. St. Germain," Kara greets, offering her best smile and her hand out to shake, "It's a pleasure, thank you for having me here." Of course Kara's eyes go over that outfit and skin, clevage and otherwise. The appearence was clearly made to be eye-catching and even Kryptonian reporters weren't immune, but the seemingly bookish woman clearly has plenty of practice at keeping her reaction professional. "It means a lot that you'd make time for this interview. Should we begin?"

"OMG, you are totes adorbs! I think I played with you as a Barbie when I was tiny." Kazumi says brightly. "Reporter Barbie. She dated Scientist Barbie and changed the world." She slides next to Kara. "We can, like, do this in my office or in my lab or I can give you a tour. Tour can get loud and, like, there's some rooms I can't show you because we haven't announced upcoming new products yet but totally your choice."

How does one respond to that? There's actually a blink even with a tinge of red flushing into her cheeks. Perhaps a nano-seconds confusion, because Kara was very sure she'd seen a Supergirl Barbie at least once. Thankfully that is cleared up pretty much immediately and instead the blonde gives a little cough. "A uh, tour would be good. Might add a little something to the article, if you're okay with walking and talking. Show me as much as you're happy to, then we can just go back to your office for the rest?"

"I am SO okay with walking and talking. Or talking and anything. I like to talk. Andie's the quiet one. I talk and talk and… well, you get the idea. Extrovert." Kazumi leads the way, walking expertly on her high heels as she opens a door, offering a wave to the man who is watching the reception desk. She leads the way down a hall. "So, like, you probably read the publicity. Everywoman Technology, started to find technological solutions to problems of women in the modern world, first product is a smart makeup. We make it all here. One hundred percent in country. The jars are made by a contracting in, like, North Dakota and shipped here." She opens another door and steps into what appears to be an observation booth. "We can't go into the, you know, production facility directly." The reason becomes apparent as there are about a dozen people working on a particularly high tech assembly line and all are in hazard suits. "Butterfly Wings is non-toxic. Totally safe. But in the production process we have to be careful about residual contamination from bacteria as well as, like, electrostatic charge which can damage the control beads mixed in with the makeup beads."

Kara falls into step beside the other woman, letting her talk while she lifts a notepad and starts to scribble, her other hand lifting a rather old-fashioned (by modern standards) sound recorder and clicking it on. "Butterfly wings has certainly taken much of the world by storm," Kara agrees, but she'd clearly fallen into the proper reporter form of prompting rather than discussing. She could hardly write about her opinions after all, hers wasn't that sort of article. "But the use of nanotechnologies, the nanobeads that make up butterfly wings, for something as everyday as fashion is certainly a direction that many wouldn't think to take." A pause, the blonde adjusts her glasses lightly. "While it's been a very successful product, one might wonder if it had been approached for its obvious military applications." For a moment there, perhaps Kara hadn't quite managed to conceal her own scientific mind behind her reporter guise, or perhaps it was a lingering heroine thing. "Do you get such offers Ms. St Germain?"

"Kazumi. Please. Or Kaz. Or Zumi. Or, like, something sexy if you're feeling up to it after the interview." The young businesswoman winks at Kara. "If the military wants to, like, buy Butterfly Wings to use for, say, camoflauge? We'll happily talk to them. I like the idea and, you know, it can help keep our men and women in the field safe. That's awesome. But, really, it can't do anything normal makeup can't do as far as changing appearance. Without latex or something similar to resculpt Butterfly Wings can't, you know, make me look like you or like, say, the President. It has limits."

Welp, that blush certainly came back then. Another little embarassed cough and a mental note to remove that bit from the recording before she shared it with her editor, Kara continues on while they walk. "Ordinary makeup has different consistancy," the reporter continues, "Blush, lipstick, masscara are all diffent textures for different tasks. But butterfly wings can do all of the same jobs with one product. It might be the first legitimate product that can really make such a claim. How do the beads distingish what to be and where?" Another probing question, but then if something could harden even further? This 'makeup' could be made body-armor or self-forming weapons after a little tinkering. Not that the Kryptonian woman intended to share that thought with Kasumi.

"Well." Kazumi says, "Without going into trade secrets." Yes. She airquotes the words 'trade secrets', "There is some, like, skill required on the part of the user. The beads have very limited mobility. They can, for example, turn a double wing eyeliner job to a cat eye but they couldn't slither around to, you know, turn a simple lipstick into an oversized clown smile. It has to be applied in the correct thickness using the wand which comes with it. The wand has multiple ends which help it pick up the right amount of beads. You don't use the eyeliner part of the wand to put on foundation or blush. That sort of thing. Otherwise, it doesn't work out." She looks out onto the floor. "So, like, you know what eInk is? Its just a bunch of little beads. Black on one side. White on the other. When the eReader sends a signal, the dots all know to turn one direction or another. The black ones form words. The white ones form the blank space on the page. Butterfly Wings works, like, the same way except it can layer better and there's four colors on the beads and not two. Cyan, magenta, yellow, and black."

A nod, more scribbling, Kara lapses into quiet as Kazumi fills her in with more information. It's a good answer and it'll probably end up in some form on a page, likely among a few notes about the factory and the woman herself as she'd seen them. The questions that follow are simple while they walk, technical things, plans for the company's future, what inspired her to move from Youtube fame onto business and if she made use of her own product now for the hobby, should she still keep it up. Finally as the tour rounds back towards the office she gives a little laugh, tilting her head to the side. "So, do you give out free samples?" she asks with a little hint of humor, clearly meaning it as a joke more than a genuine request. "Was there anything else you'd like to share Ms. S-…Kazumi?"

Kazumi shows off the labs, a little. Also clean and very scientific looking. Yes, there are plans for the future. More products. One in progress is a piece of wearable technology but not makeup. She's got her degree in computer programming and has been looking to marry that to her love for fashion forever, which is why she programmed her app in college. She has no intention of stopping her YouTube channel. It actually brings in money for her to live on, since anything she makes from the company goes back into R&D. Yes, she uses her own product. In fact, she's wearing it now and demonstrates using her app to change her makeup from professional to something a bit more goth, to go with her current skin tone. She leaves it in that mode for now.
"My office. Well, the one I share with Andie." Its got one of those desks which is really two desks merged together. There's posters of women scientists framed and on the walls. Marie Curie. Hedy Lamarr. Sally Ride. And so forth.
"We don't give out samples. We do give one out of every hundred jars we produce to a charity that provides makeup for women and men undergoing radiation and chemo therapy. Stores selling Butterfly Wings are free to, like, do demonstrations but we recommend they retrieve the beads after each application. Its just too expensive in the short term and, like, without a charging jar and the wand the beads are useless. A single jar costs one hundred dollars and can replace the makeup the average woman wears daily for, like, six months or so. I go through one in about two months."

"I'd love to talk to her sometime," Kara nods, acknowledging the space that was probably ment to be filled with the other scientist whom wasn't present at the moment. But she listens to Kazumi's explinations, even claps a little at the demonstration of the Goth makeup that really only serves to add to the distraction factor the other woman has going, between skin-tone and her choice of wardrobe. Listening to the talk of charity, the blonde smiles and clearly takes the time to note it down. Sure it makes a good 'feel-good' part to the story, but the Kryptonian was a sucker for helping those in need however little the kindness might be. Nodding her head once more, she can't help but smile a little at the comment on Kazumi's personal use. "I imagine that some of your characters take a little more than someone's average saturday night clubbing routine."

"Some." Kazumi says with a laugh. "But, like, I enjoy looking good when I go clubbing. I find myself wondering what YOU look like when you're going clubbing. You've got that sexy librarian thing going right now and I bet you do bad girl surprisingly well." She perches on the edge of her desk. "Andie's, like, at her day job. She's an MD and keeps her hand in working with kids at a local hospital so she can keep up with medicine and so forth. We both work way too much but, you know, we love what we do."

Another blush, but Kara shakes her head in a way that makes her ponytail bob lightly. "Oh no, no, I could never pull it off," she says with a little embarased laugh even while she keeps writing. A few details about Andie wouldn't hurt for her piece. "I had enough trouble learning to walk in heels without looking ridiculous, I'd never get the attitude right." After all, everyone at her work knew Kara Danvers was the friendly, but quiet and occasionally a little shy new reporter. Her real confidence? Well…Kara kept that for herself, or when she didn't have to hide behind her glasses anymore.

"That's fine." Kazumi says. "I mean, like, not everyone is an extrovert and wanting to be in the spotlight and, you know, its not right to push people into that." She settles into her seat, being careful with her short skirt to keep her knees together and ladylike. "If you ever change you mind, though, you can ask me out."

Its a good thing that her eyes were where she could harness heat from rather then her cheeks, or Kara might actually be worrying about accidently setting something on fire again. Clearing her throat, the woman chews her bottom lip for a moment before nodding her head and switching off the tape recorder. "It was really nice of you to take the time for this Kazumi. I should really let you get back to work…" She makes to stand, obviously intending to leave. "I have more than enough to work with and it's been a pleasure to see around the place." Yep, back to formal and professional. Atta'girl Kara.

"I'll, like, walk you out." Kazumi says with a bright smile. "You think about it. Call me if you decide you want to make a move. I'll be waiting." No pressure at all.

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