March 17, 2017:

Storm comes it at the end of one meeting and exchange, and speaks with Reader about another.

Xavier's Institute Grounds


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There is a nod when she says that, "What about the other one?" He is assuming something bad happened to the one, or else she would have mentioned that he was okay he thinks. "There is never any telling of what will happen when one emerges from their terrigenesis sadly." There is more petting of the wet dog, who does seem to be enjoying the attention he has been getting. Reader and Snowbird are just outside talking, with a wet Forey who decided he would go and play with some students in the snow. "It was always a mystery to us as well what we would be. No one could figure out what would happen to a person who underwent the transformation."

Standing near the bench in which Reader sits, Snowbird listens before she sighs, "I do not completely understand what happened, only that upon emerging, he burst into flame in a way. His skin became extremely acidic. He burned Warren's arms. He was terrified and was attempting to run away before Agent Lewis managed to bring him down with her taser. I am not exactly sure where they are keeping him at the moment. Sedated, I believe." As for the other, she shakes her head, "It has yet to emerge." Considering this, she murmurs, "That would make things easy, hmm? Having a way to know what a person might be able to do when they come out?"

Storm is silent, the snow melting upon visage, but limited in the amount of settling the slow snowfall effects her. Her body adapts, and the nature around her accepts. But in silence Storm approaches the two, and once her eyes open, the flakes of snow are like a glitter around deep blue gaze.

"He is safe, your Acid-Boy," And in saying such her arms unfold from the cross of her chest to reveal but-marks that are slowly fading against Nubian skin. "Sedated? No, but he needed resuscitated. I had to flash freeze him to neutralize the pH he produced and stop him from running. Then we brought him back. He is in a room where he or no one else will get harmed until we.. Understand."

A sorrowful gaze to Reader and Snowbird. But the woman is lingered upon.

"Storm. Headmistress here, and you… I have heard whispers."

There is a nod towards Storm when she shows up, "Hello Storm, we were just talking. That is good about the Inhuman, not sure what else can be done to help him." There is a pause there after a moment, "I would like to see if I can take a few of us to another community of Inhumans. It is the one where I was born, there is the possibility that they may have a supply of Terrigen." Another pause after that one, and some petting of Forey, "They always had a much smaller supply compared to the other group. But if they can be convinced to share, it could give us another option. There will be one problem, I do not know how welcome I will be there."

"A supply of…" A perk of Storm's pale brow. "What?"

As Snowbird seems to find herself off in a meek manner, Storm does not persist, but instead seats herself beside Reader.

"Is that wise? I have spoken against any gathering of your Mists…." A light lean, those scarred and healing arms propped upon bent knees framed in the silver and black rise of boots. "They reached out, your leaders. I just want peace, and with things as they are… I have little trust."

An extension of hand outward.

"We seek to reveal our meaning here, Reader. I want no harm to come." And in those words she looks at him, plaintive, exhausted, he is her hope, now.

"Gathering of the Mists would be a problem, if there was no more of a supply. But if there is another supply, then perhaps we can gather that just as a way to prevent anyone from getting hurt. But as I said, I did not leave there on the best terms, and they may not be willing to help us there as well." He sighs at that and stands up, "The leaders there were very protective of what they had, they may not be willing to spare it though. But it is an option that we will have."

As Reader rises, Storm watches him. "Then why would they send contact if not willing to help?" A deep breath in and she leans back, standing herself, those 'wings' of attire shadows behind her figure.

"But I am still not understanding why we would want more Terrigen?" Storm watches Reader carefully then as she heads back for the Manse and its wings, one of which more endeared to her lately. The one bearing the bunker.

"I want none of this in the hands of the wrong people. We just need to help yours, theirs… The right people."

He pauses and thinks for a moment, gathering what his thoughts are, "Terrigen starts in Crystal form. Exposure to the air is what makes the mists. The mists that are roaming the world are almost all the supply of Terrigen that is known, exposed at one time. The crystals are a controlled version of it. If there is known to be a supply of crystals, the Inhumans would not have to worry about the mists if they were destroyed."

"He pets fore some more, "This could help both sides. A supply of controlled terrigen for the Inhumans. Which would leave us open to find a way to destroy the mists that are roaming. Hopefully before anyone gets hurt exposed to them when they don't want to be."

"Then respond with me?" A pause and Storm looks back at Reader and Forey.

"Let's end this, but without it in the wrong hands." Everything he just told would be bad in the wrong hands, but not now…

… Not ever!

And not as long as Storm has anything to do with it, and with Reader's help it could be their redemption.

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