Borrowed Power

March 14, 2017:

Andrea lets Neri borrow her bathroom. The blonde borrows a little bit more while she's at it. [OOC: Spoilerific for Neri]

Kazumi's and Andrea's Apartment, NYC


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Fade In…

[OOC: Anyone who wants to learn Nerina's secrets through RP may want to skip this. It's spoilerific.]

"Artemis" waits for Andrea to clear the hallway, bathrobe and all, before taking her turn in the bathroom. Hot steam floods over her and her nostrils flare instinctively. "It smells like you in here," she teases over her shoulder, the back of her head vaguely reflected in the foggy mirror before her.

"Sorry! Turn the fan on, it should dissipate." Andrea calls out from the other side of one of the bathroom's two doors, as she is changing clothes in her bedroom. The hall-accessible bathroom is the one that attaches to her bedroom, and that seems just fine with the resident brunette.

After shutting and locking the door behind her, Nerina drops her backpack against it and looks around the bathroom. She grins as she spots the nuhuman's hairbrush, complete with little strands of brown entangled in its bristles. Making the lone stride it takes to cross the tiny bathroom, she turns on the tub faucet and lets the white noise of running water fill the room.

With water splashing into the bathtub, the blonde waif stretches her arms over her head with a weary grunt - and for a few moments her body loses all color and definition. Boots, socks, sweatpants, and everything else fall in a heap on the floor, leaving an ephemeral silhouette of a youth with glistening, watery edges.

The naiad reforms herself, naked, and rubs a clear spot in the mirror to gaze at her reflection. Still eighteen, still gaunt, with haggard lines beneath her eyes and unkempt hair reaching down to her butt. Blue eyes gaze out of the mirror with a wistful smile; one copy mirroring another.

Reaching over to the hairbrush, the vagabond plucks out a brown strand and pops it in her mouth, swallowing on a thoughtless reflex. Nerina grimaces as it wriggles down her throat before settling somewhere further down, and watches herself in the mirror.

The reflection responds. Blonde hair straightens and draws itself up, cheekbones slide upwards beneath her skin, the waif's chest expands, her spine curves a little differently, and her stark farmer's tan recedes into a smoother, darker skin tone.

A brown-eyed mutant looks back at the nuhuman in the mirror and raises her arm, flexing it and feeling over her new body. She smiles and hops from one leg to the other, feeling a surge of vigor alien to her for years. "<** profession, but nice body,>" ''Andrea'' coos approvingly.

Taking a deep breath, she lifts herself up on one leg and balances there as she closes her eyes. .oO(Okay… intangible, light as a feather, low density…) The skin-walking mutant focuses, thinks, and steps herself one piece at a time through an old and rarely-used skill; discovering an ability trigger. Through experience she'd divided them into three main categories: conscious focus, emotional cues, and imagining sensation.

The brunette's supporting leg begins to relax just a little as weight eases off of it - not much, but some. Reopening her eyes, ''Andrea'' takes another hair from the brush and spares the tub a glance as she keeps trying…

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