Dinner Thaime

March 14, 2017:

Kazumi offered food to a stray and it followed her home. Dinner doesn't last long with three stomachs to fill.

Andie and Kazumi's Apartment -- Lower East Side -- NYC -- New York City - New York City


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The apartment of Andrea McKillip and Kazumi St. Germain is not exactly the sort of thing you see in a sitcom set in New York City. It is not overly larger and spacious. There's a living area, an eat-in kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms. However, it is well wired for electronics and in a building with a doorman.
Also, its full of boxes. The two young women are still in the process of gradually unpacking. Slowly. The television is set up. The bedrooms are mostly unpacked, as is the kitchen and bathroom. But the rest is in boxes.
When Nerina arrives, she's sent up by the doorman to the apartment. When Kazumi answers the door, she's wearing just a bathroom and a towel turban on her head. In the background, the potent scent of Thai food can be smelled.

On the other side of the door, Nerina looks much the same as before, backpack and all. She glances down for a moment in surprise, noticing the woman's state of dress. "Oh! Scusate, should I wait?"

Meanwhile, the kitchen has one occupant right now - it can barely take two, and only if they're willing to bump bodyparts frequently - who is scooping out Thai food into various bowls, placing them on the counter space that fronts to the kitchen and currently has two matching stools and one high-set chair on top of a cardboard box (which happens to be full of medical textbooks) set in front of it as the de facto 'table'.

The occupant in question is, a tad incongruously, wearing a labcoat. "Kaz, what do you want to drink tonight?" a voice with a gentle, smoothed-out Southern accent inquires.

"Really in the mood for a Long Island Iced Tea, bae." Kazumi shouts back. "Come on in, Artemis." She steps aside, allowing the Italian woman into the apartment. "That's my roommate, Andie. Andie, this is Artemis. I met her the other day." Andie got to hear about the seemingly homeless Italian woman Kaz took a shine to. Who Kasumi calls Artemis in her irreverant way.

Nerina, or "Artemis" as she's been dubbed recently, steps in behind the color-changing make-up maker, but she hitches for a moment when Andrea comes into view. The waif's eyes flit down to the labcoat as she furrows her brow at the out-of-place garment. She doesn't walk over to shake hands, but then again for being homeless, at least she didn't drag the smell of an alleyway in behind her. That's progress!

"Buonasera," she offers mutedly. There's a pause. "Good evening."

"Do I look like a bartender?" Andrea teases back. Once she gets all of the bowls and plates out on the counter, she heads back to the kitchen and opens a cabinet, pulling out a few bottles, and starts to assemble said 'iced tea'. "Hello, Artemis." the brunette calls, back turned right now as she pours.

Then Andie turns, putting the iced tea beside one of the plates. "Alright. Welcome. What can I get you to drink, Artemis?" she queries, waiting.

The visiting blonde gives the apartment's barstools some room as she steps further inside, standing a little ways off towards the wall of the flat. As the indoor light strikes her face, it draws into contrast what Kazumi has seen before; a tired cradle beneath her eyes and a little too little meat rounding her cheeks. For her part, Artemis' coral eyes are alert, and mostly focused on Andrea's back.

The question jars her from some internal thought. "Oh, uh… fruit… punch?" She guesses.

"At, like, sixteen you were the best mixologist in the sorority, bae." Kazumi reminds her friend with a laugh. She closes the door, then ushers her guest towards the kitchen. "We always order too much so we can have leftovers. Plenty for you to eat. Or drink. So, like, don't hold back okay?" She waves and heads for the bedroom to put on some clothes.

The visiting blonde follows Kazumi's guidance towards the kitchen with some reluctance, hovering near the entrance while Andrea is busy rather than squeezing in beside her. As the indoor light strikes her face, it draws into contrast what Kazumi has seen before; a tired cradle beneath her eyes and a little too little meat rounding her cheeks. For her part, Artemis' coral eyes are alert, and mostly focused on Andrea's back.

The question jars her from some internal thought. "Oh, uh… fruit… punch?" She guesses. Her gaze flits longingly off to the make-up artist before returning to Andrea.

Andrea turns around and waggles her fingers. The labcoat has an NYU Medical Center staff ID for Dr. Andrea McKillip. "Hi. Fruit punch? I think we can arrange that. Have a seat? Dig in, seriously. We don't stand on ceremony around here." No comment is offered about her rep as a mixologist. But she was a chem and bio major.

Andie gathers up something from another cabinet, and starts mixing up some fruit punch for 'Artemis'. "So. Settle in and get comfy." Andie? She's apparently having milk. Yes. Milk. How boring, right?

All of three minutes pass before Kazumi returns wearing a pair of boy shorts and a NCState tank top. Her hair's no longer bound up in terrycloth. She's without any makeup or accessories except for the fitness tracker on her wrist. She walks over, picks up her drink and takes a long sip. "Mmmm."
"Andie is my partner over at Everywoman Tech." Kazumi explains. "I lead the code team. She leads the technology team. So, like, she's responsible for the physical part of Butterfly Wings and I handle the code that makes it go."

Nerina scoots sideways and drops her backpack against a stool with a weighty fabric *thump* before seating herself above it. Picking up a fork, the young blonde hunches forward over her plate to start eating, the hood of her sweater making a puffy gray blob out of her figure.
The flautist turns when Kazumi returns… and dabs her mouth with a napkin as she discretely turns away again, a little smile trying to infiltrate her lips. "So you are a scientist?" She asks the de facto bartender.

"And medical doctor. Yes, I am." Andie answers, as she comes around and climbs up, up, UP into the chair propped on the boxes. Oddly, the boxes do not crush. She settles down, takes a sip of milk, a bite of food, chews, and then turns to regard the other two women. "So. I heard you needed a place. But how is it you met?"

"Boutique demo." Kazumi explains. "In Yonkers. I was, like, giving one and she showed up and I liked her better than all the other yoga pants there." Not that Kazumi is against yoga pants or legging jeans. They have their place. But that's sort of the point. They have A place. Not all over the freaking place. She digs into her food.

Nerina puts her head back down and grimaces faintly. She takes an experimental sip of her fruit punch, a tiny one, then goes back to eating. Kazumi's left to talk for her it seems.

The fruit juice is very well mixed dehydrated product, quickly rendered. Tasty, and not too heavily sugared, but it's not home-squeezed and mixed. Andie goes quiet for a bit, eating some of her own food, but clearly sitting and eating together is a part of the social fabric of her connection with her roommate, business partner and bestie. "Best part so far is that the chief of internal medicine is a woman. So no comments about 'wouldn't it be better' if I wore a skirt instead of a pantsuit." Andie shares with Kaz. "I swung by the labs afterwards, Worked on laying out protocols for testing both of the new products. I think we can go to limited testing on the enhanced fitness tracker by the middle of next month, assuming our production line doesn't hit a snag with the prototypes."

"Code won't be ready by then." Kazumi says. There's a subtle shift when she switches to project mode. Less 'millenial YouTube' and more 'professional'. "We need to solve the interface problem with the secondary body sensors. Too much bluetooth static, especially if the test subject is also wearing Butterfly Wings." She gulps down a nice swallow of her drink. "What we need is, like, more bandwidth to play with. I'm thinking of switching from BlueTooth to local wifi. Its a bigger battery drain but it gives us more room to play with."
Kazumi sideyes Nerina. "Want to be a paid tester? We're running trials of two of our upcoming products right now."

Nerina doesn't seem too keen to break the group dynamic, or else she's just that hungry. Her fork has barely stopped moving as she works on emptying her plate with a single-minded focus. The blonde's eyes stay down and after several more bites she takes another sip of punch. It's something of a change from the vagabond lunching with Kazumi recently… except for the appetite. Maybe she froze into silence? As her hood drops back enough to expose a peek at her ears, they're bright red.
The blonde finally lifts her head to answer the red-skinned woman beside her, tilting it halfway to give a cautious glance. "Test what?"

"Mmm. What if we use RFID, and route everything through the phone? Then the sensors don't need much battery power at all, and we let the phone sweep each in turn, increasing bandwidth and reducing interference by multiplexing the signals?" Andie offers. Watch out. Technobabble ahead!

Andie takes some time to eat some more, drink some more, and then she pipes up to answer the blonde's question. "Our next product is an expanded-function fitness tracker, with signals and sensors to add a lot of female-centric data for increased usefulness." They're all girls here, so Andie apparently sees no need to specify what she means by that.

"I'll experiment with it, but RFID channels aren't designed to transmit the amount of data we're talking about. I'll, like, see if I can adapt it." Kazumi tucks a bit more into her food. "What Andie means is we're making a new fitness watch. But it'll do more than track your steps and, you know, your heart beat and stuff. I'll also help you track your menstural cycle. Ovulation. There'll be functions specifically for pregnant women, for women who are nursing…"
Kazumi considers her food, then sighs. "This, like, needs spice." She holds up her hand and a small jar of curry powder leaps from the counter across the kitchen and lands directly into her outstretched fingers.

"I don't think I have a use for that," Nerina weighs in hesitantly. She stops when the spice jar jumps through the air and stares at Kazumi. It's a lot easier to do now that she's not neon green.
"More mutation?"

"You know the pepper oil is right there, right?" Andie wheedles Kazumi good-naturedly. Andie answers, "Yep. That's Kaz's little trick. She can even sew with it." The doc doesn't seem to mind in the slightest. And she is still quite busy eating her dinner. "Glad to know you don't run away screaming. Then again, I'm guessing she wasn't 'neutral flesh tone number 7' when you met her. That helps in the pre-warning arena."

"Neon green, that day." Kazumi says with a laugh. "And I like, like curry powder." She cracks the top and sprinkles it into her food before mixing it nicely. "I told you I got exposed to the Mists, right? That's why my skin is never the same color for long." Indeed, the bright devil red is already starting to slide towards a darker crimson. "It also makes me telekinetic. And, like, it doesn't matter much if you need it. We'll pay you five hundred to wear the Butterflit for a month so we can get test data."

"I thought it was only her skin…" Nerina murmurs. It's true she's not running screaming yet, but it's also pretty cold tonight.
"You're not a telepath, are you?" She asks warily.

"No telepaths here." Andie offers. "Color-shifting and telekinesis for Kaz. I got density shifting, for whatever that's worth." She doesn't offer a demonstration. It's not germane as far as she's concerned. "It's your call. But I can promise you there are no anticipated side-effects. The sensors are all passive, zero-interference. No point otherwise."

Kazumi's phone chirps like a bird. She picks it up from where it rests on the counter and checks it. "Weather alert. They're saying two feet." She shakes her head. "We aren't going into the office tomorrow. I'll send out an email telling our people not to bother to try. Night security can do an extra lock up before they go. Artemis, you're on our couch tonight. I am not, like, sending you out into a storm."

The blonde shakes her head to Andrea first. "No. I'll wear the makeup but not sensors. I'm-e not some science lab rat," she refuses.
Letting her eyes drift the small distance to Kazumi, "Artemis" cocks her head with a raised brow. "Not even a meter? Snow makes it easier to stay warm, not harder. It's warmer than air."

"But blankets and a sofa are a heck of a lot better then the alternatives." Andie complains. She's not going to push, though, and doesn't. If 'Artemis' doesn't want to try out the other devices, so be it. She's not here to dragoon anyone, or push her agenda on unwilling subjects. That's why they pay them, after all. And 52% of the city's population are viable potential test candidates. It won't be that hard.

Kazumi shrugs, not bothered it seems. "You do it if you want. Offer's open until, like, the tests are done. And yeah, snow insulates. But so do walls. Sleep on our couch. You can skip out tomorrow if you want but do me a favor and be somewhere where, like, I won't worry for a night, huh?"

'Artemis' offers a wobbling sort-of-nod before turning back to her food, conceding Andrea's point without fully admitting it. Her drink is sampled again, this time with a more honest gulp. It might be an odd combination with Thai food but the blonde isn't complaining.
Kazumi is spared a glance. "You look like you would worry if I sleep anywhere but a bed," she deadpans. Whether that's criticism or fondness is hard to tell.
"Do you always wear that white coat?" She asks around a bare red shoulder.

Andie shrugs. "I wear it a lot at work. And as soon as I got home with the food I decided to start getting dinner set out before we get into anything more. Does it bug you? I can take it off." Andie is quite willing. Why not? She's home, now. "For my part: please, stay."

Kazumi finishes her curry powder spiced Thai and her drink. "I'll, like, go dig up some blankets and an extra pillow. You can use our shower if you want. Between us we've got tons of extra product for cleaning up. All of it, like, hypo-allergenic." She gets up and goes off in search of the aformentioned items. "You can bed test the couch." She says as she walks away. Its one of those modular models made up of multiple square units which can be rearranged into different configurations. "Doing us, like, a favor really."

"I don't like doctors, always stabbing people con aghi," Artemis admits brusquely as she picks at the last of her food, scrapping it onto her fork while trusting to a cognate that doesn't exist. "I don't like mutanti either," she grumbles.
There's a moment before the blonde remembers her audience and backpedals a little. "Oh, grazie. And eh… you two are still bene." Grabbing her drink, 'Artemis' tips it up to her mouth and goes for broke; the whole rest of the glass - most of what it started with - pours down her throat in a single uninterrupted "swallow".
The blonde sighs as she sets the glass back down and murmurs a small "sorry" before standing up, leaving Andrea it seems to get her dishes.

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