Ice Cream Social (Anxiety)

March 17, 2017:

Warren, X-23, Kida and Kazumi meet in a popular ice cream shop; no matter that it's a BLIZZARD outside.


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The world is covered in snow. Or, at least, the northeast is. Despite that, the Mountain of Cold Ice Creamery is doing brisk business. The clerks behind the counter are experts at assembling gooey, gorgeous concoctions of pure bliss. Which explains why Kazumi St. Germain is there, ordering sweet cream with peanut butter cup and banana mix-ins, covered in a lovely amount of whipped cream.

Why would anyone care? Why would two world famous superhero types pay attention to a random sort of lady ordering ice cream, no matter how cute she is? And she is damned adorable in her crop top faux fur lined bomber jacket and designer jeans all over a pair of practical yet awesome shitkicker Docs.

Maybe because her skin is a bright blue. Like, Andorian blue. Other people are certainly staring.

It's the same reason why people stare at the flare of wings from Warren Worthington's back. The very definition of an angel, the young man pulls up outside the Cold Ice Creamery in one of his sports cars, Laura sitting in the passenger's seat. "Oh come on, you know you lost fair and square…" In the Danger Room that is, "…and now you have to pay up. At least it's just ice cream and not a steak dinner." There's a tease in his voice as he gets out of the car and comes around to the other side to open the door for her. "Anyway, I thought we could talk. You know.. friends do that?"

"Heard about Nate's thing with Illyana and what they found." he looks pensive for a moment. "Don't know if you want to talk about it in the open, but you know.. here if you need an ear."

For most of the ride Laura was quite silent; unless asked pointed questions, which Warren likely did -

- Either way, Laura attempted to stay her typical quiet self. It's only as the two arrive and Warren makes that comment about ice cream versus steak, that Laura will turn her green-eyed gaze back towards the winged man. "I would prefer steak." She states in that monotone voice of hers, but, then she pauses as considers her words.

Did she just walk into a trap there? Something about her answer certainly has made her pause, as she considers the nuances of the conversation between the two. For now (thankfully) she doesn't quite grasp how she set herself up there, so, she'll offer a simple shake of her head and slide out of the car.

As for that last question of his, a momentary silent hard looks is given to Warren, as she states quite firmly. "No. I do not wish to speak of it."

Not yet, at least, perhaps later, but not right now.

When the two walk into the shop, X-23's gaze will automatically flick around the room, as she assesses everyone with in for any type of threat. It's only as her eyes flick towards Kazumi that the slim assassin will pause.

Kazumi taps her phone, thumb on the little sensor at the bottom, against the payment device. Beep! Payment is processed thanks to the wonders of modern technology. She accepts her ice cream, which is in a cup but topped with a waffle cone, with one hand and pockets her phone with the other. She doesn't notice, at first anyway, as the winged wonder and the clone walk into the ice cream shop.

Other people do, though. Some take pictures with their phones. Some gawk and stare. Others quietly begin making their way out.

Possibly their bigots. Or maybe just worried Doctor Octopus is about to crash the front window because of the obvious number of mutant-like individuals in the room.

Or that he's been on the cover of the Fortune 500, as the heir to Worthington Industries. Not that Warren seems to mind at the moment. His attention is on Laura and when she answers one of his tricky questions, he grins widely, his wing pinnons flaring slightly. "I got you to admit to liking one thing over another! That's the first step!" he crows with a chuckle. Though as people take pictures, he pauses for a moment. "Go get us a table." Or hassle the multicolored one. It's the same to Warren as he moves to take a few pictures, posing for selfies and the like. He's not the blue-skinned metal-winged scion of death, and from the looks of it, he never was.

Westchester is used to students from the Institute, so while some do leave, there are fewer that leave, before Warren makes his way over to the counter. "Should I surprise you Laura, or do you actually have a preference in flavors?" he asks before he notices the young woman and his head tilts to the side, studying her. She's young. Has an ability.. he doesn't know everyone at the Institute yet as he approaches. "Hey." he offers and puts out his hand to the young Asian woman. "I'm Warren. Are you a student at the Institute?"

His crow of delight earns the faintest of looks from Laura then the assassin's attention is once more diverted to the people rising from their table as they move to leave. She'll track their progress until the all of them are completely out the door. Once they're outside Laura's gaze reverts back to the blue-skinned young woman. Her head cants slightly to the side in curiosity, but soon enough, the slim assassin's attention is back upon Warren.

When he steps over for pictures Laura's expression dips towards the slightest of frowns, even as she moves away from the gaggle that forms around him.

Still, even as she disapproves of all that technology snapping pictures, it's likely hard for most to pick up that disapproval emanating from her expression. As for picking a table? She will pick one, visually, before moving towards the counter at just the same time Warren gets there.

"No surprises." She says and then continues with, "Chocolate." And after a heartbeat she'll add, "Please."

Of course, again like Warren, Laura is equally curious in Kazumi and so when the winged man moves toward her, so does Laura.

"I'm, like, out of school." Kazumi explains. Institute? There's so many! "Own my own company and everything. Well, two companies. Well, own one and co-own the other." She pauses as if she's mentally parsing that statement. "Yeah." She shrugs. "So, like, no school. Nice wings." She notes the wings. Because they are big and fluffy. "Worthington, right? You hit the Sexiest Men alive list last year."

"Oh. Well, Xavier's is near here. I help teach a finance course there." Warren explains as he chuckles. "So, forgive the confusion on whether or not you were a student." When mentioned about lists, the young man offers a good-natured honest blush. See, Laura, he's not unfallable! "..Uh. Yeah. I think that was just because they wanted to put a meta on the lists. Or just not that many young millionaires." he murmurs, before cutting a look over to the girl that he came in with. "That's Laura, she teaches dance." there's a smirk offered at that. What, he could have said 'social networking'!

Ordering a chocolate waffle cone and a hot fudge sundae, the mutant waits for the two offerings. "You own your own company?" he asks curiously, lifting a brow. "Would you like to join us? I'd love to hear about it.

The trio is near the counter at this local ice cream shop, chatting it seems, or at the very least, Kazumi and Warren are chatting. Laura is just standing there like a dark-shadow as she watches the blue-skinned woman and the winged man chat.

It's only when Warren states her name and what she 'teaches' that Laura's gaze will move off of Kazumi and back to the winged man.

A frown begins to knit her dark eyebrows together as she reacts to the winged man's statement. She does not teach dance. Those words, however, don't pop out of her mouth as she instead falls to her typical naturally quiet watchful self.

"Teaching. Giving back to the community. Nice." Kazumi says. She is, it should be noted, a stylishly dressed young woman of obviously Asian descent who is also a beautiful bright blue in skin color. She follows Warren and his wings to the table. "Hi! Love your boots." She says to Laura, having looked first at the woman's feet and then at the rest of her. "I own two companies. Like, Butterfly Productions. YouTube channel. Small. Only got a gold like button." Which means she has a million subscribers. "Also co-own Everywoman Technologies. Solving the problems of modern women through science, technology, and being awesome." She settles into a seat. "We make Butterfly Wings. Nanotech based smart make-up. Watch."

Kazumi unclips her phone, taps and slides, and the makeup on her face, which had been dark to add highlight to her blue skin, changes and shifts until her look is a bit less "modern understated" and more "original Star Trek Orion slave girl."

Warren considers for a moment, watching as the girl changes colors.. with an app. Oh. She's not one of them. A glance is shared to Laura as he takes a seat across from the two and checks his phone. A smile springs to his face at a message, and he sends out a text in response, "We may have company. Girlfriend's looking for me." he says with a playful smirk, before his attention turns back to the table after handing Laura her waffle bowl.

"Aren't you concerned that some of your users will see this as a way to emulate disgusing themselves to pull off a robbery or other such attack?" he asks curiously. He remembers his father's own questions about it when Warren saw the kickstarter and saw a different application - allowing those that had skin mutations to successfully conceal them.

Her boots? Kazumi's remark about liking them causes the dark-haired young woman to pause and look down at her footwear. Seeing nothing to 'like' per se about them, Laura's gaze will flick back up, "They are adequate for my needs." Which might be Laura's way of saying thank you? Possibly.

Either way, when Warren and Kazumi begin to move, Laura likewise follows; a silent slip of a shadow after them. While she keeps the majority of her attention between the two, she'll likewise split part of it off to keep an eye upon the rest of the occupants of the restaurant. Watchfulness and wariness in her gaze.

It's only as Warren speaks up that Laura's gaze will refocus upon the winged man and Kazumi. A flare of nostrils might be seen from the slim assassin as she scents the air around the trio, but, any remark to the girlfriend statement is lost as Laura automatically accepts her waffle bowl.

Once settled into a seat, Laura will again split her attention between Kaz, Warren and the people around them. It's only with Kazumi changing her make-up that Laura's expression will change slightly to something akin to curiosity, but, that curiosity shifts slightly at Warren's word. "Yes." She states flatly, "It could be used in that type of application."

Arrival takes a bit, well, not as long as it should, but when Kida walks out from behind a building she is shrugging her coat back on over the tank top while the skin across her back slowly sinks back to a normal state, the ink spreading across to reform in the span between shoulder blades. Not a beautiful sight up close, but she is not one to be in the open, ever.

The milling of people in this place has her eyes moving to and fro rather quickly, but moreso at the buildings, routes, lines, and then faces, pausing and settling on Kazumi's - the blue skinned woman, then the smaller woman and Warren inside. The shortened glyph laden stick is tested for at the smalll of her back before the coat is tugged in tighter. Once people walk out of the building Kida steps aside, letting them pass and without contact on the door she steps inside. Discomfort easily seen as every motion keeps her a distance from the ebb and flow of people.

In comparison to the more high society attire of Warren and Kazumi her own is drab, pieced together and about as clean as it could get being handwashed…. In the Metropolis Bay. Laura's attire is likely more her own sense, but Kida's boots are also held to mid claf by mis-matched laces.

Hello? Something? Kida just takes a chair after kicking it around to straddle the back, it'd get in the way….

….."Hi." Small smile and she looks between each, grinding her chair more towards facing her back to a direct route to the exit.

"Anything can be turned to, like, nefarious purposes. Power tools can crack safes. Ski masks can disguise criminals. Paint can be used to make hate symbols on buildings. Cars can be used to run over people." Kazumi says with a shrug of her shoulders. "We, like, made sure Butterfly Wings is hypoallergenic. We didn't test on animals. We use environmentally responsible materials and processes. We assemble it all without third world slave labor. We donate part of the profits to shelters for battered women. We donate a portion of every batch to charities which help cancer patients feel better about how they look during chemo and radiation treatment. We've done, like, as much as we can to make the world a better place and still make enough money to pay our employees, our bills, and pay our business. Worrying about, like, someone using it to maybe rob a bank? I'd be more worried about them using a gun to do it."

Kazumi offers a bright smile to Tattoo as she sits down. "OMG, girl, you look fierce! I love it!"

There's a frown, finite on Warren's face. He's concerned, and it shows. Even Kida's arrival doesn't really snap him out of it as he kisses the girl's cheek in welcome and slides his hot fudge sundae between them to share. "Jaaruul." he greets her in her own language, before offering. "Laura, Kazumi, this is Kida. Kida, this is Laura, who I work at the Institute with, and Kazumi, an enterpeneur." he says and taps his fingers in though as he slides over the spoon. "And I would be concerned of someone using this application to give themselves the appearance of a mutant to stir up attacks.. but.. I can see the fun in it. Especially in the younger woman." he finally relents, shaking off that niggle of doubt in the back of his head.

Attentive as she is, Laura will spy Kida outside the ice cream shop and watch her, as the other woman steps inside and then makes her way towards their table. While she doesn't make any overt moves towards the other woman, suspicion does flare within her, as she considers this new arrival. While some of that tension leaves her frame at Warren's introduction, that doesn't stop Laura from giving Kida an assessing look.

As for chair positioning? Laura and Kida will have to jockey for the position that allows both of them to keep the exit in plain sight.

Pale hazel eyes are rimmed in dark lashes, no makeup, tanned skin that likely bears a few grease smudges from her work, but she tried real hard to wipe them clean with her sleeve… So yes, makeup? Contouring? Hair is back in a braid, tipped in small feathers of white dancing along free ends. Kazumi's statement earning her a wide eyed stare and a look of confusion. "I'm calm…" A shift of glance between them all and a light lean towards Warren with that small smile resurfacing until….

Laura's green eyes meet her own from periphery as their chairs nearly collide. Her own nostrils flare, but not for the same reason.

Ice cream is comfort food right? Something she has never had and uses it as a distraction.

A finger reaches to dip… and instead she takes Warren's spoon and tries it, leaning ever-so-slightly away from Laura. Personal bubble thing, but she is not moving her chair! "Jaaguul…" And then she shudders.

"Totally nice to meet you, Kida." Kazumi says. However, Warren gets her attention. "Here's, like, the thing. I cosplay. And with the right makeup, ANY MAKEUP, and some skill, I can make myself look like any movie character or video game character. I can, like, make myself look like a mutant who has features which are different from most humans. I can make my face look like a flaming skull. Does Butterfly Wings make it easier? Not really. At that level you still need to know how to apply it properly and you can't layer it without latex and foam anymore than you can regular makeup."

"You see my skin color, Feathers. Trust me. I don't want to, like, make life harder for anyone. Including people with unusual genetic codes."

Reaching up to rub his fingers on the bridge of his nose. He's not going to argue with her. Warren just nods to Kazumi at this point, and turns his attention to Kida before grinning. "That would be brain freeze." he says with a sympathetic look. "You have to eat it slow. Savor it." he points out to her, giving Kida a coy smile before watching the posturing between the two women. "There's plenty of door for the both you."

"Masks. Lies." Kida looks at Kazumi then, her eyes narrowing though as her fingers tap her temple. Yeah brain freeze! Eye-tic. But it did not take down her note on the discomfort it made Warren feel. The discomfort from Laura and Kida are two totally different…animals.

"Why do you want to look different?" Kida finally breathes out, sliding the hoarded icecream back towards Warren. She needed a moment. But the comment about the door has Kida sizing Laura up, then the door and back. "You have a point. We'll both fit."

"Cosplaying? I enjoy it. I, like, make my own costumes. I enjoy making things. I enjoy wearing things. Its the perfect hobby." Kazumi answers, "Makeup, it lets me fit specific situations. Mask? Maybe. But, like, I'm not the same exact person I am with my friends that I am when I'm in a business meeting or with my parents. Why shouldn't my makeup or my clothes change, like a mask, to suit the part of me I'm showing off at any particular moment?"

There's a thoughtful look, and perhaps Warren notices that Kida actually /did/ put on a spot of makeup and fixed her hair. "Trying to impress someone?" he teases her playfully though he lets the conversation drift between the three women because this is really the most awkward trainwreck ever.

There is nothing wrong with having a personal bubble; Laura definitely has one.

As to her own ice cream Laura is totally ignoring it, as she keeps her attention upon the small group at hand. Eventually she'll eat it, but, for now the ice cream will start to melt and become gooey.

When Warren makes the remark about the door, Laura's gaze turns to the winged man a moment; then back to Kida. "Yes. We will both fit." She concedes in those flat tones of hers and while the word cosplay affords a frown upon her features, Kazumi's unintended definition helps to clarify just what cosplay means. From that, Laura will lean forward ever so slightly and state, "I too have made disguises. It is a time intensive but rewarding task to make certain the disguise will allow for you to infiltrate a crowd and find your mark."

And while there is truth to Laura's words, perhaps her words might make it even more awkward with how she phrased it.

Warren adds for Kida's benefit. "Around here.. girls dress nice and add makeup to attract a mate, you see." he says before snerking at Laura and Kazumi. "Uh. Yeah. Not quite the same." he offers, "Perhaps you should show her a picture of cosplay, Kazumi."

That spot of makeup? Is oil, but at Warren's words Kida smiles and looks around. "Impress? No. They are in their sleep-wear still, not ready to fi—-"

X-23's words, cut her own off, now that sidelong wariness might hint on curiousity. But to do as X said, she never dressed up, they just went in. "Unless they already know you are there and coming… If they can sense it.." Her tone lowers at the last bit, as this is not her Earth or World and a lot is being learned. Even now… And when Warren says what he does Kida blinks rapidly and looks at Kazumi. "So you are a," Kida stops, the word all wrong… maybe. "Match maker?"

"But once the makeup comes off… Marriage over." Another look back. Yep.

"Ooooh." Kazumi says as Laura makes her omninous statement. "That is wicked. I might be a little in love with you now." She smiles brightly. "Common misconception. Women sometimes, like, do dress to impress. But it isn't all about mating. Its also about liking who you are and how you look. Wearing the clothes and makeup and hair that makes you feel powerful in a specific situation. Sex is important. Love is important. But so is everything else. And what you wear can help you feel ready for the person you want to be. I wouldn't box in the outfit I'd go dancing in. I wouldn't go dancing in the outfit I'd swim in. I wouldn't swim in the outfit I'd go to a movie premiere in. I wouldn't wear any of that to lounge around at home with my bestie and eat ice cream." She shrugs.

"And I'm a computer programmer. And a YouTube celebrity." Kazumi taps her phone, brings up YouTube, and shows Kida a video. On the screen is Butterfly, who is a rather vivid shade of sparkling silver in the video, and wearing a leather apron. Video Kazumi talks about how welding is an important skill for any cosplayer but a dangerous one. So always be careful. She then lowers her welding helmet and proceeds to spot weld some metal together to demonstrate how a proper cross joint is created.

Kida's words brings Laura's gaze back around to the other woman. There's another slight cant of her head as she considers the other drably dressed woman again; as well as what Warren greeted Kida with. A language she never heard before and X-23 is familiar with many dialects out there. Still, while she'd like to ask a question to Kida, Kazumi's initial words and then the offer of a screen causes Laura to turn her vivid green-eyes back towards the blue-skinned woman. While her eyebrows lower at the mention of 'in love with you now', Laura doesn't quite speak to that, instead the slim assassin's nostrils will flare slightly as she takes the scents in around her.

Thankfully, Kazumi continues to speak before showing that youtube and whatever Laura's questions may have been, they are lost (for now) in that wave of words and video. When the video ends, Laura will simply state in that serious albeit flat voice of hers, "The weld looks strong." Then she looks to Kazumi; possibly to see if that was the correct thing to say.

The phone has Kida rocking back a bit away from Kazumi, she still does not like tech, and it took Warren a few tries to get Kida to accept the phone he gave her, she still leaves it a block away when she goes 'home' and retrieves it later. Trackers. Traps. She had to after her first night of laying there unblinking and staring at it on her pack. When the video started playing she looks at Warren, then X, and peers at it. "Will it hold weight?" Eyes narrow as she looks closer. "Needs to be balanced for a proper throw…" But when Kida reaches forward to point something out the video folds and something else loads playing loudly enough to have Kida tritely back on her ass in her chair and slid a couple feet back.

The icecream she had shared with Warren was gone and so she looks at X-23's, she needed more 'comfort food'. "You gonna eat that?" Point.

Her accent is definitely not from around here, and it is becoming more prevalent as her nerves rise. At least she is lady enough to eat to drown her anxiety!

"I use welding mostly for rigs. Like, putting together something I need to wear on my body like an exoskeleton." Kazumi shuts down the video and slides her phone away. Somehow, despite all her talking, she's managed to wolf down her ice cream. It is all gone. "Ladies and feathers, if you'll, like, excuse me, I've got to go be a proper business lady and talk to a guy about a thing which could mean more money for development of a secret project. It was totally lovely meeting you all. You're awesome."

The reaction from the other more quiet woman is seen and once more Laura's inhales through her nose to capture the scents around her. Kida's surprise/anxiety is smelled and when the other woman asks about her ice cream, the slim assassin will consider the melting treat before her. After a silent minute, Laura will say, "No. You may eat it." And while she was going to eat it in this particular instance, Laura can empathize with those feelings of surprise and anxiety. Especially in social situations.

Slowly, the bowl will be pushed over towards Kida, the untouched spoon stuck within the melting depths. When Kazumi rises from her seat and offers her farewell, Laura will state her own (simple) farewell, "Good bye." And then Warren too; but his leave-taking earns the faintest of frowns from the slim assassin, even as she offers another toneless, "Good bye."

Kida does not take Laura's spoon, she just spoons at the melty cold, plucks off a piece of the waffle and is once more pinching the bridge of her nose as she rocks to her feet. "Tsss-ahhh~" Much akin to Peter Griffin's pain release.

"I don't get it…" Finally breathed out. About most of it. Kida is functionally a minimalist! Obviously. But when Warren makes his own declaration about leaving, Kida is already heading for the door to exit the building first.

"Kaz/oo/mee, Laura." Warren's offer for dinner has Kida stopping at the door, waiting for that cycle so she can slip out without contact. "Yes." The smile comes and out she goes.

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