Missing More Then Dinner

March 14, 2017:

Starfire greets Roy after a long absence.

Not a happy Princess

HMSS Starfire


NPCs: Lian Harper



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Fade In…

The DEO's rumblings about setting up a -very- special task force was an… interesting quarandry. Whatever it was, Roy'd been slowly spiraling closer and closer like a centrifugal force down the drain. It -was- promising to dive into a sewer-esque environment, but Roy didn't know for sure what the ultimate result would be.

Home late, Roy brings -something- of an apology gift for both Kori and Lian, a large cake, decorated up in green and brown and smelling strongly of mint chocolate. Whether it would be enough to appease Lian or Kori, Roy wasn't sure. He had a nagging suspicion they both would be requesting something -more- akin to groveling, something Roy was practicing in his head as he returned to the ship.

"I'm back. Uh, did I miss dinner?" Roy asks, as he steps into the cabin.

Roy's appearance has Orn, DePalo, K'tten… Lifting off, literally. Their trays are hoisted and 'off they go.' Lian is seated beside Kori, hip to hip for now, eating her fish sticks, mac n' cheese and pudding as if nothing has happened, but when Roy shows she happy squees and excitedly kicks her legs. Where beside her, Kori crosses her own and become pensive, the 'stick of fish' dropped and left meaningless. Not dunked, nor scooped. Poor fish-stick.

"Leftovers are in the…heater." A shift of pupiless emerald gaze.

What Roy will find is several weeks of 'leftovers', as he did not even call, but excuses were made when tuck-ins were had.

Though the most recent is at the front of the 'heater' door…aka a stove. - Still not a thing grasped by self-heating aliens, but Orn insisted. Oven-schmoven!

Putting the dessert down, Roy closes the gap to the oven, opening it up… and then closing it quickly. Yep, several weeks of leftovers. "I should clean that oven out," he remarks, slowing down long enough to give Kori an apologetic look. He'd already pointed out the entire 'need to know' basis of the DEO assignments, and this one was… particularly suicidal.

At least the most recent food looked -okay-, but he certainly wasn't going to reheat it in -that- oven. That would be even more suicidal.

So plate in hand, Roy takes a seat. "So, sweethearts, how were your days?"

Starfire just leans back, the arm draped over Lian tugging her in for a brief kiss upon her brow, a flick of fingers and what seems to be sparks… Is sprinkles on her brownie which only makes her squee! And she grabs her plate to plop in Roy's lap, dropping it beside his own. "Yep! We can only clean so much! We forget." Munchmunch… "Hi daddy!"

Kori, watching them, draws back and slides from her seat to let them be, teeth clenching and jaw set while the window (unopened) is stared at. Tamaranean or not, she's a woman!

Looking at the window with a slight puzzled look, it takes Roy a moment to decipher it. That it was kinda -still- daylight outside had a lot more to do with the change of the clock, but Roy can only offer a sheepish look. "If it helps, I have the weekend off?" he offers, leaning in to give Lian a kiss. He -would- offer one to Kori as well, if only on the cheek because she might still be -looking- away. C'mon, don't look that way.

Kori can hold a grudge, a concern, or an issue for….

She looked that way, but held her tongue for Lian. Of all people that knew better! Roy should have, his ties alone..

"Why? Roy. I am glad for your good days." Emphasis where it is accordant, but days are weeks, and weeks….

"Just a weekend?" Point blunt, Kori is being brutal, despite the soft tenor and the refusal to look his way even as Lian is overjoyed.

"Well, uh, that's all the time I have right now…" Roy responds, rubbing the back of his head. "Although what's being put together for work is probably something that requires a heck of a lot of monitoring. I'd keep a close eye on them."

Sighing, Roy rubs his chin. "It's some intensive planning, and possibly training as well."

Although if he understood the rumblings right, there was someone who was doing all the heavy lifting in training. A lot of it. What Roy -would- end up doing was getting the chance to get after the drug lords that had once been the obsession of his career.

"I… could try for a whole week?" he adds.

"So more time away then just 'a weekend'." Kori states as her head lowers as those eyes go sidelong towards him and Lian.

"It is not just me, Roy…" A turn and she looks at Lian as well. "What you do is important. Who you involve with is dangerous. I get it. I -know-!" A rapid tap to chest and then hands fall to her sides and she offers a small shrug.

"But at least she," a gesture to Lian as she happily eats her sprinkles. "Deserves your time. I get what's left? Months are unacceptable."

A clasp of hands at her sides as arms encompass herself in a hold. "Try, then."

"All right," Roy responds, canting his head. "In a couple weeks, then? We can, uh, go anywhere. Universal? Disney World?"

Tilting his head towards Lian, Roy asks, "How about it, princess? Which Disney world do you want to go to?"

Starfire looks back at Roy and Lian as promises are made, a small smile curling one corner of lip—-

"Time for bed?" A sweep of tawny palm and Kori is ushering Lian towards her room as Lian perks and trots along! "All of them!" Elsa, Anna, Belle, Aurora, Potter, Panora!!!!

Happy squees ensue and Star tugs a robe over her shoulder before she stops and looks back.

"We're all tired. Please?" And Star dips down the hall to tuck Lian in and go her own way.

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