Coccoons in the Yard: Bandaging Angel

March 12, 2017:

Escaping inside the mansion, Snowbird makes sure Angel gets taken care of, and talks with Scott as well.

Xavier's School


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It's only a short trip to the medical center on the grounds. Warren's arms are treated with salves and wrapped gently in bandages. His shirt was removed in the process because it was in the way as he sits on one of the tables and waits for instructions before being released as one of the instructors comes out to update Snowbird on his condition, and gives her the option to come in and visit him or not.

Having followed directions to the medical center, Snowbird helped Warren there, stepping back and out of the room to let him be tended. Not before seeing them cut his shirt off, nope! Waiting outside, she stands quietly, leaning against the wall out of the way. No doubt, there's a few who look her direction, curious as to who she is exactly. When finally the instructor comes out to let her know how he is, offering her the chance to go visit, she nods her head, blond hair falling across her shoulder, "I would like that, yes. Thank you." With permission, she crosses to the door, one hand lifted to press it open to allow her to peek inside, "Do you wish company, or would you prefer to rest?" She asks of him, not stepping into the room until he answers one way or the other.

Glancing up from where he was sitting, Warren smiles a little as he sees the blonde girl in the doorframe. "Thought you'd be halfway back to Canada by now, Snowbird." he murmurs as he watches her, and reaches for a sheet to cover his chest a little. She seems to be the type that doesn't want him with a bared chest in front of her. "Come on in. It'll be a few minutes, I think."

Snowbird steps inside once he invites her, that odd white gaze of hers turned his way. Really hard to figure her out at times. "I wanted to be sure you were okay. " A pause as she crosses closer to peer at the bandages that he's been wrapped up in, "You are okay, yes?" Worry, maybe? She's only just met him, but he seems a nice enough guy. "What will happen to the male who came out of the coccoon?"

"Few days, I'll be right as rain. Usually heal up pretty quick." Warren responds as he smiles at the tone. The concern is sweet from her and he ducks his head just a little, before he considers the question. "We'll try to get him the best help possible. I.. I'm not sure. But." he considers, and makes the offer. "As he's a Canadian citizen, and you're a representative to the government, you can make sure he's treated well and properly?" He's probably reaching for a reason for her to stay. She's rather attractive, after all. Even with the weird eyes.

"That is good to know." Snowbird offers quietly, nodding her head, "Glad to hear that you heal quickly.." Quikc healing is not something everyone has, but for those that do, is quite the lifesaver at times. The question is asked, and when he speaks of the poor young guy, she nods once more, "I would like to make sure he is taken care of. To be able to inform my people." And so it would seem with those words, she will be sticking around for a little while. "I.. will have to talk to someone.." Likely about where she can stay and all that fun stuff.

"I'll talk to Storm, she's the headmistress. I have a penthouse in New York, but I doubt you're that interested." Warren teases softly. "Haven't even taken you to dinner yet." Though now as he mentions it, Snowbird may start to slowly realize who he is. A winged mutant that has been in the news as the lone heir of a large corporation that helps with mutant and disadvantage youth, and known as more than a little bit of a playboy.

Snowbird slowly nods her head as he mentions speaking to the headmistress there at the mansion, "I would be thankful. I can give her contacts back in Canada if she has need to check into such things." As he jokes about a spot in NYC, she tilts her head, obviously studying him as he sits there int he bed. Finally putting him and his name together with mention of that city, she wonders, "Are you.. suggesting that I accompany you to your home?" There are some things that she doesn't quite get in this form. Emotions are quite new to her in some ways. Dare she even be blushing just a little at the implication he makes?

"…I.." Wow. He's stuck for a moment, trying to figure out if she's being forward or naieve as he considers her for a moment. And for the first time in a while, Warren's not exactly sure how to handle that, as his blush responds to her, a little shift on the bed as he watches her, meeting her eyes for a moment. Well, this is awkward.

Awkward is awkward. And yet Snowbird doesn't realize it is such until the blush upon his cheeks darkens and she falls silent. A blink of lids falling closed over white eyes is made before they open to once again peer at him. "I am.. sorry.." She finally says, figuring that once again, something she said or did, didn't quite translate properly. Stepping back from his bed, she murmurs, "I will leave you to rest now, and see if I can be directed to Storm. I hope you heal quickly.." She's rambling just a touch now, oddly enough.

Catching her hands, Warren squeezes them for a moment, his touch warm in hers, before he moves to release her. "Uh sure." he says as the young woman starts to move away. "They're good people. I'm sure they'll help. I.. guess I'll see you around." he says, when he realizes she's fleeing.

When he catches her glove hands, Snowbird goes still, surprised to feel the warmth of his. "I.." She sighs softly, stepping back, acting like an uncertain teenage. In some ways, she is. Pausing in her flight, she looks over her shoulder, "You.. want to see me?" This flirting thing is perhaps beyond her at the moment. Or she's surprised by it since her break-up with her long time boyfriend.

"Why wouldn't I? I mean, you're beautiful. And seem nice enough." Warren says with a shrug, as he tries to figure out how awkward that Snowbird is actually awkward in this case as his wings flare out for a moment, perhaps mimicking his own confusion with her. Usually he's confident with women - but something about her is making him change course.

"I am." Whether that is beautiful or nice, it's hard to say. Perhaps both. A simple statement of fact, her tone suggests. As he flares his wings, she turns about again, and between one step and the next back towards him, she shapeshifts, turning herself into her human female form. "Perhaps this would be easier to speak with." She's casually dressed in jeans and a sweater now, her short blonde hair to brush against her jawline, and her eyes… they're blue as a winter's sky. "In Canada, this form is known as Anne McKenzie."

"It wasn't that." Warren admits as she closes the distance, within his arms and quite human. "I liked the other form just as well, Snowbird.. Anne.. whichever you wish me to call you." he says, his own blue eyes meeting hers. "I'm just stunned by who you are." he says as he offers her a little grin. "And well, I feel like if I make a move on you, I'm messing something special up."

"I answer to both." A shrug is given by she before finally smiling a little. "Call me whatever you want?" Still, she blinks, surprise evident now upon her face, "Stunned? By me? Why?" She asks before shaking her head, "There is nothing to mess up?" A pause, and she adds, "I guess I am not used to such forwardness in some ways. Americans are.. strange." Might that be a hint of a tease in her voice then?

He grins playfully at her. "Which would you prefer to be called when I roll over in bed and bump into you in the morning." Warren teases, finally catching onto her playing and semi-flirting as he smirks. "Sure, this from a girl who probably has maple syrup in her veins." he says with a wink.

A brow lifts upwards before Anne smirks right back at him, "I do not think you could handle me.." Oh, a challenge is given before she laughs huskily, her head given a shake, "No, it's the great North that flows through my veins… my mother is Nelvanna, Goddess of the Northern Lights.." A wink is given then. Does he think he ahs what it takes to keep up with a demi-goddess?

"A goddess, huh." Warren says with a grin. "I've kept up with one before." he says as he settles his hands gingerly on her hips and pulls her closer, their noses touching together. "…the question is, would it be too much culture shock for a girl from the great white north to take up with a boy from New York.'

"Oh, you have, hmm?" Now he's got her curious as to who he means, though as he takes advantage of her nearness to reach out and pull her closer to the bed, and to him in general, she tilts her head as he brings his closer, "You'd just have to show me the way when we come to those culture differences?" Flirting comes easier to this form, it would appear.

"I suppose so, Snowbird." Warren says and lifts his mouth to press lightly to hers for a moment, before pulling back. "But you're going to have to wait for my arms to heal unless you want to be on top." he says with a husky purr to his voice.

The kiss offered, is a surprise to her, one that is returned briefly. Almost shyly in some ways for all the flirting she was doing. Stepping back slowly at his further words, the blonde blushes a little, "You are.. incorrigible.. I do think." A tsk offered, "You haven't even taken me on a date yet, so you are lucky to get that kiss already." She informs him before shooing him back into the bed, to help straighten the covers.

"Then as soon as I am healed, we will need to make sure to rectify that, Goddess." Warren says as she shoos him into the bed again to cover her up. "So, if you can change forms and clothes, can you lose the same?" he asks her. "I mean, for all I know, the skin could be your clothes, and you're nude all the time."

Anne looks at him, laughing a little, "I can, yes. My clothes shift with me, is all." So whatever she was wearing last, or something to that degree. (At least that's what her player is going to go with!) "Rest, you.. before the doctor comes in and gets on to me for making you all hyper or something."

"Fine." Warren says, lifting her hand to kiss the bottom of her wrist. "Good night, Snowbird. I will see you again soon." he says as he watches her leave, a low whistle at the shape of her rear and the way it moves in her skirt.

Scott Summers arrives from X-Men HQ.

Having escape into the medical center with Warren who's arms were badly hit by the acid from the young guy who 'hatched' out of the coccoon, Snowbird is talking with him as he sits in a bed. His shirt was cut off by the doctor, his arms now wrapped up in bandages. Snowbird has changed again, and now wears the blonde human female form of Anne McKenzie, dressed in jeans and a sweater. Having scolded Warren a little, it would seem he's going to follow doctor's advice and get some rest now, to allow his body to heal quicker.

Shaking her head at him, Anne smirks a little as she heads for the door, "Later. Be good, hmm?" A quiet chuckle escapes her as she closes the door behind her, letting out a breath of relief that he is okay.

After catching the tail end of the yard incident Scott couldn't refocus on the bike instead he did a quick clean up, tossed his gear away and went back inside to check how things are going. He is used to being the leader here and sitting idle just isn't his bag. He is doing his best not to undermine Storm in his actions but it is a struggle, one some part of him welcomes, some small part.
The medical center is his destination but the form in the hall way cuts his path short, "Hey. I was just coming to check in on you guys." It appears Scott's shirt was changed somewhere in there, from greasy tanktop to a simple black tee.

Some may realize that Anne is Snowbird, but there are subtle changes - the length of hair, the shift of solid white eyes to blue. And the uniform to clothes. Hearing the greeting, she turns, offering Scott a polite smile, "Warren is okay, though it will take him a few days, he said. For now, they controled the burns, put salve and bandaged his arms. Told him to rest." Then she pauses, offering a hand to him, having missed his arrival outside, "I am Snowbird… though in this form, I am called Anne McKenzie." She speaks English with an accent that hints at French, but mingled with others.

Scott hesitates now close up. He had only really got the memo and hasn't had much of an option to compare but he does his research, if anything can be found out about Snowbird he has looked in to it. Anything that passes the gates of the Institute grounds gets a thorough study from the former X-Men leader. Maybe it's a Virgo trait to just be overly analytical.
"Anne, hi, Scott. It is a pleasure. Field name I go by Cyclops." Field name, mutant name. Depends on who you talk to. "A friend of Warrens? Good. We need him. I seen a bit of what went down, never fun when someone has to be tazed but it was the right call, I expect you're okay with what you seen, all of this?" A question that can clear others before he even asks. Like comfort level and what can be spoken about freely.

Anne moves slowly, not wanting to draw alarm. She's well aware that she's 'new' to the place, and that Warren was her in. "It is nice to meet you, Scott." A dip of her blonde head is given as she looks to him, "Well…" She actually offers a quiet chuckle, "Considering we only recently met when we both arrived to the hospital where the coccoons were being held… and after a short discussion, I offered to carry one of the two back here.." Yeah, friends. Sure! As for his question, she nods once again, "He had to be immobalized safely. As Warren said to me, the young man is a Canadian citizen, and I would be keen to see what happens to him, to keep my own superiors informed. I know as well how dangerous his powers are, especially if he cannot control them."

"I… oh, sorry! I didn't mean to assume you and Warren were closer than, I just mean Warren and all…" Scott full stops anything else is is about to say instead just clearing his throat. "Your superiors in Canada? Right. We are fully capable of housing and assisting our NuHuman cousins. At least to an extent. We can facilitate a number." Those red shades don't allow for notice of eye contact but it is there. "Please, don't get too specific about where he is to your people in Canada. Not to sound paranoid but this school, what transpires here is largely a secret." Although SHIELD is aware of them. So is the DEO. The general public is not. Many of their enemies are still clueless too and thats for the best.

Anne seems somewhat amused, but then lets it slide with a glance at the door behind her before turning back to Scott again. "My superiors within Department H and Alpha Flight?" She understands if secrecy is still wished, and such would not be shared with others. "There were three coccoons total. One was sent back to my people to take care of. Warren convinced me, and my people, to allow two to come here."

"They're in good hands. We're good people." Scott assures her but also tries to employ some empathy. Pictures of children along the walls kind of helps, maybe that will be added encouragement to keep it a secret. "Storm probably brought them to the containment cells, I can't elaborate on the science behind it but it should be enough to keep them safe from harm upon themselves or others." A shame Hank is on hiatus. His help right now would be invaluable.
"Would you like to walk with me, Anne? I'll show you around a little and we can talk more. That will help alleviate some of my defensiveness and allow you to see what it is we do here, it could help your comfort levels in leaving them with us also."

Listening as he speaks, Anne nods slowly, "I know we were heading to a lab, I think, before the coccoon he was holding, started to open and things went.. sideways. " A pause, and she says, "I'd just been introduced to Rogue, Darcy and another before it went crazy.." Storm had yet to make an appearance. "When Warren was hurt, and I knew I couldn't do much to handle him, I made sure he got out of the way. The coccoon I was carrying didn't seem ready to open yet."
As he suggest they walk, she smiles, "I'd like that, Scott. I don't intend on bringing trouble here to you and yours. I know how important a safe place is like this, especially for kids." Though there are those that would argue that in some ways, she's still a kid herself.

"I am very glad to hear that." Scott replies while motioning down the hallway, "Our medical wing, some of these rooms double as class rooms for first aid and medical training."
"I don't know Agent Lewis all that well yet. She has a good track record, this showed me she is quick on her feet. I can approve of that. You met Rogue, huh?" A small smile. "She is unique, our resident Southern Belle, rough around the edges, plays hard, lives hard, what did you think of her?" Scott leads them down the hall, several doors are open it does on the side of the school look a lot it's part school-part hospital. Many of the rooms a mixture of lab and classroom for that purpose alone. It's warm, welcoming, a very large mansion converted in to a school. Pictures along walls, plants here and there, elaborate craftsmenship on many of the lamps. Lots of wood. Xavier has good taste as do his teachers.

"I know only the basics they taught me for my training.." Medical training, that is. "I'm a RCMP back home." Her and Agent Lewis may have a few things in common then. Not that she came prepared with gun and uniform. As they walk along the hallway, she takes a moment here and there to peek into open doors, a natural curiosity shown. As for his words, she smiles a little, glancing aside, "Rogue was nice. Quite the charmer.." Seems even in her alternate form, she could appreciate the girl's personality. "This is a nice place." Curiously, she does wonder, "How many students do you have, if that is okay to ask?"

"RCMP? You'll appreciate some of our outdoor programs then. We actually have a small stable of horses." Away from just the medical wing she'll find rooms she peers in to are different sorts of acadamia, depending who is present, computer labs are all Kitty Pryde, various language classes, sciences and the basics. Most of it is considered K through 12 but they do have a few college grade courses. A few. Likely not as many as Charles would like but the school itself operates off a lot of mutant staff. Mutant staff with alternate lifestyles that don't allow for a lot of activities outside of 'heroics'.
"Honestly I am not sure. I just got back myself I think right now we have just shy of a hundred and thirty or so but we've had as much as four hundred students at one time in the past. I think thats near capacity. Don't quote me on that. I'm out of touch these days."
"The charmer? Yeah, I suppose you could say that. What brings you to New York, if I can ask that?" Scott fires back her own words. That light smile still vaguely present.

"Yes.." At mention of the stables, Anne ohs sotly, "I will have to give them a look, if allowed." She understands that she might not be allowed free reign around the place, not until they check her credentials and all. Classrooms get her attention, peeking in those with doors open, be they full with students or not. Hearing some various languages, she pauses as well, a sort of smile touching her lips to hear French within one. Turning back to him as he answers, eyes widen, "So many?" Surely there are places within Canada where such gatherings can be found, but not one that she's come across herself.
"I liked her, from what I got to talk with her." Anne says of Rogue before she continues back, a shoulder lifted upwards, "For now, I am uncertain. I thought merely to come and help Warren with the second coccoon, to meet others, but now… " Well, some things have changed. "I must wait for my superiors to advise me, I guess? I'm willing to help out where I can in the meantime."

"I thought you would like that." Scott pauses near a doorway leading outside to the open garden, this is the larger one that students are allowed to relax and read at. Not the private one that Charles mostly keeps to himself. It is cold enough out no one is actually making much use of it. Goose bumps spring up across Scott's arms but he doesn't appear to pay it any mind.
"Yes, a lot, a concentrated number of mutants." He admits, "Which is in part all the security, the majority of them are young, almost everyone of them inexperienced and in need of so many things the world cannot offer them. We offer it instead. Not just mutants though, several of our students can be listed as -other- but mostly, yeah, mutants. It is what we're familiar with. What most of us are." A tap on emphasis to his own glasses, a long fingertip touching along the arm just above one ear. "You're Alpha Flight though, this is no mystery to you. I can only imagine what sort of file you people have on the X-Men."
An exhale and he watches the air steam, it's almost like he is playing with it. "To sound like a broken record we can use all the help we can get right now. Apocalypse and his stunt with the Terrigen Crystals has put us in an interesting situation, we're short staffed and our team is just a little scattered right now, it's rather surprising Storm has been holding it together like she has been." Which explains her current state of being overtaxed. The woman is exhausted.

"In what capacity are you capable and willing to help?" Scott flashes a short-lived forced smile. "Since you offered."

"It's been a while since I've had the chance to truly ride.." Anne answers, and once they reach the door to the garden, she takes a moment to peek outside. Unlike he, she doesn't get cold, but then where she's from, this is barely considered cool! "I can imagine this is really pretty when it warms up." She enjoys the gardens as much as anyone might, nature tied as she might be.

"I think it's safe to say, mutant or otherwise, we must stick together during times like this." That's her opinion, and she'll stick with it. As for what her group might have on the X-Men, she doesn't comment, merely smiles a little.
When asked, she turns back, looking towards his visor, meeting his gaze, as it is, with her own of blue, "Whatever I can. If there's shapeshifters, I can help train. If you want another to lend a hand with basic hand-to-hand and firearems, I can do that. Outdoor survival… languages to a degree. " As for beyond helping with students, she says quietly, "I offer my power to lend a hand in protecting this place, Scott. In keeping the students safe? As long as my superiors wish me to stay here and don't need me back home?"

The no comment towards Alpha Flight's intel is overlooked. Scott can always pry again later if he feels the need.
"Agreed. Our Professor, the headmaster, his dream is one of acceptance, unity and peace. We like to hold to that here. It's a way of life for many of us." This garden unlike Xavier's private one doesn't have any noticable alien flora. It's just a very nice well-kept garden, Ororo Munroe and Charles Xavier are both green thumbs some of the students have taken to it as well.
"Shapeshifting? Nice. We actually can use quite a bit of help in that area here. Many of our students would benefit. Our hand to hand courses are covered, firearms are avoided. We generally only allow them on school grounds on a case by case basis, authorized individuals like Agent Lewis." A lingering look given her and Scott nods, as if in approval. "We can find a place for you. I can set you up with a guest room for now and depending on what your superiors require of you we'll discuss things further. For now, welcome to the Xavier's as a guest, feel free to step in on the classes, if you find a place you can help by all means, help the teachers. Your place in those regards will come along if you stay here for any length. And… " Break." If we need you for anything else, things youre more familiar with working as a member of Alpha Flight, we'll call on you."
"Sound fair?" He'll run all of this by Storm of course but he doubts she'll find anything wrong with what he has advised here.

"People will need to learn such peace, or risk a world they will never be able to handle." As many good guys there are, there are equally, if not more, bad guys. With the good providing a barrier between the bad and humanity - well, they're screwed, to put it lightly. She'll likely come to check the garden out further, another time when conversation isn't more important.
"Yes.. " Amusement shows as she speaks of her shapeshifting, "Animals are my forte, specifically those of the north, but.." She she be able to handle any others to some degree. As Scott outlines what she can do around the school, inviting her to stay as a guest, she thanks him quietly, seeming somewhat excited by the prospect before her. Ah, yes, let the tenyear old teach! Ahem.
"Sounds more than fair, Scott." Anne holds out one slim hand to him, offering to shake on this deal of theirs, "I look forwards to lending a hand as able. It will be.. very interesting.. to see how you run the school." And just maybe, she'll learn a few things while here.

Scott accepts the handshake with his own, "Good. Please, make yourself at home with us, Anne. You're very welcome here especially if we're all on the same side. Which, I really hope we are."
"Oh, for now please stay away from the sub-basement and the far side of the grounds. Security systems are not as forgiving there as the rest of the school." Scott hopes that doesn't alarm her but for now he thinks they're at a peaceful medium where some trust is exchanged. "I have some things to do but I look forward to seeing you around, Anne. Just grab of the faculty members if you need anything at all."

The shake is shared, no attempt to crush his hand or anything. "Thanks. I may pop back home, if only to grab a few things, but should return quick enough." Yay for subsonic flight when you need it!
"So noted. I'll be certain to keep my distance from those areas." Anne answers, chuckling again, "I'd rather not deal with security." A wink is given, though as he excuses himself to handle some other business, she dips her head politely, "Thank you again, Scott." While he turns to head into the building, she'll step out, soon to transform to Snowbird, and take to the sky as she said she would. Back in a jiffy, as she might say.

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