My Own Prison Pt 2

March 14, 2017:

Part 2

Secret Clinic - East End - Gotham


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Rose remembers the fight, and the why, but when her eyes lift towards Nightwing as he seats himself across from her she clutches the robe to her person and balls it in a fist at her chest.

"I was hired, and watched…" A moment of silence as her mind flickers over the scene of her Father and Flash, while one job was fulfilled and her own is revealed.

"They wanted names," Rose looks then, dead-pan at Nightwing while she scoots towards her belongings, keeping him at distance as she does so.

"I do not give names. Not if I accept." A snare and knot of fingers in her gear to snap it to her in a clutch much like the sacred robe he had brought her. For good reason she is treating Nightwing anew.

"Disable. I disabled, and heroes kill now, apparently. Next time I up my ante." Lips recoil and teeth flash as if she'd bite if she could on those words.

"Your Flash is as bad as my Father anymore. Now I see. Don't worry. I know now, what and why I am up against…"

"I… see…" Nightwing seems quite concerned at Rose's statement. A beating like she took was definitely excessive. Not just broken bones, but that explosion. Any normal woman would be dead. "I am sorry. In his defense, I suspect he thought you were trying to kill Spoiler. They seem to have grown close lately. Still, what he did was hardly justifiable for the standards of the Justice League." But, he adds, raising a hand. "But you knew the risks, Ravager. You attacked one of Gotham heroes, even if not with a killing intent. You knew you could be beaten and you knew you could end up in jail. How is just… some money worth that? You are young, strong and capable of many great things. Why did you do it?"

"Vigilates!" That word spit. Spoiler was no hero. None of them are seen as such here, evidently by tabloids. A flash of the new reports and meme's gathered, but Nightwing is no mind reader.

"Just like me." A uptilt of chin and she narrows her gaze at Nightwing. "She would not have beaten me, ever!" And in that instant the door she is leant against is scraped along with her rise. Clicking open, behind her.

"Only a stopping threat on my heart stopped me!" A beat of fist against broken cavity in empasis adds to her rebuttal against Nightwing. "I will remember this."

A rapid tap to her temple along the blind-void eye side from fingertips.

"I want family… You'd get that… Years ago."

All of the things! clutched to her chest the open*clicked* door is toed free to permit her exit, the robe shrugged on in a flurry of a maille and leather mess with her swagger/stagger.

"Jail is the least of my concerns. I'd fit there." Rose murmurs as she hugs her gear to her and heads out.

"Spoiler is a member of the Justice League, and also the from the Avengers," points out Nightwing gently. "Both teams have official backing. The Avengers even have a UN charter and legal law-enforcement powers. In essence, you attacked an international policewoman."
Nightwing stands up when the injured woman steps out. "You want… wait, please. Think about what you are doing? You are not going to make friends or find… family, not like this. If you truly want a place to belong, this is not the way. I know a better way."

"Hero, vigilante, whatever. Paint it white all you like." In a single gesture Ravager reaches up and plucks the bionic eye from her socket, the cords rent in a jerk of head one way, the connectors the other. Instinctually of the body's desire to protect the lids fold closed over empty socket, but she doesn't look back even as he speaks.

"But I will not be less then my family name calls for. I am a Wilson. Broken package and all. Nor will I let another vigilante insult me, or my name." A deep breath drawn in through flared nostrils, an injection withdrawn to enact adrenaline and keep her going down the stairs, planted in her neck for efficiency.

"I don't give a fuck." The syringe is tossed aside, the vial shattering against opposing wall as the door out is kicked open.

"Want to stop me? Call Flash."
"I don't want to stop you," comments Nightwing, sadly. "I want you to stop yourself, and try a better path." He is also quite amazed she can move with those injures, maybe he underestimated her abilities. "No one would bother you here either, you can stay a few days and rest. I think Batgirl would like to talk with you. Just talk."

// This doesn't mean I lost my dream,
It's just right now I got a really crazy mind to clean! //

The door out is kicked open, a flood of the streets light allowed into the unmarked building, while Rose leans against the hinge and pulls free an eyepatch… A thumb running over the old and worn surface, her expression though, unshown. A prop of spine on the doorframe and she pushes it over her crown, snapping it over that eye laden in a rim of scars, and only just the beginning.

"How many times do I have to be alone on that better path before…," A swallow and Rose clings to her uniform, belts, weapons and the robe already going from white to pink in stains of blood.

"My throat hurts." And with the bodies rebound off the door she is out and the door shuts behind her
"You don't have to be alone," offers Nightwing, following the woman but giving her some space. "If you wish to change, I can offer you advice and support, and perhaps get you in touch with other young super-humans trying to find their path. I did found a… family of sorts with them, when I was younger. Friends forever."

Rose just snorts, at Nightwing's words, and if he remains in the door he can witness the assault, the call, and the SHEBA quietly arriving with a skull faced man at the window.

"We waited and this is going to cost you." //
//"Fuck your cost.."

Ravager makes bad decisions, but this time she choose the life she knows over the life of heroes.

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