Cookies and Tea

March 13, 2017:

Strangely enough, Elinor Ravensdale and Darkedge of Avalon end up at Alias Investigations for a more or less casual visit with Jessica Jones. Nevertheless, Jessica realizes there may have been some unintended consequences to sharing information with the elf.

Alias Investigations, Hell's Kitchen, NY

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Elinor slipped over to Jessica's place, because some ghosts were getting a little too friendly in her apartment and she did not want a show. So she brought Oreos of various flavors and a large thermos of tea. She did not expect Darkedge to show up, so she hasn't prepared any foods or beverages with his diet in mind. Still she is nestled comfortably on the couch and has been translating for Darkedge since speaking out loud isn't something he's so great at. "So that's how tuxedos were introduced to the US. I have heard all about it in great detail, mostly because the ghost likes to tell me that story everytime I visit Greenwood. Still it's nice to think that someone took the effort to make this wild country more cilvilized." She pauses for a beat as she digs out another Peep flavored Oreo. "His words not mine."


Jessica is content to listen to Elinor's stories, and seems to be enjoying the company. Occasionally she'd pulled one of her wry faces, as she often does. She's working through a whole row of the Oreos at this point.

Once everyone had made themselves at home she had relaxed entirely. Really the bulk of her chagrin has been for discovering a) that Peep flavored Oreos exist, and b) discovering that she kind of likes them, which is all kinds of wrong.

She's been content to let Elinor translate— more than content. As long as her head remains a nice, quiet place. "You've got the patience of a god damn saint, Elinor," she says. "I think the third time I heard the story I'd just explode. Funny the first time, but three times, more than enough. More than ten? Something is getting punched. Though I guess punching is not that effective when it comes to ghosts."


Sitting on the floor, knees drawn up, arms wrapped about them, Darkedge listened to the story about tuxedos in silence. He had no idea what she was talking about, but the ladies seemed amused by the story so he was content to listen. And now to muse over how the unparted soul forgets. His lips purse faintly, head tilting.

The soul forgets, then? he asks now, opening his muses up to Elinor alone and allowing her to speak his words to Jess. She seemed agreeable to the arrangement.


"Honestly he doesn't realize how many times he's told me the story, he lives in a loop and at his age it's really hard to pull him out of it." Elinor says, before she looks to Darkedge. "Forgetting is probably the right word for it, I don't think he has the ability to retain new information. Which is fine, it gives that place character, it's like a well fitting chaise in a well staged home." Looking to the others she sets down her tea cup and smirks. "Okay, that's enough sharing from me, either someone choose a topic or we're just going to have to start braiding each other's hair like a proper sleep over."


"Nobody touches my hair," Jessica mock growls dryly. "But. What brings you this way Darkedge? You know you can just use the door? I recognize it's a bit outre, it's not trendy, everyone likes to do it differently but seriously, the door is great. It has a little turny thing that you can use to just walk right in."

The sarcasm is friendly, at least, but dry…Darkedge just appearing in the shadows of her hallway had produced exasperation after the initial startlement was done.

But really, Elinor is one of a mere handful of visitors that has either just used the door, or has not felt the need to go 'oh, that's locked? Let me just unlock that for you and wait.'

She turns to look at the elf expectantly, saying, "Not that you're not welcome to visit, but I don't have any new information for you."


A silver brow quirks at Elinor's explanation of the lingering soul telling stories to her. None of the things she uses to so wonderful explain the ghost are things Darkedge is familiar with. She, he leaves the topic as it is, though there's a faint relaxation of the tension around his mouth at mention of braiding hair. He likes his hair played with. What? He might even have commented something to that affect, but Jess has asked him a question, directly, and so it is to her that he turns to speak.

"Thing for you," he says aloud, uncurling to slowly and obviously reach for a pocket. I was given something for Jess, from Agent May. he adds mentally to Elinor in hopes she'll speak the details his verbal words lack.

"Given of Agent May. Is for you, make contact. Help with Liquid Dark." She has offered her aid in ensuring this threat Jess mentioned does not reach further into this realm, in fact to push it back, so as to keep it from Avalon proper.

The business card, with just a phone number, is offered out with his left hand. The sleeve is pulled up in the motion, revealing a cuff bracelet t here to match the one on his right.

"No new report, have weapons." Nor do I have new information for Jess, though I do have my full armament now, should my blades be needed in the defense of you or any aiding you in your endevour.


Elinor easily relays the words that Darkedge is sending her mentally. Though he seems to be doing quite well speaking. "Very well, I wont' touch your hair. Besides I left all my frilly ribbons back in my apartment." She replies with a smirk, finally learning just how dry and sarcastic Jessica can be. She watches the exchange of the business card with some interest, but she doesn't question it. Somethings just aren't her business.


"You shouldn't just leave them in your apartment, you should burn those," Jessica tells Elinor, though the faintest hint of a smirk is playing about her lips. She appreciates anyone who can take her sarcasm, deliver it back to her, and keep the banter going rather than feeling offended by it.

She pays attention to both sets of words. She takes Agent May's card with the faintest of frowns, tap tapping her finger along the edge of it. She likes SHIELD, but she knows not everyone in her circle trusts them.

Constantine in particular might not be best pleased to know that his information has spread to those quarters, especially to some agent neither of them knew. She'd already planned on explaining her encounter with the elf and her reasons for trying to make the alliance she had, but now she'd have to admit to these unintended consequences as well. On the other hand, if it's really so big, might they not need every ally they can get?

"Agent May probably really vastly overestimates the amount of shit I know," is what she says out loud. "But I'll hold on to it." It's not like May can't just walk down to Dr. Gardner's office and camp outside of Jessica's regular monthly appointments, or track her down any of other ways. She stands up to tuck the card into a business card holder.

"This is that stuff Constantine already told you about," Jess adds to Elinor.

"As for your blades, great. I'll make sure the right people know." She sure as Hell isn't taking point on ending a vast array of mystical bullshit. At best she's a sidekick in this fight, though apparently one with a knack for occasionally throwing the right people into contact with each other.


Darkedge nods to this, a shoulder shrugging lightly.

"Agent May…" He pauses, searching for the words. Those failing him, he turns to Elinor, head tilting and eyes glittering as he presses the thoughts he has of the SHIELD Agent to her for translation.

She is a formidable warrior, honor and efficient. A worthy adversary. For the moment, I am pleased to call her associate, the elf sends to Elinor alone, the thoughts carrying that heavy weight of something like an assassin's code of honor for a rival killer.


Elinor relays Dark's feelings about Agent May with a smirk before she shakes her head. "I would but I hear they give off toxic fumes and I would hate for that to seep through the walls and poison our neighbors." Elinor says this in the same dry tone, and when the blades are brought up, she nods her head. "I've seen them, they're rather impressive. Not that they're my style, mind you but they were impressive." When Jess brings up Constantine she slowly nods her head. "Yes I do recall him giving me a vague warning about something. I haven't heard anything about it however, but I've got my ears open." And the ears of the dead as well.

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