Welcome Home, Welcome to Belle Reve

March 13, 2017:

Bane, Taskmaster, Ravager and Agent Danvers all get to visit their new home away from home.


NPCs: Amanda Waller, Bonnie, Briscoe

Mentions: Deathstroke, Batman, Nightwing


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Fade In…

East End Suburbs - Gotham - Random House

Rose stumbles out with her armor in her fist, a robe clutched to her chest, the inlay stained in blood, but not anyone elses but her own. She spoke her peace, and got the fuck out of there. Nightwing tried.
Give him a goddamn Banana sticker, but her trust in heroes took a plummet just like her soul has, or her entire being. Now she trusts no one. Good guys or Bad-Dads. She did this to herself but it doesn't mean she has to accept shit. And she won't.

Bare feet drag-walk down the street, that white hair of shorn and varying lengths stuck to her face in areas, IV holes open but left in one hand to be wrapped in the robes depths.
Can you save my heavydirtysoul?


A person on the street talking on the street suddenly no longer has a phone as she snares it from him and ends his call, starting another.

"What the hell, bitch??"
Heavy boots and attire held in one hand swing at his face and leave him on the ground next to a tooth while she dials.
"Come get me. So over this…" And in a sudden pivot the phone is thrown and shattered.

The nearby hobo watching shrinks back with his paper-bag wrapped bottle Rose takes, knocks back, dumps a bit on the remnants and lights it up with the bic in her tac-belt after it gets fished out feebly with a lot of flailing and cussing.

Thirty Minutes After Ravager's Call

A parking lot very close to where Ravager is waiting is hit with the touchdown of a stealth helicopter, a signature vehicle of the Suicide Squad, a vehicle called the Sheba. The side window pops open to reveal Taskmaster's skull, that perpetual grin motioning Rose over. They'll wait the time it takes her to reach the vehicle and make her do the whole walk, injuries and all.

"We waited and this is going to cost you." All the mercenary says while Rose gets in and settles.

Hours Later*
Belle Reve Federal Prison, Louisiana

A grey slab in the middle of a swamp, built upon a plantation grounds. A rounded helicopter pad extends out away from the main grounds of the prison.

The Sheba is ferrying in Taskmaster and Ravager.

The SS-1 from a private airstrip out of New York is bringing in Alex Danvers and Bane. Unlikely they have any form of interaction with one another on separate sides of the very large carrier ship. Bane is treated more like cargo than an actual crewmember.

The SS-1 used to have a personal very large airstrip it used to land or take off from, no longer a requirement, VTOL adjustments allow it an easier access option. It is still a heavy, clunky and large vessel though. Not meant for stealth like the Sheba.

Amanda Waller awaits just outside the new (much more compact) landing strip and helicopter pad. A service car parked behind her and a man at the wheel of it. It is dark. The light of the airstrip the only thing allowing any form of visibility. Bane is actually released from the back of the SS-1 where as Alex gets to exit with the crew.

Bane is sitting on a bench emerging from the side of the cargo hauler, his elbows resting on his knees as he lurks forward with his broad body, not the least bit offended at his treatment. He merely files it into his mind, that he may have to consider his team expendable in some form or another, later in his career with this government force of traitors. If he is cargo, then he is potentially expendable. And Bane, he no longer understands sacrifice. Only puzzles to be worked through, as if he is in an obstacle course made of automatons with gradiated behavior to predict or react to. In his head, he performs mental arithmatic, to keep his neural circuits stable while he waits, instead of letting his thoughts wander. He plans and predicts and backstitches, all as part of exercises to counteract the effects of Venom on his mind. Prison taught him to do this naturally.

After the plane lands, Bane slowly trundles out the back, the weather pleasing him, although in the late winter, it is nothing compared to the equator of his home brood. His boots slowly move across the ground as he turns about and walks towards Amanda Waller, before she shouts. He comes to a halt, allowing his body to stand neutral, without any such urge to make a posture or pose, that one would make if he was socially connected to anything but his self. Only necessity would force this, not inherent custom of being a social mammal.

Alex stays up pretty close to the cockpit. And she sits in power armour with a rather sizeable gun in her lap. They tell her Bane is her latest (and first) 'ferry' to Belle Reve. Which means, she knows, he's her newest 'team mate', too. And she's read his file. She's beginning to wonder if she made the right decision, accepting Waller's offer.

But, there's no going back, now. So, when the plane lands, she accompanies the brute to the director. "Home sweet home?" Alex quips back to the director, a hint of sarcasm showing. She doubts the woman will mind, particularly. And if she does? Well… Yeah, that's not gonna make Alex change her attitude.

"Fuck your cost."

That fluffy robe is clutched to her, as well as her things she picked up scattered across the sidewalk in a slow-and-steady motion while the craft waited. The mans tooth kicked into a gutter. "No one will save you."

Climbing aboard Rose moves to the back of the flightcraft and checks herself over, asks for a wet-wipe… And cleans herself up while she gets herself together. Meaning:
Suit is zipped, posture is (slightly) righted due to the reinforcement of her armor and scale maille lining. At her back the swords are sheathed in a cross pattern, at the small of her back just above the tac belt that holster bearing the Ciappa Rhinos rest angled vertical while large blades are horizontal.

A pause and she leans against the metal of the aircraft, the half-mask held in her hand eyed in a look of ode while that blood stained hair of alabaster veils her face.

… Stepping from the aircraft a patch is over her left eye and the Phantomesque half is left upon the seat cracked, shattered beneath a boot print. But when she slowly emerges, her posture wrought by a force of will lightly drops.

"I did not leave one prison to come to another." A hand braces on the aircraft and suddenly that mechanized rigging reacts to a pinky-flick, tendrils of metal conduits and mechanisms reaching for weaponry.

Ravager's ride was one she is likely to have had a lot of time to think to herself or sleep on. Taskmaster and the man with the slicked black hair and mustache can't hear her. Nor do they bother speaking. It's a rough, helicopter trip with lots of swaying and noise. Even as a stealth chopper the noise inside is still high.
"Unfortunately the moment you made that phone call, you made that choise, Rosey." Taskmaster taunts as he hops free of the Sheba making his way towards Alex, Bane and Amanda Waller.
Briscoe gives Ravager a polite nod but doesn't follow, he remains with the helicopter, he always does. He is as attached to it as most people are their own children.

There is a pause, a momentary stillness as Amanda Waller pits herself in front of Bane's towering form only to stare up at him. The downpour of rain pelting around them steadily. "The Man who Broke the Bat. You're going to work out just perfectly." She peels her eyes away from Bane to stare at Alex, "Agent Danvers. They say home is a place you miss, trust me, you won't miss it here."
"Taskmaster, get your ass over here with the rest of us, bring baby Deathstroke too. It's time we start making magic happen." Waller adds in towards the other group, it is happening. The Squad is forming. Waller can't help but be just a little pleased with herself. She can only imagine there is a devilish gleam in her eyes.

"I make it my practice to work for honorable causes." Bane states this, as rain pours down over his bare shoulders, dripping down over his arms and pebbling over the tubes on the left side of his arm, rising to the braced backpack beneath his head, where the tube feeds into his skull. "The Bat required redemption," he finishes, with a canine growl to his voice, showing the real emotion he typically lacks unless he's in the process of manuevers against some foreign body that he needs to overcome. Luckily, he has his luchador mask, to shield the tiny emotes on his face that would indicate this business, although the CIA probably already knows his relationship with Venom and people like Waller. Perhaps, were she to listen intuitively enough, he could sense how much Bane hates her, without showing it with his posture or intent.

Based on the brief briefing she got (in the coffee shop), Alex is just going to assume that pretty much all of Bane's ilk are gonna hate all of them. It'll likely keep her alive longer. And, for the moment, she's all about staying alive. (Enough of these missions might change her mind.) She glances to all gathered around and slowly realizes that she's probably going to have to scrap harder, now, than she's ever had to scrap in her life. Waller's looking almost manic.

Yeah, this mighta been the wrong choice.

Well, bed's made, now. Might as well get on with it.

She keeps her mouth shut for now, but starts noting details and looking for weaknesses. Not, mind, that there are a whole lot on display.

Ravager sniffs, through one nostril, a look of that singular azure gaze toward Bane and Waller.

he fall of rain is a *nice touch to the ambiance as all things unfold. Ravager is ready to lash out, but the name of 'baby Deathstroke'…. somehow deflates her. The reach of mechanisms retracted with a curl of finger and a pulse beat. All hard-wired to signals and rhythms.

"Get…off'a him.." Taskmaster does not have to bring in Ravager, she is pushing from her repose alone, and more then willing to challenge the woman she is nearly eye-to-eye with. For Bane or Taskmaster? Unknown, but as she walks steadily past Danver's she flicks her gaze her way, a light glow coming from around the patch.

"He says there's a charge," An accusing point to Taskmaster.

"And you just tell… nothing. Tell something, because this place? Not on my bucket-list."

Uncle Tasky her ass.

"The Bat requires many things and redemption is just part of the shortlist." Turning on a heel she starts to walk towards the stony sentinel that is Belle Reve. "Try not to confuse too much of what we do here with honor." Waller warns. "Not having second thoughts are you, Agent Danvers? This is the point of no return."

"Careful, Rosie, shes a cold one." Taskmaster coos towards Ravager as she fires up towards Waller.

"Kid, you're in the best place you can be right now. I advise you suck it up and wait until it's your turn to speak." Amanda Waller cuts in on Rose, her hands coming down to place on her hips. A woman with a blond bob is running across the yard from the Belle Reve behind them. Racing to put an umbrella over Waller's head as they stand there in the open weather.

"Danvers, take charge. Introductions, now. We get that out of the way and we'll step on inside." Testing? Likely. It's what the Wall does. She pushes and pushes until she gets some yield.

Bane produces a quiet chuff, as if he is a bull, at Amanda's statement, indicating a quiet, but respectful disagreement. If it wasn't for his life, there would be pity in it, but there is merely a lack of judgement. "My name is Bane. I specialize in analytical and melee tactics, both for groups and for individuals, and in close quarters wrestling for military purposes. I have access to a government developed steroid, Venom, of which I am the first successful test subject. I was raised in Pena Dura, a prison, after my mother was incarcerated by government forces. I survived, and it made me hard. I am here for personal reasons. The challenge shall suffice until I am paid my reward." He falls silent.

Introductions? Alex glances over at Waller and then puts on her best pokerface and steps forward. (For the record, her best pokerface isn't anywhere near as good as Waller's. But, it's still not bad.)

"I'm Agent Danvers," Alex says, shouldering her gun. "I'm your mission commander." She considered saying she's the one holding the leash, but she suspects that's just not true. "Mrs. Waller is our director and, in case you hadn't figured it out, owns this team." She looks at each of them, trying not to wince. "And we will be a team." Somehow. God only knows how. And she's not telling. Alex read the files, though. "Taskmaster's the one with the skull on his face, and you," she looks at Ravager, "you're Rose Wilson — Deathstroke's kid. They call you Ravager, for…" a glance at the woman's conditions, "obvious reasons." She's rather hoping the other guy got the worst of it, or they could be in trouble. "If any of you have something to say, now's the moment. 'Cause once we hit that door, all objections get left on the outside."

Including her own.

Ravager does not know who got the "worst of it".

I just wanna' break this crown,
but it's hard when I'm so run down…

"Who isn't anymore?" Ravager retots towards Taskmaster, those fingers curling into fistsm and where swords should be drawn there is nothing. Just fists.

Danvers' observations brought the stillness, the smarts, or maybe it is what lies beneath the suit abd bleeds-out.

The singular gaze skips from Bane, to Task, and to Danver's. The bionic eye palmed is with-held and tucked away. Bad feelings…

Never, never…

Ravager steps forward and then stops… Rain beading over that mismatched gaze as she looks upon prison walls.

Pacify all the hate inside..

"What. The. F—-" A glare towards Task… and then them all as she slowly walks forward.
"Yep, I am the Taskmaster. I'm the guy with the moves." He informs Alex, the skull-stylized mask glossy with the wet, grinning. It is always grinning. "All. The. Moves." He teases then begins to look sidelong at Bane, "Probably not necessary, they got a files on all of us but I'm here because I'm owed something only Waller can get and I like cash. I'm a volunteer."

"Currently all of you are." Waller corrects, "Maybe." She looks pointedly at Rose. "You'll get a new piece of jewelry when you're not a volunteer." The word /when/ has added emphasis. "Test me, Rose Wilson-Worth. Test me. Trust me when I said you're in the best possible place you could be right now. Keep it that way. Bonnie here, my assistant." She motions towards the blond holding the umbrella, "She will get you all rooms, dry clothes and food. Then we proceed with instructions."
Amanda Waller turns as the prison doors open, stopping partway through them, "Welcome to the Suicide Squad."

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