My Own Prison

March 12, 2017:

Ravager wakes to Nightwing after:

Secret Clinic -- Gotham City - Gotham

A secret clinic in a house in Gotham's East End 'burbs.


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Fade In…

When Rose finally wakes up it almost eight hours after the attack. The analgesic in the IV attached to her arm should have kept her sleeping, but her accelerated metabolism beat it. Which means she has also beaten the painkillers and everything hurts. Broken ribs, burned skin, burned hair, shrapnel from her own grenade. Her chest is expertly bandaged, and she has fresh suture in half a dozen areas of her body. And her bionic eye is still turned off.

The room she is in is small and old. The bed is not hospital standard. The window is high on the wall and small, but it doesn't look like a prison window. The remains of her uniform are left, blooding and torn, on a chair in a corner. The door out looks like cheap wood and is not completely closed.

But when Ravager wakes she is gasping and clawing at her chest, at her arms, at anything!

The IV feed is ripped free of her arm despite the blood-pool it causes and the whole set-up is thrust against a wall with a sudden motion!

Ravager can move beyond the pain and when she first emerges she is looking to that window, leaping for it….!

But the pain stops her short to grip the ledge and harshly smack against the wall while nails embed and the surface ruptures only to puncture cuticle and cause red beneath nail bed as she grips her side and ~slides~ downward to the floor of the room, a swift outburst and the empty chair in the corner meets a brutal (yet crippled) end.

That was noisy. It takes Nightwing about five second to reach the door and… just stare. "Well. Damn." He grabs a robe from behind the door and goes to help Rose stand, and cover herself a bit. "You woke up too early. You…" he tries to make her sit down on the bed. "You need a few days to recover, girl. Most of your ribs are cracked and a couple of them are broken. Your bruises have bruises and burns, and some cuts. You are safe here, okay?"

Big. Mistake.

If Nightwing left that door open in his race while Ravager kicked off the last leg of the 'visitors chair' while seated on the floor…

One dead-white eye shifts with that of the arctic blue his way, a shaken hand placing solidly upon the floor of the room beside her form. His attempt at kindness is just as quickly shut off and shut down, a slap away of the robe-in-hand with a cusped and martial artistic slam of her palm from thumb to pointer in attempt to slam his nerve upon wrist and make it go numb.

"Where's my **shit?!?*"
"Whay am I here?"

"I am not safe!" Her wards are cracking in the high-pitch of voice as the bed is suddenly mounted and then with her body rocking back to brace against the wall she kicks it at Nightwing and breaks for the door!

Nightwing honestly didn't expect so much hostility, "this is one of our hideouts and… hey," he pulls back his hand, wincing. Her shit. Uh, uh. The uniform gets a glance, but they didn't even recover her weapons. "We got you here to heal, the police…"

This time he was more wary. He jumps over the bed and slams the door close. "Listen for five minutes, damnit."

The one solid eye of Ravager's that was hers is hazed over, a part and parcel of breathing through the pain, and the panic that comes with a wild animal waking in sudden captivity when a feeder becomes and enemy.

A betrayal of beliefs and she if facing just that, despite the irony of it all.

The door slams and her leap for it instead, smacks it in a resounding impact of force just before she spins on Nightwing and watches his gaze, following it to her uniform….
Did they even come for her??

Ravager's back is pressed against the door, fingers groping at the oenings for a way out while she slowly sinks down to lower into a crouch on the floor, looking between bent knees and just staring intently, but not at Nightwing. "Fuck you." Last words heard,
Last repeated.

Nightwing slides down to the floor too, taking a seat a few feet from Rose. "You got in a fight, do you remember? Spoiler and Flash. We… don't know what happened yet. But Batgirl and I found you badly injured. And I didn't want to leave you for the police. Fortunately you don't really need surgery or a hospital. Still, a normal woman would need at least six weeks of rest to fully recover. Here you have food and medical supplies for a month."

((To be continued..))

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