Darkedge Wants His Knife Back

March 12, 2017:

Darkedge infiltrates the SHIELD HQ to attempt to peacefully retrieve his missing weapon.


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Lara Croft was the last one left in the WAND office block. She had a cubicle on on eof the corners where she had a computer at a small desk, a laptop next to that computer and a collection of books stacked up around them both. She was pacing, back and forth while speaking into her smart phone.

"By all accounts, these Dropa stones, shouldn't exist." She said aloud, possibly speaking to someone on the phone or just recording her voice. "Yet here I stand, presumably holding one…" Lara's eyes went down to her other hand and she looked at the small jade disc with a wild grid pattern on its surface.

"With my own eyes, I saw it— and its bretheren, light up like bulbs when they came close to one another." She clutched her hands around the stone disc and started walking again. "All of my research says that no one has every truly found one of these, let alone… six of them."

The office was mostly dark, save for the light over her desk that was casting down a soft white light.

Darkedge had been tracking his knife since it was taken. He knew the exterior of the building perfectly. He knew how close he could get before there was too much light. He knew the discrete guards stood. He knew when they changed places. He did not know the interior, but he knew lights through the windows were common and too bright.

Tonight, that was not the case.

That one corner office. He watched the light dim, watched as the owner's face became visible. He knew that agent. So… time to step.

And into the office the dark elf appears. He's in a corner, shrouded in shadow.

'Lara…' he sends softly, mind offering thoughts just to the human he's met before.

Lara's phone spoke back to her, a man's voice. He sounded tired, but interested in what the woman was saying. "Yes, I have it right here." Lara responded to him, moving toward her desk. She retrieved a book from it and lifted it up. "Its titled 'Sun Gods in Exile'." She turned the book over to look at its back cover.

"The author later came out to say that it is one hundred percent fiction, Lewis." Lara said further into her phone, a moment later the man spoke back to her, asking if she believed that. It took Croft a moment to think about it. "I don't know now." She said finally.

They said their goodbyes then, the man said he'd call her in the morning. She nodded a few times, sat her phone down with the book in-question and then turned right as she heard Darkedge's mental call of her name.

Lara's body stiffened and she drew backward when she saw him standing there in the dark. "Jesus…" Lara gasped. "Darkedge!" She continued then, her right hand going up to her forehead. "You need to learn to use a phone, or e-mail!" She didn't seem, quet yet, concerned about him being in the SHIELD-building.

Seems that for the motion, Darkedge managed to find a place SHIELD couldn't detect him, but without knowing more abut the layout of the building's interior he was unwilling to move any further.

I would need to know what those two items are, retorts the Darkelf, amost managing to share a sense of amusement at her surprise at seeing him.

There was another's voice here. Are you not alone?

Lara look down at her phone and then back up at him. She seemed mildly confused by his question… and pointed at said phone on her desk. "Its a telephone, Darkedge." She told him dryly. "Surely you've seen them around the city. Most people have trouble prying their faces away from the screens." Another short pause and she decided to elaborate if he needed it. "They allow us to talk to others, even if they're… say… on the other side of the world."

Lara then looked to the small jade disc that she held and she lifted it up and showed it to him. "This is just an investigation that I'm working on, with a… friend. It is simply a stone carving. At least, thats what we're supposed to believe." She showed a faint smile.

Lara's head would then tilt to the left some as she looked at him. "What are you doing here? Have you come for a meeting?"

Darkedge tries to look at the phone on the desk, but the overhead light pools too much light on the area and he pulls his gaze back to Lara's shadowed face without acknowledging the phone thing again. Instead, he looks at the jade disc, head tilting faintly.

I am attempting to locate a safe manner by which to procure my blade, Darkedge replies with complete nad utter honesty of his purpose. What manner of stone is it?

The jade disc was turned over in her fingers, doing a full circle for Darkedge's peering eyes. "Its a very old relic from China. We're having trouble dating just how old it is, infact." A heavy exhale was had then. "So I am in the process of contacting others who may be able to help with that."

Lara would then laying the disc down ontop of the books on her cubicle's desk and she'd fold her arms over her stomach and look at the elf man. "I can't issue your knife back to you." She told him. "You have to acquire it with permission provided by Agent Melinda May. So you'll have to schedule an appointment to meet with her." Lara admittedly wasn't entirely sure where the knife was, if it was here in the offices somewhere… or still in Barry's lab, or maybe locked up in an evidence room somewhere.

A wordless wave of acknowledgement ripples from Darkedge's mind, offered for lara's mind t oaccept and take. he does not track the motion of the jade to the books. That part of the room still too bright for his eyes.

I have met her, Darkedge reminds Lara, not understanding the words schedule or appointment, but understanding that she can not return the knife, but May could.

Can you grant me audience? Because that's how medieval folk schedule appointments.
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Lara stood there with her arms crossed over her stomach, she was wearing a dark grey henly shirt that was tucked into a pair of black jeans, cinched by a black belt with the sleeves of her shirt pushed to her elbows. She released a slight huff of a nosie at his question, mildly amused by this.

"I…" Lara drew in a deep breath then and she shook her head side to side. "I can schedule an appointment for you, if you'd like… But I'd need a way to contact you, to tell -you- when that appointment would be." Lara glanced toward the exterior windows that showed the sun had already gone down. "It would likely be during the day time hours, unless May was willing to break regulations and meet with you at night… which she might, since you're somewhat of a special case." She looked back to Darkedge then and smiled faintly at him.

'Schedule an appointment' means 'arrange an audience'. Good to know.

I will wait here while you make the arrangements, and will ensure I remain on this realm to count the dark times until then, Darkedge offers what to him is a perfectly reasonable compromise. It's not that he's tryign to be unfindable, except that in a tiny bit he is. it's mus tmore that humans can't send, so he can not be summoned.

Lara smirked at his response. She then glanced at her computer screen and motioned toward it, though it was bright so it might not be something he'd look at for very long.

"I can shoot her an e-mail." The archaeologist said. "I can't promise she'll respond to it immediately though as I do not know where she is, or what she is doing. She might be pre-occupied."

The woman would then turn her swivel chair around and sit down upon it, she'd scoot herself up to the PC with her back straight and she'd start clattering away on the keys. "You really shouldn't sneak in here either. You are liable to get yourself far further into hot water, if someone… less pleasant than I… were to catch you inside unauthorized areas."

In the WAND area of SHIELD. Dark-forty-five in the evening.

Darkedge stands in a far of the cubicle like office space of the research division of WAND while Lara is at her desk. Darkedge had appeared less than five minutes ago, teleporting in silently and without warning.

The coputer screen Lara motions Darkedge to look at isn't looked at. As she guessed, it is far too bright a thing.

Do as you must. I have some time yet before Sun Comes Up and I must away, replies the dark elf of Lara's comment about e-mailing. He doesn't knwo what email is, but she Lara thinks that by sending it May would answer. He is willing to accept this.

I immediately greeted you, is the not-quite-defensive retort. How could he be accused of sneakign when he called attention to him self the moment he stepped into the room? Not to mention…

Why would this force me into a hot spring? asks the confused elf who smells of leather, the city of New York in general, and the deepest depths of the earth where crystal gemstones are found.

Agent May, our sensors have detected an intruder in the WAND corridor, Croft's office.

"I'm on my way." Agent May looks at Logan and tilts her head toward the door, a silent cue to join her in whatever she was just radioed about. Of course, this means they're leaving her office and her computer behind, where the email would ping for attention to a now empty room, half-finished reports and half-eaten Thai left behind.

It takes less then five minutes for both of them to get to the door leading to Croft's desk, and May silently gestures to Logan for them to split up and approach from different sides of the room. And behind them, a full tac-team stands ready. After the events of the past year with intruders, SHIELD no longer takes this kind of thing lightly. At all.
With only one door in or out of the room, Logan could have gone in through the other side of the door. But sometimes the direct approach was useful. Except that this was a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, and then, all thoughts of making his own entrance went out the window. As tough as he was, he probably wasn't going to break through a wall designed to be able to withstand the Hulk or a similarly powered threat. So, he lined up on the other side of the door, his body against the wall. He communicated with May through signs, suggesting that he go in first. He did have the healing factor, after all.

May nods her approval to Logan.

< May: Darkedge is in the WAND offices. He just appeared out of the dark. He's wishing to retrieve his dagger. I told him I'd need to schedule an appointment with you. Please respond ASAP if you see this shortly after its arrival. — Lara >

Lara sent the email rather quickly, since she'd grown up with computers she was an estremely swift typist and skilled multi-tasker on a PC. She started to save-up some of her work on the Dropa-stones as well, since she had a feeling she'd have to come back to it all tomorrow morning…

… but his comment about hot springs made her look back to him with pause. She showed a distant smile then. "We really need to get you a refresher course on commonly used phrases. But I guess something like that just comes over time."

The archaeologist was unaware of May and Logan being outside the offices, she stood up from her desk and put her hands on her hips. "E-Mail sent, if she responds, it should ding soon…"

I shall wait, is all Darkedge sends to Lara in reply. He will not comment about commonly used phrases. She didn't answer what she meant about hot springs after all. Silent, the elf peers at the odd artifacts of human work. He's seen similar in other buildings. Chairs with small round things, and other odd things, some potential lethal. He steps from the corner, not aware of things like motion detectors or sensors or IR anythings or even video cameras. He does, however, remain in the shadows, using them for cover and protection for himself as much as for his eyesight. Soemone's demotivational calender, hanging on a cubicle, earns his attention. He can't read it, but the colorful picture of a rainbow colored cupcake, a single vibrant flamed lit match holding his focus for several long seconds.

Reaching out to turn the knob, slowly, Wolverine unlocks the door, and opens it ajar. He didn't know what was going on in there. Again, S.H.I.E.L.D. had designed the place to be insulated against sounds, scents, it was annoyingly sterile, but, then this was a place that dealt with Anthrax and other things on a daily basis, so, it made sense for the preparation. With the door ajar, he rapidly opened it and rushed in, claws popping out in a snikting fashion as he made himself a bigger target, to protect Melinda's presumable entrance after him, and looked around for something to ideally attack. Was it all a hoax? It's not like it would be the first time.

The moment Logan has stepped through the door, May ducks through behind him and around the side of the room to flank the intruder as much as possible in cubicle-land. She's got her ICER pistol in hand, and she trusts Logan to not completely shred whoever is in here. Not immediately, anyway.

The now open door casts a wide swath of VERY bright fluorescent light into the room from the hallway.

Lara was standing beside her cubicle with the others rushed in, and she should've expected it… but hadn't. She wasn't a former military-anything, she was just a young woman who'd garnered a lot of wild skills in a very short amount of life.

When they rushed in, however, Lara's hands went up into the air and palms out. "Woah woah!" She said to Logan first, then over to Melinda. (Boy, Melinda read E-mails and responded to them FAST).

"Its okay, its okay!" She said, though she probably couldn't get too many words out before Darkedge would likely have his own response to all of this.

The door know turned slowly. Drakedge didn't hear it, but thre was that sudden sense of something not being right. The elf moves from the desk he was looking at, trying to ascertain where it was coming from. The thin line of light that shifted as the door cracked ajar had the elf moving.

he didn't know what to expect, but this was a den of vipers. Or so he believed. Lara was, at current, the only way he had to contact this May whom he needed to speak to. Thus, whatever threat that feeling of danger and the tiny line of shifting light heralded, Darkedge had to ensure Lara was protected.

Two steps and Darkedge teleported so that Lara was at his back. In his right hand was a fightin knife, nearly a foot long blade, made of pure diamond. It caught the light from Lara's desk lamp, refracting small rainbows onto the floor at his feet. In his left hand, a fan of four throwing knives. Each are a different gemstone: ruby, tourmaline, topaz, jade.

And then there's light. A blinding wash of white. Darkedge winces, face sneering at the pain washing over him as his sight is overwhelmed. His eyes close, body defenseive and ready. He heard the sounds of metal (hated metal!). He could almost smell it. And toward the sound and the 'smell' Darkedge throws his missile weapons as his mind presses against Lara's alone.

Run. Hide. The mental press is wrought with a single clear emotion: Protect from Her from Harm, Needed. Daggers thrown, Darkedge is listening for the sound of Lara running, hoping she moves quickly so he can gt out of the light and back into the darkness. Even with his eyes closed tightly, the flourescent from the hallway outside was too much. Tears trickled out of the corners and down his cheeks. Already his eyes began to burn, the edges of his 'vision' going red.

As Logan was deliberately trying to make himself a large enough target for Melinda to sneak into the room without being noticed, he does get hit by the missile weapons. Fortunately, said missiles were more like throwing daggers and shuriken than actual explosives. He gets cut, but the ones that don't drop off after slicing him, are simply pulled out, and dropped on the floor. He winces at each hit, but only snarls afterwards, especially in light of Lara telling him not to attack. "You sure about that, Croft?" He's willing to accept it as an overreaction, especially if Mel hasn't gotten hit. He deliberately doesn't glance in her direction, as he doesn't want to call attention to her. She'd be far more effective as a surprise.

In the time that it took Lara to start warning them to not attack, Darkedge throwing his knives, and Logan responding, May has made it around the center stand of cubicles and is now at Darkedge's back. And of course, NOW she recognizes the elf, and immediately drops her combat stance and her ICER. "Logan, stand down and close the door. Darkedge, please refrain from throwing any more knives at people inside this building."

Lara's eyes went wide when she saw the knives get thrown at Logan. She still didn't fully understand the extent of his mutations. But when her words managed to, somehow, get them to stop from ripping one another apart… she sighed heavily and sharply.

Lara would look from face to face before settling on Melinda. "He came for his knife." She said to May as she walked toward Logan, her hands up and moving carefully but with great care. She went to inspect Logan's wounds. "I sent you an email just now, May." She said, now looking to Logan. "Are you okay?" She asked. "Darkedge moved to protect me, you can see that. Thats all he was doing. He doesn't understand our world's rules very well."

She didn't run? Stupid human! She was needed! Darkedge stepped back once, ready to defend against the person snarling. He waits, shifting as Lara moves out from behind him, calling for the attack to stop, explaining what he had done and why he was here. The diamond blade retreats back up his sleeve, out of sight. He lifts his left hand to his eyes, further shielding his sight from the harsh lights until they can be turned off. May asked he refrain from throwing knives. He can still stab if he needs to, but for now he's put his weapons away and stays silent.

Wolverine eyes up Darkedge, but when the blades retract, he does the same with his own claws, sheathing them back in his forearms. His knuckles are left a little bloody, but he wasn't about to rub the blood against his skin in this company. So, he'll just let it dry where it is. He will, however, backup to towards the door, never taking his eyes off of Darkedge, and close it.

Giving Logan a look to make sure he's okay (she knows she's going to owe him some liquor after this), May stays where she is until the door is closed and the light levels in the room have dropped to something likely less painful for the elf. "Darkedge, I thought I made it clear that just showing up in this building would not end well for you." She also gives Lara a look, silently making sure the young woman is also unharmed. Though, considering it looked like the elf was trying to protect her (however misguided that impulse was), she expects Croft to be unhurt.

The relief from the sudden lack of light is obvious in how Darkedge exhales, shoulders relaxing. He rubs his eyes, pushing away the stinging tears, before trying to rest his gaze on May. In the low light, she might see how red his eyes are.

This was the darkest place I could locate as close to the outer walls as I could manage. I have not be able to locate you outside at night, and needed to speak with you. As soon as I arrived, I alerted Lara to my presence so as not to raise an alarm, the elf replies succintly, mind opening to all those in the room. As the thoughts unfold for each to hear, the sensation that it's occurring to him to be wary of the fact that he said she would sumon May, and May arrived with a warrior.

Lara watched Logan walk off to close that door and she assumed that he was indeed okay, so she turned and went back toward Darkedge, with her eyes on May. She heard both of their words and gently nodded to them. "He alerted me to his presence. It still startled me, but… thats simply because it was unexpected." She glanced at the dark elf and then back to her Superior. "Had he any malicious intent though, he certainly could've acted upon it."

She exhaled sharply then and shook her head side to side. "I've had the pleasure of spending more time with both he and his counterpart, Vanja. They are good people. They are just… in need of understanding our our world works better. A lack of knowing our customs is what has lead to all of this misunderstandings."

Logan listens to Lara, but furrows his brow a bit. He was already healing nicely, and if a doctor were to examine him, they'd probably asky he needed to be examined. The man was in pristine health. "Yeah, well… I'm willing to let bygones be bygones. And," looking to Lara now, "I'm fine." He adds. Why does he always have to be the one who gets shot, or cut, or blown up? It's just his lot in life. Things were so much simpler, back when he was a lumberjack.

"Your arrival set off the building's wards against unauthorized entry, Darkedge. That's why I arrived with Logan. I had no way of knowing it was you, and I suspect that Croft's message will be waiting for me when I return to my office." Yes, May is using terminology she suspects that Darkedge will understand more readily than 'infrared motion detectors and active badge trackers'.

Speaking of the alarms, she puts one hand to her ear and says quietly, "Tac team, stand down. Ops, false alarm. Visitor was unaware of correct arrival protocols. Also, have someone bring me evidence item CP-twelve twenty three." She returns her attention to the others.

And this is why Darkedge has respect for the elder Agent. It's not trust, per say, but it's getting there.

With the explanation making sense, the dark elf nods, the wariness of Croft's actions fading as well. He blinks again, trying to clear his eyes of the light-burns, and he keeps his back to the light source on Lara's desk.

I am willing to discuss a method to approach your keep in a manner that is respectful, appropriate, and less painful to all parties involved, replies the Darkelf, noting Logan's wounds healing and assuming the human is … a healer? Very odd. Now, he has to collect four throwing daggers AND his fighting knife. Patience.

The young archaeologist was just happy that the WAND offices weren't be shredded right now amidst the center of a horrible fight between very capable fighters.

She stood beside Darkedge as May began to address him, her arms crossed over her stomach, rumpling the fabric of her grey henley top. She'd listened to them both and then looked to Logan, noticing his healing factor had completely taken care of those wounds. She herself still had the visible presence of a cut over her left eyebrow and another on the left side of her bottom lip… they'd been there for two weeks now. Jealousy.

Croft would remain otherwise silent, however, since May and Darkedge needed to discuss the retrieval of his weapon.

Logan will collect the weapons, which still bear his blood, and set them on a table for now. He wasn'tabout to hand them to Darkedge, as he's still not sure about him, and he's pretty sure it's against regulations to arm a non-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in the Triskelion. And for once, he's going to abide by a regulation. He happens to agree with that particular one. He remains silent as well, as this really is May's shindig.

May nods to Darkegde. "We'll need to work on something." They haven't really had to develop protocols for light-sensitive visitors, but it can be done. After all, they set up protocols for teleporters like Strange and K'nert.

"So you're only here for your weapon," she says almost consideringly. Her glance toward Logan might seem innocent enough, but she's silently checking with him to see if the elf is lying. She knows that the mutant is almost eerily good at telling when someone's not telling the truth.

It would be appreciated, Darkedge replies smoothly into a nod of the way in.

I am. I have been too long without it. I have been alerted to a potential threat to this realm which may impact my own. I need all of my weapons if I am to properly assist in pressing back the dangers here so as to keep them from attempting to invade Avalon, replies the elf, vision clearing slowly. As he speaks, mind toughing minds, it's clear to Logan that there is zero attempt to lie, no scent of double cross. It's almost as if such a scent would be foreign on the elf, and the way his thoughts form and are shared, he may not be capable of forming untrue thoughts at all.

Regarding Darkedge for a long moment, Logan manages to convey that he's convinced, but not entirely certain. There are some beings he can't read, and that it's coming back so strongly that Darkedge is telling the truth, makes him a little cuatious. And it's all done through body language, a glance, posture, facial reactions. It's nice to be able to communicate so effortlessly with someone, but he and Mel go way back.

With another glance to Logan, she accepts that Darkedge is being as honest as he knows how. And if not, well, Logan is right here. "I'm getting the impression that letting people into Avalon would be a terrible idea. Is there anything SHIELD or I can do to help you prevent that from happening?" She does have access to a small handful of mage and mystic types here in WAND that might be able to put together some simple wards…

A terrible idea indeed, Darkedge agrees.

For now, I do not think there is anything your Shields can do, save not to look into your legends for directions. My Queen has hidden the realm from humans, but I would not think She would take kindly to anyone purposefully attempting to breech the Veil. However, once we have confirm a manner by which I may enter to speak with you, should anything change, I will arrive as promptly as I am able to alert you. Jess is my contact for this. I can track her for further information as it is located, Darkedge replies, eyes noting where his throwing daggers are placed. The odd thing both of the warriors here wuld note is that Darkedge does not appear to be armed, even knowing that he is. The nearly foot long bladed longkknife was hidden back up his sleeve and yet his forearm is not long enough to hide such a blade, not and be so invisble under the fitted leather jacket he's wearing.

May nods to Darkedge and then glances toward the door when there's a knock from outside. "Give me Jess's contact information and give her mine. She might have a better chance of relaying between us." And, this way May can find out who this Jess person is. Pulling a business card from inside her jacket, she offers it to the elf. It hasno identifying marks on it, only a single line of characters. A phone number.

Darkedge reaches for the card and pockets it without looking at it. It is for Jess, after all. Jess, who can be found at…

Alias Investigations on 46th Street, states the elf as the knock is heard. He collects his mask and slides it into place. there are no eyes holes and no mouth hole. It is a fully covering facemask, hiding his face and protecting him from the light he knows is out there.

I will see she is given the item you gave me, that she may contact you, he adds before asking.

And of my weapons? You have my fighting blade and now a hand of throwing crystals.

Alias Investigations. May makes a mental note of that name, then steps around everyone to get the door. It's open only long enough for her to accept something from those outside, and then she returning with a box in her hands, slightly larger than shoebox size. Setting it on the table, she opens it to reveal the blade that Darkedge came for. And, of course, the thrown blades are sitting on the table right next to the box where Logan already put them.

Wearing the mask, Darkedge listens to the noises about the room. He waits though for May confirm that the light is gone. Mask pulled away, the dark elf blinks his eyes open and peers at the blade.

Yes. That is the one, confirms the elf. It's clear he wants to step forward to grab it but will wait for permission to be granted. After all, the healer is unscathed from his earlier attack and he's standing so near his weapons… And where did the healer put those blades he heard? Very odd indeed.

When Darkedge hesitates to reclaim his weapons, May picks them up and offers them to the elf. "I'll let you know through your contact the best way to show up here if you need to do so again anytime soon." That sounds kind of like a farewell, right?

Weapons offered, Darkedge reaches out and places his hand on the fighting blade. It.. oozes off of May's hands to snake under the sleeve of his jacket. The smaller ones gets 'crushed' down into ovaloid rocks and placed into a pouch on his belt made for such things.

This is acceptible. Until then, replies the elf, bowing once and then vanishing into the shadows.


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