Coccoons in the Yard

March 12, 2017:

Warren arrives at the Xavier School with a new face and a couple of pods of pure trouble!

Xavier's School - Backyard


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Arriving at the Institute, Warren is in flight, carrying one of the metapod coccoons with him. But he's not alone. Behind him, and carrying a pod herself, is a blonde woman in white and blue as Warren slows his pace, frowning a little. She's seemed a little slowed since they crossed into American airspace. "You alright?" he asks as he wings over to be prepared to carry the load of both coccoons if she can't handle hers.

Turning solid white eyes upon Angel, the newcomer snorts lightly, "I am fine." She might have slowed, but only due to being in relatively unknown airspace. He might know where he's going, but she doesn't. Wary, just a touch - wouldn't he be if the situation was reversed?

Rogue is located in the backyard of the Xavier mansion. She's walking through the garden area and talking on her phone.

The southern gal sits down on the edge of a fountain that is filled with water that is motionless as the fountain itself isn't on/running until the weather warms up outside. She's wearing her brown leather trenchcoat, a dark forest-green hoodie beneath that and some blue jeans with leather boots that go up to her knees.

A simple conversation is being had with someone on the other end of the phone, Rogue was talking quietly to them, grinning and laughing here and there. She was yet unaware of the approaching Birdman and his cargo.

Darcy drove into the estate, parked, and started inside. But look! Up int he sky! Two flyig types carrying soemthing… interesting. Darcy shoulders her bag, beep-beeps her SHIELD issue car locked and makes her way inside to check on things. She read the transcript from the Mists Symposium her coworker hosted not long ago. And she wanted to see what she could help offer Storm and the rest.

There's a smirk from Warren as he wings around Snowbird. "Sure sure, just try to keep up." he teases as he over his shoulder as he touches down near the fountain, his wings flicking out fully before starting to pull around to warm him. "Hey Rogue, brought you some Easter Eggs, gotta paint them yourself, but the the bunny didn't wear her ears or fluffy tail." he says with a grin. "Snowbird, this is Rogue. Rogue, Snowbird. She's from Canada. Says they're working on the Mists too."

Snowbird just watches, seeming intent on not playing the 'who's fastest game' at the moment. Nope, she merely shakes her head at him as she follows him, soon lighting down upon the ground. The coccoon is placed at her side, a hand to touch it, keeping it there as Warren addresses the young woman nearby on the phone. "Such manners." She murmurs as he interrups the poor girl.

Rogue's green eyes shifted over to Warren and his guest when they arrived. She smiled at them but took a moment or two to excuse herself from her phone call. Once she was off of it, the phone was slipped into her long leather coat's right side pocket.

With both of her gloved hands inside that same coat's pockets, Rogue took a couple steps toward them. "Well hey there, strangers." She said in her thick and husky southern tones. "You're just flyin' the women right on in now, are ya Warwar?" Rogue teased the winged man, a playful look on her face. "Need t'get you a tshirt that has 'No Shits Given' writen in bold font right across them man pecs'a yours." She grinned even more then.

A look was then given to Snowbird and Rogue stepped over to her, extended a gloved hand toward her to shake should she wish to.

"Heya, sugah." She said at her. "Welcome t'Mutant High. Where the fun neve'ah stops, cause it ain't neve'ah even started." She was yet unaware of Darcy's arrival yet and still didn't know Darce all that well.

By the looks of it, the flyers were set to land down in the back, so that's where Darcy went, asking over Storm on her way and finding that the school's head mistress wasn't immediately available. WHile Darcy felt it was mildly urgent it was nothing to get upset over. Stepping out onto the back grounds where not so many months ago she had been the deciding factor in the win of fribee between herself and Quicksilver and Gambit and Storm. Sure, she has a superspeedy mutant on her side, but if it hadnt been for her, he would have lost the game. It brings a faint smile to her face. Hands shoved into the pockets of her own wool coat, Darcy makes her way over.

"Figured I'd skip the dinner and drinks first, and all. Especially since we have these." Warren says as he looks for someone to help ferry the cocoons within. "They're gonna hatch soon from the feel out it." he admits before he shakes his head. "Need to make a better first impression, Rogue, now she thinks we're all rude." he comments, before noticing Darcy and gives a lift of his head. "Manhandler incoming."

Americans are strange people, this is something Snowbird is learning very quickly in one of her first trips to the country below. It's hard to say whom exactly she's looking at with those eyes of hers, but with Rogue's approach and offer of a hand, it is taken and returned, "Snowbird. A pleasure to meet you." Her own English is spoken with a soft accent that's hard to place - too much a mix of other things. As Warren calls attention to another arriving, her head turs, seemingly to peer at Darcy.

Rogue shook her head side to side after shaking the woman's hand and she placed it back into her coat pocket. "I'm one'a the best mannered folks around this joint. In my opinion anyhow." She smiled softly then and looked over and up to where Warren had indicated a 'Manhandler'. It was that Darcy lady again…

Rogue's right hand came up and she offered a wave to the woman.

Rogue would then look back to the two new arrivals. "So, ya'll need help with this?" She asked. "Whatever 'this' is?"

Seeing the wave, Darcy smiles warmly, lifting a hand to wave back and using it as the invitation to approach further.

"Afternoon everyone," she says, eyes scanning over the cocoons.

"Whacha up to?"

"This is one of those Mists coccoons. Person inside is changing or something.. at least that's how Tattoo explained it." Warren says as he looks over to Snowbird. "These two came from a Mists sighting in Canada." He, Snowbird, Rogue and Darcy are out in the yard as a couple of student instructors are gathering the coccoons to take them inside. "Hey Darcy. Been sightseeing. You know, the falls, Canada, the local beauties." A glance over at Snowbird.

Snowbird stands near Warren, a coccoon at her side on the ground that she's keeping in place with a light touch of a hand. The cold weather doesn't seem to bother her, her cape catching the wind from time to time. With Warren explaining the cocccoons, she looks to Darcy, nodding her head towards the other woman, though at the flirtacious comment from Warren, she turns back, "Oh?" Local beauty, hmm? Well, she will accept the compliment as most women likely would. "Thank you." Her head turns to watch as the instructors come out to take the coccoons off inside, "I am curious to see what happens when they… hatch?" Is that the right term to use?

Rogue watched Darcy approach and she drew in a deep breath and then shook her head as the other two explained. "These things give me a terrible uncomfortableness." She admitted to all gathered around. "But I think they're supposed t'be anywhere… they'd need t'be down in Hank's lab."

Rogue's green eyes went to the coccoon's in question. "I sure don't wanna watch'em, hatch… that just sounds like nightmares t'me. An' I have more than enough'a those as is."

"A mist cocoon?" Dracy asks, eyes a bit more serious now.

"You should probably get them inside where it's warm, and alert the faculty and staff here so that there will be someone to greet whomever wakes up when the hatching is done," says the SHIELD agent, green eyes on the pod that Warren and Snowbird have.

Nancy comes out of the mansion after her music class, having given up when word of the new pods got to her class. She comes over, keeping her aura as close to her as possible since she doesn't want to affect the pods. There is no evidence that the last one she touched died because of her, but there is also no proof to the contrary either. She heads over to Marie and slips an arm about her waist, resting her head on the other woman's shoulder. "More of them, huh?E

"Just a couple. These came from Canada." Warren says as he glances over at Nancy. "Hey Deadzone. This is Snowbird. She's making sure were on the level with helping these things. And that's Agent Lewis from SHIELD. She's doing the same thing. They should totally talk." the avian mutant starts to offer, when he feels one of the pods shift. "…uh, this one's gonna hatch." he says, stepping back away from it and leaping to take to the air.

As the pod cracks and opens, the blonde haired boy within rises up in his full nudity - he was college aged, an athlete from the looks of it. But as soon as his skin touches the air, it combusts into gas, causing the young man to scream in agony as his body seems to be literally melting on itself in an acidic, living cloud of dangerous chemicals as the smell of sulphuric and hydrochloric acid seem to be rising from him directly, his blood completely replaced with the chemcial compound.

"Perhaps." Snowbird offer when Warren speaks of how she and Darcy should likely talk about the coccoons. Before she might say more, he's pointing out his coccoon is going to hatch, and she moves quickly to get hers off to the side, and then take to the air as well. Watching from above, she makes sure all others are out of the way, prepared to do.. something.. if need be. When the young man stands, then completely turns into a being of fire, she inhales softly. This could be trouble.

Rogue nodded in agreement with Darcy's words, as they'd basically mirrored her own. She felt the presence of Nancy come up beside her, put the arm around her and she smiled over at her friend. "Heya." She said. "Warren brought us creepy stuff as gifts. He's like a barn cat, bringin' in dead prey." She grinned softly.

BUT, when Warren took to flight and carried his coccoon up, and it hatched? Rogue tensed up and backstepped up toward the fountain's edge behind her. She watched the display and her gloved left hand went up to cover her own mouth. Her eyes would go to Snowbird's coccoon too and she looked quite concerned about this whole situation. She was the X-Men's 'tank', not really their 'brain', so all of this was just very confusing and horrifying to the southern gal.

Nancy looks over at Snowbird, not being at all subtle over the fact that she is checking out the other woman. Her head leans over to Rogue as she whispers something to her friend with a lascivious smirk in Snowbird's direction. A nod over to Darcy with a smile. "Hey chica. Long time no see." She then blows a kiss to Warren, saying hi to all present in her own way.

When the pod hatches, Nancy pushes her aura onto the teen, enveloping him in her own coccoon of safety and normalacy.

As the coconn began to hatch, Darcy's hand dipped toward her purse. There was a gun and a tazer. She didn't want to use either but… if she had to defend those here from whatever was hatching, she would.

As the pod bursts open and spills it's contents, Warren screams and drops the pod. Apparently some of the acid got on his arms as he drops to the ground like a ton of bricks, his arms splayed out in front of him, the flesh red and bubbling from the acidic burns. He can't say anything, it hurts alot.

The teen is likely in as much pain as he screams from his body melting around him, until Nancy's 'embrace' seems to normalize him and he curls in on himself sobbing. "No.. no.. I'm not one of them." he sobs openly. He tries to get up to run, but as soon as his body is outside of Nancy's field, again, his body explodes into the dangerous acidic gas as he screams aloud anew.

Warren is on the ground in pain with massive acid burns to his arms. The women here are trying to herd a freshly hatched young man from his coccoon.. who's blood apparently turns into acid upon contact with the air. Nancy had him under control, but he is trying to flee, again bursting into gas and pain.

Snowbird had arrived with Warren, the unknown woman taking to the sky as well without the pod she was carrying merely moved off to the side away from the chance of Acidic Boy hurting it. When Warren cries out,s he moves over to him, to see if she might help, keeping an eye on the hatching boy. "We need to get you taken care of, sooner than later, unless you heal." The last is half asked as she makes sure he doesn't go tumbling from the air in pain or anything. "Anyone able to subdue him?" She asks in general of the others, a brow quirked upwards upon seeing Darcy's attempt that doesn't last long enough.

As the pod bursts open and spills it's contents, Warren screams and drops the pod. Apparently some of the acid got on his arms as he drops to the ground like a ton of bricks, his arms splayed out in front of him, the flesh red and bubbling from the acidic burns. He can't say anything, it hurts alot.

The teen is likely in as much pain as he screams from his body melting around him, Nancy's powers having no affect on him. "No.. no.. I'm not one of them." he sobs openly.

Warren is on the ground in pain with massive acid burns to his arms. The women here are trying to herd a freshly hatched young man from his coccoon.. who's blood apparently turns into acid upon contact with the air. Nancy had him under control, but he is trying to flee, again bursting into gas and pain.

As Nancy's powers don't work on the Nuhuman, she looks over her shoulder at Rogue. "Well, this answers a few questions," she tells the others. "Just to be sure she pushes harder with her power, focussing it on the teen. Still nothing. And so, she pulls her power back and goes to one knee. "There are worse things to be, kiddo. We're here to help, if we can. I'm Nancy." She doesn't feel comfortable introducing herself as Deadzone since her powers aren't really relevant to the boy.

Rogue would watch with shock and awe as Warren fell to the earth again. She'd turn toward Nancy and try to reach out to keep her friend from getting any closer to this mess. "Warren!" She'd call out to him, watching this strange kid that came out of the coccoon try to get away?

"Stop!" She shouted after him, but she wasn't able to use ANY of her abilities due to the Nulification field that was up around Nancy now. Rogue's eyes shot over toward Snowbird, trying to see if that second coccoon was in the process of birthing another creepy person.

Snowbird had arrived with Warren, the unknown woman taking to the sky as well without the pod she was carrying merely moved off to the side away from the chance of Acidic Boy hurting it. When Warren cries out,s he moves over to him, to see if she might help, keeping an eye on the hatching boy. "We need to get you taken care of, sooner than later, unless you heal." The last is half asked as she makes sure he doesn't go tumbling from the air in pain or anything. "Anyone able to subdue him?" She asks in general of the others, though she looks to the coccoon she was carrying, "I don't sense anything from it.. " AT least there's that.

Acid boy starts to run for it and Darcy draws her tazer. Without a word, the SHIELD agent rushes forward and with skill born of penty of recent training, she aims and squeezes the trigger on her tazer. The two darts streak out, impact, and shock the boy into submission.

"Someone got a way to contain the chemical reactions happening or am I calling this in?" she asks as she steps over to make sure the boy is down for the count. And despite the effciency of her actions, her eyes are troubled, brows pulled together. The boy was in pain, being melted alive. Even subdued by tazer, she was worried he wasn't going to last long, she believed. And so, even though she's asked, Darcy is already reaching for her phoen to call in a containment unit. None of the students here are going to like this very much at all, but if they didn't have an answer, Darcy was going to provide one.

The other pod seems stable for the moment. As far as Nancy saying there can be worse things to be? It seems ridiculous to say to a man who's flesh continues to regenerate and then melt right off of him as a gas as he cries in pain, just before the prongs of Darcy's taser digging into the new Inhuman's skin. The electricity coarses through him and he yelps, falling to the ground, unconconscious, but the taser lines melt away as the skin forms and gasses again anew.

Snowbird helps Warren to his feet as it sees Darcy manages to bring the young man down. Turning to the winged man, she murmurs, "If you will tell me where to go, I will help bandage your arms." She helps him off towards the house, glancing back over her shoulder, "We'll tell someone to come help." She's new here, doesn't know anyone but Warren. And that's barely. She'll tell someone, yep!
Warren's in pain, the flesh on his forearms nearly melted away by the acid. Even with his regenitive abilities, that's going to be a slow fix as he looks to Snowbird and nods, his arms held out not to cause pain as he allows her to lead the way, but he's giving directions the whole way. And no flirty comments!

Blessed be the small miracles.

Rogue watched Darcy drop the taze on that guy and she kind of wished they were allowed to have weapons like that… but boy was that a conversation she didn't want to broach with those in-charge of this operation. She can only imagine all the backlash it'd bring, as well as morality speeches.

"Thanks." Rogue said softly to Darcy. "Look. I don't know if I'm suppose t'welcome this kinda thing inta the house'n such, with, ya… know, open arms?" She watched Snowbird and Warren, looked back to Nancy then.

/You are needed my X-Man…

Storm hears one of the two mental calls she has allowed. Jean and Xavier are the only two permitted into her mind, locked off and kept tight after a dark and Shadowed past.

But where she stood, upon the opposing balcony of the grounds where the 'Faculty' were allowed a good view of Breakstone, bears a chill breeze over the Kenyan's skin, white robes breaking around nubian skin in the slits of fabric, melding with the flow of alabaster hair clasped back by a gold coronet, matching the loops around hips, ankles, wrists. She is feeling home down to the claw and fang necklace that splays over collarbones and over chest.

Storm missed her home-away-from-home. Those arctic eyes stare forward, focused as the mental prod and feed is relayed and suddenly the atmosphere around her shifts and winds pick up, lifting the garmets before they lift Storm, whipping them around her like a tornadoes throes before she is up and over the roof of the building to the other side…

Storm emerges in time to see Darcy down the NuHuman in their lawn and raise her voice to call it in. Pale brows dip and those eyes flash, watching Warren be haiuled away by a stranger, Rogue and Nancy slowly taking an unsure stance… All the while the tazer cables melt…

"No. There's a limit." A slowly Storm descends upon the grounds where the sudden hatching had occurred. "SHIELD Agent Darcy, recall your place as liason, -not- shot caller…" And with a sweep away from Nancy and Rogue's position in a backward skip, bare feet begin to lift off the ground once more and she is carrying a chill with her in the wind that has her pursuing the Acidic NuHuman.

Okay, telling a person who's skin is melting that there are worse things, probably not her smartest move. She looks over to Marie, "YOu know that Xavier would say that all are welcome." She looks to the kid and frowns. "This thing sucks. And I thought *I* hated being all mutanty."

Scott is on site running across the yard from the garage where he had been peacefully working for the past few hours. Def Leppard, a beer (not too many) and some tools he was in a place akin to Nirvana or at least as he can allow himself to get these days. "What is going on?" A greasy tanktop, tattered jeans and his red lense glasses. It's an off day. Not an X-Men day or at least he didn't think it was.

Oh good. Storm's here. Darcy gives the Head Mistress a nod, collecting what's left of the tazer, cutting the cables so she can put it all back in her purse without melting anything.

"Place not forgotten, Storm. But no one else was here to help me find a way to contain his powers so he'll stop hurting himself. I'd rather he stay here, where you all can watch over him and help him come to terms with himself. If you need help finding a way to help him react to the world around him, I can take this to R&D," Darcy is saying to Scott as he rushes over.

There's still another pod sitting on the ground not far away.

"Your winged angel and his girlfriend brought you two mists pods from an incident in Canada. One hatched," she tells the ruby-lensed man.

The young man, recently hatched from his Inhuman coccoon continues to twitch as his skin evaproates into an acidic mists, just to be remade again. That is until Storm's coolness starts to touch him. The process in a few areas is halted as she manages to chill his skin to the point to be handled more securely, but he's still mewling in pain and making an interesting situation for the X-Men to have to handle right on their front yard.

Nancy rises and looks to Marie. "I'm gonna deal with the students. The less gawkers the better," she tells her bestie. She turns around to the students that have been watching and lets out a shrill whistle. "Okay, nothing to see here. Back inside. Yeah, you too. Don't make me neuter you for a week." She heads into the building with the assorted students, letting it just be those that can handle the situation.

Rogue was simply background noise at this phase. She'd served to be little-to-no help at all in this little mini event here in the backyard. Really, it had all disturbed her more than she'd expected anything like it could.

So, when Storm arrived, then Scott ran onto the scene too wearing his cool-dude clothes… Anna-Marie just recoiled backward several steps and stood off near the fountain's edge with her arms crossed over her stomach and a look of concern on her face. Her green eyes looked ast Nancy left, and part of her wanted to go with her friend, but she decided she better stay out here just incase she was needed. Maybe that other horrible coccoon-thing would need to be transported somewhere, and she could likely at least do that.

"We should get them in to Hank's lab." Scott isn't used to calling it anything else but that. He should rightfully just call it 'the Lab' since Hank is away right now. He doesn't say the reasons for that being the Shi'ar tech medical facilities also plenty of sedatives incase they come out needing them. Though the nu/inHuman physiologies are all very different from humans, even suppsedly often more so than mutants.
A look at everyone present and Scott pulls a rag out of his pocket, rubbing his fingers, hands and forearms off.

It does not take Storm long to trace the lines and coat the figure in a chill that even drops his body temparature so the acid excretion is prevented/neutralized. The pleding gaze is met before the figure drops into her arms, and it is met with the same chill, but unphased by the temparature decline.

"Rogue, be sure you are fully covered…" A nod to the other pod as she seeks to try and lift the slowly //freezing NuHUman into her arms, if he burns through and into her skin, so be it. Charles brought her here for a reason, and her outburst at a meeting was enough for enough. She laid her foot down, but this… Is home. And it stays Safe.

"Keep your lazers in your chaps, rico." Storm states towards Cyke as she passes with her armload, the aura around her a frigid climate that goes to bone.

Darcy is passed with a cold shoulder.

Perhaps Xavier misjudged. Storm is a Queen, before a lead.

The young man is neutralized in Ororo's arms, and with Warren away to at least get his arms wrapped, there seems to be normalcy returning to the school. Well, normal as in as normal as it gets around Xavier's.

Darcy pulls in a breath to contain the utter frustration of the moment. Tazer back in purse, the SHIELD Agent turns to go. Her words from so long ago on the tip of her tongue: If ever my presence begins to unnerve or there's worry that it will bring any here to harm, just ask… And I will leave and never return.

As much as she's come to love what this school stands for, the offer is still very much on the able.

Scott doesn't follow them in to the labs instead letting them all handle the transportation of the cocoons. A steady look after them and he returns to what he was doing, "Yell if you need me again. Intercoms in the garage still work great."


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