Pennsylvania Solution

March 10, 2017:

The Justice League has come to the DEO's facility in Pennsylvania to put an end to their experiments and cloning operation … with a bang.

NuGenesis Biotechnia

In a remote part of the Poconos, sits a solitary white cinderblock building in a large clearing amidst the pines and rocks. There's a parking lot and a security station at a well-fenced front gate. Barbed wire tops the fence that surrounds the lonely property. The building appears to be about three storeys high and entirely unassuming. Even the company name on the side is in understated contemporary lettering with graphics that bespeak environmental responsibility and helping humanity.

The inside of the building, on the floors above ground, is fairly typical of any small corporate lab space. There are research wings and administration wings and all the necessary facilities in between.

The lower levels, however, are where things get… interesting. High security. High tech. The lab space is more directed towards cloning and similar biotechnologies. But the lowest levels are more residential in nature. Residential, scholastic, and… very 'Red Room' meets 'American Black-Ops'. It's where the metaclones are educated and trained, after all.


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Really, aside from Batman, there aren't many in the JL naturally given to stealth or indirect approach. And, certainly, of those that have joined Diana on this excursion to Pennsylvania, very few of them qualify as 'stealth fighters'. Perhaps none of them.

The lone security hut outside the fence isn't very threatening to people who can face down interstellar invaders and mythical monsters and simply call it a warm up. The pair of guards in there don't quite know what to make of Wonder Woman landing some meters away and walking down the road towards them. The team has a fairly simple plan: Enter the facility, shutdown the cloning tech, liberate victims — which may just include clones — and then round up the perpetrators. They know they're more than likely expected. And the primary risks are a) unexpected obstacles designed to counter their powers and b) that civilian personnel will be turned into human shields.

Consequently, Wonder Woman does indeed approach the gate openly, from the front. She wears her armour, her sword, her shield, and her lasso. Even the red amazonian cloak over her shoulders. But she comes as a herald and to offer peace. Failing that, to offer warning.

"Open the gate," she calls to the security men. "Please do not fight us. We do not wish to fight you. We only wish to ensure that this facility isn't being used for illegal activities."

Carol Susan Jane Danvers, Lt. Col. USAF, Retired, aka. Captain Marvel, is listening in from a distance of just over ten miles straight up. Yes. Straight up. She's hovering just above the night line of the atmosphere, remaining subtle because she's not actually glowing gold right now. She just waits, her attention focused on what she can hear through her comlink's connection to Diana's, and the information streaming from Oracle's digital friend. No aircraft in the area, so no reason for her to involve herself unless - OK, OK, until - this goes South. When it does, though? She'll be giving 'airburst' a whole new meaning.

Some are willing try the stealth route. While Carol is ten miles up, Flash is on the ground. And in the woods some five miles away. He snacks on some of the super impacted energy rations that SHIELD issued him, dancing back and forth on one foot to the other, waiting for the go word as he listens to Diana's transmission.

Sure, others can be flashy and all that, but Barry's instructions are more simple - cut off the rear escape and if capable, search the facility as fast as possible and locate the cloning area, and other vital areas to report to the rest of the team to make the strike more surgical. The speedster blows out a breath, hopeful that his message about the Mists didn't fall on deaf ears, even at Martian Manhunter's rather bursque rebuttal.

Doctor Strange can actually be quite stealthy through the use of illusions and the fact he registers as a completely normal human being under most scanners. Even magical sensors can be deceived if he leaves his artifacts home.

Nevertheless, he offered semi-invisibility to the heroes who wanted it, and the doctor himself is hard to see on plain sight. Some electronic sensors, though, would detect him. The spells of concealment are old and not up to date with modern technological means. He should spend a few months designing all-spectrum invisibility cloaks and still-air wards to deceive motion sensors. He is one of the few sorcerers in Earth able to do that kind of spellcraft. Unfortunately his skill also got him appointed Supreme Sorcerer, and the Supreme Sorcerer rarely has the spare time to design new spells.

He stands a couple yards from Diana, quietly studying the building. The guard is fairly inconsequential. The decision to let them in is unlikely to depend on him. Still, this is the polite, if not strictly lawful approach. The righteous way.

If anything Hal Jordan was apologizing for feeling like a nerd with this particular construct choice.

Perhaps their interference here isn't strictly legal, but it certainly is just, as far as Diana is concerned. She is quite comfortable among the medieval soldiers — though it would've been nicer if they were Amazons. The gate guards aren't quite sure what to do, faced with a horde of Crusaders led by the Amazon Princess.

"We're not allowed to let you in without authorization," the one man calls out, playing for time. He's gambling on Diana's reputation as a peacemaker as much as a warrior. Of course, it's authorization every single one of them there knows won't be forthcoming.

Diana steps forward. "We are not here to hurt you," she tells them. "Nor to hurt anyone else. But, we cannot allow the experiments conducted here to continue. Please. Step aside." That's two.

The second man shakes his head, already picking up the phone to warn those inside the gate of what's coming. He knows damned well he and his buddy aren't gonna win this argument.

"Lady," the first man says, "it's worth my job to keep you out. My family needs the paycheck."

Diana can sympathize with that. "Then, I am truly sorry," she says, fully aware they will not heed her warnings. She glances to Dr. Strange. "Can you possibly give these gentlemen an excuse not to fight while still keeping their jobs?" In other words, a knockout spell would be really, really helpful here.

"Flash," Diana says, then, "Go." She waits long enough for Strange to intervene before she walks up to the gate and forcibly opens it. As she does, she says to all her allies, "Go."

"Airburst is go. Three. Two. One." Captain Marvel comms in after Diana gives the go-ahead. At what would be 'zero' on the countdown, the golden glow of the Captain's arrival overhead bursts outward just a quarter mile above the facility … and every radio transmission goes dead. Microwave uplinks are shot. All EM-based transmissions in the area are scrambled to uselessness. It won't last very long; it wasn't strong enough to fry the circuits, since they cannot be sure frying the circuits wouldn't kill the clones inside. But it's enough to disrupt matters, and blind the cameras.

That last one is important.

Strange nods and steps forward, becoming visible and drawing the men's attention to him briefly. That is enough, the moment they look at his eyes their expressions become empty, relaxed. "I'll send them home. This place could become dangerous for unconscious people. Do we have an idea of how many cocoons where brought here?" He asks.

As soon as the word 'Go' hits his ears, Flash is off, racing forward towards the back gate. He immediately hits Mach in time with Carol's airburst so that the sound of him breaking the sound barrier mixes in with the noise. The crimson and yellow blur is immediately over the gate in a single leap as he circles the compound.

As he runs by one of the guards, he snatches an access card and swipes it through, trying to immediately gain access. This may take a few tries. On the League computers, he's shown as a single red dot dragging a line behind him as he carries a camera mounted on his chest to film his route as he pauses momentarily to start trying to punch in multiple codes.

The airburst coupled with Diana's go Hal Jordan's constructs take to tearing at the gates and laying a medieval siege upon the open grounds, vehicles and possible security systems are targets. Attempting to disable them before possible power comes back online after the EMP.

The Green Lantern himself lifts higher in to the air and green chains fire off of him like the many limbs of an octopi, armed men who appear will find their weapons being crushed down upon from their hands and broken, no need to cause any undo harm, at least not yet. Crowd control, zoning, disabling, Hal is on it. Full support mode initiated.

”It is not a good day to be the bad guys. But then, with us in town it never us!"

Starfire sat aboard her ship, she listened, left the feed open so even her crew could hear. Orn, DePalo, K'tten… They all stare.

"You cannot let Godfrey quarter you for what is right…" K'tten's words come upon a hiss while her shoulders take a hike of tension as even their scanners relay the feed bounced off sattelites. Visuals full from the camera's laid there to protect this base in Pennsylvania.

Orn grunts.

Depalo waits in silence. The Dominator wanting to know the science, of it all.

"If I seek to remain here this time…" Kori looks up from the cup of chin in her palm, the strapped attire of violet accenting over near-orange colored skin of dusk, hair hainging behind and dripping in that deep red over the seat beside hips.

Starfire watches as they go all in in a snap and rocks forward. "Blow the satellite feed." She cannot stand idly by, nor let the League be seen as villains in this, they are her allies and firends, she agreed… A royal accord of a dead planet.

Suddeny anything relayed through spacial 'terms' goes static, relays fed through of of the 1969. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind…"


Through the atmosphere Starfire suddenly breaks, a comet of atmospheric penetration, but behind her three other stars also fall in the forms of Orn - the Citadelean, DePalo - The Dominator, and K'tten - May as well be her angry sister, Tamaranean.

Star hovers just behind Flash as he tries codes, sweeps and a starbolt of perse sweeps just beside him to knock the door in.

Access cards are pretty useless once fried by a powerful EM pulse. Would've been handy to play that card a second or two later. But, none of them are perfect; human or alien. But, it means Flash is going to have a bit more difficulty entering the facility than he'd likely hoped. Fortunately, Starfire streaks in to provide just the assistance he needs.

"Thank you," Diana tells Strange, as the men go slack. Then, she charges through the gate, towards the front door of the facility, perfectly willing to force her way in that way. She relies on both Carol and Hal to play crowd control and keep the technology at bay, while and Strange make their way into the facility itself.

On the main floors of the facility are civilian administrators and lightweight security officers. The access point to the lower levels is a reinforced elevator in a back warehouse. It's big enough to move large pieces of equipment — or Hulk-sized beings. It, too, requires an access card, but also biometric scan. Brute force will also be handy there.

It's only once they breach the first sub-basement that the real defenses of the place come online. They are heavily shielded, so simple EMP bursts aren't going to help. The first sub-level contains a sizeable number of heavily armoured, heavily armed troopers. They are carrying meta-killer weaponry: DEO specialty weapons specially designed to counter super abilities in a manner not dissimilar to how Sentinels adapt to the mutant gene. They simply lack the AI control systems the Sentinels have, relying on the human (or clone?) brains inside the helmets.

The plan had been for that EM burst to not be strong enough to fry circuits; apparently some of them were just too darned sensitive. Whoops! Captain Marvel flies high in the sky, keeping an eye on things while Hal's construct army and his whipchains account for the lightly armed folks and the civilians.

Given that her airburst will have been detected by satellites, Carol's expecting airborne interceptors to be incoming, but she may just trust those to Jordan at this rate. Comms will recover in a few more seconds, and then they can begin coordinating operations better. For now, though, she stays in the sky, playing roving glowing sentinel … and waiting. Of course, anyone dumb enough to fire on her finds out their mistake rapidly and non-lethally.

So far.

Those Crusaders vanish and Hal Jordan with his green auto-shields active shines brightly as he soars through the air like a fighter plane turned human. A constant barrage of pulse blasts, streams of emerald fire and short lived constructs surround him or project out of his being while he acts both as a distraction and causing targeted damage upon anything the base itself plans to bring forth to stop the above ground crew.

"I think Captain Marvel and I have topside. We'll play cover for the rest of you."

"…EMP pulse. Of course. No one bothered to tell me that part of the plan." Or maybe Barry slept though that part, he's not really entirely sure on the matter as Starfire shows up and blows the door off the hinges. "Cheater." he says to her with a hint of amusement and fondness for the orange hued woman and gives her a wink before he takes off into the building.

Really, someone should tell Flash to slow down as he races down the stairs and finds himself against.. several DEO troopers. "Uh. Hey. So." he says into his comm. "I ran into some heavies, so I'm totally going in the /right/ direction." he says before he starts to run between and around the troopers, using the walls as best he can in the room, though there's not much room for him to really fight.

"Someone else wants to get down here and help? Yeah, I'll get Spoiler to get you some extra Thin Mints. She totally hates Thin Mints."

As long as they are human adversaries, Doctor Strange finds easy to deal with them, although he attempts to stay behind of the invulnerable types. "My powers over the physical world are limited, but humans are both matter and spirit, a few confusion spells will do short work of them," he offers, sending whole squads to sleep or chase after illusions only they can see. He casts shields of force to protect himself from the high-tech weaponry, and they crack and shatter when hit by powerful strikes. Supernatural beings are much easier to defend against.

At least they are not robots. Robots are bad news for Strange.

Starfire pauses as Flash is… gone and within. A glance to -her- people as they fall in and join the fray, the the League of 'her people'. Strange is watched as the human guards buckle in his path, Wonder Woman as she steps 'between', Lantern as his links catch and return rapid-fire while Marvel covers and casts that glow…

A glow Starfire pauses within and that mane of flame hue ignites once more to lash in a "tail" around hvring feet embraced in violet armor from toe to thigh, but from that the burst of white coats over tawny huen skin to that of the small straps across bustier of the matching violet, prepairing her in a digitallized fashion of alien metal.

A hand rises and Orn lifts his head, a barreling yeti of alien proportions goes in behind Flash and attempts to plow through the Troopers like a line backer!

…And behind him Starfire salutes the top-side team and dives in as well.

As the Flash appears out of the elevator shaft in front of that crowd of troopers, one of them — a guy with a yellow flash on his shoulder — calls out, "It's the speedster! Countermeasures!" At his command, four commandos in heavy armour pop up from behind barriers hastily erected on either side of the elevator. They plant static field generators to interfere with Flash's speed, and then make doubly sure by deploying small spheres that explode into a web of sticky foam and nasty caltrops.

Of course, they're not remotely prepared for Starfire's crew, who weren't anywhere on their list of 'expected guests'. So the transforming alien linebacker isn't something they've directly prepared for. That said, they are wearing suits capable of challenging Wonder Woman's strength, so the linebacker isn't exactly strolling through a park or streaking up the outside to the endzone.

That said, it's not long before Diana and Strange join the fight on the first sub-level. And Strange's spells are far more effective than pure brute force attacks. Some finesse is necessary here.

"Flash!" Diana calls, settling into a crouch with her shield before her. "Come this way!" Because she can launch him up through the air and over the heads of the grounded troopers towards the next access point into the cloning facilities themselves. "You and Starfire go ahead. We'll hold them here."

Let's hope there aren't any more troopers down there, right?

Meanwhile, up topside, a bank of bay doors open out of the side of the mountain and a swarm of mechanized attack drones are launched. They, too, are shielded and designed to confront metas like both Marvel and Lantern. Again, they are not likely to last against the heroes, but they're not easy to defeat, either. Ballistic attacks or tearing them apart probably works a whole lot better than energy attacks.

Strange keeps casting bolts of befuddlement and illusions at the troopers and also begins conjuring walls of metal on their path, leaving open the way forward for the others. The idea is reducing the ways the defenders of the lab can attack the four heroes. "By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, we have stepped on an anthill. But I think the Captain and Lantern would be more helpful here. Those flying machines attacking them couldn't not down here, after all."

He would prefer to have more allies down here, the battlefield is too chaotic and he is spending too much energy knocking out regular humans.

And when one of the squads decides to blow up one of the conjured walls instead of circle around, it takes him by surprise and a large chunk of metal hits him from behind and sends him crashing against a wall, unconscious.

"Oh hell, not this again!" Flash is trying to avoid the dampening fields before he finds himself having to fall back from the foam and caltrops. His arms wind, starting to try to create a hurricane wind down the hallway - but he cuts himself off when Orn arrives. "Woo, go get 'em, big guy!" he says as he hears Diana'a orders. "On my way, Princess!" he calls out.

Reversing course and using a moment to build up speed as he looks to Starfire. "See you on the other side!" he calls out, allowing himself to be treubacheted over the ground troops and waits for Starfire to join him. "Wait here. Don't blow up the doors!" he says with a frown.

With that, he starts to vibrate quickly - faster and faster, until his very silhouette's a blur. Then he moves, passing through the heavy door as he phases through as he passes through the heavily shielded metal - which will undoubtedly give him a headache later.

Once on the other side, he's hitting the panel to open the door for Starfire. "See. I can cheat too."

Drones. Well, good as they are, they can't compete with Carol Danvers in the air, and likely not with Jordan either. But Captain Marvel is much more likely to try punching the things to pieces than the Lantern is. And their energy weapons only serve to fuel her power and annoy her. It's a mess, and it is keeping Carol busy; she wanted to get down there and support her teammates, as comms come back up and she becomes aware of how heavy the mess is down below. But they are needed here, now, so here she is, keeping the back door open once the op is finished.

The armed guards are little to no effort. The trying part is keeping a canvas of cover for the team, which working alongside Captain Marvel is also not as taxing as one would believe. It is actually short work for the duo. They’re not exactly in the full specialized mix that the rest of the team is up until the mechanized drones begin to pour out.

”Oh goody. I was just getting bored.” A grin and something hits him past his auto-shields, one of the drones? Spinning through the air he forces himself in to a full stop and the barrier around him expands outwards, blocking a hailstorm of fire. “Which one of you hit me?” Doesn’t matter really Hal’s retaliation is a returned barrage of oversized green missles and machine gun fire. His left arm becoming fully encased in a futuristic looking Gladiator’s cestus. Mixing it up. He always does. His mind is the sort that will bore itself with repetition.

K'tten's head snaps up as she rises from truly mauling a trooper, upon him like a panther in teh wild, pieces of armor fly like shrapnel and unbury him from protective cover before she hoists the body and suplexes it to fall unconcious to the floor…

And that is when Strange's own form is met with a metal crash while the back of wrist sweeps blood from the corner of her lips…. But preening… Blink.

"Man down, cloak, 'distinguishment'.." a flit of fingers at her temples. "Should her be a veteran in human years?"

"K'tten, that is the Supreme! Take him to the ship!" Beat. "Not that part.." A low growl and as Flash also "cheats" in reciprocacy her hands cast a glow that illuminates the hall and with flight speeds she is seeking to impact, maybe even xpburn her way through just beside Orn who is met with resistance and omits a ROAR while hammering fists to floor that shake the foundation.

… That is how Citadeleans enslaved Tamaraneans… Just saying!

As Strange goes down, Diana wades directly into the fray and begins confronting the squadron leaders to strip the troops of their command structure. Their weapons are formidable, but she is a champion blessed by the very gods themselves. And her shield is the Aegis itself. She calls thanks to K'tten who evacuates the mage, however, and starts using her lasso to corral their armour encased adversaries. Because even through layers and layers of polyceramics and kevlar, they are still each susceptible to the lasso's command.

The next area, where Flash and Starfire are, contains the cloning facilities proper. There are several dozen tanks with some sort a saline solution filling them and bodies floating within that range from embryonic stage to young adults in their late teens. All the males look the same, though at various stages of growth, as do all the females. They all appear dormant. The light is illuminated with the red light of an emergency alarm system, rather than full fluorescent light.

Several of the remaining drones start gathering together, creating a sort of matrix which soon enough becomes a Voltron-esque (in a multi-insectoid sort of way) super-robot warrior. The weapons it wields are matter, not energy, vibrating, whirling blades, and gatling-gun like turrets that fire high-impact, armour piercing, explosive rounds. Apparently, the DEO designers are serious anime fans.

"Oh yeah! Man, Kit would be going crazy for footage of this. Caitlin too, to be honest." Captain Marvel comments. "Di, I'm sorry, but we're still going to be a while up here. Their attack drones just did some kind of Voltron thing."

Yes, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, knows what a Voltron is. Then again, the show is about space soldiers who are Big Damn Heroes (tm). Go figure.

"Alright, Hal. Time to have some real fun!" Carol shouts, and then she dives. She doesn't seem to be worried about the weapons; they hurt, but nothing she has seen yet has the power to actually do serious damage to her, and at this point she's amped up and charged with enough power to not really mind. She may not yet be to white hole 'Binary' status, but she's feeling little pain. And she's not hesitating to whipcrack through at multiples of the speed of sound and blast herself like a Carol-shaped missile right through body segments

"…Starfire, do you see what I see?" Flash asks, his brows rising from beneath his cowl as he moves around the tubes, taking it all in. And then he pauses. "Look at this.. they're not using the gas form of the Mists." he says, getting lost in the nerdom for a moment. "Apparently the Mists is far more stable in the liquid form than as a gas. Or the crystal form.."

The speedster is starting to look around at the clones. "They're making an army, Starfire." he says quietly, angrilly. "They said they were helping, and all this time.."

Hal’s constructs are impressive in their durability, it takes some serious concentrated firepower to even make a dent yet somehow it is happening. The cestus is torn free, shattering in to fragments before vanishing and leaving Green Lantern to block himself with his forearms, more a physical act that helps focus than an actual act that accomplishes anything, if not for his shields it would rip through human flesh and bone like it was nothing. It’s enough to leave cuts, dices and strips torn though his uniform.

”Okay. Now I am getting angry. " A noise from Hal and the shield he protected him with pops outwards, a momentary pulse that gives him a brief freedom. "Right behind you, Captain Marvel." Hal Jordan now shows his age by forming a giant green mecha around himself that looks very much like Achilles’ machine from the movie Robot Jox. “It’s go time!” Just behind Carol as she turns in to a human bullet and rips through one of the Biotechnica dronebot Hal himself collides in to it, only in the form of mecha-Lantern. Mecha grappling follows! He'll hold it, crush it and toss it around where it won't smash anything crucial while Carol rips it to shreds.

Starfire finally lands, that flame hue of hair dying down in light only to a heated glow that casts of the tubes. A lens that was once invisible over her left eye flashes to light in am incandescent green to relay the feed to DePalo while Orn steps within and then… Lowly grunts, backing out after taking it in. He wanted nothing to do with this, he got them here, that's all that mattered. In crunches, smashes and a crascendo of *pops* through the concious troops he ensures they go 'back to black'.

"Depalo…" Starfire whispers as she walks among the tubes and touches over the glass, but upon that contact a fog forms, the contrast of temperature causing it, but the data gathered and sent is to Depalo, the scientist, while one stands apparently bfore her as well…

"What do we do?" That emerald gaze following tubes, one gripped, tensing…

Insecticon is not so easy to lance through as it appears. Indeed, the drones are smart enough that as Carol rockets towards them, they break apart, often letting her pass straight through. Of course, she is exceedingly fast, so it becomes something of a war of attrition for them, especially when LanternMech starts putting them into holds that negate their agility and movement advantage. Too, the base doesn't have an inexhaustible supply. Glowing 'eyes' focus in the 'head' area of the robot, suggesting some sort of cooperative link between the machines. They are learning from their opponents, but the war of attrition is taking obvious toll. The robot is shrinking.

"Acknowledged," Wonder Woman replies to Captain Marvel. "Just keep our escape route open as well as you can."

Between Diana and Starfire's crew, the troopers are being rounded up quite effectively, in any case. Diana leaves the crewpersons to contain the soldiers, among them one Major Thomas Ludtwig, who finds himself quickly stripped of weapons and means of recourse — not to mention respectable command.

This allows Diana to join the others in the clone chamber. "We free whichever clones are viable," she tells her friends, "and give mercy to the rest." Her blue eyes go steely. "Then, we destroy all of this and find Dr. Andreas." She refers to Dr. Charles Andreas, Rao's former assistant who is actually in charge of the NuGenesis facility.

"Roger." Captain Marvel acknowledges. She starts timing her attacks for when the Insecticon (really?) is grappling with LanternMech, until she can manage to locate the sensors that are feeding the drones their data. Then she times a strafing run for another of those 'while grappled' moments, and tears out as many of the sensor units as she can reach with rapid fury.

That'll be enough of all the nice coordination, thanks.

"…mercy to the rest…" Flash frowns at that, and looks between the two women. He's not so sure on that whole idea. "I'm going to check the rest of the facility.. see what other clones may be here - that.. could still be saved." The speedster is obviously shaken by the idea of taking lives, but before looking towards Starfire and Diana waiting for their thoughts.

Hal kicks backwards away from the now fragmenting MechaLantern the robot fading out of reality piece by tiny piece but it should have been enough by now. Green Lantern ascends looking down at the smoke, fire and explosions popping across the Insecticon. "I can mark that one off my bucket list." He exhales, chest rising and falling. "I think we're clear up here. Pretty sure at least."

Behind Wonder Woman, Depalo shows himself, the Dominator a vision of a race bent of scientific domination and warfare, a race that resembles Locusts in a more humanoid form, and can plague like them as well. There is that eerie insectile rattling as he steps into the glow of the tubes and places a hand upon them while the other upon pods.

Starfire looks from him to Wonder Woman and Flash, nodding lightly as if there was words between herself and her crew-mate unheard but only between them. "We have this." Starfire's eyes dip at outer corners lightly in a sorrow and yet a joy. "Freedom, mercy and destruction if you all would like to… Not."

Diana isn't eager to kill anyone. But, if the clone isn't viable, she's not going to prolong its suffering. It's not in her nature. "See what you can find," she tells Barry. She'd sooner him not witness anything that would make him unsettled, in any case. As it is, a surprising number of the clones do seem to be viable. It's only the very youngest — embryos and infants — that face difficulty. And that is not easy for Diana to do. She will certainly look for an alternate solution.

She turns to Starfire. "Can your ship's AI find some way to save them all?" Likely not. But, it can deliver a final, painless blow. And that will be sufficient — once they're all out of there

Insectidrone (better?) loses cohesion when the sensor relays are damaged, indeed putting much of an end to the fight topside. The base resources aren't inexhaustible, after all. It's not that large a facility, though it's obviously large enough.

With a firm nod of his head, Flash heads off to start to check the rest of the facility, ending up in one of the lower levels where the residents are kept. This.. this could be a problem. «We have more down here. Uh.»

"So, guys and girls. I'm the Flash. I'll be your liberator this evening. So. If you want to be free, let's line up single file and head this way. Because this whole place will probably be going boom soon."

"Your backdoor is currently open, Di. But I need you to know … I'm pretty sure hypersonic manned craft are inbound. We have a minute, two at the most. So wrap it up and let's pull out. I can't take down those jets without risking the pilots' lives." Captain Marvel transmits as she continues flying patrol over the facility.

At the back of the room in which Flash finds the others is a man — Dr. Charles Andreas. He holds a boy by the scruff of his neck, facing off against a second boy — an older teen of about 18 years in appearance — from whom waves of energy pulse like the lapping of waves on the sand. "You've just run out of time, Alfie," Andreas says to the second boy. "You have the power. Get us out of here. Now. Or neither you nor John will ever see true daylight."

Yeah, he's a nice guy.

Flash's entrance, however, startles Andreas. He jerks and just as his finger twitches on the trigger, Alfie shouts "No!" while hurtling himself forward at the 'mad scientist' and John.

The result? A flash of energy that leaves the room empty in its wake and Flash standing on its threshold doubtlessly tingling from the sense of the warping of spacetime. The clones that were in the room are gone, too. The only thing of note is that neither John nor Alfie looked like the clones.

That simply leaves the tank-bred bodies on the floor above, and heroes with a distinct lack of time to attend to all the loose ends.

«Contact!» Flash calls out, and starting to run at Andreas, but he's too late as the whole room seems to be empty. There's not only an impending sense of doom, but.. his radio goes off. He freezes in place, for just a moment, before he turns his attention elsewhere. "Trouble in Gotham." is all he says as he is suddenly gone at nearly Mach speed and going faster as he's racing for Gotham to answer the emergency call.

"Hal, we need nets! Big damn nets. We have to get them out of here now! C-n-C, this is Captain Marvel. Prep and clear the loading bay. We will be coming in hot with big, fragile cargo." They are a team. They work together. And right now, this team is going to work together to save as many lives as they can. Carol snaps at Lantern and points to the entrance, and then she takes off at his side … time to scoop it all up and go! "Take down the data centers ASAP!"

"Gathered that." Hal replies to Carol, he is already on it. Not nets but dozens upon dozens of orbs to contain as many as he can possibly carry. Which is a good number the power ring isn't entirely exhausted yet and carriage shouldn't be too hard a call. The net could also work but he didn't want to start smashing folks together. Clean up and rescue, his thoughts this entire time have been on the passive and cautious side as best he can, call him reckless all they want the man still has a heart of gold. “I think I have everyone!” Then the net comes in to play, wrapping up around all of the orbs so it can be clutched up by the others. Silly looking to an extent but very effective. That in a nutshell sums up Lantern powers anyways, especially when willed forth by certain types.

Down two heroes, Diana relies heavily on the crew of the HMSS Starfire to aid in the evacuation — such as it is. Truthfully, many of the young adult clones will never truly adapt to their condition, though there is hope for the younger ones.

Regardless, by the time the data centers are taken care of and the equipment has been destroyed, the evacuation has been accomplished and there's little left to do but retreat and let the Tamaranean ship in orbit blast the site back into the bedrock.

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