Drink Lord

March 10, 2017:

Pro Tip: never bring your friends to work.

Tin Roof Club, Bowery, Gotham


NPCs: Mr. Big Cat Bouncer Gang Dude, Toothgnasher the Goat, Bob

Mentions: Thor


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Its a slow night at the Tin Roof. Its not the nicest of places, its dark, its full of people that seem to be just above street thug level, it can be loud, its location in the Bowery isn't the best…

In other words it kinda feels like home to one Peter Quill.

"Seriously Rocket," Comes the voice of the ever chipper pilot. "All I did was ask and bam, bartender job. I don't even know how it happened. I was half joking…" He is saying as he steps though the door.

There aren't dancers in the cages tonight, and the stage is taken up by a band and not a set of dancing girls. At least at the moment. "…and yes before you ask. Groot, they have the little umbrellas and fruity drinks. None of those huge flowers from Sigma Five that you like though, I'll have to get those imported."

The massive mountain of a man with the marking of the Alley Cat gang shifts into view by the door. He pauses to look down towards Quill, then back out the door.

"Quill," The man rumbles. "Brought friends?"

"Yeah, no freaking out. But they are with me. So…well just don't freak out." A pause. "And no petting. He's not a cat." A longer pause. "And yes he's a tree."

A pause from Quill as he leaves the bemused bouncer by the door. "Yup, that about covers it! Come on in guys!"

"And they haven't fired you yet?" Rocket shoots back at the Star-Lord, although not without a bit of a smirk. He has his hands shoved into the pockets of a tiny black military jacket with a hood. Oh the things you can get off Amazon. He'll never admit that it was probably from the children's section.

Following Peter inside, he looks around at the set up, brow arching at the cages that hang above. "That where they torture people?" he asks. How's he supposed to know what these Terrans like? His attention than shifts towards the big guy that comes to 'greet' them, but the raccoon doesn't look the least bit concerned. He almost gives the guy a challenging look- better known as his 'I'll chew off your hand', eyes narrowing especially as Quill warns the man not to try petting.

Shrugging once Quill moves on, he follows with a jerk of his head, this for his tree compatriot.

Towering next to his Guardian buddies, the tree smiles, looking as pleased as punch. Two large tree hands clap together to emphasize his delight. "I am Groot!" Groot says, approving of Quill's answer about the question that would have been roughly translated into another 'I am Groot' of a differing tonality altogether.

He pauses to meet the gaze of the mountain-sized man as Star Lord talks his way through, offering a small wave in return. "I am Groot." See? Friendly Ent. It's totally fine.

With a nod in Rocket's direction, Groot lumbers in after them. It's when they get past the door and bouncer he gets awfully distracted. Lights, people, entertainment - it's all very familiar to what he's used to. So he'll adjust.

When did she become the normal one?

…Oh right, the moment she saved Peter Quill from being kidnapped by aliens.

But hey, even though Hikari has never really been the barfly type, she has a pretty good fake ID (don't ask where she got it) - and it seems like the bouncer might not even be checking them, so it works out either way!

She has it ready just in case though, since she's only a few months away from twenty-one she'd reeeeally not like to be caught breaking the law. Please don't take her scholarship away ._.


All eyes turn to the Asgardian and her goat, whom she ties to a parking meter. "Worry not, Toothgnasher. I shall not revel long this evening. Yes, yes that should be fine. I doubt the denizens of this realm will mind very much if you devour the front of this vehicle, considering the blasted landscape it shall become in only a mere few millennium." And so the goat, on loan from her grandfather, does munch away at the front of a Porche 911 Carrera S.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.


The doorman looms, and certainly Atli has noticed those who came before her, not Midgardians by her assessment, and so while a giant palm would be enough to turn her away given her promise to Thor to not be to unruly, tonight she shifts to the side to get a better look at the tree-creature, her eyes going slightly wide.

Mr. Big Cat Gang Dude shakes his head. "Ain't no way you're 21. Convention's over anyway, no cosplay allowed."

The gaze of the Asgardian looks up and up in a long squint, and then she just walks forward, pressing a bag of something into the man's hand as his fist curls and she drags him several steps until he's suddenly pulled over in his attempt to stop her. "You are not such an astute guardian as I am used to, but here, let this allay whatever malady will befall you for allowing me entry. Do not.. unhand me!"

Her voices rises as she gives him a shrug that sends him tumbling away. And he and his buddies might come running after her - if not for the bag of Asgardian gold he only just realized was her little 'gift'.

Kitty Pryde is not someone who was here first. Instead, the teacher of computer science and current holder of some strange and unidentifiable magical object pushes her way into the Tin Roof Club without looking back or forward. Apparently Peter Quill has a paying job and this is something she has to see for herself.

It looks as if others have the same idea. Seeing Rocket and Groot by the bar, she beams and moves her way toward them. "Rocket! Groot! So, is this really happening? This is a thing? Peter with a so called job? We're all here to take merciless advantage of this, yes?" She pointedly ignores the actual Peter Quill for the moment. Hikari is almost pushed past, as the Kitty does not know the woman and is intent on her destination. However, she gives the other woman a sheepish and warm grin at the jostling contact. "Sorry!" she tells her. "You know, I might have an in. You have at least one drink on me."

Then, however, her attention is on Peter, even though he is not yet behind the bar. "Excuse me? Yes, pardon me, Garcon? Bartender? Yes, there are orders to be taken down here." There is a wide grin on her face as she leans against the bar. She is having far too much fun with this.

Atli's entrance, however, interrupts that as well. Eyes widen as she tracks the other woman's approach. Did she have a goat outside?

"What torture? No! Dancers go in there, pretty hot ones usually." Star-lord replies in a bit of a scandalized look towards his tiny and fuzzy companion. "Its just a style thing I guess…or to keep them out of the hands of the crowd. You know what happens when crowds get handsy. You remember that one bar where you crawled on stage?" Then a glance at Groot. "Didn't he have to carry you home after that?"

A wicked grin as he angles towards the bar. Apparently he doesn't have a uniform or anything as he slips behind the bar and…

…and suddenly there is a Kitty yelling at him. "Whats what? You want a hot glass of shut-the-hell-up?" He shoots back at her with a returned grin as he smirks back towards her. A glance over towards the manager as he quirks an eyebrow. "Hey is the cat home?"

Said manager shrugs slightly in response. Which means no.

A shake of his head. "Ah well, was gonna introduce ya to the owner or…I guess she's the owner. She acts like it. Anyway she messed up a suit of hers and I figured you could help fix it up and stuff. And…"

And then there is a goat.

"Woah woah!" He calls towards the brewing altercation by the door. "Hey now! No breaking anyone yet, she's older than she looks I'm sure!" A longer pause. "…and she…" He peers slightly towards Atli. "…you're not an Asgardian are you—" A pause as he glances out the window and sees a goat. Eating a car.

"…you're totally an Asgardian…"

"Could be torture." If not for the dancers, then for the ones who can't get to 'em. The raccoon merely shrugs, although he gives Peter a look. "Hey, it wasn't like I didn't warn 'em! And it's not like I ripped out anyone's eyes that time."

He clambers up onto the nearest stool once Peter takes his place behind the counter, his ears twitching at the familiar voice that drops his name. "Oh yeah, definitely. We're all here to laugh at him and make him wait on us hand an' foot." Rocket grins toothily at Kitty, then past her as he sees Ribbon. "Old enough'ta be here, kid?" he asks, nudging her with an elbow once she's come over.

As Quill starts sputtering about Asgardians, he looks over towards the… Well, okay. She's either Asgardian or insane. Or both. Both is always an option.

Groot ponders, recalling the memory from not-too-way-back-when. He then shrugs, nodding at Quill. "I am Groot." He sounds noncommittal at most, letting Rocket say his side of the story without interruption.

As the tree friend sits on the stool next to the raccoon, a grin is barely contained once Kitty and Ribbon are noticed. "I am Groot!" Clearly he's happy to see both. And then he glances over at the Asgardian arriving in style. With a goat right there. Never mind the fact those other guys are busy with the gold she handed the downed bouncer.

Oh, this is gonna be a party. He just knows.

As attention inevitably turns to the girl who can very nearly walk through a man three times her size, she seems little worse for it. A firm hand clapping to Groot's bark by way of greeting as she bypasses him, pausing briefly to wave a hand as if to dismiss Quill, a laugh rallying in her throat. "I am unharmed by this man of great stature but puny strength. Who must I kill to get a drink in this place of cages and rancid cacophony? You there, with the bearing of a fool!"

She indicates Quill, because he's the one that first addressed her, tossing him a gold coin. "Revels and celebration! Prepare for me a drink worthy of the Gods."

Atli will end up between Rocket and Kitty, standing instead of sitting, one hand coming to rest on Rocket's head. Oh no.

Did she just.. assume he is pettable?

Assumptions or not, her nails dig in behind Rocket's ears in a way that is divine, fingers curling for the headscratch that is quite befitting of a God's attention. It is brief, before Rocket too gets the back-clap of an old friend. "And drinks for these, my new friends! For I am tired of spending nights alone on top of Stark Palace, alone, but for Toothgnasher!" An arm will find Kitty's shoulder, and she gives a squeeze. Thankfully not to hard. "Tonight we will drink our fill, wrestle a bout or seven, and perhaps if all are fortunate, awaken naked in unfamiliar company!"

"Oop!" Someone bumps into Hikari's back and the pink-haired girl jumps a bit - she must be the nervous type. But Kitty seems to be nice, and actually not mean or rude at all, which is suuuch a relief! "Oh- well, you get one round, and I'll get the next?"

Even if Rocket and Groot will probably help protect her from any… uh, scary biker guys or ne'er-do-wells or handsy dudes, Hikari is happy to see another girl about her age. She smiles back at Kitty, a little shyly because she's not in her element but- wait, she knows Rocket and Groot and Star-L… uh, Peter Quill? "That's okay! Thanks for thinking of me~" Hikari does not realize that Peter was probably using her mad skillz to get out of an owed favor or something.

She rocks a little bit with the tiny elbow in her ribs. "I didn't think it was a bar like this!" she stage-whispers at Rocket. "I thought it was a restaurant, with like… a bar in it!" Hikari's family is fairly conservative in some areas. She pulls up a barstool next to Groot and climbs up on it with the air of the terminally out-of-place. And because Hikari is who she is, she leans over a bit and gives the big tree a one-armed sidehug.

"Let's see, uh…" What was it that Caitlin had mentioned? "Can I have… a crantini?" She glances toward the big window. Please let it not actually be a shellfish…

A shiver goes up her spine as Ribbon feels something out of place. She turns her head just as Atli wanders up and calls for drinks. And slaps Groot on the back. And…! Her eyes widen in horror as a hand comes closer and closer, in slow motion, to the top of Rocket's head. She starts to speak, but she's just… too… slow…! If she'd managed it, Hikari would have said something like, 'Oh, look out, he doesn't really like to be petted!!' Instead, she manages "Nuh-!!" And then Rocket was being petted.

Someone hide her!!


"Nah, that's not my drink," Kitty tells Peter with a twinkle in her eye and a bit of a wink. "You should make me a gimlet, though, bartender." Being able to order Peter around seems to really suit Kitty.

Then, she laughs companionably at both Groot and Rocket. "Excellent!" She tells Rocket as he confirms her suspicions and then adds onto her teasing. While she did not know Ribbon before, it seems as if the Guardians crew at least know her well enough to ask about her age. Something tells her that the wouldn't care if this was some random person on the street.

While Kitty does not have a drink yet, she does try and keep up the raucous spirit. "Tonight we are all Groot!" She tells the tree. Once she has a glass, she will happily cheers that sentiment.

The mention of Asgardians in regards to both Atli and Peter are met with suspicion and also curiosity. She knows that Peter is on Asgardian parole, and it seems likely to her that this woman may be here to also check up on him. However, it does not seem as if the woman know what party she has entered. "That seems to be more Quill's thing than any of ours," she tells Atli - about waking up in stranger's beds.

Hikari is given quite a smile and a nod. "That sounds great." Especially as she - at this moment - intends to put her tab on Peter Quill for this evening. "I"m Kitty Pryde, but the way." It's an introduction she extends to both Hikari and Atli.

"She's totally annoying is what she is!" Peter corrects Kitty's introduction of herself to the pair of them with a smirk on his face. "…a gimlet. Right. Coming right up." He finally says though, a look of mischief in his eyes and a smirk on his lips as he collects a glass from under the bar and a bottle of something from behind him.

"I have no idea who is going to regret all this more." He adds thoughtfully towards no one in particular.

Atli's request draws a blink though. "Right. First off the name is Peter. People call me Star-lord. This is Hikari and KittenfaceMcBlaberpants." He indicates Hikari and Kitty with those words. "And this is Rocket," The raccoon. "And Groot." A longer pause. "…wait Toothgnasher? Thats Toothgnasher? Do you know Thor?"

Of course she knows Thor. Every Asgardian knows Thor. But he's already asked so he's just gonna live with this.

But then people are calling for drinks all over the place and he springs into action. By springs in this case it means slow lazy movements that don't take much energy.

He starts with Groot, tall fluted glass with something that has layered colors of bright orange and bright blue and smells so fruity-sweet that it might rot teeth. Its got an umbrella in it.

Ribbon's takes a little bit more doing. Because really. What the hell is a crantini? I mean really. He's working on it though, peering though liquer cabinets and trying to find out what might work out. "Well whoever you are, at least you know how to party it seems."

Eventually he works it out though, but there is little fanfare as a red drink in a martini glass appears in front of Ribbon.

For Atli? There is a discussion between the other bartender and Peter. It takes a few moments but eventually the drink he sits down in front of her gives off the smell of something way higher proof than strictly legal.

It's also on fire.

Kitty? When all is said and done he sets down a glass in front of her. Its got a few fingers of whiskey in it.

And he smirks at her.

"Rocket what do you want anyway? I mean what you usually drink smells like paint remover and tastes about as good."

Rocket grins at Hikari. "What, that don't seem like wholesome fam'ly entertainment?" he asks, jerking a thumb up towards the dangling cages. Actually he thinks they're still kinda weird, but he's also kind of morbidly curious about them so long as he isn't the one that gets stuck in one. Already almost had that happen, thanks, and it wasn't at a bar or a club.

His eyes home in on Atli as she approaches, his tail already tensed as she steps a little too close into his personal space, although he'd let it slide if she's only trying to get to the bartender. As that hand settles on his head the Asgardian can feel the raccoon stiffen under her touch, and Groot might imagine the rage-o-meter starting to rise. Wait though, what, what are her fingers doing- is this her way of flirting or what?? Rocket's a little angry at himself for actually enjoying the head scratch, but he's saved from a long debate as Atli shifts her hand from his head.

"-wha? Oh, uh…" Saved by Quill? Never. But that is a conveniently asked question that he will totally jump on that diversion. After he stares a moment at the drink that's on fire. Sparklers, he's seen, but fire? "-they got any specials here? Or you just dump random stuff in a glass and pass it off for the night?" he grins at the Drink-Lord.

A hearty Atli Asgardian clap on the bark and a Hikari sidehug? That's called WINNING. With friends!

But Star Lord is a pal. Just like Rocket, he gets Groot - except not on the same level as Rocket, but still. He deserves a gold star. He's been around the tree to know what he likes, even if it does boil down to 'yaaasss teeth-rotting sweetness.' (ONLY THE VERY BEST FOR A TREE.)

While everyone else is settling in around the bar and getting their drinks on, Groot eagerly accepts the fruity drink with gusto. It's a drink held at bay, however, when he sees the raccoon get his head scratched. His bark-covered face sort of warps, mouth twisting slightly as a crisis of Rocket Rage is somehow miraculously averted. Never mind the fact he breathes a sigh of relief.

Kitty's declaration of all of them being Groot for the night, he visibly brightens, raising his glass triumphantly. Although it serves as a good distraction, he'll definitely drink to that!


The Asgardian laughs the very moment Peter mentions his 'Title', a short breath against the top of her drink blowing out the flame.. or rather, splattering some of the burning alcohol onto the bar. Where it continues to burn. No matter. That's certainly going to be Quill's fault.

"And which Star are you a Lord of? Is it far outside the paths between the nine realms? I would visit it, if not for certain obligations here on this doomed place." Her head tilts back, and with it her drink, destroying it utterly in the span of four or five long gulps. There's a moment after where she contemplates the proper response, her belch of alcohol passing the fire on the bar and sending a gout of flame almost right at Peter. But he's a Star-Lord, assuredly he can dodge that .

"And I am Atli, Daughter of Woden, Gr…" There's a snarl to her pause, and she tosses her glass away somewhere behind her. It smashes into the back of some low-life's head, and immediately his buddies all stand to take issue. Atli, of course, remains oblivious.

"I am familiar with Thor the Avenger. Or Thor the Fool. Or whatever you wish to call him in this place. He gave me leave to use Toothgnasher while I am here, though the Goat is growing increasingly uneasy and of unhidden malice. I believe it wishes to return to him, and so soon. SOON. But first.. more drinks! Another of these… huh. I seem to have begun a campfire."

She cringes away from the raccoon's certain incoming explosion of fury. Surely any minute now Rocket will burst into a rage and the bombs will start going off, oh god, she didn't think she was going to die before she even managed to taste her drink-!


what is happening

…You know, if Hikari doesn't look directly at Rocket or Scary Goat-Rider Lady maybe nothing bad will happen. Like ostriches. Ostriches can't attack you if they can't see you! She fumbles for her martini glass (oooh, it looks so fancy!) and horks down half of it in a single gulp. It- it tastes kinda like cranberries and only a little tiny bit like burning. But it slowly makes her insides uncoil a bit, and within a few moments the sharp edges of the bar experience are less terrifying.

"Oh— Hikari Hataori," she introduces herself to Kitty. "It's nice to meet you!"

And then Atli set the bar on fire, and on extra fire by burping at it.

Hikari leans waaaaaaaay back because HER HAIR IS FLAMMABLE WHYYYYYYYYYYYY and slides off of her barstool, taking her crantini-not-a-shellfish with her to protect it.

She has completely missed the most important part: that Groot actually knows five words!

"I'm not the annoying one. You're the one making fun of your customer's drink order!" Once Peter sets down a whiskey in font of her, Kitty gives Peter A Look. It's one that is a mix between entirely amused and also 'how dare you'. "This is not a gimlet," she informs Quill, though she knows that he knows that.

Atli's approach and then scritching of Rocket is met with quite a raised eyebrow. She does know that Rocket does not generally like to be touched - especially by strangers or in a way that may be involving pets. Curiously, she watches the exchange, relieved that it doesn't come to blows. Instead, she raises her glass of whiskey that is definitely not a gimlet to Groot. "We are Groot!" she agrees wholeheartedly.

To Atli, she tells - very confidently, "No one actually calls him Star-Lord. He keeps saying that's who he is, but I have yet to hear anyone else call him Star-Lord. I think it's like someone trying to give themselves a nickname. It never works" That is - across the board - Kitty's thoughts on the Star-Lord thing.

Hikari's introduction is met with a friendly smile. "Nice to meet you!" And, then things are on fire and there are phones ringing. Quickly, she goes to take care of both of those things. Hopefully not at the same time, but the X-Man can be quite the multitasker!

"We are totally Groot!" Quill agrees with a grin as he turns towards Rocket. "Eh I think its the latter thing…I mean I got like half a dozen bottles of overstock I can just mix some together and OH MY GOD SERIOUSLY?!"

This when Atli just sets small parts of the bar on fire. He grabs a rag and starts smothering the flames. "Keep the fire in the glass la- "

And then he has to duck as a belch of flame is directed at him. "…seriously?!" A pause. "What is wrong with these people!"

He starts checking his hair before he notes the knot of people getting up from the table behind Atli. "BOB!" A point. "YOU KNOW THE RULES YOU RUMBLE YOU DO IT OUTSIDE!" A longer pause. "AND WAY DOWN THE STREET!"

He goes back to smothering the fire. "And there are plenty of people who call me Star-lord! Rocket tell her there totally are people that do! Hikari there totally has too!"

"That don't even make sense," Rocket says as he eyes Groot. Crazy tree, he ain't even drunk and he's spouting gibberish. Pointedly keeping his elbows off the counter as it catches fire, he just kind of stares at it. "Well that's new. Hey Quill, I think you need a fire extinguisher." At this rate he's never going to get a drink.

There may not be any dancers on stage right now, but watching the man dodge fire and try to keep the peace is entertainment in its own right. Rocket smirks at Kitty and then glances at Atli, holding up a couple of fingers. "Two. …although if you count Hikari then it's three," he shrugs, then looks back at Quill, bringing his hands together a few times in a golf clap. "Nice job, Drink Lord. I was about to call bets with Groot about whether this place gots sprinklers installed or not."

"It makes him so happy, though," Hikari interjects sheepishly, and follows it up by draining the rest of her drink.

Dismissively waving a hand at Rocket, Groot counters, "I am Groot." He's thriving off of the social high like water. When Hikari adds that helpful little note, he points at her, nodding in agreement. "I am Groot!"

Instead of chugging his drink down like a pre-drunken frat boy, Groot daintily nudges the tiny paper umbrella aside with a gnarled finger before bringing his tree lips (lips?) to the rim, sipping it like a fine wine. And since it tastes great, the sentient tree gives Quill a thumbs up. This isn't exactly the kind of tip Quill will expect for his troubles, but it's the thought that counts.

He does click his tongue in regards to the fire being extinguished. "I am Groot," he grunts, sounding a little disappointed by the quick turnaround.

As Quill begins to put on a show - for surely that is what he is doing, you know, entertaining them all with his shouting and pouting - Atli begins to laugh, gesturing that she should be getting a bottle of whatever that is behind Quill. Of course, there are a bunch of bottles. Yes, she'll take those.

It isn't until there's pointing that she glances over her shoulder, waving a dismissive hand at Bob and his buddies. "Yes, go outside pitiful men of low strength, who listen to the likes of Drink-Lord with a cowering demeanor! There is one of equal measure to the lot of you, I tied him to a metal stick and left him to chew on plastic. Feel free to bring your faces to him to chew on instead!"

At this Atli looks around, gesturing to EVERYONE who does not have a drink, and then patting the recently burned bar - it's only a bit of the finish that's suffered. It might not cost Drink-Lord his job!

Of course she takes a queue from Rocket's new name for Peter. "You are falling behind, Drink-Lord! This night is for revels! I ..yes! You are a Groot!" It is with some annoyance that she says it, staring quizzically at the creature who seems to know so few words.

At least it is of good nature. Unlike Bob. Who has been told to go fight a goat.

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