You /Can/ Stop a Bullet

March 10, 2017:

Ravager moves in to finish the job pertaining to Spoiler, and yet again things go South.

Is his the end of the Ravager?

//Red Hook - Gotham //

Between residential and the Gotham River's warehouse activity Red
Hook is a squalid smear of homes, low brick-like structures and storage
facilities. The location is surprisingly stable despite the rundown, crime
ready look of the landscape. With a steady influx of harbor work, the
Warehouse District is predominately controlled by the Irish Mob of Gotham,
this whole area is sometimes referred to as "The Cauldron" almost every
business and residential complexes in the Cauldron are owned by some
criminal element or another that has ties directly to the Irish crimelords
of Gotham. The Warehouse district is busy, productive and secure, keeping
work in and out of Gotham's western shores very active.
Renfield Heights is a giant tenement complex here that sprawls out
along the short stacked buildings, warehouses and structures. The Gotham
Central Terminal is also situated here. If you wanted to get to any location
in Gotham along the monorail the best starting point is Red Hook.


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Fade In…

Flash had gone for his mission, and Stephanie was actually content enough to stay in, maybe watch a movie, do some homework so she didn't fall behind during Spring Break (Read: finds herself right on track for class upon their return). But, she's a batling and as dark falls heavy on the cities, she checks her black phone. A voice mail. No one leaves voice mails. They are either calls or texts. And that she didn't hear the phone's alert for incoming call go off was more than worrisome. It means her phone got hacked and there are less than a handful of people she knows capable of it. Nervous, Stephanie listens to the message.

"Hey… It's me," says the recorded voice. It's Tim, speaking quietly as though he were trying to avoid being overheard. "Listen… I'm about to go and do something really stupid, but if it works we'll have Zatanna and Constantine back. If it doesn't…" He's always so confident, so certain. Not now. Faint hints of genuine fear creep into his voice.

"If it doesn't, I want you to know that I…" He pauses, stops, changes what he was going to say. "I think you're amazing. That I know you're gonna do great. I hope you have a happy life. If I don't make it back, tell everyone that I'm sorry, and…"

"Goodbye," he adds finally, before the message ends.

Stephanie's eyes widen and her heart races. Doing something stupid. That's typical of Tim, but he's always so sure of himself, so certain. The note of fear she heard, coupled with the note of fear she had heard in Barry's attempt to sound sure of himself, had her on edge. On edge enough that she left a quick note on the mini whiteboard on the fridge that the pair use to leave notes to each other.

She couldn't help Flash, she knew she couldn't. She wasn't even sure she could help Tim, given the horrible lack of details he left her… but… he had the keycard to all of his hide-outs. And the one in Gotham was the one she was going to check last. Maybe there would be clues she could follow. She was, after all, Cluemaster's daughter. Following clues was sort of what she did. Unfortunately, there was nothing useful there and she left to perch on a rooftop to think. Nothing in his New York place. Nothing in his Gotham place… Where was he?

Spoiler sits on her bike, mulling over what she can remember of the clues he'd shared with her, that she had worked on. She worried at her bottom lip, and her right arm was out of its sling.

Ravager saw Robin fished out while Spoiler gimpily rode that 'bike' away even after the building blew and folded in on itself. Those eyes narrow, the white one flashing like a predatorial gaze reflective in the shadows while she stalked away. Her bank account and way out… To restart… Remained unfilled by the contract save a small deposit for the additional foe throwing a wrench. At least her contractor was partially giving, but likely only to be sure the job got done.

The Tomahawk motorcycle bursts through the streets, a light upon a GPS blinking, from darkness to a sudden alarm and light. A roar of beastial engine and then sudden flip-switch to silence as she is resting almost a hundred yards within the alert and looks, that bionic eye going from pale white to a soft red, heat seeking life that sweeps over people wandering, people in their apartments, their familial actions as dinner gets served and kids are at play with their parents…

A thin draw of Ravager's lips and when her target is spotted the large duffle rested across the back of the bike is opened, anchored and in a sudden peel of rubber that massive back tire swings her out and towards her, but what is drawn from the bag and hefted:

The Tactical Air Initiated Launch, or TAIL is larger then Ravager's arm, coated in that scale maille and wrapped in impact-absorbing kevlar suit of orange and black. The only thing left of old is that Phanomesque half-mask. White hair pulled behind her in the breakneck speed, fingers on the clutch suddenly shift as the target is zeroed in on and the TAIL aims, the grappel launched with a loud BANG! seeking to anchor into that sky-bike and drag Spoiler to her level.

Smoke rises from the ties of the Tomahawk as she is suddenly in reverse. Hang on, Spoiler, for the ride of your fucking life!


Spoiler blinks from her reverie and looks over, just in time for the hook to slam into the side of her bike and yank it from the hover-wait on the building's edge. She clings, leaning into her bike for two seconds as she sets it to 'hover over, 100feet'. That done, Spoiler draws a sharp batarang and leaps from bike to grab the line of the grappel that's puling her bike along even as it works to stay sky bound. Glove keeping her hand from being torn up, Spoiler zip lines toward the attacker, right hand with her sharp batarang seeking to severe the line to her bike the moment the batling knows her trajectory will take her right into whomever this is. Spoiler's going to try to land feet first, knock Ravager from the bike, before balancing on it just long enough to leap clear and fire her own grappel up at her bike.

If all goes to plan. Lately, however….

The Tomahawk is in reverse, a force that is toqued to try and drag despite hover settings. The line is nylon coated over the hard metal line, the nylon shredding beneath the Batarang, but the metal wiring only frays while the ass end of the Tomahawk swings to and fro with the resistance of 'hover', traffic blocked now and backing away. This is Red Hook, they know a bad thing when they see a Batling and another as Spoiler ziplines down the grappel towards Ravager.

A setting flicked, a cruise control as she leans back and draws kunai from thigh-sheaths, a fan of 3 in a flash that get thrown towards Spoiler as Ravager rises to stand on the swaying seat of her cycle like it is an airborne board, surfing the pace to leap Spoilers way in a follow up, the Kherubim crafted swords suddenly spiraling from the brace along arms to pivot into grip and sweep at Spoiler's arm holding onto the Batarang.

I'm Under and Over It!


Dammit, Dick! I thought you were going to TALK to this crazy-

As the batarang doesn't' slice through the metal, Spoiler lets go of the line, so she drops like a rock. It's the only way to avoid what's coming next. Still, one kunai grazes her cowl on the top of the head. Another slices a lock of blonde hair free. The sword cuts into the corner of her cape on the way down. A blonde lock of hair flutters slowly after the falling-way-too-fast Spoiler. It's going to hurt, falling from this height. Spoiler impacts hard, body crumbling and rolling.

"This is so not a good night for this," the blonde is quipping, voice holding a tiny bit of pain as she rolls to her feet. Years of cheerleading have her pushing through the pain of the twisted ankle, as her hand dips into her utility belt for that tiny EMP grenade she took. It's only a guess, but better tried than completely dead.

"Wanna tell me what your beef is before Nightwing asks?"

"Beef?" Ravager's single word comes upon a landing that has her rolling back and away. A swing and a miss! But she is not accepting and this time, she will not lay off. Between Ravager and Spoiler lays a small cast of silver-huen beads, and suddenly a smoke rises and then flashing lights come like fireworks of blinding lights and concussive echoes of blasts in a rapid fire!

"He should know. You All should know!" And despite the tiny-grenades of blasts Ravager plunges the gap between and sweeps a sword upward in a manner to grip fabric, tear it, and throw Spoiler off balance and into her grasp of she does not parry!

"No nights are ever good.."

Silver beads. Flash things. Spoiler activates the EMP and tosses it toward Ravagers feet even as she's backing away, hoping her lenses compensate for the light show, hoping her cowl blocks the sound enough to keep her from getting dizzy.

"Well. Pretend we're dumb and don't have a clue. Spoiler Alert: WE don't have a CLUE!" Stephanie yells back, hoping she can get a clean parry off against that sword with her plated forearm guards. If that EMP knocks out the flashers AND that electronic eye thing, Spoiler can… try to make a run for it. Far too many if's, and Spoilers going to run out of tricks to stay in one piece.

"Don't have to pretend." A breath and those words come upon exhale as the EMP's reciprocate the smaller 'mine' versions of smoke inclusion Ravager had thrown Spoilers way.

The only eye effected by the EMP's is the 'natural' frigid blue, and as it seals to darkness the other remains one that is seeing pure white flashes! But Ravager is used to the imbalance, so much time off kilter, blinded 50/…50 and still had to do what she does best…

One eye closed, the bionic eye as black as that half-mask while Ravager stands amidst it with ears ringing, lights flashing, smoke inhaled…. Hunt

Spoiler's movements are attempted to be deciphered through the chaos and that silhouette of sword laden hands, masked façade, and a familiar eternal foe in a far younger (and female) form rises a hand, and from it that Chiappa Rhino is suddenly in palm and fires a blast loud enough to herald a war, aiming to hamstring Spoiler's escape if she is not outside of range!

Lights out! Wake Up! Stay calm! Decide!

The flare of nostrils shows just how that move just -pissed- Ravager off.

AH HA! Success! Spoiler used EMP. It was PARTIALLY EFFECTIVE. Not that Spoiler was planning to stick around long enough to find out. The moment the EMP went off, Spoiler turned to bolt for it. Which really was the rookie mistake of the week.

She had taken two steps, grappel gun in hand, right hand aiming up for her skycycle when there's an extra bang and a sudden flare of pain in her leg. With a scream of agony, Spoiler drops, grapple clattering to the ground uselessly. She turns the best she can, rolling to her rump to keep Ravager in sight, suddenly pale and shaky. She tries to scoot back, heart hammering away against her ribs. Plum colored lips are parted, Spoiler's breath quick, as she shakily triggers her private to Flash's comms link that she hasn't used since that mission 10,000 leagues under the sea but had set up through DELPHI to work whenever she wanted. She's trying to trigger her GPS, to alert him to her location.

"Flash," is all she manages to get out before…

The smoke only casts a looming backdrop to swirl and part as the Rhino pivots back and away, even those swords silently sheath in a flicker of motions all mechanical despite the bare of fingerless gloved hands… But those tips where prints should be…

The smoke parts and suddenly Ravager is upon Spoiler, a swift blow from knee to lift her from the ground if landed, a follow-up of elbow to her jaw in a force meant to lift her up, then pile her down!.

None of the blows were soft and the impact had is one followed up by weight and an impact of a force beyond someone Ravager's size, just like her 'Father'.

But once she manages to (possibly) get Spoiler down to knees and held by her blonde severed hair within grasp, one booted foot rises to seek the back of her bent-knee. "You do not have to know, none of ever will…"

Somewhere in Pennsylvania…

"So, is this like a monthly Friday night thing for the League? You know, instead of Bowling and BBQ, it's fight the villain of the week? Because I can totally get behind that." Flash is saying as he's racing down a corridor, deftly moving beneath the swing of a large monitor mech that tries to swing at the scarlet speedster. Leaping on top of it, Flash reaches in to grab circuitry and cut it off. That is until his radio goes off. Tossing aside what he was doing, Flash glanced over to Starfire. "You got it from here." he says suddenly and is just gone in a blur of red and yellow.

It's 335 miles from where he is to where Stephanie is. At his top speed, he makes the trip in 150 seconds. That gives Ravager two and a half minutes of unfettered attacks on Spoiler.

It takes another two seconds because Flash's top speed is literally knocking aside small cars and rocking buildings in his wake as he speeds towards the signal. As he advances on it, he sees Ravager starts to rise up to make a crippling strike upon Spoiler, perhaps to end her career for good. That's not going to happen.

Flash doesn't stop. He doesn't quip. He doesn't even give a word of warning.

Ravager, with her enhanced senses, may notice Flash come in at the last couple of moments, but as he's at almost ten thousand miles an hour, he's barely a blur. And all of that, strength, speed, a build up of power, electricity and anger? It's thrown into a single punch right into Ravager's midsection. Her armor may be tough. It may hold. But it's going to hurt and knock all the air out of her.

And he's not stopping there. Ravager is about to be introduced to a world of speedster pain. Pummeling at Mach+.

In those two and a half minutes, Flash is treated to the joys of Spoiler having had Flash's comm link defaulting to Voice Activation. With each assault, Flash is treated to the sounds of Spoiler getting proverbial butt handed to her on a platter.

"Dad… had.. curtsey… to.. say.. hired… Hashtag: Who's your pimp?" Spoiler taunts Ravager, breathing a pit raged from knee to midsection and bullet wound to her hamstring and ache to her upper back from the elbow between her shoulder blades. Maybe, with the voice activated, Ravager will give Flash some information before Spoiler blacks out. Maybe… before Ravager can bring that boot down. Spoiler can see where it's going, her mind can tell what it's aimed for, and the world of pain that will be. Well… #worth maybe?

Ravager is dead set, intent and the narrow focus of gaze has her drawing back and ready to land a blow that would make Spoiler, Oracle's blonde twin for a bit!

But then there is Flash, his blur that spark and static anti-burst against "reality" and the onslaught of threat. Ravager may not now know immediately in her own cognitive abilities, but something switches on in her, and as he impacts her body seeks to move, Spoiler instead of getting a breaking blow to the back of knee is possibly 'kicked-off' of in a pivot to cast Ravager back and absorb some of that superhuman blow with the dormant Precognition. Fuck it's cheap timing, it could have saved her scars, but instead it saves her an impact that likely could have broken ribs, or ruptured lungs.

The force of impact sends Ravager back and into a wall, but when she hits those boots slam the wall, the hidden blades in soles hammered forth to brace her into the buildings surface and aid in her leaping upward. Almost like a spider in that flip, asshole over elbows she is facing down on flash and those swords come forth to drive down with her own force for thrusted "fall".

"Fuck you boytoy!"

Flash isn't having any of it tonight. There's a cold focus to him, triggered in the earlier battle, and the fear of hearing Stephanie's cries on the radio. As Ravager draws the blades and seeks to come down upon him, the scarlet speedster's a blur. He's barely recognizable as a human as he is chasing the woman towards the wall. As she braces and draws her blades, Flash is just there.

The Scarlet streak pushes Ravager right up the wall as she's drawing her swords, and he's not even giving her a chance to breathe as he's slamming his fist into her time and time again, ripping away the armor, nylon, all of it is torn into, the speedster's hands ripping away the blades as they're drawn, leaving a trail of weapons as he twists and slams Ravager towards the ground. And he follows her down, the anger, the speed, all of it is a singular blur of fury before his vibrating hand slams through Ravager's chest - it doesn't draw blood, or rend flesh.

It's phased into her, and the speedster comes to a complete halt, his hand settled on the woman's heart.

"Give me one reason to make my hand stop." he says emotionlessly.

Kicked away, the blow never landing, Spoiler crumbles face first to the pavement. Her hands barely coming down to stop her mouth and nose from hitting asphalt. What pulled Ravager away? Spoiler's head lifts to see, and the trail of red with yellow lightning makes it clear who just happened. Her eyes track the flashes of lightning, the bright yellow flickers of light in the otherwise dark Gotham night. When he 'stops' moving, putting her attacker to her back and shoving his hand into her chest, Stephanie breaks.

"No! Flash! Don't!" Spoiler calls out, trying to push herself up and trying to reach out for him at the same time and just not being successful either way. Hobbled, she whispers then, knowing that her comms will carry her voice: "Barry."

It was a fast flurry of motions, ones that met blow for blow and hand by hand she is left to have her weapons skid across the pavement and she is sent upward before slammed down upon her back to stare eye to eye with her assailant and Spoiler's hero.

Lips cracked and blood comes from one corner in a malefic smile that twists her head to the side and spits the vitae across pavement before she looks at him, then over his shoulder to Spoiler. "Point. Proven."

And I know that I'm wrong
The weaker you get, the more I feel strong
So I want you to leave..
Wipe you face on your sleeve, and beat it.

There is a sudden thunk to the ground, the pin of a small circle between her lips and spit to the side as the grenade drops.

You can't stop a bullet
I'm giving you my trigger,
but you better never pull it!

"You got five…" Seconds.

Spoiler's word, her feeble crawl, there's a moment of something in Ravager and then her face goes apathetic.

A sudden lift of booted foot and she is seeking to kick of Flash and whatever happens - happens, but no matter what the blast is about to rock all of their worlds and send them all their separate ways.

"You're going to give me answers." Flash starts to say, before it's Spoiler's voice, calling to him, that gets him to pull back his hand. He glances down at Ravager and was about to say more, before there's that drop of the pin, Spoiler's plea long enough to allow the woman to draw the grenade.

"Fuck you." he hisses at the woman just before Rose finally gets a blow in on him, and it's enough to force Flash to turn and suddenly is a blur of motion as he grabs up Spoiler in his arms to speed off towards the nearest meta hospital - the Hall of Justice - while the explosion seems to devour Ravager.

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