Birds of a Feather

March 10, 2017:

Angel and Snowbird meet on the rooftop of a hospital as they both go to investigate humans in coccoons.

Niagra by the Lake

Within the town of Niagra by the Lake, the rooftop of the local hospital.


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Mentions: Wolverine, Reader

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Fade In…

The winter chill near Niagra Falls has caused most people to be forced inside for the day, which is most likely a good thing. At the small town of Niagra by the Lake, the hearty residents there are preparing for their day, when there comes a new smell on the wind, and with it, a discoloration. A greenish tint that has become commonplace with the Terrigen Mists.

Most people are unaffected by it, but for a few in the small village, three in fact, they undergo a terrible transformation.

Their bodies are cocooned into a shell of sorts. Department H has only had a few reports of these cocoons, that turn a normal person into a mutant, and has asked Alpha Flight to dispatch an agent to find out where the cocoons are and to secure them for Canada.

In Westchester, New York, Cerebro alerts on the Terrigen Mists making their way into Canada and Warren Worthington, otherwise known as Angel, is given a call. Find the cocoons, talk to the families, let them know the Institute can help. He wings his way into Niagra, the mutant's large wings flaring behind him. It only takes a short talk with the Sheriff to learn that the cocoons are at a local hospital, where he heads to, landing on the rooftop.

Receiving the alert, Snowbird heads for the border town in her giant owl form. Wings coax speed from the wind with each downwards flap. Closer and closer does she move towards the place, her own sensitivity to the mystical helping to guide her towards not only the town, but the hospital as well.

It is with surprise that the giant owl circles the rooftop a moment after Angel's arrival, her gaze to follow the other mutant as he steps across it. Powerful wings backflap to bring her to land, her form surrounded by a glow as she shifts from owl to her natural form fo Snowbird. He's unknown to her, and so she's warily prepared for an attack as she calls out, "You.. what are you doing here?"

Glancing up as a hoot owl seems to be flying around, Warren grins. "Am I supposed to ask how many licks it takes to get to a center of a tootsie roll pop? It's three." he says with a wink, before the owl transforms, and the Angel takes a few steps back and ahems. What is he doing here? "What are you doing here?" he asks her right back, taking in the shapely blonde for a moment before he runs a hand through his own blonde hair, and ahems. Be diplomatic, Warren.

The young man bites his bottom lip for a moment. "I'm a represenative of a group that has been helping those affected by the Mists and came to offer our help to those affected here." he offers, before smiling charmingly at the young woman. "Angel." he greets. "I mean, that's my name, though it could describe your looks as well."

Well, it's not any hoot owl that's flying overhead. It's a rather GIANT one, compared to the normal size of even the largest of owls. Once transformed, Snowbird studies the man for a moment, not immediately answering him. White pupilless eyes peer at him in curiosity, studying him as he steps back and questions her.

It's not till he speaks his name that Snowbird seems to relax. "I have heard of you before. It is nice to put a face to a name." Striding closer, she offers her hand, "Snowbird. I was told to investigate the Mists, and what might come of it for my bosses." In Canada. Perhaps he's heard of her,or at least knows there's a similar group as his working within the northern country.

Taking her hand, it's not a shake. He lifts it up and offers a soft kiss to her knuckles. "Snowbird.." it takes Warren a moment to consider and think, and then his blue eyes flash in recognition. "I know of your.. well your group. One of your former members is with us. Small. Hairy. Lots of meanness and claws, stinks of old cigars, booze, and regret. And his not much nicer clone." he says with a small chuckle.

Releasing her hand, he frowns. "So. If you're here on official business, I take it you were sent to recover the cocoons for the Canadiens to do whatever it is they're going to do?" he asks her. "Look, they're gonna emerge in a few days, changed, mutated, into who knows what. Let us help them. You can say you were too late, or whatever, but the last thing I want to do is fight with you about it."

There is a quirk of a brow upwards as he decides to kiss her hand instead of shake it, and it takes a moment for her to actually clue in on his words. It takes a few extra moments still for her to connect his description with exactly whom he means. "Wolverine?" There's something in her voice, along with a bit of surprise, that may be hard to trace.

Business. That is a good thing. "I do not wish to fight either." A pause, and she frowns, "If you think we mean any harm to them, you are wrong." As he suggests a compromise, she asks, "Why should you get them all? Perhaps we could half them, so that neither of our bosses gets upset? Two for us, one for you?"

"That's him." Warren says with a grin, and then frowns a little at her offer as he perches a little on the air conditioning unit. "I'll agree to it if you answer one question for me, Snowbird. Honestly." he says as he draws in a breath as he considers for a moment and then looks into her eyes. "…what is your government going to do for them?" Are they going to get help? Or are they going to be weaponized.

"We're going to take them someplace where they can learn to control their powers, and to live a normal, civilian life."

As he's willing to make a deal, Snowbird nods her head, though at the question, she once more, quirks a brow upwards, "They would be helped just as your team would help them, Angel. Discover who they are, what they can do. Teach them control. Give them a life. And if they choose to help the government later, then that can be arranged as well."

There is a laugh given though, and her words soon spoken, "Once the change comes, not many of us can ever have a normal civilian life, well you know, Angel. Very few of us ever manage that." She's speaking honestly there.

"Choose? Or coerced?" Angel asks. "A debt to the government is much like student loans, I'm sure that they'll presented with a large bill and be asked to help work it off, hmm?" he suggests as he flits his wings and considers her for a moment. "How about we flip the script. You take one, I take two, and you can come to see what happens to those we take in personally."

"And perhaps visit an old friend?" he asks, attempting to sweeten the pot a little.

Snowbird frowns at his words, "And just how do I know that those you take care of, are completely free?" She asks of him before shaking her head, "Those that join the government do so of their own free will. " This she seems quite firm on. When he dares to flip the numbers, she is quiet, then nods, "Fine. But I get first choice." Hah! Perhaps she'll take the possibly 'best' one of the three!

As for his attempt to sweeten the pot, she doesn't really comment. Instead, she gestures to the nearby entrance to the stairs, "Shall we?"

"There is already one Inhuman among us, Reader. He is a tie to the Royal Family and makes sure that the freedom of other Inhumans from the Mists are guaranteed." Angel explains. "You may speak with him as well, if you wish. I suggest you pack for a long stay, if you do." he says with a grin and then chuckle. "Fine, but no taksey backsies." he says with a grin at her before he pushes off the perch to offer his hand in acceptance of the deal.

"Perhaps I will." Whether or not Snowbird recognizes the name he mentions, doesn't show. A shake is given to him, her own grip firm, and likely not allowing for the kiss he offered before. "Let's go." Seems to be in a hurry, but then, she can sense the mystical energy, and perhaps realizes, it's getting close to 'hatching' time for those cocoons wherever they are in the hospital.

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