A Fortunate Coincidence

March 08, 2017:

Spoiler finds Nightwing at the Batcave and they talk about the Wilsons latest mischief.

The Batcave


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Fade In…

Spoiler has run a check against a person of interest of Deathstroke's. The thing is, that information was still pending. With needing that information, plus information on what happened to some bio samples she wanted from Holy Trinity Hospital, AND repairs for her bike that she wasn't feeling up to doing on her own back as the Spoiler Den Bruce set up for her, the blonde's come in to the cave. She hasn't come in for patrols in about a week. Medical reasons, so the others left in Gotham were covering for her.

But now, the blonde was back, and landing her flying motorcycle (Yes, Tim is jelly. Stephanie is okay with this.) down where her usual black and purple taken-from-Tim-because-he-has-a-car-now bike normally goes.

The Batcave is not empty today. Surprisingly, since it is too early for Batman. But Nightwing still comes here when he has to do important research or investigation, and to update case files, which is what he is doing today. Actually, thanks to Oracle, he could do this at distance, but if he did that he wouldn’t benefit from Alfred’s cooking.

Spoiler’s arrival is spied with a curious eye. A flying motorcycle? That is not Waynetech. Interesting. Once the young woman is closer, he steps out of the shadows in a non-spooky way. He is the nice one, after all.

It's not Waynetech. Might be soon enough. But for now, it's definitely from an outside source. And Steph's flew it right into the cave like nothing. She slips from the bike, moving over toward her terminal here and only starts slightly as Nightwing appears.

"Ah! Oh. Hi," Spoiler greets, the smiles going from startled to relaxed and warm in a few heartbeats. She tugs back her cowl and shakes out her hair.

"It's been a while. How are you?" Steph's the chatty one, and so she chats as she continues toward the computer. Sure, she could do this from her place, but somethings are best done here. And, like Dick, there's the cooking.

“Hello,” replies Nightwing with a pleasant smile. “I am well. Back from New York for the time being, as Joker is on the warpath again. Also, updating some files and reading some reports. How have you been? I heard you got injured.” He ‘heard’ meaning he is reading reports, obviously. And listening to Alfred. Alfred knows everything.

Alfred set the shoulderblade that got cracked clean in three pieces.

"Oh.. New York," Stephanie parrots, with a little 'o' to her lips that hints that there's something about the city that she knows and isn't talking about. It's all she says before grabbing hold of Dick's conversation shift and following right along.

"He's on the warpath alright, but hopefully Babs and I spoiled those plans for the time being," Spoiler says, lips kicking up in a smirk. Oracle/Batgirl/Barbara's going to be annoyed as any big sister would be at the 'youngest' of them lumping in what the eldest does with what the youngest does. (Youngest in the number of years in service, not physical age. Steph's got a few months on Tim if you go by birth certificate, after all.) Settling at the computer, Stephanie looks over at the Big Brother of the group, Nightwing, and smiles. She holds up her right arm, rolls it around to should that she has full range of motion only a few days after Alfred had it reported that the bone was broken.

"Right as rain now. You?"

Why, yes, Nightwing was looking at the shoulder and the lack of sling or other sensible measures. “So I see. Got to a healer of some kind? Oh, I am well.”

On the computer screen there is a picture of a white-haired woman and some notes. Someone named Ravager. Linked to Deathstroke. Recently moved to Gotham. Information does not quite match with older files of the same person. There is… not a lot of it. Some mercenary work from shady newsgroups and Internet as well as some police and forensic reports.

"Avengers contacts are good things to have, apparently," Spoiler is saying eyes settling on the picture. Her whole frame goes shock still.

"…I was just about to update this…" comments the blonde, before using another screen to queue in the information she managed to find on her and some stills that are clearly from the AR lens optic cameras the batlings use to gather intel midfight. From the background, this is Spoiler's point of view. It's of a rooftop. Holy Trinity in the background, and Tim directly across from her with Ravager in the middle.

“Hmm, what a fortunate coincidence,” mentions the dark-haired man, in a tone that hints it wasn’t a coincidence. “Well, you can add there she is definitely faster and stronger than humanly possible. Faster than me - and the only normal human I know faster than me is Cassandra. This girl was faster. Her combat ability is also remarkable, but she is too aggressive and her defense is lacking. Oh… and a bionic eye. I couldn’t identify the model, so I think it is custom-made. It would be silly not to assume she has some enhancements there.”

Oh that tone. Stephanie rolls her eyes and her head over to gift Dick with a Look. One brow quirks before she looks back to the computer and updates the file.

"Well, if it's bionic then it's probably weak against an EMP," Stephanie notes, the quick study that she is. It's her Girl Scout Ready for Anything nature that's getting her to notate that she's adding some to her kit.

"Any clue why she'd target Tim and I?" Stephanie is asking as her fingers dance over the keyboard. Link to Deathstroke is… his kid. Deathstroke attacked her CURRENT boyfriend while the daughter went after her EXBoyfriend. Why is life so complicated?

Nightwing shakes his head. “No, that doesn’t match her recent M.O. She has been working with mutant vigilantes. The mercenary contracts are usually against criminals. Hmm, she might be working with Deathstroke, perhaps.”

He steps back to stand behind Spoiler. “I suppose I will have to ask her in person. Although last time I checked with her she told me not to bother her again in rather direct terms. She is not very friendly.” He tsks. The old Greyson charm failed him.

Oh. That all sounds perfectly reasonable. Stephanie's nodding until…

"YOU KNOW HER?!" Hell hath no fury. Stephanie spins the chair so she can face the oh so charming Prince Greyson. Her blue-green eyes hot and bright.

"If she's working with Deathstroke…" whom Spoiler kows attacked Flash, whom Spoiler highly suspects was hired to put him lame for a week, to slow down the progress the speedster was making on the mists case. Plum colored lips press together and Spoiler shoves herself up. Not that she's all that intimidating or even trying but.. the aggitation is clear.

"I want to be there." Stephanie demands in her stubborn tone of voice.

“I understand, but I rather not to make a fight out of it,” replies Nightwing, not giving Steph an inch. “Right now, I am afraid you are outclassed. Make no mistake, you are getting very good. But she is just too fast and too strong and you can’t compensate for that at this stage of your training. And if you have fought her, then you are probably classified as an enemy right now. I am not.”

"I didn't start it," Stephanie counters. Because that's a terrific arguement from the pre-law major. It's a momentary outburst, and Stephanie runs a frustrated hand through her hair. Dick's hit that tiny target that sits right at the heart of Steph getting pissed off enough to dig her heels in and force an issue to prove a point and Steph the student needing to show her 'teachers' that she's a good student and has learned how to execute flawlessly.

"Find out why she chose THAT night to attack? And who sent her? If it's related to her father's attack, then I have a possible motive. If it's not, then whatever Tim is working on is quickly going over his head…. You didn't see him, Dick. He froze," Stephanie says, worry for her exboyfriend clear in her voice and tone. Whatever danger she's in seems not to even register in Stephanie's mind in the face of the danger that people whom she cares about are in. Her hand falls back to her side.

"And let me know?"

Tim did what? Definitely time for a new talk with his ‘brother’. Nightwing looks thoughtful, then nods. “I will keep you up to date, of course. For now, well, do not confront her alone, okay? And do not confront her father at all unless you have a couple heavy hitters from the Justice League with you. Or Avengers. Deathstroke could go against people like Bruce or Captain America and beat them.”

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