Living on the Edge

March 06, 2017:

Lunch at the Triskelion

The Triskelion


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Lunchtime in the Triskelion. Darcy's made her way to the mess hall for a lunch tray. S.H.I.E.L.D. is nice in that they feed their employees, giving them a meal plan. Anything beyond the programmed meals though gets taken from their paycheque. Darcy is very good about maxing out what she's allowed to get without paying for it. She settles to a table by a window looking out into the centre atrium of the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, clearing her tray of plates and utensils before settling it on the sill next to her to deal with later.

Logan seems to be on a different meal plan than Darcy. Somehow, he ended up with an unlimited meal plan, but then, Logan puts his butt on the line, doing things that other people can't, or won't, and he's not exactly living it up. He's carrying a lot of muscle, and even with his abilities, he needs to take in an unusually large number of calories to maintain his physique. So when he approaches the table where Darcy had sat down, "mind if I join ya, Darcy?" He remembered her name. His plate was heaping, with… frankly, enough food for two people.

Darcy glances up, lips kicking up in a lopsided grin, eyes bright as ever.

"Not at all, Logan," replies the Administrative-Sometime-Field Agent. She toes the leg of the chair opposite her so it slides out an inch, offering itself for seating to the Wolverine. It doesn't bother that they are different meal plans. S.H.I.E.L.D. is good like that. Which reminds her to check on a few assets, make sure their meal plans are updated once their files are.

"Whacha been up to?" she asks when Logan's settled himself, mouth already taking her first bite.

When he sets his tray down, there is a bit of a thud from the weight. His drink even rattles against one of the spoons, making a notable clanging sound. He pulls out the offered chair, and takes his seat. He begins organising his food a bit better, so his primary plate is in the middle. He's having Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce, French fries with gravy, black coffee, a cupcake that has S.H.I.E.L.D.'s eagle symbol on it in icing, two hot dogs with mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard, a bag of potato chips, a chocolate bar, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, a bottle of water, chicken nuggets, and a double patty cheeseburger. And yet somehow, he manages to keep it all off. "This and that, stopped a robot samurai, which was… new." He found that very odd, "and took out a South American junta."

"Damn those robot samurai," Darcy quips, grinning warmly, seeming impressed by the mountain of foodstuffs. She happily munched on her own much smaller portion.

"Sounds like a busy week. Don't think I can top you," she adds with a wink.

"Let's see… I found my former boss, discovered she was a contractor and set up a meeting with her, May, and her boyfriend. There's some paperwork insanity to work out for that to work all the way, so I've been dealing with that. There's also paperwork for Allen's blood drive at NYU, making sure that happens properly and before Spring Break when all the stupid undergraduates disappear to drink themselves even more stupid. And then there's always work with the Institute…"

Logan gets to work on his meal. He has enough manners to place a napkin in his lap, and chews with his mouth closed. Between chewing, he'll nod his head in agreement or understanding." He doesn't know who she used to work for, or the boyfriend. In fact, he doesn't even know anything about the blood drive. For a man as well travelled as Logan is, sometimes he can be blissfully uninformed about local events. "Sounds like a lot o' red tape. You know, we call it red tape 'cause official documents, before we had nice folders, used to be bound with red tape." Dates back to the 17th century, which is before him, but it's sometimes nice to be able to teach a young kid about history. At least, some of the history he does remember.

"Really?" Darcy asks, sounding honestly interested in the history of how politics was done before people started doing it the way they are currently doing it. Darcy doesn't have a napkin in her lap. She's uncouth that way.

"Like… sticky tape, red tape?"

Logan shakes his head in the negative as he has some more food. "Nah, twill tape's more like a ribbon than adhesive tape. It's usually made outta cotton or linen." He'll offer his cupcake to her, as he's not sure if he wants that much sugar. It was more of an impulse selection. And after having a bit of coffee, he'll ask, "how's yer field trainin' going?"

"Oh, wow… LIke a scrollooooOOOoo" Cupcake. Darcy perks up, hands reaching for the sweet treat. She pauses her current meal to bring the sugary thing to her lips.

"Hmm. Okay. Handguns way check." Had to be. She shot Apocalypse in the face. "Self-defence stuff check and check. Vehicles check. I have never been happier to have my 'can borrow cars again' status reinstated."

"Reinstated? Did you take the Director's ride? Or worse, May's?" Logan was genuinely curious about that, and even stopped eating when she mentioned it. He did take another sip of his coffee. And she liked sugar. He'd have to try and remember that. Darcy was a nice person.

"I like to live on the edge, but THAT would be off the fucking cliff!" Darcy replies, laughing brightly, frosting on her lips before she licks at it. Cupcake!! YUM.

"I lost two cars inside of a week. Neither were my fault. One was … I don't even remember. The other, a giant rock lobster flung an armoured woman into it and totalled it. Stupid rock lobster." That was a Wednesday.

Logan smirked. He had 'borrowed' the motorcycle of the leader of a different group, and it was currently in the S.H.I.E.L.D. garage. He'd bring it back, probably in one piece too, but he didn't ask. He likes to live on the cliff. "Rock lobster? Yeah, always got to watch out fer the rock lobsters." He had no idea what she was talking about, but in his time, he had faced so many bizarre threats, he could believe in a rock lobster. "What got you into S.H.I.E.L.D. if ya don't mind my asking?" She was a little more bubbly than the usual agent, okay, a lot more bubbly.

"Coulson took my iPOD," Darcy says, mouth full with the last bite of cup cake. #NoLongeChickenSoup #CupCake4TheSoul Darcy licks the frosting off her fingertips with gusto, smile on her bright red lips. She clearly doesn't mind being asked, nor being given sweets. Which gets washed down with her water before she sets back into her regular lunch.


Logan had to think about that for a moment. What did get him into S.H.I.E.L.D. He went a ways back, "I don't really know. I think I lost that memory, been sorta in and out o' S.H.I.E.L.D. fer years, never really joining, until recently, but, was sorta a defacto member fer years."

"Rad. Sucks about your memory though. but… I did tell you it would be the first thing to go. Remember?" Darcy quips, taking the opening at the tease and running straight off the cliff with it, smiling the whole way down.

He could have reacted angrily. He could have gone quiet. He could have left. But instead, Logan was honest. "I'm old. Far older than I look. And I've lost… things. Won't ever get 'em back. I've made my peace with that. Just gotta press on, ever forward." He was feeling unusually introspective today. Sometimes it just took a conversation with someone like Darcy to bring it out of the usually solemn man.

She'd been hoping for a laugh, but what she got was introspection and honesty. Darcy's smile falls into a quiet place with Logan, small and soft and sad.

"Sometimes, that's all we can really do when we lose things," she agrees, taking that breath of someone who's making peace with having lost a thing and facing the possibility that hoping to get it back will never work.

"Press forward," she adds gently, as much for herself as for Logan.

"Yeah, good advice," he gave her a grin, probably forced, but he was trying not to depress her. He still had a bit of food to eat, and he began diving back in. But then, there was the sound of an announcement. "Agent Logan, please report to the Hanger Deck." And he rolled his eyes, "duty calls…" He stood up, looking at the food that he hadn't been able to finish. "Hey, you want any o' this? Do me a favour. Whatever you don't want, can you toss into the bin? Thanks, Dracy." And he got up, heading to see what godforsaken part of the globe they'd be sending him to next.

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