March 01, 2017:

Steve is finally, FINALLY going to ask Peggy Carter to dance, seventy-five years after the end of the war that separated them. Bucky is there to make sure nothing can possibly screw this up… but nobody accounted for Juno.

New York City - Swing 46

A nightclub featuring swing dancing and anachronistic decor.


NPCs: Some dancers, a club owner, and an innocent kitty

Mentions: Grymalkin


Mood Music: Luca Lento - The Cat Came Back (Bdd Remix)

Fade In…

<Pose Tracker> Steve Rogers has posed.

Swing 46, one of the few places in New York City that has daily jazz and Swing dancing. For a lot of reasons, it seems like the obvious place for Steve Rogers to take the lovely Agent Carter for a night out. The venue, themed in red and stylistically similar to the original decor that the Couple of Time would be familiar with, is smaller, but often very packed. But when you make a reservation as Steve Rogers (using assumed names really makes Rogers feel uncomfortable), the spots seem to open up. Of course, there was going to be talk of the best band coming in, the place being locked down for VIP, but thankfully Steve was able to get the manager to agree to just a really good band and have it be a vintage dress night in 'honor' of Captain America. He hasn't said who his date is, understanding Peggy might not be as comfortable in the limelight as he is. Few agents are, after all.

Taking mass transit to the middle of 8th and 9th, Rogers calmly moves through the place and swiftly lead to his seat which is the best booth in the house. He's dressed in a light blue suit with a white dress shirt and a (of course) tie with red, white, and blue in tasteful thin stripes. The cut of the clothing is tailored for him by a certain someone with the request that it be able to breath. This is both for the dancing that is said to happen, as well as the fact that he is really /really/ nervous. While he hasn't told Bucky of this or anyone else, there is likely a way he finds out. Maybe it's a 'I can't do that night, really… any other night' or merely knowing a person who slips the word or perhaps even Peggy herself. He wants this night to be a 'normal' time together. Maybe it will be a date maybe it won't. Cap has no idea.

His foot taps swiftly, but it isn't to the happening beat, but rather wondering if there is going to be another work cancelation on her part or some urgent matter for him to attend to. Every minute, on the dot, he checks his cell phone. When the waiter comes, his order is simple.

"Five waters…. And one for the wonderful person who'll be joining me," Steve replies, not at all minding that the man quirks a brow. "Oh, just bring a whole carafe? Yeah, that's good. A lot classier than a pitcher too. Carafe," he repeats. Yep, classy. "Lemon?" CRAP, DOES SHE LIKE LEMONS, HE HAS NO IDEA HE NEVER ASKS IF SHE- "-Oh, yeah, having them on the side would be great." Crisis averted.

Understanding that the feel of this is like a combat operation, Steve remembers the old advice from a certain grizzled man who time and death themselves could barely overcome. " 'Just breath, don't pee myself'," Cap repeats quietly. To ensure he follows the advice, he uses the rest room, washes his face, then returns. He is only lightly sweaty, has preemptively peed, and has lemon on the side. The perfect date is go for launch.

<Pose Tracker> Peggy Carter has posed.

Never one for the limelight - either as Peggy Carter or Agent Carter - it is a thoughtful thing of Steve to assure that she isn't announced. It also allows her a bit of an entrance, as well. With no one on the look out for her, she is able to slip past the host and straight into the small, but somewhat familiar feeling place known as Swing 46. She'd past every now and again, but had yet to step inside.

Similarly to Steve, she has told no one of her plans for the evening. It might be the fear that it could still all go wrong and she certainly does not wish to get the questions from anyone about 'oh how did it go?!' But, for now, she is nervous. And excited. Nervously excited. A mixture of all of it.

Since she has no escort, she does what a spy does best: scope the area for her target. It's not hard to spot Steve at his booth in his light blue suit and tie. There's a smile as she watches him for a few moments, unable to help herself. The band, the space, the view of Steve dressed up in civilian clothing: it's all a little much to bear. Moment appreciated, she steps forward, heels clicking on the wood paneled floor as she approaches the booth.

It's almost a certainty that the both of them are outfitted by the same someone. While this is not The Red Dress, it certainly is something. It is still red, form fitted with come vintage elements to the collar and skirt. Her hair is done up in proper pin curls and victory rolls, make up spotless. As she approaches Steve, she smiles warmly and stops right by her chair.

"Excuse me, soldier," she grins, a hand gesturing at both the table and the empty seat. "Is this seat taken?"

<Pose Tracker> Steve Rogers has posed.

As Peggy arrives, Rogers attempts to get up a little too quickly, his knee banging hard into the table. It's not enough to even phase him, but it does almost send the carafe over. While overly eager, the reflexes of super soldier do not fail, only a scant amount spilling onto the table cloth. Perhaps having too many things to process at once, he thankfully doesn't draw more attention to the snafu, just motioning for her side of the booth after righting the water container. "It's all yours, A-err, Ms. Carter."

Steve waits for her to slide in, before he moves in to take a seat on the opposite side. "You're looking amazing," he states, realizing the understatement before adding. "Hopefully, there wasn't too much trouble in getting here."

<Pose Tracker> Peggy Carter has posed.

Peggy winces just slightly as she hears the knee banging on the table. She moves forward to first help him and then the carafe, but it doesn't look as if that is at all necessary. With a soft laugh, she slides her way into her side of the booth. "I think I can simply be Peggy tonight. Unless you'd prefer me to call you Captain for the rest of the evening." She smiles, setting her coat down next to her, her purse on top of that.

"Thank you," she responds to the compliment. "I like your suit! Is that new?" As for if there was any trouble, she shakes her head. "No not at all. This was remarkably simple to find. I've walked past this place a few times, to tell the truth. It's a perfect spot."

<Pose Tracker> Steve Rogers has posed.

"Peggy works for me," Steve replies as he does what he does best, give a warm smile before he slides into his own seat as well. "It is, I figured I needed some that… you know, fit. As for the place?" He pauses to look around, taking in the sight as there are already people making their way out. Many people are clad in various vintage attires. However, there are many that didn't get the 'memo' or refused, causing a mismatch of the two styles. "It seems to be rather nice, heard some famous swing dancers like to come here."

Rogers' blue eyes move toward Peggy, taking her in as if attempting to commit every little detail of this moment to memory. "So, where do you usually like to go? I feel like New York just has so much stuff."

<Pose Tracker> Peggy Carter has posed.

Though Peggy gave a cursory study of the space, now that she's seated, she looks not just for Steve and the proper exits. She glances up at the ceiling, the band, the other assorted guests and smiles. "I rather like it." The mix matching of the two styles seems perfect for the pair of time displaced people. "The band is magnificent. I feel as if I'm back in an old dance hall."

Folding her hands on the table, she leans forward a little as she looks back at Steve. "Generally? I don't tend to do much socially, to be honest. I used to be dragged out to shows with Angie back in the day, but that was before." Before she was time skipped forward to this time period. "I have quite a list of things I've missed I've been attempting to slowly get through. Most of what I've been told I should do is watch quite a lot of movies and also visit something called 'Barcade'."

<Pose Tracker> Steve Rogers has posed.

As Peggy speaks of lists, Steve reaches for his interior suit pocket, pulling out a small book. "We should compare notes. I was told to watch Star Wars, but not the prequels unless I, and I quote, 'hate life'." The book is put down for Peggy to peruse should she wish to, with it opened at his legendary list. As Rogers' hears a new name, he perks up, Cap appears clearly interested in the people around the lovely lady as well as Peggy herself. "Who was Angie? If you don't mind me asking."

As soon as the question comes, the waiter comes up. Cap doesn't say anything, merely motioning for Peggy to start off the order. Once she does and Steve puts in his own request, he'll turn back to the woman and wait for her answer with rapt attention.

<Pose Tracker> Peggy Carter has posed.

"Oh! Star Wars is on my list, too. Though, I don't think anyone warned me about prequels." Peggy laughs. Reaching into her purse, she pulls out her phone to show her own list, but then pauses before she unlocks. "I was told it's bad form to have your phone out on a date." Sheepishly, she looks up at Steve. "This is where my list is." It seemed easier to have it there. She'll unlock it hand her own list over for him to look through as long as he doesn't find it rude. "Who told you to watch Star Wars?"

The question about Angie is met with a smile. Interrupted by the waiter, she smiles and puts in her order, waits for Steve to say his and then passes over her menu. Once they are alone again, she answers, "She was my closest friend who wasn't involved with…you know, any of it. She was a waitress at the L&L, but she really wished to be an actress." Her tone is a bit wistful. "You would have liked her. She was sweet, but hard a nails. She once helped me escape a team out to capture me without even knowing why." There's a shake of her head. "I often wonder what Angie might have said if she could see us today. Did you manage to meet anyone? Before?" Before they both found each other again.

<Pose Tracker> Juno Hart has posed.

Today has been a strange day for Juno.

She didn't have an assignment from her owner or her handler, and she spent most of the daylight hours sitting on a rooftop in the Lower East Side, drinking hot cocoa and watching people walk by on the street below. She was approached by a new creature, a cat! She'd never seen one in real life before, and it let her pet it, and it was sooooooooooooooooo soft!

It climbed into her lap and tried to make biscuits against her leg, and then when she tried to pet it again it /turned into a man in a suit/ and she panicked a bit and ghosted right through him.

Juno is pretty sure he thinks she's dead, but she knows his name: Grymalkin.

Of course, she had no idea how to deal with a cat turning into a people right in her lap, so Juno chose the better part of valor…

And dropped down right through the roof to escape.

But now she's had time to give it some thought. Time to formulate a plan! She's going to find that cat again and see what makes it tick, in a very literal fashion. It's nothing personal! But there are things that Juno needs to know about, and she has a sizable collection of thin, delicate flensing blades.

All she has to do is find that cat again.

That's why Juno is very carefully inspecting the black cat she found in an apartment above some loud swinging club, turning it back and forth in her hands. The cat's owner isn't home -but there's the sound of a key turning in the lock, and Juno looks sharply at the door before ghosting.

Except that she doesn't put the cat down, and she forgot that she's one floor lower than she thought she was, and whoops - she landed on a table in a very loud restaurant, holding a very unhappy cat.


For poor Steve and Peggy, it's probably a good thing that the appetizers haven't arrived yet, because a young girl with black hair just fell out of the ceiling and landed right on the centerpiece. Her cat doesn't look very happy.

<Pose Tracker> Steve Rogers has posed.

"It was an agent known as… Sinclare. The guy also told me to read his made up story known as 'Ahsoka the Final Super Sayian'." There is a long awkward pause, Steve glancing over the phone during the silence before handing it back. "I didn't understand the plot at all."

But the topic is eagerly shifted away from Star Wars toward true friends. "She seems like she was a wonderful person. I'm really glad you had good people in your life after the war," he concludes. There is a pause as he thinks. Whatever thoughts process through his head, they are seemingly for him alone, but he continues just the same. "For me? I didn't really have anyone. When they 'thawed' me, it was for a mission, so I really didn't go out much unless it was for work."

Slowly Steve moves to get up, "Well, I suppose if we should dance, likely best to do that before we get our food in case it ends up being a little heavy." Rogers' hand extends. THIS IS IT, THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, HE'S GUNNA GET SOME SERIOUS HAND LIGHTLY ON SMALL OF BACK ACTION. "So, shall we da-"

Captain America's invite is cut off as there is a sudden woman landing on the table. Protective as he is, Steve's first impulse is to reach for Peggy's upper body to whisk her away, just in case this is some sort of attack. As he does this, he shouts his dark profanity.

"Great Googley Moogley!"

<Pose Tracker> Peggy Carter has posed.

"Super Sayian? What is that supposed to be?" Peggy clearly has no idea what the plot of that story would be, either. The continued talk of Angie continues the smile on her face. "She was. Tried to look her up a little while ago, but…" There's a shrug. When any of them look up people from their past it's a toss up as to whether they're alive or not. It sounds like Angie isn't any longer.

The bit of sadness continues for a little while as it sounds like Steve didn't have anyone for support after he awoke. That effects her in a strangely profound way. The smile is already gone, but after a moment in thought, she starts to reach forward to rest on his hand. It halts in motion as Steve slowly moves to stand up.

"That sounds like a fantastic idea." Angling herself toward the now standing Steve, she reaches out a hand and puts it in his.

And that's about when Juno comes crashing through the ceiling and lands right on their table. She's immediately on her feet and then yanked away from it by Steve. While her hand is going for her purse - which may or may not have her field weapon in it - it's just out of reach as she's whisked away.

Despite the surprise, she can't help but give him a look at his curse, whether it is due to his cursing or the actual words is hard to tell.

"Is that a cat?"

<Pose Tracker> Juno Hart has posed.

It's very loud in here.

Juno holds onto the cat, which quickly increases its struggles to escape her terrible, terrible grip. Oh no, her sneakers are right in the middle of what used to be a very nice table setting. The very nice-looking people who were sitting at the table mere seconds ago look really unhappy with her. The male even said some kind of foreign American curse word!!

She realizes that she's ruined someone's evening right around the same time that the cat in her arms slides downward a bit, kicking its hind legs desperately. Red stripes bloom on the undersides of her arms.

Juno doesn't appear to notice.

She's too busy staring out at the dance floor and the people playing instruments and the people carrying trays of food and the people turning to look at her and the rising murmur of voices—

Teeth sink into her hand as the cat she's accidentally kidnapped goes wild. Juno looks down at the struggling cat, frowning slightly.

Shifts her grip, with one arm holding it to her body, and the other hand reaching to settle around its skull…

<Pose Tracker> Winter Soldier has posed.

This entire time, there have been eyes upon Steve and Peggy. The eyes of a legendary assassin, a renowned scout and spy, a deep-cover operative so mythic the world barely even believed he truly existed until very recently. The eyes of the dreaded Winter Soldier.

The eyes of a man who has been waiting eighty-five years for this moment.

He's been set up for a while in a far corner of the establishment, cleverly hidden out of eyeshot of his targets, his still-long hair serving well to cloak his features as he watches them from the corner of his eye. Things seem to be going well. Or as well as they can be when it's Steve and Peggy who make moves on each other like glaciers slide down mountains.

Still, at least they're on an actual date, and they're leaning towards each other, and Steve is asking her to dance, and holy shit Bucky hopes Steve still remembers the lessons he tried to give him like seventy-five years ago—

—and then someone horribly familiar crashes through the ceiling and lands right on their table.

"Oh," Bucky says to himself, "my fucking God."

There is no warning to herald his approach. Just the sudden soundless pounce of the Winter Soldier crossing the room, weaving deftly through the crowd to grab Miss Juno Hart by the scruff and give her a smart shake. Enough to make her drop the poor cat.

"Don't ask why I'm here,' he says. "Just carry on."

He glares at Juno, who he seems intent on hauling off. "Miss, you have got so much to answer for."

<Pose Tracker> Steve Rogers has posed.

As people crowd around, Steve Rogers gives a simple "Get back, we have this handled." His feet slight into a fighting stance, one arm in front of Peggy. While she's capable, depending on who this is, it might just take everything he has in hand to hand to make a dent in their defenses. But it seems to be that there is a girl. With a cat. Who is trying to get away from her.

Before he can do anything else, however, Steve notices that Bucky just walks by and seems to seek the woman to secure her and take her away.

"What in Sam Hill is going on here?" he asks, clearly too confused to be angry as he looks from Bucky to Peggy to the mystery woman. This goes on three times or so in the hopes that someone has answers to all these questions. Like does SHIELD refund his Family and Personal if villains crash his day off (Spoiler: Answer is no).

<Pose Tracker> Peggy Carter has posed.

The cat continues to squirm out of Juno's arms and Peggy is moving between wary, annoyed and confused as to what exactly is going on here. Steve settles himself into a fighting stance and puts an arm in front of her. Though she is her dancing dress, she already seems ready to fight. In the few moments after being pulled away from the table, she swipes a steak knife from the table next to them. She is ready for whatever this girl with a cat can throw at them. Until, "Crickey O'Reilly, is she going to kill that cat? Stop that!"

Peggy is moving forward to stop there when she catches movement at the edge of her vision. Is that—is that James? She's with Steve, in her confusion. Despite James attempting to head this question off at the pass, she is not about to let this go without questions. "James? What is going on?" She wants to ask how he knows they were here, but it's probably an answer she can figure out on her own.

<Pose Tracker> Juno Hart has posed.

The crowd's noise dulls as her senses narrow down to what's right in front of her. Small, struggling body held tight against her own. Red drooling lazily down her arms. The shake of the table under her feet. The thud of feet moving closer. The clamp of a hand at the back of her neck, grabbing her hoodie and undershirt and weapons harness all at once, lifting her off of her feet like a sack of beets.

Three things happen in quick succession:

1. She reaches for the small black knife hidden underneath one of her armpits.
2. She is shaken hard enough to make her miss grabbing the knife, which probably saves Steve, Peggy, AND Bucky trouble in the long run.
3. Juno drops the poor cat, which skitters away to the safety of 'underneath something'.

And then she hears a familiar voice over the cacophony of everything else.

In the middle of starting to attack the person grabbing her, Juno relaxes, toes dangling above the floor. Oh! It's Zimniy Soldat. ('u')

And she just… hangs there, like a particularly lethal kitten, seeming unconcerned about her situation. She's even /smiling/ now.

"<I don't think that was the same cat,>" she murmurs, staring after it. She continues to chatter in Russian, twisting slightly in Bucky's grip to look at his face. "<Winter Soldier, do you know these people?>"

<Pose Tracker> Winter Soldier has posed.

Awkwardly, Bucky looks between Steve and Peggy as they both question what in the hell he's doing here and what's going on. "Nothing," he soothes, "nothing was going on, this was completely— well— nobody was watching tonight except me, it's nothing SHIELD at all, and I mean if you couldn't guess why I was here then you both are more obtuse than I thought—"

He turns his glare on Juno. "Fucked if I know why SHE was here, though. She's— long story. Russian assassin. Not one of mine. Of all the goddamned times for this to happen…"

Juno starts going for a knife, as predicted; a sharp shake puts a stop to that and to the impending death of the innocent cat. Recognizing him, she goes obediently slack, twisting to get a better vantage from which to peer up at him. Does he know these people?

"<YES,>" Bucky replies in sharp Russian, deeply agitated. "<YES, I know them, and they were very busy until you fell on top of them, and why were you after a cat?>"

<Pose Tracker> Steve Rogers has posed.

Bucky has been snooping on date night, which means he found out about date night. There is a mysterious woman that seems like she knows Bucky and want to kill a cat. This was supposed to be a perfect date which Steve thought was really important. His research on modern society has led him to believe only one thing could be happening.

"So this is Candied Camera!"

With that, Steve looks around for that secret cameraman that must have somehow eluded him. He'll find it! Any second now.

. Any Second.

Really. Any second now.

"I guess this is really happening," Steve asides to Peggy as he just looks back to the interaction between Bucky and Juno. "I'm sorry. I really didn't mean for this to happen."

<Pose Tracker> Peggy Carter has posed.

"No one else? Who else—" Peggy trails off as she gives Bucky a very distinct disapproving look. She's upset that he is here let alone anyone else knowing. There's a groan. There's, also, a very curious look between James and Juno as he holds her like the disobedient cat that Juno was also attempting to subdue and then kill. "So…you know her?" In Russian, she sighs, annoyed, "<We were not very busy, we were in the middle of a dinner.>" She certainly gets that Juno calls Bucky 'Winter Soldier' and not James Barnes. The 'not one of mine' also doesn't escape notice.

No longer in fight or flight mode, the hand holding the steak knife drops to her side. Her other hand rests gently on Steve's arm. "I believe it is," she agrees with him. There's a bit of an amused grin and a shrug at his aside. "It's quite alright. You had no idea, neither did I." These things just tend to happen around them, after all.

<Pose Tracker> Juno Hart has posed.

Why is she after a cat? Juno takes a deep breath.

"<Because I had today to myself and I was people-watching from a rooftop and a black cat came up to me and let me pet it and it got into my lap and I petted it some more and then it turned into a man and asked me weird questions and I didn't know what to do so I escaped through the floor and ran away to regroup! But now there's a cat out there that turns into a man to scare people and that's not okay, right?! So I'm looking for a black cat with one blue eye and one gold!>"

The Winter Soldier doesn't seem happy, especially with her. Juno debates the merits of apologizing, pretending that she is actually dead and therefore not able to be reprimanded, or trying to kill everyone in the room and destroying all the evidence. But no, the Winter Soldier knows these two people and the entire room is probably, well… overkill.

Apology it is.

And so, still dangling from James Buchanan Barnes's terrible grip, the very same girl that had just ruined their date and attempted to kill an innocent animal glances from Steve to Peggy, shoving her hands into the kangaroo pocket of her hoodie. One gets the sense that if she could reach the floor to do it, she'd scuff her foot. "I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I'm very sorry!"

<Pose Tracker> Bucky has posed.

Bucky winces as Steve apologizes to Peggy for the ruined date. His discomfort only intensifies as Peggy gives him a disapproving glare over the 'no one else' comment. "Hey look," he says, "I was hoping if I just hung out and kept an eye, I could stop anything like this from going wrong, but I guess when it just drops through the fucking ceiling—" He gives Juno another light shake. "Not much I can do."

So you know her?

Bucky looks even more uncomfortable. "This probably isn't the place to talk about that," he says, with a cautionary frown. "Let's just say if you're Russian and you're in the business, you know me. Sometimes personally." He doesn't look very happy about that fact.

He turns a severe glare on Juno as she starts chattering the answer to his question. Her story is mentally noted, but he sets it aside for later processing. She's very sorry! she finishes, and that probably mollifies him slightly, though the date is still ruined, so it doesn't mollify him by much. "<I don't even have the time to get into how many things you did wrong,>" he grumbles.

He glances between Steve and Peggy. "I'm pretty sure you can recover though. Night is still young, you know…" He gives Steve the age-old 'ASK HER TO DANCE YOU IDIOT,' look.

And with that, Bucky tries to sloooowly slide out of frame, Juno in tow.

<Pose Tracker> Steve Rogers has posed.

Peggy, Juno, and Bucky knows Russian. Captain America knows… French. It's helpful. When in France. Or some parts of Canada. And a few places in Africa. Really. Either way, he just waits for the foreign conversation to go on, giving an awkward look toward Peggy. The arm around his gives him a little confidence. "Well, Bucky if you got the situation with this mystery woman in hand," he offers with a tone of appreciation as he looks toward Peggy. That's when he notices the band has kinda fled… Along with most people who value their safety than a chance to see WWII HEROES IN ACTION (which are disappointed by the anti-climatic conclusion). And the manager, who peeks in and says a "I'm so sorry, sir, but with the hole in the ceiling, will have to close the restaurant down for the evening."

There is a long pause as Cap just tries to pick up the pieces of his pride as he looks to what was once a bustling swing scene. His mind races back to memories of stained dresses, fainting spells, ill-timed words, and the long list of things he's done to accidently sabotage special nights like this. A soft sigh escapes his lips, but he manages to keep his back straight and his dignity from falling to the ground.

There is hope, for as Peggy stated before, it wasn't his fault. It's a small solace at a time like this. "It's fine" is all Cap really says toward Juno, offering a small diplomatic smile to hide his incredible disappointment. He's wait this long. In the end, he can wait a little longer. That said, he turns toward Peggy. "So, um, coffee? Ice cream?" he inquires, attempting to find some sort of Plan B. Like with the Hydra Base, few things annoy Cap greater than a 'perfect plan' gone awry. But Steve is adaptable. Or at least trying to be.

<Pose Tracker> Peggy Carter has posed.

The explanation Juno gives to Bucky is observed by Peggy. She understands quite a few languages and knows Russian well enough to code break in it. Juno's explanation, rushed and making little sense to her, is at least parsed. After a moment to process, she explains a pared down version to Steve. "Apparently, this girl met a cat that turned into a man that scared her. I think that's why she's after the cat." She's still not sure why it should be killed, though.

Bucky's discomfort is met with a raised eyebrow and then a nod. She's not about to bring up his past in the middle of a restaurant. Even if it is pretty empty right now due to the raucous. "I see." So, this girl is in the business. And she knows James through that. Interesting. Juno is not at all what she would expect from a hardened killer. Of course, she would't have expected the children she met in Russia were killers, either. It's all a matter of surprise and infiltration when it comes to assassins.

What with the scare and the scattered band and wait staff, it seems the most prudent to allow the restaurant to recover without them. She watches Bucky start to pull Juno off and doesn't move to intervene. This was supposed to be a normal date night with Steve, so she is eager to return to that. Grabbing her coat and purse, she smiles. "Yes. I love the sound of ice cream." Despite the winter, ice cream is both something to eat and part of the date.

Picking up her phone from the table where she left it, she frowns, seeing multiple messages. "Oh hell," she mutters under her breath, forgetting to apologize for the swear. "This is—" there's a sigh. "It seems this drop in has made the SHIELD band. We should most likely sort this out before there are unfortunate consequences."

<Pose Tracker> Juno Hart has posed.

Juno seems perfectly comfortable dangling from Bucky's hand. She doesn't even seem concerned, even though he gives her another light shake in reprimand. "<But you'll tell me later, right?>" she asks, and it's the first bit of concern she's shown. She needs to know! How else is she supposed to get better?!

Also, Juno heard the term 'ice cream' which she has had experience with once, and it was /amazing/ and sweet and she wants more of it, but if she did things badly she probably doesn't deserve any, right? But she can improve. She can do better! SHE CAN EARN ICE CREAM!

"Goodbye!" she chirps at Steve and Peggy, happily letting herself be towed away. "See-you-later!" She hopes they enjoy their ice cream!

<Pose Tracker> Bucky has posed.

"The situation is absolutely in hand," Bucky replies Steve with a grimace. Literally in hand. "I'll deal with it. I was here expressly to mop up for the inevitable crisis that would probably happen. When you're not looking for trouble, Steve Rogers, you're attracting it."

His grasp tightens on Juno's scruff, and he gives her a deeply unimpressed look as she chirps up at him. Oh is he ever going to tell her. "<We're going to have a conversation about this,>" he vows grimly.

"Anyway, you and Peggy go find someplace else and finish up, there's something called Red Mango across the street actually, and it's really good," Bucky says all at once, as he promptly drags Juno right out by the scruff.

<Pose Tracker> Steve Rogers has posed.

Bucky's words of Steve attracting trouble just get a Dennis the Menace sort of shrug, clearly not too troubled by the idea. Well, at least until he looks over toward Peggy at the claim that the date is officially over. While his best friend is recommending ice cream, Rogers understands that Carter would not feel right until this matter was settled and the report filed. The woman has worked hard for her career and Steve understands the mantle of responsibility well. "We'll try it another time, I guess," he offers with some chagrin to Bucky. "Thanks for your help."

A brief wave is given toward Juno, Steve still not sure exactly what he's supposed to do about Ms. Hart other than have a conversation with Bucky about her later. There seems to be a lot that he doesn't know, but he figures it isn't pressing and Bucky doesn't seem too troubled, so for now, Rogers is willing to let it be.

Turning toward Agent Carter, Steve gets his stuff from the ruined table, making sure Peggy has all her stuff as well. "Well, I guess I can handle the B-008-IE forms if you want to mess with the A-55-S1APs?" Seems rather odd system for numbering, but well, he just fills out the forms the underpaid interns tell him at the archives tell him he nedds to fill out.

<Pose Tracker> Peggy Carter has posed.

Peggy watches Bucky drag Juno off by the scruff of the neck like the cat she fell through the ceiling carrying. "Good…bye," she tells the girl, confused. More so that she seems to think that they will see each other later. Though, since it seems clear she knows Bucky, that's certainly something to be discussed later. 'Not one of his' but, what does that make her, exactly?

Bucky is given a bit of a look at his explanation as to what he is doing here. There's already a raised eyebrow about the 'conversation about this' in Russian. That certainly implies something. "Yes, it is in hand on your end," she tells him. Once SHIELD is involved, the last thing she can do is just leave it to someone else, especially once it's known that she and Steve were here. The last thing she wants to do is have it seem as if she is slacking or cutting out.

Folding her coat over her arm and holding onto her phone, she gives Steve something of a sheepish smile. "Of course. I'm sorry about this." The stopping the date to do other things. A hand reaches out to take Steve's, to give it a bit of a squeeze. "Thank you." For both understanding and for the dinner. "This is a lovely place. We should try this again soon."

<Pose Tracker> Juno Hart has posed.

Juno has no idea if she will ever see Steve or Peggy again. She's just optimistic!

"<So,>" she begins, still hanging from Bucky's freaking hand, "<What was my first mistake…?>"

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