Welcome Surgery

March 05, 2017:

Scarlet Witch comes to visit the Avengers Mansion for a tour. While she's there, Spoiler arrives with further injuries, and surgery ensues.

Avengers Mansion - Upper East Side - New York City

The Avenger Mansion is a three-story townhouse at 890 Fifth Avenue, between the 70th and the 71st street. The building was built by Howard Stark and was the Starks residence until his death.

The mansion grounds are surrounded by a wall topped by a metal fence that altogether is twelve feet tall. Appearing like rough stone and aged bronze, it is actually made of advanced, extremely resilient concrete and steel. The mansion itself is surrounded by a lawn on three sides. The main entrance is on Fifth Avenue, and the back entrance leads to a parking space for land vehicles.

The ground floor is dedicated to common area living space for the resident Avengers. There is a sizable kitchen, a dining room, a large library, a living room and a large space converted for public conferences, much akin to a slightly smaller version of the West Wing press office.


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The Avengers Mansion still smells to new, as work ended just a few weeks ago and Nathaniel seems the only person staying here regularly. But he is trying to get all the Avengers at least familiar with the building and the security, and today is Wanda's turn.

"Security can be set to respond to retinal scans, fingerprints or voice, or any combination of them," he explains to the witch. "First two floors are living space, more or less. You can pick a suite upstairs."

Wanda looks around as Nathaniel explains the security. "So I should not just appear inside the building? That would get me attacked?" There is a little frown on her face though. "But you would need to keep records of my eyes, fingerprints, voice to do this, da? Is that not dangerous?" And for someone who comes from a totalitarian country, also rather worrying. "I think the X-Men expect me to stay there too. I will need to be in two places at once."

"I would not advise you to try to be in two places at once even if you can do it," replies Nathaniel, not sounding totally serious. And then adds, "you do not need to stay here to be part of the team, but if you want, or if you need to for a few days, you definitely could do it. This place is designed to house comfortably a large number of people, as well as providing technical support and transportation to the team. There are even some basic training facilities in the floors underground. I will show you those later."

"I went for EM signature, voice print and smart card for my verification." Captain Marvel offers, as she comes walking through the front door, catching the tail end of what Nathaniel had to say. She glances at him and notices he doesn't answer the other woman's biggest question. "I suppose the scanners here are fast enough that if you set them correctly, they could deactivate after proper ID before they attacked you. But it could be a near thing. I'd 'pop' onto the lawn and give them a chance, instead of popping into the house."

Wanda nods to Marvel's answer before offering her a little smile of greeting. "Hello" she adds before turning her attention to both of them. "I think I will have to practice my portal travel so that I can get where I am needed quickly." Her brow furrows a little. "But…seriously…do you have any protection against portals…magic? Is there anything stopping a bad person 'popping' a bomb into the middle of this building and detonating it immediately? Sorry, these are the things I have to think of when reality means nothing."

"As for the records, the database is reasonably safe," explains Nathaniel. "I will not say it is impossible to crack. There are technowizards and technopaths out there and I cannot do miracles with the current technology. But fingerprints and voice records are not hard to obtain. Retinal scans are actually rare, which is why for people that wants to keep secret identities they might be better. EM signature works for the Captain," he nods to Carol, "because her power signature is actually very strong. It would not do it for most people. Not with the kind of sensors we can obtain."

Wanda's question about magical attacks get a sigh. "No. I could build a… jump beacon or dimensional anchor, I suppose. As defense against teleporters. It would be a while. Maybe you can use magic to shield the mansion?"

"She has a point. Some kind of ward or redirection for teleportation would be a good defensive measure, if we can work it out." Carol offers, and walks closer to extend her hand towards Wanda. "Hi. Captain Marvel. You would be the Scarlet Witch, right?" Yes, Carol has reviewed the files, and the pictures. She pays attention. Attention counts.

"Yes. The face that launched a thousand lunchboxes…but not many people bought the ones with me on them" Wanda replies with a smile as she takes Carol's hand and shakes it. The Scarlet Witch was in X-Red, the public face of mutants so, yes, there was merchandise. The three of them are discussing the security of the new Avengers Building…and in some cases, lack of it.

"I am not /that/ powerful" Wanda tries to convince Nathaniel though she is getting stronger every day. "In /theory/ I could make this building a milisecond out of reality which will make it hard to reach. Though even for the people who live here." She laughs softly. "Sorry. I am thinking too much. I could not do that."

Barry was not happy when Stephanie called him thirty minutes after she was supposed to have started work at the DA's office in Gotham. He was less pleased when he managed to get her to admit she had been sent home. He could guess why, and he'd be perfectly right that her shouler was in complete agony. The pain killers had worn off and the next dose wasn't for another few hours. She was just locking her freshly parked car, still on the phone when she got plucked up by a blur, zipped away into her uniform (Dammit Barry!), and then right into Avengers mansion.

The computers registered Spoiler's access card granting her access a half second before the klaxons of 'unknown person' went off and Flash is setting Spoiler down on her feet all but next to the small hero gathering.

Speaking of security issues…

Spoiler sways as all the way too fast for her brain to take in things hit her all at once, triggering the vertigo she's still fighting back and making her shoulder pain threaten to topple her to the ground. She's only still on her feet by the grace of Scarlet Speedster at her side.

"Spoiler.. Alert… Having…Words…" she gets out through gritted teeth.

Barry Allen puts most EMTs to shame. As he stands next to Spoiler, he frowns. "It was here, or SHIELD headquarters." he says flatly. "Though if that AI tries anything, we're going to have more than words." it comes across not even as playful. Stupid AI. He looks at the blonde third Batgirl and folds his arms as he considers her.

"Now, you're going to finally get this looked at, and get bed rest, even if I have to tie you down in Batproof ties."

Nathaniel shuts down the alarms half a second after they start. They really should get them attuned to Flash power signature, the speedster is starting to become a fixture in the building. "Spoiler, Flash. Nice for you to drop by," he comments evenly. "Meet Wanda, the Scarlet Witch."

Then he nods to Carol. "Definitely I will work in a D-Anchor, at least for the sub-levels. It is going to be hard to build even with Stark's help, though. Modern technology is rather limited in which compounds can be synthetized, so I will have to do most of the work using my armor for tools."

"Well, let me know. I may be able to help with some alien tech, if you ask nice." Carol offers Nathaniel. Then she looks at Spoiler and Flash, and shakes her head. "Purple, I told you that was going to need a lot more time to heal up. What'd you do now? Tear out the stitches and almost black out? C'mon, let's get down to the spackle department. Scarlet Witch, this is Spoiler, and the scarlet speedster is Flash. You can just call them Trouble One and Trouble Two if you like."

"Nice to meet you, Trouble One and Trouble Two" Wanda teases before looking a little concerned. "You are hurt? I can fix that if you like." The fingers of her right hand twitch and spasm as scarlet energy builds around them. There are two things I know I can do. One…make pain feel like pleasure. Two…speed up time around the wound so that it heals quickly. They are both ways of…adjusting…reality. But if you would like to heal naturally then I will understand."

"She's used to me knitting up my own wounds quickly." Barry says as he frowns a little as he glances at Spoiler. "She was on a patrol with Red Robin when they were both attacked, and that's all she's cared to tell me on it." There's a flat look from the speedster's mask as he considers the trio and sighs. "Sorry to bother you, but yes, if she allows, that would really help." he says as he glances towards Carol and then away.

"It's been looked… I'm not winning this argument today, am I?" Spoiler finally says, tone still pained but at least in decent spirits enough to sound amusedly stubborn. That's totally a thing. She glances Carol's way, and presses not-purple lips together. (Because Barry couldn't do her makeup while he changed her outfit? Seriously!)

"It's broken, not cut," she retorts. Of course, the last Flash knew, the shoulderblade was just fracture. BROKEN is something else all together. She seems content to be lead about, at least, until Wanda says she can…

"Heal it? As in, back to rights, 100?" Spoiler asks of Scarlet Witch, head lifting up to look at Wanda and just neverminding what Flash was saying about patrol. Really, that's the best for him to think as what happened right now.

"What do you need me to do?" agrees the purple batling. Because she doesnt' like getting sidelined.

"Ah, it would be nice to have access to regular galactic standard gear," admits Nathaniel. "The Starfire's spaceship has a small workshop, but they still need patch up many systems." He shakes his head, "no, besides what we do here should be technology SHIELD can later duplicate."

He glances at Wanda and smiles, "that sounds like a good idea. If Spoiler keeps pushing herself she is going to end up crippled. Lets go to the medlab and see if Wanda can hasten her recovery. And get her to sleep some hours, hmm?"

Captain Marvel leads the group to the elevator and down to the science level, where the medbay is located. "OK. Let's get a scan of this injury, an assessment of what we're working with. Then Scarlet Witch can try her finger-wiggling reality altered stuff, and we can see how good a job that does for you. How's that? Then she starts putting Spoiler into the medbay scanner. 'Cause someone has to, right?

Wanda is happy to follow along and check out the building as she does so. "Please, just call me Wanda" she smiles to the others before nodding to Marvel's instructions. "I am not a doctor" she fees she has to point out. "When I heal it is how the body would heal so it should not do it badly." A pause. "I hope." But she will wait for science to do its bit.

Last time she was here, the AI scanned her, Spoiler had a fractured light shoulderblade. The fracture pattern was not unlike a windshield having been struck by a rock. When forced into the scanner now, her shoulderblade is broken clean through and is in three different pieces. There's bruising on top of her right lung, ribs are slightly askew. It's a miracle that it's not worse. Thank the tich nomex armor and rather quick high end first response trauma care she got from Alfred within about 15mins of the injury. But that it's so much worse than a mere 36 hours ago should be completely obvious to one quick thinking, quick moving Flash. Let's hope he doesn't notice? (Yeah, right. #SpoilerAlert Overprotective Boyfriend GO!_

"Hello, Wanda. Flash is just fine." Barry offers as Spoiler gets a smug look. SEE, not everyone knows his identity. Gosh! He follows along after the three women, concern in his brows. He's a forensic scientist. He knows something's not right. Just not how bad it is until the readings on the machine start to come back and the injury has worsened.

The speedster's lips draw into a thin, pale, angry line. He doesn't say anything. He doesn't need to. The look of hurt and betrayl in those blue eyes say it all. Stephanie might as well have kicked a puppy in a Flash suit.

"Well, if your magic would heal her the way the body would, only faster, then we need to secure those fragments of bone in place, so that everything heals properly." Captain Marvel comments, as she eyes the scan … and compares it to the prior scan on file. "This is going to hurt a lot. The only way I know to do this is to cut into the shoulder and then use titanium pins to splice the bone pieces together and hold them in place." And Carol is no surgeon; she's not loving the idea of doing this. But she's a realist, and has to tell the truth.

"I guess that makes sense" Wanda shrugs to Carol. "I can take care of the pain though. I can make it feel like whatever Spoiler wants it to feel like." She looks between the woman and her obvious boyfriend. "Umm…maybe some things I should not make it feel like" she notes with a blush to her cheeks, "But the short version is that she will not feel pain."

Spoiler slides her eyes toward Barry without moving her head. The cowl hides the movement, but nothing the way her lips press down nor how her teeth barely catch the inside of her lower lip to bite down on. She had a feeling he was going to get angry. It's why she didn't react to the smug look. She didn't have a choice. She had to try for those samples. He needed them! She just.. hadn't expected to have someone attack her that night. Really. Getting the samples wasn't supposed to have been straining at all. She was just casing the place. When Red Robin showed up, she was starting to consider using the fractured shoulder as an excuse to get them in. She'll be patient, Tim plays nurse, they get to the lap, take what's needed, and then leave before anyone else is hte wiser. It really wasn't her fault that …that girl… showed up. WHo was she? Spoiler reviewed the feed a little bit, but things have been too fast paced and she had class this morning.

"Do what you have to," she says, succinct and to the point. It's a rare sound from the blonde batling, her left hand coming up to start to undo the zipper on her uniform. She's wearing a sports bra under! Still, the tease of making it feel like whatever she wants isn't something Stephanie really wants to dwell on right now.

Flash just offers a glum nod of agreement. The speedster finds a seat and moves to sit next to Spoiler. And it's not the sports bra that draws in the sharp hiss of breath from him, it's the bruising. "So. Going to tell me what happened, or do I have to wait for the report?" he asks plainly as he takes a seat and draws Spoiler's good arm and hand into his own.

"I'm no surgeon. So I'm going to say I'm sorry, before I begin." Carol offers Spoiler, then nods to Wanda. "OK. Wiggle those magic fingers of yours. I'd rather she not black out from the pain. Tickling wouldn't be good, either. No squirming." That said, Carol has the guts to pull out a scalpel from a drawer, peel it out of its sterile packaging, and then prepare to cut. She also gets out several titanium pins and the driver used for them, as she commands the AI to look up the procedure and lay out a plan based on the scan for where the pins will be required.

Thankfully, Captain Marvel does have excellent field medical training, and amazing hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. But still, surgery is not her thing.

Wanda places her magical fingers upon the undamaged shoulder of Spoiler - if she can get around Flash. She mutters softly to herself as her magics flow into the wounded woman. She will turn the pain into a pleasant buzz. So there is only pleasure when there is pain to begin with…but that is pretty much constant once Marvel gets going. Wanda will keep quiet as it sounds like Flash and Spoiler need to have a conversation and Marvel needs to work.

Spoiler lets Flash's fingers thread into hers.

"That's fine. I shouldn't use more, but I have another injection pen of pain meds in my belt," she tells the taller blonder, head turning away from the hurt shoulder so she can focus on Flash and not the fact that she's going to be away for an attempt at surgery without anathesia, with just hoping that the magic user can keep it from hurting. She pulls in a slow small sigh of an inhale.

"I went to case the hospital to find the best way to get the information you're going to need for the girl we rescued. We were just starting to look at entrane points when-" Her words fade for a moment on a soft exhale, an airy moan of sorts, as the pain faded into a pleasurable warmth. And then she forces her eyes open and her mind to work past that particular sensation. Her cheeks are as red as Flash's suit.

"Umm… Entrances. We were just about to consider our way in when we were fired on. I'm still working to sort through who she is, but she attacked the both of us. She kicked my shoulder. Red Robin tossed her off the building. Then it blew up. I barely managed to catch him…" Which was just not a nightmare she wanted to think about, thank you. It's almost as bad as having seen how badly Barry had been hurt.

"Then this afternoon… I was in street clothes, and Gotham bring Gotham, got mugged. Jerk yanked me by my arm and tossed me into a wall." Which explains why she was sent home from work, huh?

Carol doesn't interrupt, and she's doing all she can to do this quickly and efficiently. It won't be perfect. But, she's doing what she can do to the best job she can. And not talking much, because she's concentrating. A LOT. Oh. Pardon the glow; proper lighting is important, and she can't help doing it her way, rather than with one of the surgery lights.

"You? Mugged?" Barry arches his brow at this. He knows her better. He's seen her on full alert mode. So there's two options here. Either one, she was being Spoiler as Stephanie the Ditz and playing bait. Or two, she's lying to him. He opts for one at the moment because it's the much safer option as he squeezes her hand and watches from above Stephanie's shoulder as the two women work on the Batling.

"So, ready to take that vacation yet?" he asks in an abrupt change of pace. "I mean, I have to look over some Mists stuff still. But after that, I'm free if you are."

Aww. Romantic vacations. Wanda can't help but smile at how cute the two of them are and maybe, one day, she'll have a romantic vacation too. It sounds like there is a lot going on in Gotham. And that mist thing. She remembers that but thought Witchdoctor got most of it. I guess she didn't. "That okay, Spoiler?" she asks about her contribution to the treatment. "Once it is set then I'll heal you straight away. You'll be able to go on vacation as soon as we're done."

"Yes, mugged. It happens. It's Gotham. I'm blonde and I'm cute. Of course I got mugged," Spoiler says to Flash, tone back to it's normal. And back to that girlfriend bring stubborn and arguing. Not that does anything to ease the 'maybe Soiler was playing bait' possibility, but it sounds like it was real enough. Wanda's words draw Steph's attnetion and the blonde batling looks over, blush still on her cheeks. After all, there's a lot of would-be-pain cursing through her system right now.

"Thanks, Wanda. It means I can get back to work without everyone all over my case about it," she says then looks back at Barry, smile on her face warm and hazy and… no one even hint she's being suggestive with what she's about to say next, okay? She'll plead not in right mind.

"I am so ready."

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