Banged Up

March 03, 2017:

Spoiler arrives at the Avengers Mansion with injuries, and a hole in her skycycle.

Avengers Mansion - Upper East Side - New York City

The Avenger Mansion is a three-story townhouse at 890 Fifth Avenue, between the 70th and the 71st street. The building was built by Howard Stark and was the Starks residence until his death.

The mansion grounds are surrounded by a wall topped by a metal fence that altogether is twelve feet tall. Appearing like rough stone and aged bronze, it is actually made of advanced, extremely resilient concrete and steel. The mansion itself is surrounded by a lawn on three sides. The main entrance is on Fifth Avenue, and the back entrance leads to a parking space for land vehicles.

The ground floor is dedicated to common area living space for the resident Avengers. There is a sizable kitchen, a dining room, a large library, a living room and a large space converted for public conferences, much akin to a slightly smaller version of the West Wing press office.


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Fade In…

It's prety early, near daawn, when Spoiler arrives into the Hanger Bay on her bike. She's giner in landing the bike down, not having got very fast at all. One look at the bike and her tells why.

The skycycle has a hole in it. Looks like a 50cal bullet inpacted the side at very short range. She clearly made some repairs, but they are a rough patch job, just enough to get the bike moving again, sacrificing speed for just making the thing work again. Spoiler herself doesn't look that much better.

There's a black sling in which her right arm rests. It means she was driving one handed. Her suit is a bit dirty, and the headpiece of the cowl has a gouge in it on the left side, near the temple.

Spoiler turns off the engine after bringing the bike to a stop near the charging port Nathaniel showed her.

Spoiler has company with her. Having hitched a ride even if he could have run easily, Flash is settled on the back of the bike, making sure not to hold onto the girl too tightly, considering his injuries.

There are good reasons he did not drive that we will not go into here but involved a trip to the Arcade and a round of Mario Kart gone terribly wrong.

His own uniform has recently been replaced, the red not quite as bring, a darker shade that leans more towards Scarlet than Bright Red as he hops off before the cycle is barely settled and he waits to help Spoiler down.

Nathaniel is up early as usual, since he doesn't need much sleep and he has a good number of projects to follow. Since he is in the labs, he is notified of the arrival of the skycycle and when Spoiler connects it to the power feed, also of the sorry state of the machine. Half the capacitors inoperative and some microturbines disabled. Uh huh. Someone got in a fight.

So about five minutes later, he shows up at the hangar. "Spoiler and Flash. A busy night I see," his eyes go straight to the sling. "How bad is it? Do you need a doctor?" He doesn't stop to check himself since his medical knowledge is… sub-optimal, at best. So he is going to the storage area for spare pieces for the skycycle. Thanks to Stark's cash he doesn't need to rebuild anything, and the modular design allows for quick fixing.

To be entirely fair, Captain Marvel does not spend much time at the Avengers' Mansion; she has tended to be far too active of late to sit still for long. However, she is always accessible, and as ostensible 'field leader' for the team, she is notified when someone has had a problem. Like having their vehicle apparently blown out from under them, or the like. Which is why Carol Danvers ends up flying from Metropolis to New York City at this hour of the morning, landing perhaps ten minutes later through another of the access ports into that upper floor pad, her own golden glow standing out against the early morning shade and fog.

"That looks like it hurt." Carol comments, wryly, as she catches sight of the look of the bike, and Spoiler. "I'm no spackle-jockey, Purple. But you should get yourself checked out, before pointy-ears sees and decides to staple you to a chair."

Nathaniel nods at Carol when the tall blonde appears. "I agree, why don't you get them to the medlab while I replace the damaged pieces of the cycle? It should take no more than five minutes." He is already running a diagnostic program on the vehicle. "A .50 caliber round? I should add more armor to the next model, but it needs to be lighter, hrmm." Something to think about the next couple months.

"A patch job would be nice," Spoiler replies, glancing at Flash as he helps her down then zips off to get some smacks.

"And it hurt a lot. Just a break. It's been set. Jus tneeds time now." And hopefully NOT surgery.

"If you can armor her in a way that's removeable.. I'm interested. I wasn't expecting to get shot at, but if I think it's a possibility, being able to armor up would be nice," she says, looking over at the other blone.

"I got your update on the file," she states, but says nothing further. Is there judgemen tin her voice? It's hard to tell unless you know the girll wel enough. The AR lens over her eyes gives up little in the way of emotion.

The taller, older blonde tilts her head slightly, and then nods at Spoiler. "Hey. It's your seat." Which is Carol's way of saying she's not going to get involved any further in trying to herd the other woman to medical assistance, but she doesn't necessarily agree with the decision. "What can I say? Our net friend is good at information sharing, when he wants to be." A rather carefully oblique reference to Oracle, as if she has no idea who the redheaded mistress behind that title might be. "Is he the one who took the pot shot at your bike, Spoiler?"

Nathaniel expected the skycycles to be shot at. It is actually pretty difficult to shoot them down, as they can stay in the air (briefly) with two thirds of the batteries and turbines disabled. Still, armor them up against heavy caliber round should be feasible, but not cheap.

As for Spoiler. She gets a concerned glance. "So you went out injured," there is some disapproval in his voice, although certainly not as much as she is going to get from Batman. "You know if you need backup you can count on us. Please, do ask."

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