The Facility: Part 1

March 03, 2017:

Laura and Nate arrive at the Facility's hidden labs. A certain blonde demoness crashes the party. :) This is Part 1 of a lengthy log.


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RECAP: Nate and X-23 are on their own for a mission to inspect coordinates that might be a hidden Facility lab.

The two grabbed some gear, some food and even some drinks, before they encountered several X-Men; including Storm. When an ultimatum was issued for X-23 to decide whether to take a small team and be on her own, or include all of the X-Men, she went for the small team to the ire of some people.

Now, currently, Nate and X-23 have arrived within the Mojave Desert. The coordinates that X-23 found are pretty easy to locate and when Nate flies the two towards them it won't take long for them to see the desert segue from sand and cacti to crumbling shanty town.

This particular ghost town was once known as Leadfield and while there are still standing buildings it's easy to see that sooner rather then later, the buildings will eventually succumb to the extreme and harsh elements.

"There." States X-23 when her keen eyes spy the first glint of building, "I see structures."

Two hours telekinetic flight from New York, counting a short stop fifteen minutes ago to rest and get some coffee. Travelling with passengers is more taxing than going alone. Probably not very comfortable for Laura either.

Finally they are there, a the edges of a ghost west village. "Tsk. Yeah, some buildings. I got bad news, though. I can't detect any human mind… wait, not true. Just sleeping ones." Which is odd. It is not night yet, why is everyone sleeping. "I could do some astral recon," he offers. "Can you detect any sensor?"

Thankfully Laura is not a passenger that typically complains. In fact, she kept mostly quiet for the majority of the trip.

It's only now as they approach the prize that she's become more animated. His mention of minds, sleeping, is noted with a quick flick of a look towards him. She wasn't expecting that and it's enough to cause her eyebrows to crimp downward slightly. "Set us down."

She says in those same deaden tones even as she continues with, "And I do not detect anything from here." And she doesn't, as her green-eyed gaze roams around the dusty city.

"How many minds." Comes her second question, third statement, as she considers the next course of action.

Nate will feel six minds all together and their presences is down below the hot-baked sand near the largest dilapidated building within the ghost town.

"Hard to say. Five or six," replies Nate, landing just a few yards from the closest building. "Sleeping minds are slippery. These are in a particularly deep slumber. Maybe drugged," he ventures.

"Also to consider… if they have mutant detection gear they know I am here," it is one of the drawbacks of working with Nate. His powers set off alarms at long distance. "Still, this is not looking like the research area you expected, is it?"

Once upon terra firm, X-23 will adopt a slightly crouched posture, her hands automatically coming upward into both defensive and offensive position. She has yet to deploy her claws, however.

"I do not believe they have mutant detection gear." She offers in those same flat tones of hers, "But, I cannot be a hundred percent certain. Let us approach cautiously." She finishes with and with a last look towards Nate, X-23 will turn back towards the nearest building. Her nostrils flare briefly as she draws in the hot and dry air; but for now, nothing odd tickles her senses.

When the two enter the building they'll find the inside mostly mirrors the outside. Cracked wood, some tumble weed, broken glass, the only thing odd is a hermetically sealed door that's half hidden by a broken wall. The metal of the door is shiny and new and clearly doesn't belong within. Beside the door is a touchpad with the image of a hand upon it - clearly only authorized personal allowed.

Laura will pause now, as she considers the red flashing pad next to that door. Her hand will raise upward and hover over that pad a moment, as she takes a second to say to Nate. "We must be cautious. The trigger scent might lie within. If it is you must take me down quickly."

Then with those words X-23 will press her hand to the pad to see if the door will open.

Perhaps surprising it does open with a low hiss of air escaping.

The room beyond is a simple metal hallway, with another set of hermetically sealed doors. Those doors will only open once the main door has closed.

Nate looks curious at the metal door in the decrepit wooden building. Then looks out, searching for vehicle tracks or anything that indicates the place is visited. Nothing? Weird.

"Laura…" he warns her when she goes to see if her hand does anything. That makes no sense, because it would mean -she- is authorized after years on the run. And yet the door opens. "What the hell?" He murmurs. No alarms? Then again those could be silent, "it would be really odd if no one has noticed that door opening, y'know?"

"It is a trap. They do not care what I find here." Comes X-23's harsh sounding words and even knowing it is a trap, the dark-haired assassin still steps inward. Once Nate joins her inside the small entranceway she'll move to pull the large metal door shut.

Then it's to the second door.

This one doesn't require a touchpad to open it, just a simple pull upon the self-closing handle.

Beyond that doorway is another hallway and it should be easy for both to tell that the hallway slopes downward, leading towards the underground. Stopping, Laura will pivot upon her heel and say, "You should leave. This is likely suicide. Go."

Her words are a last attempt to get Nate out and to safety; while she doesn't have any idea what lays down below, she knows it won't be good.

A long, long way from the Mojave desert… someone is very, very bored.

Illyana Rasputina sits on her throne of Limbo-rock, legs crossed, eyes closed, breathing deeply and evenly. Aside from that small movement, she's absolutely still, has been for some time, and is supposed to be for quite a long while yet. She's meant to be expanding her consciousness, or deepening her awareness, or strengthening her bond to the mystic universe, or some other mumbo-jumbo that involves sitting still and meditating for extended periods.

It's not going well.

One eye furtively sneaks open, as if she's expecting to be caught, but she's in her throne room. There's no-one to catch her. She opens her other eye and heaves a sigh. "Meditation is rubbish." She mutters, sullenly. "I bet Stephen only told me to do it to keep me quiet and out of his hair. Ugh!" The last sound is made as the blonde demoness stretches her arms above her head and something twinges in her back. "Ow." She remarks to no-one in particular, and unfolds her legs. At least THEY haven't gone to sleep.

Standing up, Illyana saunters over to her scrying pool. "Someone must be having more fun than me." She muses, as she perches on the edge of the pool, brushing her fingers across the surface of the pool to send the water rippling. The image that swims into view makes her snort. "Am I watching a western?" She asks the empty air, then leans forward as she sees all is not what it seems.

"Well, that settles it. Meditation doesn't get me invited anywhere fun." Making a decision, Illyana grins and vanishes in a circle of light.

"I noticed." She says, brightly, from her position at Nate's shoulder. As if she'd been there all along. Her gaze switches to Laura. "You went on a suicide mission and didn't think of inviting me? Well now you've hurt my feelings."

Nate grunts. Another trap. He glances back and with a groan of torn metal the first door is pushed off the doorway and tossed, crumpled several yards off. At least now they have a quick way out.

"Maybe. But you got this place address from your mother's note, so maybe not." After all they couldn't know Laura had that information for years. "And no way I am letting you go alone again."

Speaking of alone. This time Illyana's surprise teleport almost gets her a punch in the face. Nate turns very quickly when she appears. This time he is already in high paranoid mode. "Damnit, blondie…" he huffs. "Good to see you, anyway. You are just in time for… whatever. Storm is not going to be happy if she knows you joined us, though. So… better if she never knows."

The broken door and doorway is given a look, even as those bright green eyes are now turned to Nate. The expression on her face (or at least what's showing through) doesn't quite agree with Nate's 'maybe or maybe not' statement and while she was just about to offer a retort, those words falls silent as Illyana suddenly appears. The blonde's appearance only strengthens the crimp between Laura's black eyebrows, as she considers the demoness and then the telepath.

While she could say they're both being foolish or try to convince them again to leave the slim assassin doesn't; she accepts their help at this point and so, resolutely she'll turn back towards the second door and the hallway beyond. "Let us move quickly then." And just like that Laura goes from 'happy cheerful Laura' to all work 'X-23'.

Claws will be released with a soft SNIKT of sound and the second door will be simply be sliced through. There's a pause from X-23 as she scents the air, tensing slightly, in response to the possibility of the trigger scent. When nothing untoward happens to her, she'll step into the hallway. The hallway itself is dust free and lit by evenly spaced emergency lighting. The light itself is a dull red in color and barely tackles much of the darkness that lingers below.

For Nate, if he's keeping track, the minds below still slumber.

Illyana doesn't flinch as Nate spins around to face her, apparently oblivious to how close she came to a black eye, or worse. Her eyebrows rise, as if she's waiting for something, while he complains, but when he finally admits he's happy to see her she favours him with a smile and a small, satisfied nod. She shrugs. "I keep all sorts of secrets." She tells him, airily, if perhaps not reassuringly. "What's one more?"

If Illyana's offended that she doesn't get a direct reply from Laura, she doesn't show it. In fact she seems obscurely pleased that the diminutive assassin doesn't try to talk her out of coming along on… whatever this excursion turns out to be. "After you, then." Illyana tells Laura's back, as she's already working on the door. Sending a glance toward Nate with a cocked eyebrow, since Laura is even less chatty than usual, Illyana steps quickly after her, leaving Nate to bring up the rear.

Nate would not recognize 'happy cheerful Laura' is such a creature would appear, and in truth this is not the moment to investigate the existence of the critter. When the small brunette shreds the second door, Nate's left eye glows and he follows her protected by telekinesis. "Still sleeping. Definitely six minds," he comments quietly. He glances at Illyana, "Weapon X place, so watch out for… well, anyway."

Anything goes, truly, when it comes to the Weapon X program.

And as the trio circles the hallway several times they'll see nothing odd or out of place. Just blank walls, light fixtures and the ever present sound of their footfalls.

It's only when the reach the bottom and find themselves deep beneath the ground, that a door will suddenly appear. It's similar to the ones from above with access pad, but nothing sealed to air-tight conditions. X-23 will give the door a look, with it's small window, and when nothing is seen within that she finds disturbing, the young woman will open the door and step through.

This is where it starts to look odd -

- Once the trio is inside the room they'll get an eye full of high-tech instruments, machines and even computers. Nothing alien tech, per se, but definitely cutting edge and perhaps a bit beyond. The various machineries are still up and running, with sleepy blinking lights of green, blue and red. The room feels and looks large, as the darkness shrouds everything that's towards the back of the room.

The air here is also ice cold and smells deeply of antiseptic.

For Nate, the minds he feels will be found in those shadowed area.

To be cont'd ….

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