The Wall of Resolve is Crumbling

March 03, 2017:

Joker continues to chip away at Harley's decision to not be with him anymore.

Eat End - Gotham

The first impression of Gotham for many is East End, a district notorious
for it's poverty, crime, prostitutes and drugs. The lit up central strip at
night is colorful, bright and looks like something out of Las Vegas with its
innumerable gentleman's clubs, casinos, bars and strip clubs. The
downtrodden feel of East End has been glossed over by these glowing lights
and brilliant signs along with the towering cityscape of surrounding
districts, such as Otisburg, Burnley and to the north the Robert Kane
Memorial Bridge.

Along the East End's southern region the streets begin to be overtaken by
cobblestone alleyways, alleyways that web work throughout a rundown slum
city of shacks, sheds, makeshift homes and decrepit apartments called
Alleytown. A heavily populated district many immigrants and their
descendants call home.

Park Row aka Crime Alley rests upon the other side of the main strip,
dominated by an underdeveloped housing project called Scurvy City by the
locals (it's actual name being the Skirley Apartments), East End Free
Clinic, the Bowery, Tin Roof Club, Sheldon Park, Robbinsville and the GCPD's
9th Precinct.


NPCs: Bud and Lou

Mentions: Batman


Mood Music: [*\# None.]

Fade In…

Harley's clothing has always been a clue to her mood. If one can figure out the code of the clothing, they can figure out if Harley is feeling deadly, or just plain playful. For those that know Harley well, she is in a very deadly mood. Something has put her in a rather bad temper.

Bud and Lou flank her, their heads hunched down between their shoulders as they sulk about with no sign of their leashes. Harley herself is in leathers, with her knives and guns openly on display. Her candycane painted bat is wrapped in barbed wire, a more flirty cousin of Negan's Lucille. She drags it behind her, the aluminum making a ratchety sound against the pavement as she walks in the middle of the road, just waiting to find something or someone to piss her off enough to deal with.

If someone can read her moods better than anyone, it's the man that helped to mold her. That helped her to who she became.

That man watches her now. Settled on a rooftop with some popcorn as he looks down at Harley as she stalks prey. He pops some of the kernels in his mouth and lifts his fingers to his lips and blows.


It's hard to whistle with a mouthful of popcorn. He swallows and licks his pucker and tries again.

A sharp whistle rings through the alleyway towards Bud and Lou, who react in assignment, knowing the sound of daddy as he chuckles, dressed in his usual greens and purples. "Is someone having a bad day? I'd offer to hug you, but you know.." he shrugs with a chortle. "You look all bristly!"

Bud and Lou hear the whistle and start to run down the alley in an attempt to get to their rooftop'ed Daddy. Harley herself looks up to the roof and glowers when she sees who it is. Not that she wouldn't just as happily put a bullet in this guys head too, but she was really hoping for one of the Bat family. Her jaw tightens in anger, a momentary twitch of the head.

"Shouldn't you be sitting on a egg and hope it hatches? And here I was always calling Robin the birdbrain."

"Awww, is someone having a bad time?" Joker asks from his perch. "Cuddly as a cactus!" He turns to the stage and whispers, 'Mensies!' Except it wasn't totally a whisper as he hops down. "Don't know. Thought we could talk. Heard that someone blew up a building and wanted to see if you were inviting old one eye down here for a good time."

He drops down, landing on a fire escape and takes a couple of steps to tip the ladder to slide down as he reaches down to scruff the two hyenas and seeing her face, her.. body.. and the outfit, he smiles.

Taking out a revolver, he spins it around. "Tell you what Harls. Giving you what you wanted. You want out?" He says, stepping right up to her, he places the pistol in her hand and takes it to lift it right up against his temple. "All you gotta do. Is pull."

Holding the gun to his head like that, there is a moment of temptation. She can even see it in her minds eye. The red gore against the white. Bud and Lou taking the oppurtunity to eat because they will never turn down a free meal.

Perhaps it's that she still loves him. Maybe it's the doctor in her that believes in her oath. She doesn't pull the trigger, but she does knee him in the groin. "Jackass!"

She whistles and starts to walk away, slinging the bat onto her shoulder. "If I shot ya, B-man would be extra dark and moody that his favourite punching bag was gone. I don't need that kinda hassle."
His eyes go comically wide as she knees him in the groin and he falls to the ground, leaned against the wall as he laughs hard, and pained. "Hoo! Guess that means we ain't making any little Js anytime soon!" he hoots with a laugh as he looks back towards her as she storms off.

"Knew you still cared, Harls!" he says as he shakes his head, not exactly moving to rise to his feet again just yet as he looks towards her.

Normally, he'd make a move against her at this point. Shoot her. Sneak up on her and grab her hair. Set upon her any manner of abuse and battery that is what is considered normal for what their relationship was.

There's none of that tonight.

The hyenas don't come running, torn between the matriarch and their first owner. Mommy or Daddy? What's a hyena to do. The pair look to Joker, whimpering and licking at his face. It's always hardest on the kids when the parents fight.

Noticing that they aren't quick on her heels, Harl stops to turn and look at the three of them all huddled together. She whistles again and still the hyenas don't come running. All they want is for Mommy and Daddy to be one big happy family again.

Realizing she is not going to win here, not with her 'babies' pulling her heartstrings, Harley storms over, pointing her bat in Joker's face. "Let's get one thing straight. If I work with you again, that's what it is. Work. THere is no you and me. I'm doing it for Bud and Lou. And maybe for the chance to beat you or B-man up. I'm not sure which one I want more right now."

His hand reaches up. It curls around the bat. The weave of the barbed wire digs into his fingers as he pulls himself to his feet, using the bat for support. There's a sickening suckle of air and skin as he pulls his hand away from the bat, leaving his flesh emblossened on it. Those green eyes face Harley's and it tilts to the side.

"I'm right here." he says to her. For what? He doesn't say. He lets her figure out what she wants. The blood drips from his hand as the hyena's make noises of distress and giddiness. Blood, yes! Daddy's blood? Not so much. They lick at the wound, trying to heal it as he faces her eyes straight on.

"You said you left it behind, Harley. You sat there, in the seat and said you were done. As I told you before.. the only way you get out? Is when I'm dead. You and I? We're something special. Peanut butter and jelly. Eggs and spam. Airplanes and Jihadists." he says as he grins at her. And there's a low, soft chuckle.

"The metas are coming. Not just the ones I'm making. They're slowly crossing the line. They'll be too much. You need to decide how ready you are when that bat breaks on someone's skin and they don't even flinch." Just like he did.

As Joker causes himself harm on her weapon, Harley swallows. She closes her eyes, the therapist in her trying to talk her down from her own psychosis. She can hear the sound of his skin tearing, her mind picturing the ruby droplets that fall to the pavement.

When she opens her eyes again, he is staring right into them. Green on blue. "Like Buddhist monks and gasoline," she tells him, feeling herself sinking. "And when that time comes, I get to find out just how strong Ivy made me."

"I guess you do, Harley-kins. Cause it ain't gonna be me." Joker says. His hand moves. It doesn't strike her. Instead, his bloodied palm runs underneath her chin, along her cheek, trailing blood against her skin before he places his hand right over the middle of her chest. She knows he's not coping a feel.

But he leaves a bloodied handprint right there between her breasts, over her heart. And then he starts to pull away. He's slowly breaking her resolve, but he's going to make her take that plunge. He's not going to push her.

True Madness has to be embraced, after all.

Harley leans into the bloody caress. The rational part of her brain, the one that is trying to return to a 'normal' life, is blaring with klaxons. Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Danger! And yet? The part of her that loved him, her Bonny to his Clyde, can't hear the noise. It feels so good to just be near him again.

And when his hand falls to her chest, painting her t-shirt with his blood, that part of her is a little disappointed when he doesn't cop a feel, but at the same time is wooed by his 'gentlemanly' behaviour.

Slowly, Quinn starts to back away. This time, Bud and Lou go with her without needing coaxing, as if they know more then Harley that she has already lost the fight. "You can find me by Amusement Mile."

While he may know that victory is near, there's no gloat in it. There's only a mere wait. Either, or both can change their minds between now and the time that he finds her again at amusement mile. Stepping forth, as she starts to retreat, his brushes his lips on the side of her mouth and then chuckles.

"Now go forth and smash in some brains!" he says with a laugh as he does a little jig and starts on his way. "You know how to call me." he turns and looks over his shoulder. "You don't even have to whistle."

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