Interlude: Danger Room Part Two

March 03, 2017:

X-23 invites Warren to a second Danger Room scene. This is before the log A Decision Made. :) OOC: We also used dice to determine who would run each obstacle faster :D


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While Laura and Warren's first meeting wasn't necessarily 'great' it apparently left some sort of impression upon X-23.

Or perhaps she's starting to understand this socialization thing and realizes she should apologize (in some manner) for her abrupt entry into Warren's Danger Room session from days ago.

Whatever the reason truly is, this morning, Warren would have received a message via the X-Mansion's intranet. The message was an invite for a new Danger Room Session for today, with the invite simply stating -

- Please join.

X-23 can already be found within the Danger Room. She's dressed in obvious work-out clothes. Fitted black pants, a black tank top and a typical pair of running shoes (black of course). Her bright green gaze is focused upon the layout of the Danger Room, which is currently configured into an obstacle course. The course starts at ground level, with various hurdles to jump over, before those snares and traps become taller and more intensive as the course continues. And then, at the very end of the course, towards the ceiling are two flags, one red and one blue.

Warren slept in. Lazy bird had a long night. Probably involved drinking. Probably really involved night time heroing when he can fly and not be spotted so easily. As he peers blurily at the message, he ohs. The cute snikter.

Pushing himself out of the bed, he starts the rudimentary tasks of getting ready as he finally makes his way down to the danger room. He wears a fashionable pair of sweatpants and A-frame shirt that leaves his wings and arms exposed, as well as a pair of tennis shoes, since he doesn't tend to walk too terribly much. "Hey Laura." he greets as he peers around the room.

"Should I ask in advance for the list of kinks you have?" he asks with a lift of his brow and a playful grin.

With the sound of Warren's arrival Laura will swing her gaze from the course before her and over towards the door. The winged man will be given an assessing glance from the assassin, before she offers her own greeting in return. "Warren." She states simply, her words still carrying those flat tones of hers.

When he draws close enough she'll automatically scent the air between them, trying her best to gauge any emotional overtones from the handsome man. It's only, however, with those last words of his that Laura's eyebrows will ever so slightly pinch towards the middle of her brow. While that expression is that overt for a normal person, for Laura it is. The winged man has once again confused the slim assassin and it shows with that careful pinch of her brows.

While others might realize what he says is a tease, Laura does not. Instead her gaze will just stay focused upon his face for a few long seconds, before she states. "I do not understand."

There's a chuckle as Warren considers the slim assassin and smiles as she actually gets a reaction to his words. That's progress, right? Walking by her, he flits out a wing just enough to caress along Laura's side as he glances over at his shoulder at her. "Someday you will." he promises with a wink as he withdraws his wing.

"So, you wanted to practice this morning? Or wanted me to watch you practice? Or what?" he says as he stretches out in an idle yawn, curling his toes within his shoes. "It's too early, and I haven't had coffee yet."

Progress, definitely.

As for his casual touch, even from a wing, that causes another reaction from X-23. It's the slightest of tensions throughout her body, as she automatically stiffens when the wing touches her side. It's enough that the slim assassin will pivot slightly away, just as Angel withdraws that wing of his. Her gaze once again bores into the man, as she considers him, and considers her response. The struggle for her to find her words is there, even if it doesn't necessarily reflect upon her face. Thankfully, before she can struggle too long with what she'd like to say, Warren changes the subject to the course before them.

This brings Laura back upon more firm footing, so to speak, as she switches her attention from the winged man so near her, towards the course around them. "I have created this course to practice together." She states, in that same monotone voice of hers, "The first to a flag wins."

And while it may seem unfair, since Warren can fly, there are several traps and obstacles for the winged variety, as well as walls and rope bridges for X-23 to use to get towards the ceiling.

"Don't seem too thrilled about all of this." Warren says with a grin as he folds his arm around his chest and considers her. "You're not one I want to ever play strip poker against." the young man says with a thoughtful look at the course. "So, what's the prize for this particular victory, other than pride?"

When Warren speaks Laura's green-eyed gaze turns back to him. She'll listen, with that straight face of hers, as he once again jokes - then flirts - then actually asks an honest question.

The faintest spikes of confusion might be seen within her eyes, as she considers how best to answer any of what he's said. Finally, she'll settle on that last question; since she can tell that's a real question.

"This is practice there is no prize." She states in those firm flat tones of hers, then, with a tilt of her head, she'll continue with, "If this were a true battle the prize would be your life."

With one last look towards the winged man, Laura will step away from him and towards the 'starting' line. It's denoted by a thin white stripe set before the first set of obstacles. Those first obstacles are simple enough, a half a dozen hurdles and then after the hurdles a rope wall can be seen rising quite high, before that rope wall segues into a smooth-surfaces metallic wall.

Above the metallic wall sits actual aerial obstacles - several hoops of various sizes set in a zig-zag pattern, as well as blunt-tipped spears hanging from the ceiling with varying length. Some are short, some are long and some are in-between.

"It sounds more like you don't have enough confidence in yourself to back up your boast." Warren says with a grin at her. Flirting? Poking at her with a stick? It's really all of the above. He wants to see how far it goes to get the young woman to show any emotion outside of 'Grrr Argh'. Settling on the line with her, he considers, and then takes off his shirt to give his wings more freedom.

Or to try to distract Laura further. She is, after all, a healthy young woman.

"So. If I die, will you give me mouth to mouth?" he asks with a grin as he waits for her to start the competition and they can start navigating the course.

Confidence to back up her boast?

That's enough to cause X-23's gaze to circle right back around to Warren. Instead of confusion held within those green depths, now sharpness might be seen, as she considers that taunt of his.

"I do not boast -" Begins her answer to those first words of his, "- I will win." She finishes with, even as turns her attention resolutely back to the course before the two X-types.

His distraction fails as the slim assassin barely bats an eye when he removes his shirt.

It's only with his last words that she'll once again look at him. She doesn't necessarily gape at him, but there's an air of consternation perhaps? Especially when she smells the air and finds his scent filled with humor, "You will not die." Comes her almost stern-like voice, "This is only training. Focus." She adds at the end of that, even as she lowers herself to a slight crouch.

"Danger Room begin." Are her last words and upon an opposite wall a countdown will begin:



Warren's flirts and taunts are really meant to keep Laura off-balance and unfocused. Once the session begins, Warren doesn't even take off flying yet. Instead, he starts in a run. She has hurdles to clear.

His strides are graceful, showing that he is someone that does train. Even if it's not danger room training all the time like she does. His wings flare with each jump over the hurdles, not taking flight, instead, it's to balance and give him a little extra lift.

And it doesn't hurt that the display of his bare back and wings is all that Laura's going to get at the moment.

Off-balance is definitely the word for it.

Most people typically take a different approach to Laura. Usually that person will tone down the humor, the innuendos, when they see the young woman struggles with that sort of social interaction. Warren, however, is not.

And because of that, X-23 does find herself unbalanced. It's enough that it causes the slim assassin to mis-step and while she doesn't quite stumble, she does start out the gate with a slight time-disadvantage now. It doesn't stop her from continuing though, as she gracefully leaps over the hurdles before the two would-be heroes. Her leaps, while not quite as light-footed as Warren's, are still somewhat delicate. There's barely the sound of her footfalls, or a thud from her landing, as she navigates that first set.

The next obstacle is the rope wall. It looks easy to climb, sure, but the rope wall will easily twist and turn as a person scurries up it. The wall itself is supported by two large wooden logs that rise up just as high.

Warren has a sizable lead as they reach the rope wall. "Come on, grumpysnkt!" he calls over his shoulder, playful yet encouraging as they approach the next obstacle. "You know, if you actually smiled, you'd have more muscles to move for your legs! Not that they don't look bad." there's a wink as he starts to shimmy up the wall. While he still has a lead, he doesn't get a chance to extend it.

In fact, with the difficulty of the wall, a resourceful Laura may start to make up some of the time difference between the two as he pulls himself along and reaches the top of the rope just only a few seconds ahead of the slim assassin as he starts to take in the next obstacle that she may have laid out upon the course. At least there's no giant Q-tips about for her to beat him about the head and shoulders with.

And Warren doesn't relent. He just keeps working on that wall of ice with his little book of matches, trying to melt through, to find that woman beneath. Because she might actually be someone worth.. getting to.


That nickname causes X-23 to fasten an almost heated look upon Warren's back. And while that look might be felt, it soon changes to the slightest of lip-curl and growl from the young woman, thanks to that next taunt of his.

She does not need to smile!

While he may reach the rope wall first that doesn't mean he can scurry faster than her. Not when she employs a slight trick -

- The sound of SNIKT might be heard above Warren's words, as Laura releases both sets of claws. Once the claws are free, the dark-haired woman will launch herself at one of the wooden posts that secure the netting in place. With claws embedded in the wood, Laura quickly imitates a squirrel, as she scurries upward to the top.

This is what allows her to catch up with Warren as the two crest the top at nearly the same time. Her features have lost some of that blankness, as she turns that vaguely lip-curled expression towards the winged man now. "You talk too much." Comes her words, perhaps sounding harsher than what they are, as that growl likewise infects her voice.

The next obstacle is both air and land-based. Above their heads are the hoops of various sizes set in that snaking pattern for Warren to traverse, while before Laura are stone columns set with varying widths between them. And while this particular obstacle seems easy, should Warren touch one of the hoops he'll receive a sizable shock. For Laura, she'll find as soon as she steps upon one of the columns, it immediately starts to shift and tumble downward. This is a test of both speed and agility apparently …

"And you don't talk enough. Perhaps there's other ways to get you to make noise. Ticklish spots?" Warren asks as he wriggles a wing at Laura not so threateningly before he glances at the hoops. "Oh. This is like things I set up for the kids I help.." he starts to say after casting Laura a long look. She is.. rather nice to look at.

If you know, you avoid the squirrel claws.

Leaping off the log to take flight, he starts to circle around the first one as his wing clips the hoop. It jangles in the air, but the avian mutant is suddenly blasted with electrictity, causing his whole body to spasm and he drops like a bird that just ran into an electrcial line.

That, he wasn't expecting as he plummets towards the ground.

Ticklish spots - one does have to wonder if she has them, but, at his mention of them Laura will find herself raising her claws in a threatening manner. Clearly that is not going to happen this particular day.

And once again (thankfully) the course still beckons the two heroes onward. With one last look at Warren, Laura will leap from wooden post to stone post. And while her landing is quite light-footed, that doesn't stop the stone column from starting to sway. It's only a matter of seconds for the stone pillar to continue it's sway before it begins to fall completely over. In those few seconds Laura will glance down towards the ground and then over to the next pillar. A quick kick-off and leap and she'll find herself on the next one. Like the first it too starts to sway, heralding the plummet it's about to take.

At this point, Laura starts to hop to the next one, the next, and so on.

In-between all of this Laura's sensitive ears prick at the sound of Warren being electrocuted -

- Her gaze will swing up and around until she finds the wounded bird. When she sees him plummet to the ground, she'll pause for a micro-second to listen for his heartbeat and breathing and when they're both heard, the girl continues onward.

Perhaps cold-hearted in retrospect, but Laura is one to finish a mission, or in this respects win the race.

Still hopping like a frog, the dark-haired assassin will make it to the other side, which leads to a zig-zagged ladder. The ladder will end at the platform that holds the two flags above.

It only takes a few moments for Warren to recover. When Laura doesn't come to the rescue, for the first time…

He frowns.

The winged wonder pops his wings and streaks skywards on the first current. Swooping and pulling through the hoops, he's finishing the course just as Laura seems to be so close to her own victory at the end of the platform with the zig-zagged ladder.

Except she never gets a footing. An arm about her waist, a warmth she didn't expect, the press of Warren's athletic body to hers is all the warning she gets as he lifts the young woman in the air and flies her straight up to his flag and grabs his, before holding it out to her.

"We're supposed to be about teamwork." he says quietly, firmly. "When one of us is down, we all feel it." It's a voice that speaks of a much older soul than the youth that he is. The X-Men that was yanked from the past, that was under the tutelage of Katherine Pryde. That knew of Xavier's dream.

"There's too much lone wolf, and not enough wolf pack." he says before setting her down and handing her the flag as he turns to head off.

There's just enough warning for Laura to know Warren's right behind her. There, however, wasn't enough warning for her to do anything beyond begin to turn. As such, Warren easily snatches the slim assassin up and takes them both to the platform and the waiting flags above.

While there was a rigidity to her muscles, thanks to him hauling her upward unexpectedly, that stiffness soon relents when they're both back upon solid ground.

The flag that's pushed into her hand is given a look before she looks back to Warren. Or rather his wings and back (again).

A frown begins to form upon her features as the winged man begins to walk away. She could respond with 'the exercise was to win' but even Laura knows that isn't the correct answer to this particular situation. Her nostrils flare slightly as she considers the scents around her and her own answer to what he's said.

Finally, just before he steps out of the Danger Room, she says in that flat tone, "I did not ignore that you were potentially hurt. I did stop to verify that your heart still beat and your lungs still breathed. When I ascertained that you were alive and not in immediate danger I calculated it was still viable for me to finish the course."

Perhaps not the answer he was looking for, but, possibly some insight into why she did what she did?

Warren pauses as he's pulling his shirt back on. Already, the singed part of his wing is starting to knit back up. Not as fast as Laura's, but he does have a healing factor.

"You know. Perhaps that would have completed the objective. Which is of course what you wanted to do." he says before he shrugs at her.

"I would have gone back for you."

It's all he says as he opens the door. "Danger Room, end simulation."

At Warren's command the Danger Room shimmers slightly before reverting to its typical resting state.

For Laura, she stands there silent for a few seconds. Her now empty hand will drop to her side, even as her claws sheathe themselves within her hands and forearms again.

"The objective was my mission -" And while others might realize what that means to the young woman, Warren likely doesn't, "- I completed it."

And still, she knows just by the way Warren is reacting that her words still aren't quite right. It's enough that she'll simply revert to her typical blank faced state, as she struggles with what to say. "I would have checked upon you once finished." Is the last she'll offer, as he opens that door to leave.

She won't stop him if he does wish to leave, her brain is in too much of a whir right now.

"Because the all-emcompassing mission is the most important thing, right?" Warren asks as he turns to face the girl for a moment. "I thought like that on my first mission. Then I saw someone die because I chose the mission over helping him." he shakes his head, not wanting to broach it further. "It's probably good you don't feel anything, because you know how to cut without using those claws at all, Laura." he admits as he steps out into the hallway.

Leaving her to make the choice.

Her nostrils flare slightly once more as she tries to gauge just what Warren is feeling. His words are definitely a hint for Laura, but she's still struggling, especially when he offers that last barb of his.

That's enough to cause anger to flare within her green eyes, though that emotion doesn't touch upon her features, not yet, at least.

When he steps out of the Danger Room, Laura will follow, up until the doorway. Once within the doorway the young woman will simply shadow there as her eyes track Warren. While there are many things that can be said, Laura settles on a short, harsh sounding statement. "You are not the only one who has past regrets."

Then like that shadow she is, the slim assassin will step back into the Danger Room without waiting for any return comments from the winged man.

Does she want him to chase her? To argue some more? To bring it to blows?

He's not a hot head like Bobby.

So he ends up letting her storm off, and only offers a smirk. "You're cute when you flare your nostrils."

Let her figure that one out on her own as he continues down the hall.

There are Eggos calling his name.

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